Are Cat Scarers & Sonic Devices Legal In The UK?

Sonic devices are used for a variety of issues such as cats and anti-social behaviour. But are these sonic devices legal to use?

Are Cat Scarers & Sonic Devices Legal_
Are Cat Scarers & Sonic Devices Legal_

In this answer, we will be explaining why these devices can cause distress and which ones are in fact classed as a noise nuisance.

A sonic device emits a high pitched noise that the majority of over us over 20 cannot hear because of the way our eardrums change over time.

The Sonic Cat Scarer

Sonic cat scarers are an effective deterrence to cats but should be accompanied by other devices explained in this article.

Pestbye Cat Scarer Review
Pestbye Cat Scarer Review

They activate for around 3/4 minutes once triggered by a cat or other movement.

The noise is claimed to be so irritating to our feline friends that they vacate the area soon after the device is triggered.

You can also read our Full Review Of The Pestbye Sonic Device.

Anti Social Sonic Devices

Anti-social sonic devices are very similar to the cat scarer types but sometimes emit a lower frequency, this makes them extremely annoying to teenagers because their eardrums are still able to pick up the noise.

This effect is very similar to cats and they will soon vacate the area.

TOP TIP: The Pestbye cat scarer will also work on teenagers and helps avoid loitering in your immediate area.

These devices are a grey area for councils around the UK some devices are poorly made that they emit their sonic noise continuously and can start to annoy the neighbours, especially their dogs and children.

The more expensive models the higher frequency and are less likely to be heard by your neighbours.

So if your neighbours cannot hear them they will not make a complaint to the council for noise disturbance.

  • Uncomfortable for young adults
  • Can cause distress for local dogs
  • The cheaper model is known to constantly sound
  • Be sure to check the batteries

If your neighbour complains about an irritating noise coming from their neighbour’s garden.

Especially in the summer when windows are open, you might receive a letter or a technician will visit the property and perform a check with their listening device.

If the nose emitting is above a certain HZ then you will be asked to turn the device off or be issued a fine and a confiscation order if you do not turn the device off.

Like all sonic devices, they emit a frequency, but if that frequency is too high then you will disturb your neighbours.

So be sure to check with a neighbour before you start blasting out high pitched noises.

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