What Are The Best Fake Grass Brands For Year-Round Green Lawns?

Fake grass has boomed over the years with many UK suppliers claiming to have created the perfect faux grass for your garden.

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The Best Fake Grass!

But, fake grasses should not just look the part, they should also last the test of time and enjoyed by everyone in your household.

From sports to weathering your fake grass will have to stand up to the elements. With many lines of fake grasses not capable of withstanding the winters here in the UK.

Another issue when it comes to using cheaper fake grass brands is the UV rays from the sun which tend to discolour and distort your artificial lawn.

The majority of artificial grasses will NOT stand the test of time because they have been made using inferior plastics/rubbers and will fall apart within the first few years.

The Truth About Fake Grass

Since I began installing artificial grass back in 2005, I have used many brands from a variety of major UK suppliers.

The best artificial grass rolls are the thicker matt, not pile. The more you have below the pile the longer your artificial grass will last.

TOP TIP: Always pay that little bit extra when selecting your artificial grass! Because the cheaper varieties will fall apart when walked over, then the cold weather hits, and it begins to deteriorate from UV rays even further.

  • Only use double stitched grass brands
  • A thicker barrier/matt will hold the grass blades longer
  • ONLY use nylon grass because it’s proven to last far longer
  • Never use fake grasses made with polyethene! (cheaper brands)

Inferior Artificial Grasses Will:

  1. Become threadbare
  2. Discolour in the sun
  3. Stretch and become bumpy
  4. Fall apart if overused
  5. Crack and split from frost

The Best Fake Grass Suppliers

Getting it right the first time will avoid you becoming disappointed within a year.

We have seen many customers experience this disappointment because they purchased an inferior grade of artificial grass. Not realizing that using cheaper brands mean inferior products and less wear and tear.

This article will list the many brands we know and love because it looks good all year round and will NOT end the year threadbare, discoloured or split.

1) GardenKraft (Wezaggle’s Best Option)

GardenKraft Artificial Grass
GardenKraft Artificial Grass

The best fake grass brand in the UK is GardenKraft; because they offer you premium fake grass that stands up to the test of time.

We have used this supplier numerous time before and know from first-hand experience that their faux grass is second to none.

If you want that lush green effect in your garden then GardenKraft provides you with a top of the range fake grass at a decent price.

  1. Roll size: 4 x 1 meter rolls
  2. Pile height: 15/30mm
  3. Warranty: 10 years
  4. Colours: Green
  5. Delivery: Free
  6. Price: £32.99

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2) YAKOE Luxury Pile Grass

YAKOE Luxury Pile Artificial Grass
YAKOE Luxury Pile Artificial Grass

If you’re looking for a luxury pile, then YAKOE supplies a premium luxury grass that’s long-lasting and durable. With a 30mm thickness, this line of fake grass has received many shining reviews from many of our experts!

If you’re looking for a thicker grass pile that looks realistic and lush, then Yakoe will give your garden that wow factor! It has a double stitched backing that tightly holds the blades of grass, but also allows for drainage and wears and tear.

  1. Roll size: 5 x 2 meter rolls
  2. Pile height: 30mm
  3. Warranty: 10 years
  4. Colours: Green
  5. Delivery: Free
  6. Price: £255.99

Check Latest Price on Amazon

3) SIMPA Artificial Grass

SIMPA Artificial Grass
SIMPA Artificial Grass

The SIMPA brand comes in a natural, healthy green that gives your garden that year-round green grass!

Although cheaper than other brands it still delivers on quality, with a significant discount if you purchase more than one roll!

SIMPA promises your artificial grass pile has been tested for weathering, browning and big sports to keep it looking good all year round!

  1. Roll size: 4 x 1 meter rolls
  2. Pile height: 10mm
  3. Warranty: 10 years
  4. Colours: Natural Green
  5. Delivery: Free
  6. Price: £29.99

For a much lower price, we use Amazon because their selection of fake grass is considerably cheaper compared to Wickes, B&Q, Homebase and other major DIY outlets in the UK.

Although many smaller brands and local outlets provide strong and durable brands of fake grass, it always pays to shop around.

The Many Fake Grass Accessories

To install your artificial grass correctly, you will need accessories to get the job done right! These accessories are listed below and can be purchased from any national or local DIY retailer.

Fake Grass Accessories
Fake Grass Accessories

If your debating whether to use pins then we highly suggest you fix your grass down with pins because it will slip and slide.

Make sure the soil below the grass is soft, or use a wooden frame for a better fit when pinning your artificial grass.

  1. Tape or adhesive
  2. Membrane
  3. Pins
  4. Sharp sand

Laying Your Artificial Turfs

Having that lush, green all year round lawn is easy to accomplish with a little bit of knowledge!

So, we have listed the steps you need to take when laying your artificial grass. Laying your new turf is easy, but if you do not follow these steps you will run into trouble later on!

Measure the Area & Do It Again

Always measure the area for your artificial grass, then make sure to measure it again. Do the simple maths and get the m2.

Then directly order your fake grass, we have listed the best suppliers of artificial grass in the UK above.

Example: 4mx4m = 16m2

If your garden is not rectangular, then separate the garden into sections and then add all the m2 after measuring all sections.

We find it easier to peg and string your garden to get the perfect area, this avoids any excess product, that needs disposing of at a later date.

Remove the grass, slabs or concrete

Once you have removed all the grass, slabs or concrete, you will be left with an area of soil or clay. You must then take at least 2 inches/ 50mm deep of soil/clay away.

Add your sharp sand

Add your sharp sand, make sure to pack this down with a beater or heavy piece of timber. Use a straight edge to make sure there are no lumps or indents in the sand.

Then beat again with a heavy piece of timber or beater. Fill in any indents because it will show when you lay your artificial grass later on.

TOP TIP: Make sure you leave enough space for your artificial grass; in general, you will need to allow 10mm for the grass to be level with the surrounding area.

Do not forget the membrane

Using a membrane is important because it will stop any weeds or plants sprouting through in a few months.

We would recommend you still use a membrane even if your artificial grass claims to have one included!

Pin the membrane before laying out your artificial turf because it will slip and slide when you are positioning your fake grass.

Artificial grass laying video

Lay your first roll of artificial grass out; if your garden is not square, then this is the role you should cut with sharp scissors or a Stanley blade.

Make sure you pin this roll down. Continue laying down your rolls, pinning and gluing as you go.

Connecting your artificial grass!

Be sure to roll the grass out the same way, because there will be a natural way the grass blades will flow. If you lay them wrong, then you will notice this if you take a step back and inspect your work.

TOP TIP: We recommend leaving your grass for 24hrs to let it lay! Which gives the grass time to stretch or shrink because it has probably been rolled up for some time.

Installation – artificial grass

Trimming, gluing and Pinning

Once your grass is laid (24hrs) you should start pinning and glueing the joints; We advise you to use a sharp set of scissors or craft knife because a blunt knife or Stanley blade will scag the artificial grass.

Once you have laid and cut your artificial grass into place and you are happy with your work then sit back and enjoy.

Artificial Grass FAQ’S 2020

How much does fake grass cost to install?

This all depends on the area and the quality of grass. To give a ballpoint figure you will be looking at around £50/60 per square meter m2. If you want to use high-quality premium grass then the price will rise accordingly.

Where should I buy fake grass?

You can purchase fake grass from b&Q from a roll, much similar to carpet rolls. If you are looking for a bargain then some online outlets such as Amazon and eBay have some cheap grass. Another option would be to use artificialgrassdirect.co.uk they are well known in the trade to offer shipping and excellent prices.

What is the most premium fake grass?

There is a wide selection of premium fake grass brands around. Nylon is key to any premium grass if it contains nylon then you will pay more than the average poly grass brand. San Diego and Botanic are just some of the most premium and luxurious artificial grass lines around.

Who are the best artificial grass suppliers?

Off-cuts are a great way to reduce the cost of fake grass, most suppliers will have off-cuts for the public to purchase. If you are covering a smaller area then these off-cuts are perfect. But, when it comes to a big lawn too many off-cuts will make the grass curl.

What is the best thickness of fake grass?

When it comes to fake grass the thicker the pile the more money you will have to spend. If you have pets then we always advise our customers to use a short pile 6/15mm, this is because dog waste will become stuck in the pile. We have a 30mm pile and it looks great, but this will depend on user satisfaction and choice.

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