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Securing Your Property!

Secure your property and deter criminals from entering! We believe that a clear deterence such as CCTV & security cameras are key to preventing any form of crime being carried out on your property! Always make sure you advertise your cameras for potentual criminals to see!

Arifical Grass - The Best UK Suppliers_Products

Artificial Grass

Have you been thinking about laying your own artificial grass? We have some great tips to laying and discovering the BEST fake grass for your garden lawn!

Your ABC Guide To Garden

Decking Projects

A garden decking project will transform your garden for the better! Our decking guides are extensive because we know how much a well-built decking can compliment a small, medium or large garden!

Decking Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Decking care & maintenance is key to keeping it in tip top condition. Prolong the life of your decking project or restore old decking boards back to their former glory! We reveal all the tips to protecting and restoring, sheds, fences and garden furniture!

Cat Deterrents

We love cats! But, when they are using your garden as a litter tray it can become very annoying, especially if you live in the city! Our cat deterrent tips are safe, effective and well researched.

Paints, Oils & Stains

Discover the best masoney paints, stains and decking oils for that perfect job! We have extensive knowledge of paints and love sharing our experience with our readers on what works the best and offers value for money!

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tubs are popular but their are so many versions and brands to choose from! Here at Wezaggle, we love inflatable hot tubs! We have our favourite and reveal the worst and best value for money when it comes to hot tubs!

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