Best Paints For Sheds That Protect & Preserve For Years!

We all have a soft spot for our garden sheds and summer houses! So it makes sense to use the best shed paints that will protect and preserve for many years!

After a few years of frost in winters and heat in the summers, the wood slats will become aged and will start looking a bit worse for wear!

The Best Shed Paints For Better Protection!
The Best Shed Paints For Better Protection!

If this continues and you do not feed or preserve the wood then you might just go beyond the point of no return!

Keep Your Garden Shed Preserved!

So, in this expert guide, we will be revealing our top pick shed and summer house paints for 2020. All paint lines are available in the UK from Amazon, eBay, B&Q, Wickes and other local DIY stores!

The Paints Featured Here Are Perfect For:

  • Garden sheds
  • Fences
  • Dog houses
  • Summer Houses
  • Any wooden structure

Comparing Different Shed Paints

We will be comparing their colour ranges, cost and sustainability. Here at Wezaggle, we have used all the top end brands and are not very impressed with the products commonly used to paint and treat sheds!

  1. Colour ranges: Does it have a wide variety of colours?
  2. Costing: How does it compare on the price and value to the customer?
  3. Sustainability: How long does the paint last two years, three years before it
  4. Application: How does the paint spread/brush, best application techniques!

What Is The Best Shed Paint?

This section our experts will reveal the best shed paints. For a good shed paint our experts were looking for:

  • Absorption od the stain/paint
  • The variety of Colours
  • Quality of the stain/paint
  • Longevity

Cuprinol Garden Shades

Cuprinol Garden Shades Review
Cuprinol Garden Shades Review

The Cuprinol Garden Shades paint is the ultimate in wood paint and protection. It’s thick and comes with a wide array of amazing colours. The Cuprinol paint is suitable for any wood structure such as kennels, sheds, rails, fences and so on! If its wood and sits in the garden, then Cuprinol has taken the market when it comes to paints, amazing colours and preservation!

Although it’s more costly than the competition, you get what you pay for when it comes to Cuprinol garden shades. Cheaper brands do not offer the colours, thickness and protection that this brand provides time and time again!

  • Colour range: 5/5
  • Cost: 4/5
  • Sustainability: 4/5
  • Application 5/5
Cuprinol Garden Shades 19.00
Cuprinol Garden Shades Review

Product Name: Cuprinol

Product Description: The Cuprinol Garden Shades is a well-known wood, metal and even stone paint. It covers extremely well and their colour range is excellent! For all outside playhouses, sheds and fences Cuprinol has been proven time and time again to be the best!

Brand: Cuprinol



Offer price: 19.00

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Valid until: 2023-06-04

  • Price Rating
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  • Quality Rating
User Review
4.06 (17 votes)

Ronseal Garden Paint

Ronseal Garden Paint Review
Ronseal Garden Paint Review

Unlike Cuprinol, the Ronseal garden paint is suitable for all surfaces, not just wood. It’s a very thick and strong paint with a wide colour selection. Because the paint is thick and easy to apply it cover well, lasts a few years before it deteriorates and gives you that wow factor most users are seeking!

I have used this brand many times because you can paint anything with it and it sticks! Sheds, summer houses and fences can be covered in this product, and it will last for years! Another positive is you can use it on walls, stones and render as a masonry paint also.

But, be careful because it will not last long due to it being a thick paint. So, make sure you only use it on sheds and summer houses unless you want an expensive bill at the DIY store!

  • Colour range: 3/5
  • Cost: 4/5
  • Sustainability: 4/5
  • Application 4/5
Ronseal Garden Paint 16.00
Ronseal Garden Paint Review

Product Name: Ronseal Garden Paint

Product Description: Ronseal has released their garden paint line and the results are in. Although it does have some negative feedback our experts found it was a good brand that's cheap enough compared to other well-known garden paints!

Brand: Ronseal

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3.75 (8 votes)

Sadolin Shed & Fence

Sadolin Shed & Fence
Sadolin Shed & Fence

Another brand high on our list is the Sadolin shed and fence paint. Although this shed paints restricted on colour options, it’s still a solid choice.

If you are not looking for popping colours, then Sadolin provides a treatment that will last five years guaranteed. This timber care is a serious contender for the top spot but limited because of the limited colour range!

  • Colour range: 2/5
  • Cost: 3/5
  • Sustainability: 5/5
  • Application 3/5

Preparing Your Shed For Painting!

When it comes to painting your shed depending on the age and condition, you must prepare the surface. Preparing timber is key to a good cover and absorption rate. For the shed paint to last longer, you must remove any rotten panels or flaking paint!

  1. Remove old paint or varnish
  2. Repair any rotten panels
  3. Sand until you see fresh wood
  4. Apply two coats, one to absorb and another for colour!

You can do this with a sander or sandpaper, do not take to much wood off but just enough to reveal the fresh timber! Which gives the new paint a key to absorb and better hold, this will make your paint job look better and last longer!

When Should You Paint A Shed?

When deciding to paint your shed, it must be dry, so check the weather and make sure there are no showers due! Also remember that when it rains your shed will soak up moisture, so be sure it did not rain the night before.

Allow up to 3 hours for the paint to dry and become waterproof. So be sure to pick the correct time, so your shed has time to dry!

  1. Check the weather report
  2. Never paint a wet shed!
  3. Warm weather is best above 10/11°C
  4. Early morning would be an excellent time to start painting a shed!

Guide To Painting Your Shed

When it comes to painting your shed, I always choose a big gentle brush. Using a roller can cause streaks and roller marks, the same goes for spraying.

If you decide to spraypaint your shed, then cover any patios, walls or furniture nearby because sprayers are known to be fare messier painting!

  • Use a big stiff brush, not nylon because it might leave streaks
  • Cover any garden furniture, patios and fake grass when spraying sheds
  • The more sanding you do, the longer the paint will last!

Concluding Our Shed Paint Selection!

When it comes to painting a shed, summer house or dog kennel, the trick is to use the best shed paint brand that lasts. You do not want to have to sand and scrape all this paint off next year! So take our advice and choose one of the shed paints we have revealed in this post.

If you have any questions or another brand we should take into consideration when ranking these best shed paints feel free to get in touch and contact us here!

Happy Painting 😉


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