Are Air Purifier Ionizers Safe for Health?

Are Air Purifier Ionizers Safe


We are hearing so much today about the quality of air and how bad it is to breathe even indoors. When you breathe in your home, and you smell something then it is surely a sign that the air in your home needs some attention.

People are constantly looking for ways to improve air quality and this is where the purifiers enter our lives. It makes sense that if you are trying to improve the air quality in your home or offices then you need to buy an air purifier ionizer.

What is an Air Purifier Ionizer?

Basically, there are two things that we need to understand before explaining what an air purifier ionizer is. Let’s understand the difference between air purifier and air purifier ionizer.

An air purifier is an air-cleaning device that removes the impurity from the air in an indoor place. It works under Active and Passive Air Purifying Technologies.

While an air ionizers are used in air purifier devices to remove toxic air particles from the air. Air particles become charged as they come in contact with charged Ions from the air purifier ionizer. This process works under positive and negative ions technology and both these ions are produced by air conditioning systems.

The major difference is the mode of operation where an air purifier uses HEPA filters to trap the toxic air particles while the air ionizer release negatively charged ions into the air to bond with toxic air particles to eliminate them.

So an air purifier ionizer is for everyone who is tired of the dirt and toxic air particles floating around in the air. If you don’t want to change filters constantly then an air purifier ionizer is the best option for you. It is a perfect solution to remove dust and toxic particles and fill your home with clean and allergen-free air.

If you have decided to improve the indoor air quality then you must be aware of certain steps that you need to take to reduce the allergic air particles. Two of these important steps are source control and ventilation and the third is finding a good air purifier.

Are Air Purifier Ionizers Safe?

What is an Air Purifier Ionizer

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The answer is not clearly YES or NO because most of the air purifier ionizers are really great for you if they meet the standards to only have ozone emission concentration which is less than 0.05 Parts Per Million otherwise they can be dangerous for your health.

Today the demand for air purifier ionizer is extremely increasing due to the growth of pollution, respiratory illness, and allergies. For that reason, the use of good quality air purifiers is immensely beneficial. It prevents and removes the cause of air pollutants within your house.

Air purifiers are a source of making our homes air healthy and allergen-free. People who are suffering from allergies like asthma, sneezing, coughing and other breathing problems get the most benefit in all this. Most of the people love to breathe in allergen-free air and they would love to buy air purifiers.

Air purifiers are specialized to assure people inside a building that they will breathe safely in purified clean air. You can use mini air purifiers while traveling or walking. These air purifier devices purify the air from any toxins like viruses, bacteria, and dust particles.

Air purifiers are extremely beneficial who suffer certain allergies. In small closed areas, these devices eliminate the risk of breathing in bad air and in big rooms they reduce the risk of second-hand smoking to your lungs. 

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These devices can be easily connected with the central air conditioning and heating systems of the house and then eliminate the presence of dust particles and other micro-organisms. After the cleansing process, it purifies the air and moves it back to the premises and helps you breathe clean air.

The air ionizer plays a very important role in air purifiers industry. You don’t need to change filters constantly to maintain it, and you still get the best air filtration. When an air ionizer combines with a physical HEPA filter, it becomes one of the most effective mechanisms.

However, when these devices purify the air, it creates the ionized air that we don’t usually inhale in our lungs. Moreover, these purifiers produce ions with an amount of ozone which is completely unwanted and harmful for humans. This amount of ozone can irritate your breathing allergies like asthma and sneezing. If you are using an air purifier ionizer and experiencing any allergy then you should turn this function as soon as possible.

Most ionizers are completely safe and they emit negative ions into the air to clean it. These negative ions are harmless to you but are often confused with ozone generators which release a high level of ozone that is injurious for health.

This confusion happens when some air purifier ionizer manufacturers do not follow the necessary rules of maintaining the ions PPM standards.


Since it is about health and several studies have shown different results on the use of different purifiers, we cannot conclude that these purifiers are safe or not.

To help you with this, you are suggested to buy the California Air Resource Board Certified to be safe to use air purifier ionizers. Because these certified air purifier ionizers maintain the standard of ozone emission concentration.