Bawell Platinum 2195 Review: Premium & Efficient Water Ionizer

Bawell Platinum 2195 Review

Photo: Bawell

What We Like

  • An efficient dual-stage filtration system
  • Intuitive user-friendly LCD panel
  • Durable medical-grade plates
  • Automatic filter health monitoring
  • Reliable automatic reverse cleaning
  • Simple installation with video guide
  • A universal faucet adapter is included

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires a constant water pressure of at least 20 PSI
  • Chunky and not ideal for limited counter space

Bottom Line

A high-performance ionizer that combines filtration efficiency, superior usability, and low maintenance, making it the best water processing appliance for busy households.


If you have a busy household with a high demand for healthy alkaline water, the Bawell Platinum 2195 is your best bet for a high-performance water ionizer.

It offers a superior dual-stage filtration system, premium plates for ionizing efficiency, and a high pH range that supports vast alkaline and acidic water levels. A touchscreen LCD panel simplifies the ionizers operation, while automatic cleaning and durable filters minimize maintenance demands.

Bawell Platinum 2195 Review

Bawell Platinum 2195

Photo: Bawell

Efficiency: Advanced Ionization and Filtration

One of the Platinum 2195’s qualities, which makes it stand out from the competition is its filtering and ionization efficiency, which guarantees high water quality.

It supports a wide pH range of 2.0 to 12.0 allowing you to create water of robust alkaline and acidic levels to meet all your family’s healthy water demands.

Also, thanks to a decent oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of +600mV to -800mV, you can make fresh antioxidant water in unlimited daily amounts, even for your pets.

All the potential of this ionizer is distributed across 5 robust power settings, which combine for a total of 35 acidic and alkaline water levels. You have unlimited options when it comes to water ionization.

The machine implements a high-performance dual internal filtration system, which uses two filters, one for each stage.

1st stage filtration utilizes a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter, which is composed of premium-grade activated carbon. This filter has a capacity of 3-4 gallons per day and will last between 11 and 14.5 months.

It has proven reliable in eliminating chlorine, pesticides, industrial solvents, volatile organic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons, toxic and heavy metals, micro-pollutants, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and many other water contaminants.

2nd stage filtration is supported by a pre-activated carbon (PAC) which also adopts high-quality activated carbon to enhance the filtration process.

At a water flow rate of 3-4 gallons per day, the filter can last between 13 and 17 months or about 6000 liters (1585 gallons) of water. It removes the same products, toxins, and pollutants as the GAC filter.

If you want to step up the filtration process even further to refine your drinking water’s quality even further, you can opt for Bawell’s optional 3-stage external filtration system for your ionizer.

The only performance issue that is disappointing in this ionizer is that it requires a constant water pressure of at least 20 PSI, which makes it unsuitable for water sources with fluctuating pressure.

Installation: Simplified for the Countertop

The 2195 was designed to bring the convenience of water ionization right next to you, at the countertop. That’s why most people will find installing this unit relatively painless.

To simplify the process, this ionizer connects to standard faucet head, a procedure many will find simple, straightforward, and convenient.

Because faucet spray heads differ in design, the 2195 comes with an adapter that is universal to most faucets, eliminating the need for modifications during installations.

You can also opt to connect it directly to your home’s water line, an option that offers some degree of permanence compared to the other one.

Whichever installation option works for you, you won’t be struggling through it, especially if you follow the simple video installation guide that Bawell made for you.

Perhaps the only minor tradeoff to the machine’s installation convenience is that it does demand a significant amount of counter space, preferably next to some form of plumbing or water source.

Ease of Use: Intuitive LCD with Pre-Programmed Settings

To get the best out of such a fairly elaborate machine, ease of use becomes a critical necessity, which the Bawell Platinum 2195 gets right with its simplified controls.

It comes equipped with an intuitive LCD control panel that is very user-friendly even to ionizer novices. The On/Off button is prominently positioned away from the other controls.

The LCD screen allows you to monitor key metrics such as alkaline level, pH level, and ORP level, all at the same time, and without even fumbling with the controls.

You can even keep track of the machine’s filter performance through filter 1 and filter 2 lifespan displays, which will help ensure timely maintenance and constant optimal running.

And because you don’t want to be constantly wondering what all the controls accomplish, the 4 main alkalinity controls are grouped together and clearly marked, allowing you to make weak alkaline and ultra-strong alkaline water in seconds.

These controls are part of the 8 pre-programmed levels in both alkaline and acidic power settings. You can also easily select purified water, weak acidic, medium acidic, and strong acidic water with the simple touch of an independent button, for each option.

Ultimately, the ionizer’s user-friendly interface will contribute a great deal to the maximization of all the features and benefits this machine has to offer.

Durability and Maintenance: Premium Build with Heavy-Duty Components

This ionizer boasts of a premium metallic construction that is built to last. It will withstand the demands of daily usage, including water contact, just fine.

Internal components are also well-built. The seven ionizer plates of this machine are made using platinum-coated titanium, which guarantees high durability and efficiency.

Like any other appliance, the 2195 requires regular maintenance to ensure it is functioning optimally and to extend the unit’s durability.

Bawell designed this ionizer to eliminate much of the maintenance burden from you. And to accomplish that, the machine automates filter life monitoring.

There is an indicator that keeps track of both water filters’ health and will show you when the counter expires so that you can change these components.

And when it comes to filter life, this ionizer optimizes use quite impressively. Both filters are rated for processing about 5,000 liters of water, each, before needing replacement.

Assuming water usage per day is normal, then expect both filters to last at least 12 months, which means you’ll only be thinking about filter changes ones per year.

Finally, when it comes to cleaning, this process has been simplified a great deal by an automatic reverse cleaning feature, which runs after every startup and shutdown, ensuring not just the health of your water, but that of the ionizer.

Price: Premium Value for Money

Even though the 2195’s price is just a little shy of the two-thousand-dollar mark, which is nowhere near the budget category, it offers arguably the best value for ionizers in its class.

Many of the rival models that offer cutting-edge features similar to those of the 2195 cost significantly more, with some nearing the $5000 mark.

You’re getting an ionizer that adapts well to your home setup because it resides on the countertop and integrates seamlessly with faucets thanks to the included universal adapter.

Its dual-stage filtration system is not only efficient in purifying water but also ensures optimal unitization of the GAC and PAC filters, ensuring they last long even with intensive usage.

Then there’s the simplified LCD interface that is very user-friendly and detailed, granting you access to all ionization settings through the simple touch of well-labeled buttons.

Bawell does offer some other models that compete well with this one. The Bawell 799 is one such ionizer. It is smaller and more compact than the 2195, making it ideal for limited counter spaces.

The 799 also allows connection to kitchen and bathroom faucets using a 2-way adapter. Perhaps the ionizer’s main selling point is its affordability, as it is much cheaper than the 2195.

However, the 2195 outperforms the light-duty 799 in all the features that count, including ionizer levels, plate surface area, appliance usability, and filter performance.


A high-performance, user-friendly, and low-maintenance ionizer that supports robust alkaline and acidic water levels for the busy household.

Bawell Platinum 2195’s heavy-duty dual-filter system supports robust acidic and alkaline water levels, supported by 7 premium plates and a simplified and intuitive LCD interface that helps everyday home users maximize of the robust features of the ionizer.


  • Product Name: Bawell Platinum 2195
  • Product Brand: Bawell
  • Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 11.8 x 6.2 inches
  • Installation: Counter top
  • Number of Plates: 7
  • Plate Material: Platinum-coated titanium
  • Plate Surface Area: 144 square inches
  • SMS Power: 180 watts
  • Power Settings: 5 (with 35 preset levels)
  • Filtration System: Dual internal (with optional external 3 stage filtration)
  • Filter Life: 1 year (or 5000 liters)
  • pH Range (Pre-Programmed): 3.0 to 11.5
  • pH Range (Capable): 2.0 to 12.0
  • ORP Range: ORP Range: +600.0mV to -800.0mV
  • Water Flow Rate: 1 gallon every 30 seconds
  • Faucet Adapter: Yes (Universal)
  • Cleaning: Automatic reverse
  • Product Weight: 11 pounds
  • Warranty:  Lifetime

Key Features

  • Efficient dual-stage filtration system with high-performance GAC and PAC filters
  • 5 robust power levels with 35 different presets for versatile water alkalinity and acidity
  • Superior pH range of 2.0 to 12.0 supports a wide range of alkaline and acid water levels
  • 7 heavy-duty medical-grade plates made with platinum-coated titanium for durability
  • Intuitive and detailed LCD user interface with simplified controls for high usability
  • Convenient automatic filter lifespan monitoring with voice alerts for timely maintenance
  • Automatic reverse cleaning with every startup and shutdown, for optimal operation
  • The included universal faucet adapter allows connection to standard faucet heads
  • A generous lifetime warranty makes this purchase practically risk-free