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Home Improvements & DIY

Home improvements come in many different sizes from plastering, painting, carpentry to general DIY.

Our team of home improvements specialists have many years of first-hand experience all over the home. We reveal tips, guides and DIY advice to help you achieve the perfect job that looks great and lasts the test for time!

Artificial Grass Guides

Have you been thinking about preparing and laying your artificial grass?

We have some expert DIY tips for laying, preparing and selecting brands for that perfect lawn that’s green all year round!

Decking Projects!

A garden decking project will transform your garden for the better. Plus add value and space to your home!

Our decking guides are detailed because we know a well-built decking can greatly improve a small, medium or large garden!

Timber Care & Maintenance!

Timber maintenance is key to keeping your garden furniture, decking and sheds it in tip-top condition. Prolong the life of your wooden garden furniture and structures or restore old decking boards back to their former glory!

We reveal all the tips to protecting and restoring, sheds, fences and garden furniture!

Cat and Pest Deterrents

We love cats! But, when they are using your garden as a litter tray it can become very annoying, especially if you live in the city!

Our cat deterrents and tips are safe, effective and well researched. Plus techniques to keep rats and mice from making a home in your garden!

Paints, Oils & Stains

Discover the best masonry paints, stains and decking oils for that perfect job!

We have extensive knowledge of paints and love sharing our experience with our readers on what works the best while offering value for money!

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Above ground, inflatable hot tubs are popular, safe and affordable! But there are so many versions and different brands to choose from!

Here at Wezaggle, we have researched, experienced and tested many of these brands so we can reveal to you the best inflatable hot tubs on the market.

We can help you choose, set up, clean and treat your spa so you and your family to enjoy all year round! Our featured and reviewed hot tubs are:

Fences & Boundaries

In our Fences & Boundaries section, we answer all your neighbour complaints, and questions!

Our experts are ready to answer and share their opinions on a wide range of UK neighbor disputes and much more! Ask a question of your own!

And many more!

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