8 Health Benefits of Juicing You Should Know

Benefits of Juicing

Are you fond of drinking juice every morning?

Do you find it a convenient way to consume fruits and vegetables that you wouldn’t consume as whole?

Well, these are some reasons for why people prefer juicing over the consumption of whole fruit. The purpose is to cleanse and detoxify your body. This leads in bountiful health benefits and lose of weight as well.

For some time, juicing has become just a fad because it is anticipated to be a better means of intaking whole fruits and vegetables. Well, let’s dig deeper to find how much weight there is in this theory.

Is Juicing Healthier Than Eating Whole Fruit and Vegetable?

There is no such thing that juicing is better than eating whole fruit or vegetables. The process includes extracting the liquid out of the fruits and vegetables that contain the fruit’s essence.

  • The juice has a rich proportion of vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals. However, you can also find fiber in the whole fruit which kind of gets lost as you juice it.
  • Some people are of the opinion that juicing is a better option as it is quick in digestion and that the body absorbs the nutrition in a better way. Also, this way they can cut on the intake of extra fiber.
  • As far as optimal health is concerned, juicing can minimize the risk of cancer and boost the immune system while removing the toxins from the body. That’s how it is great for weight management as well.

Health Benefits of Juicing

Health Benefits of Juicing

1. Nutrition

There are 95% of vitamins and minerals required by our body that comes from the juice of vegetables and fruits. If consumed whole, can you ever imagine consuming 2 – 3 apples, a couple of carrots, 5 – 8-pounds in a day. But you can definitely do it in a much easier way through juice.

2. Instantly Digestible 

As compared to solids, liquids are instantly digested and absorbed in bloodstream. Whatever minerals and vitamins are there in the juice will immediately get absorbed. Therefore, it is definitely a great source of instant energy.

3. Metal Alertness and Wellbeing 

Juicing helps in transporting oxygen to the entire body through improved blood circulation. This has direct impact on the brain and keep it active. That is why people mostly consume juice in the morning.

Plus, a happy mind leads to a happy body. This way, you can feel light and delightful the entire day after a wholesome glass of juice.

4. Weight Loss

Well, a fiberless meal is definitely great for weight loss. Since by consuming juice, you are only extracting its potentially best parts while eliminating the fiber, you can expect tremendous lose in weight within weeks.

5. Suitable for Non-Fruit & Vegetable Lovers

Let’s face it, there are a lot of us who don’t like many beneficial fruits and vegetables. However, you can make it easier to take the benefit by simply extracting the goodness of such fruits and veggies and making an appetizing glass of juice.

6. Detox

Any liquid that helps in eliminating toxins from our body is a detoxifying agent. Well, juices are alkaline in nature and they help in drawing the acids out of our system. This way, you can keep your kidney, lungs, and skin in its healthiest form.

7. Preventing Diseases

There are many diseases that can be prevented with a glass of juice every day. The nutrients absorbed from juice are helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases, many inflammatory diseases and cancer as well.

Also, juice raises the pH level in the body that is very effective in preventing kidney and heart diseases, osteoporosis, and acidic imbalance in the body.  

8. Better Immunity 

Since there is a lot of vitamins in fruits and veggies in a glass of juice, they all contribute in boosting your immunity. This means that your potential to prevent diseases and allergies will increase manifolds.

Downside of Juicing

1. Increased Cost of Grocery

One of the biggest downsides is that when you consume whole fruit, you don’t eat as much as it is needed for a glass of juice.

Your grocery bill is likely to rise from $15 to $60 for each week. At the end of a month, you will realize that you spend a lot more than usual on fruits and vegetables.

2. Prep Work

Juicing involves a lot of preparation whether it is washing the vegetables, chopping, peeling or de-seeding them. Then there is preparing the juicers as you see there are plenty of parts to wash and put together.

So, even if you have to make juice twice a week, there is still a lot of work to be done to make a glass of juice.

3. Clean up

Well, the after task is also extremely bothersome. You have to clean the leftovers of fruits and vegetables, clean the countertop, wash the juicer parts and dry them before storing. Your task will be a lot more bothering if the juicer parts are not dishwasher-safe.


Juicing can be great for everyday consumption. It ensures optimal benefit to your health and answer all the concerns that you may have for your health.

If you are not so fond of consuming the whole fruits and vegetables then juicing can benefit you just as much. Plus, being a smooth way of intaking all the vitamins and minerals, even the kids will be able to happily adapt the treat.