Detailed Review Of The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Created By Bestway!

The Helsinki hot tub by Bestway has incorporated the Finnish look into one of their Lay-Z-Spa models. In this review of the Helsinki Lay Z Spa, we will reveal our findings and experiences of this model.

The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Review
The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Review

We have already reviewed the Vegas, Monaco, Miami and Palm Springs so wanted to reveal our thoughts on this fancy looking Lay-Z-Spa.

We also encourage you to write your own reviews and experiences because it helps other readers seeking the perfect spa experience.

You can share your experiences below or feel free to send any reviews through our secure form and we will publish it below.

About Bestway (Company behind Helsinki Hot Tub)

Bestway has basically cornered the market when it comes to above-ground hot tubs. All their models are inflated and receive a good rating and review experience.

But some models are far better than others, the Helsinki model looks great from the outside but does it hold up the same premium spa experience when compared to similarly priced models?

Remember Lay-Z-Spa by Bestway is not the only supplier of hot tubs.

There are numerous other brands and models from companies that have not been able to get a foothold in this market, but still, provide excellent hot tubs that can match Bestway.

The Helsinki Hot Tub

With a capacity to hold 5-7 persons and boasting 87 jets that blast air through the water making it on par with the Vegas model. Although it claims to hold another two persons. The Helsinki model was designed to give its uses a wooden feel to your hot tub experience with printed wooden slats covering the hot side.

  1. 5-7 persons
  2. 87 air jets
  3. Anti Freeze tech
  4. Printed wooden slats
  5. Chemconnect for clearer water
  6. Ground fault connection for power supply
  7. Created with cross-stitched materials
The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Breakdown!
The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Breakdown!

Another feature in the Helsinki model is their antifreeze technology so you can run this model all year round without worrying about freezing sides, pipes and so on.

The lining also stands out because its stitched to give this model thinner sides as compared to the bulkier rounds the majority of the lay-z-Spa have.

Helsinki Price Breakdown and Review Rating

  1. Initial Setup & Installation: 5/5
  2. Price RANGE: 3/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 4/5
  4. Airjet Power 4/5
  5. Average £1100 – £1200

Review Digest – The Helsinki Lay-Z-Spa by Bestway is of unique design and looks great in the garden because of this. But is it worth the extra price range?

It depends on your preference and price range. You can purchase the Vegas or Paris hot tubs and still enjoy the spa experience.

It great for families but no way can you fit 5-7 persons in this model, the legroom is non-existent, so a more realistic number of persons is around 3-4 at a push.

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Reviewers Experience and Tips

  • To reach 40°C with the Helsinki model takes a shorter time when compared to other models (9-10 hrs)
  • As with all Lay-Z-Spa models by Bestway, the average price to heat from cold fill is around £12/13 then £4/5 weekly
  • Always have clean or spare filters ready to replace on a weekly basis, this is key to clear water
  • When selecting water treatment remember there is no difference in chlorine

The Helsinki Technical Details

The Helsinki Lay-Z-Spa holds around 1123 litres of water at max fill level, which is one of the biggest spas in the range. With cross-stitched side technology you get a thinner wall without the inflatable ring which will give you a better posture when relaxing in your Helsinki model.

  • Self-inflating and setup took about 10 minutes, 20 minutes if you have never set up a hot tub before
  • From cold fill, you will have to wait around 9-10 hrs for it to reach maximum the 40°C, temp
  • 87 air jets to give you the perfect above ground spa experience


  • More spacious model
  • Higher back @ 66cm
  • Unique colour and feel
  • Strong cross-stitched lining
  • Insulated floor
  • The attachable lid and inflatable insert
  • Great for the spa experience with 87 jets
  • Anto freeze technology for all year round use


  • Initial £12 heating bill taking 9-10 hours from a cold fill
  • £4/5 a week to keep this model at the maximum temperature
  • Depending on the water pressure it takes around 3/4 hours to fill
  • To avoid a foam spa make sure you shower and avoid cleaning cloths in washing powder

Helsinki Lay-Z-Spa Reviews (Customers)

“We chose the Helsinki model from Bestway because of its unique wooden look. This is because our garden has decking and a lot of other wood products so we thought it would fit in extremely well. After initial setup which was very simple, we found it to be much smaller than we thought.

It fits me and my husband well but another 5 adults are supposed to fit. This is not the case because we had friends round and there was nowhere to position our feet when four of us were in. Yes, the spa works great, keeps the water cleans and provides the perfect above ground spa experience, but the size is well off! Susan, Farnborough.”

“We previously have the Miami Lay-Z-Spa model, but after 5 years of constant use the motor finally went and stopped working and the ring had many holes in. To fic the product was much more expensive than we initially thought, so we decided to upgrade. Our review of the Helsinki model is positive and we are happy with the purchase. It warms quicker although it holds more water and the sides are much thinner and looks great in our back garden. Totally happy with the purchase and would recommend. Martin, Halifax.”

Setting Up Your Helsinki Model

Setup is simple with the Lay-Z-Spa models you just inflate, fill and warm. They are extremely simple and straightforward once the instructions have been analyzed!

But make sure you are aware of your surrounding, here are a few pointers when setting up for the first time:

  1. Remove and stones, pebbles or rubble from the ground
  2. Lay your protective sheeting or foam before inflating
  3. Always use a flat surface because an inch will make the final fill off
  4. If your laying your hot tub on decking be sure to check it is stable

The Final Review

Like all Lay-Z-Spa models from Bestway, they do like to exaggerate on space and person capacity. So be sure you account for this when purchasing a spa.

The Helsinki model is a solid product that provides some unique features such as antifreeze, quick warm and wooden print on the outside.

But remember you will pay extra for these features, in our opinion the vegas or Palm springs are superior models.

Here Is The How-to Guide From Bestway the makers of the Helsinki above ground spa.

0 thoughts on “Detailed Review Of The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Created By Bestway!”

  1. I have previously has other models for my hot tubs needs, but they either leaked or the ring around the top had burst and gone beyond repair! After purchasing the Helsinki hot tub spa over three years ago we had not had a problem with popping or the thin ring becoming unrepairable! Totally agree with this review of the Helsinki hot tub, a great piece of engineering and an excellent all-round hot tub experience, Daisy, from the UK.

  2. The tub is fine but the egg has failed seems to be a common fault even after replacing all the seals it still leaked water from the base of the egg with no fault code showing. Got another second hand so fingers crossed as no one seems to fix them.

  3. We have used our Helsinki hot tub for 18 months in all weather’s , loved it ….but the seal on the inside where the bubbles come out separated after about a year. We tried to stick it down but the power of the jets lifted it up again .
    We gave up and just used the tub to soak in . Now the pump has gone and we can’t use it at all .
    If you don’t mind spending close to £800 for about a year of fill use go ahead , it’s a very good hot tub before it broke !

  4. We bought our Helsinki in June 2019 and this spring when I got it out to pump up, most of the interior seal had gone – useless!! £600 should last longer than 2 summers of use. The warranty was literally a few days past the 24 months and we have been told that it won’t be replaced. Don’t buy it.

  5. Purchased the Bestways Helsinki Oct 2019.
    Worked ok untill this year when the inner seam split and leaked air, could not repair.
    This Model has a flaw in manufacture of the inner seam EVERY comment on every review platform mentions the same problem (leaking inner seam)
    BESTWAYS are not prepared to address this issue,which they know about and will keep asking you to send there required proof of purchase etc. And then send email after email to send the info again untill you become so tired with the whole episode.
    PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF THE HELSINKI MODEL due to the issue above.


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