A Detailed Hammerite Radiator Paint Review!

Over time radiators become yellow and off-colour, you can either get a new radiator or use a paint that is specifically designed for radiators which is much cheaper than a brand new radiator.

Hammerite Heat Resistant Radiator Paint
Hammerite Heat Resistant Radiator Paint

In this detailed review of the Hammerite radiator paint, we will reveal how it works and does it stand up to other leading paints specifically designed for radiators.

Radiators get hot and for the paint to last the test of time they must not crack or split when heating up and cooling down!

Hammerite claims to be just the paint you need to get that white radiator back to its former glory.

Who Are Hammerite?

Hammerite are a well-known brand of paints, they have a long line of products that review well among its users.

They are specialists in metal paints specifically and have created some of the hardest wearing paint currently on the market in the UK.

  • Specialists in metal paints
  • Heat resistant paints
  • Many well-known paint lines
  • Claims to be the best radiator paint in the UK

The Hammerite Radiator Paint Review

This heat and rust-resistant paint is designed to make your radiator brilliant white again.

It has been sold in the UK for many years with a great review rating among its users.

  • 500ml tin size
  • Touch dry in around 8 hours
  • It does produce a strong odour for a few days
  • One coat no primer needed
  • 1 or 2 coats needed

Hammerite is a thick but manageable paint that will run if you do not run out of this paint. Once you have painted your radiators you will notice strong gloss like smells that will take a few days to clear.

Drying times vary depending on the environment, on average it’s touch dry in around 6-8 hours.

Our Rating:

  1. Test of time: 5/5
  2. Price RANGE: 4/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 5/5
  4. Application: 4/5
  5. Average £13 – £16

Review Digest:

Hammerite is a solid product and will bring your radiator back to its original colour.

It is a hard-wearing paint that sets fast but will leave a lingering smell for a few days. Apart from the smell, this radiator paint is one of the best currently sold in the UK.

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Experience and Tips

Over 80% of Hammerite reviews are positive and happy with the results of this radiator paint.

Apart from the smell, the only other issue is running among reviewers. Although this is down to poor painting skills.

When you use this paint it must be run out and not puddles. Applying too much of this paint because it’s very thick it will run and ruin your paint job.

  • Make sure you sand as much excess radiator paint before applying
  • Apply long paint strokes up and down the radiator
  • First, apply a thin coat and then add another coat, do not try and do this in one coat of paint because it runs very easily.


  • Great brand at a good price
  • Bright white finish perfect for radiators
  • Dries quickly in about 8 hours
  • Once dried my radiator looked amazing
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Will run easily if too much is applied
  • The smell is strong and can last for a few days

What are users saying? (User Reviews)

“Hammerite worked great after a failed attempt by a cheaper brand. I found it easy to apply but the smell was much stronger. After a few days, the smell went and I was left with a bright white radiator. Happy with this product and would recommend.”

Review by Hanna K.

“Hammerite was a good experience and pleased with the results. Be careful of running paint, I found a few about an hour later, but just run them out again. Apart from that this paint is top-notch stuff and works as advertised by the company.”

Review by Ricky K.

Preparing Your Radiator For Hammerite

Preparation is a must for a radiator, if you do not sand your radiator then you will find that the paint will start to rub off in sheets.

You must lightly sand your radiator to give the radiator paint a key to connect to.

If you are just going to paint onto a slippery surface such as a radiator then your paint job will fail.

Use fine sandpaper so you get a nice finish before brushing on the paint.

  • Always sand down a radiator before painting
  • Use fine sandpaper such as 150-160 grade
  • Take the sheen off the face of the radiator
  • Apply two thin coats so it does not run
  • Do not turn the radiator on until the paint has dried


If you are looking for bright white radiator paint then Hammerite has produced strong heat resistant paint that works every time.

Apart from the smell which many Hammerite reviews reveal, the results are amazing and are currently the best seller here in the UK.

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