Are Cat Spikes Legal, Safe Or Effective? Neighbours & Boundary Walls!

Cat spikes! Are they safe, effective and legal to use? In this article, we will be answering some of your questions about cat spikes and why they are such a taboo subject for both owners & non-owners of cats!

Your Guide To Cat Spikes UK
Your Guide To Cat Spikes UK

If you live in the city, then you will have a cat in your garden sometime this week! But, keeping these cats out can be more complicated than you think.

Because cats are free to roam, meaning they can go in your garden have a poo and move on. You cannot complain to the council if your neighbour’s cat keeps pooing in your garden, even with video evidence! So the best way to stop cats from entering your garden is to deter them before they come.

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Are Cat Spikes Legal To Use?

Yes, cat spikes are legal to use, but if these spikes harm any cat, then they will become illegal in the eyes of the law in the UK. With that in mind, you must make sure the spikes you are using are plastic and not to sharp that they puncture the cat’s paws!

If you are going to fix spikes to your fence, make sure the wall is yours and not shared with your neighbour. Before attaching spikes to a wall, we would advise you to mention this to your neighbour. If they are happy with having spikes on the boundary wall or fence, then you are good to go!

  1. Ask neighbours before fixing cat spikes
  2. Make sure the fence is your (left side is generally your fence)
  3. Do not use metal, glass or nails!

If your fence backs onto a public place, then fix a sign on the outside of your wall disclaiming you have set anti-climbing, cat spikes on them. The notice will give potential climbers/criminals ample warning before they decide to hop your fence! It will also stop any claims for compensation if some fool happens to jump your fence and injure themselves!

The Best Cat Spikes

Prikka is currently supplying the best cat spikes, they are safe and approved. They come in 4m lengths and easily nailed to any fence panel or wall:

Safe, Legal & Effective Cat Spikes!
Safe, Legal & Effective Cat Spikes!

How Do Cat Spikes Work?

Cat spikes are a straightforward design; they are made of plastic but have enough sharpness to make the cat feel uncomfortable and jump down. You can buy them in meter length and are glued or nailed on top of walls & fences ETC.

  • Hard plastic spikes
  • Nailed on top of fences & walls
  • These strips are around 20/30mm wide
  • Not sharp enough to harm or pierce paws

Cats have great memories and will not come back to the same place twice if they find it uncomfortable or painful. Designed to inflict pain and not sharp enough to puncture a catspaw. If you do put spikes up that are not regulated, then you might damage the cat and would technically be breaking the law if you injure a cat.

Are Cat Spikes Safe?

Shop bought cat spikes are safe to use on your fences and boundary walls. But, if you fashion your cat spikes using nails, carpet grippers or glass then you are intentionally causing damage because these types of spikes will harm any cats unfortunate enough to jump on your fence or boundary wall!

To stay above the law, you “MUST” only use blunt plastic spikes that will only make the cat feel uncomfortable! Talk to your neighbours before using cat spikes, especially if you co-own a boundary wall of a fence with your neighbour!

Cat Spike Conclusion

As detailed in this cat spike review article we have described the laws in the UK, if you still do not understand these laws and want to fix cat spikes without your neighbour’s approval then contact your local council for more information. Yes, cat spikes work and will deter both cats and foxes from entering your garden!

Prikka Cat Spikes
Prikka Cat Spikes


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