7 Best 2-Burner Gas Grills of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best 2 Burner Gas Grill
Photo: Cuisinart

A 2 burner gas grill provides the best grilling solution for anyone that loves to grill but does not have enough space in the backyard or lives in a small apartment or condo.

Besides taking up little space, with the best 2 burner gas grill, you will also get something compact and highly portable for use from almost anywhere.

And most are still designed to provide more than enough heating power to cook almost any kind of food.

But now things come down to which model you should pick from the many out there from different brands. However, this is where we come in to help, and we do this by reviewing 7 top-rated 2 burner gas grills and also by explaining the factors to consider when picking one.

What To Check Before Buying 2-Burner Gas Grill?

How to Buy the Best 2 Burner Gas Grills
Photo: Char-Broil

Because most grillers seem to prefer the compact size and convenience of the 2 burners grills, you can be sure that there are almost countless models from different brands in the market.

While choosing between them can be an overwhelming task, you can make things way much easier if you keep the following points in mind when shopping.

1. Natural Gas or Propane

Although buying a 2 burner gas grill cuts down your choices when it comes to the fuels source, like with any other gas grill types and sizes, you will still need to choose whether to go for a natural gas or propane powered grill.

Each of these fuel types has both merits and demerits, and hence will be ideal for different situations and grillers.

– Natural Gas

Natural gas will cook similarly to propane, but unlike the latter, there is no tank to hold the gas because it is plugged into your house’s natural gas supply via a hose.

When using natural gas you get a great fuel source that is clean burning, and because it is lighter than both propane and air, it will dissipate quickly in the air which makes it safer. Also, you will not run out of fuel as it is connected to the house supply and it is more affordable in the long run.

Because natural gas will require some professional installation, it means extra initial cost and you cannot also move your grill.


  • You will hardly ever run out of fuel
  • Relatively more affordable
  • Generally safer than propane


  • Fixed grill location
  • Require professional installation

– Propane

Propane comes in a portable tank that is designed to fit underneath or just beside the grill, and so it will not require any connection to your house supply. This makes the grill more portable.

With propane, you also get higher heat output than natural gas. Propane will provide up to 2,500 BTUs for every unit volume which is more than the 1,000 BTU that you get from natural gas.

Whether you are grilling in your backyard or out in the woods when camping, a propane-fueled 2 burner gas grill will still be useful thanks to its more portable design.

However, propane tends to run out because a typical 20-pound tank will provide a maximum of 25 hours of cooking. Also, because it is heavier than air, it does not dissipate fast and easily enough which makes it more dangerous than natural gas.


  • Higher heat output
  • More convenient and portable


  • Relatively pricier
  • Creates a wet heat

Our Tips: If you want to be able to move your 2 burner gas grill or want more heat, go for one that uses propane like the Weber 46110001, and if you want a more reliable and affordable fuel source, models that can be converted to use natural gas like Char-Broil Signature 325 will be the more ideal choice.

2. Cooking Surface

A good 2 burner gas grill for you is one that offers adequate space for cooking a lot of food or enough for the family or guests that you host regularly.

For the cooking surface, it will be all about personal preferences, and so how small or large it is will depend on your cooking needs.

2 burner gas grills will not have as much cooking space as the larger models but to make sure that the grill works well for you, it should offer at least 200 square inches of cooking space.

3. BTU

The amount of heat that you get from the two burners on these grills will determine how fast you cook food, and also the types of food that you can cook on the grill.

For gas grills, the total BTU is the best measurement to use when determining the amount of heat you will get from the grill.

Generally, the higher the BTU the more powerful or the higher the heat output will be, but things are not always that straightforward.

The size and shape of the cooking surface also have a role to play. And so when it comes to the BTU, you need to divide the total BTUs with the size of cooking space to determine the actual BTU you will be getting per square inch.

4. Material

One of the top threats for a gas grill is rusting. It can be very disheartening to buy a high performing and expensive 2 burner grill only for it to start rusting after a few months. To make sure that you never go through this, it is important to choose the material keenly.

The top material choices for these grills are stainless steel, cast aluminum and porcelain enameled cast iron.

Also, note that when it comes to the material, you will need to consider both the frame, hardware, and accessories, and make sure what you choose is not only durable and rust-proof but also makes cooking more efficient.

5. Size of 2-Burner Gas Grill

The overall size of the grill will determine how convenient it will be for you. If you have a small space, something more compact will be the best.

When it comes to the size, it is not all about the space the grill takes up or the cooking space that you get but also other things like food preparation space and storage space for grilling essentials.

Compact 2 burner gas grills with foldable side shelves and a cabinet to accommodate the gas tank and a few other things will often be the best choice.

6. Price

Budget is the key determining factor for most people when buying grills and everything else, and this means that the cost or price of the 2 burner gas grill matters a lot.

The best model for you is one that comes at a price range that is within your budget and with some nice features and top-notch grilling capability.

You can get a good model for a little over $100, but the high-end ones will go for upwards of $500.

7 Best 2 Burner Gas Grills Reviewed




Weber 46110001

1. Weber 46110001 (Best Overall)

  • 450 sq.in. cooking surface
  • Heat retaining  cast iron cooking grates
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Convenient tool hooks
Cuisinart CGG-306

2. Cuisinart CGG-306 (Most Portable)

  • 276.75 sq.in. cooking surface
  • Simple and precise heat control
  • Top performing stainless steel grates
  • Quick and easy setup
Char-Broil Signature 325

3. Char-Broil Signature 325 (Best for Infrared Grilling)

  • 445 sq.in. cooking surface
  • Long-lasting stainless steel tube burners
  • Reliable surefire ignition system
  • Handy folding side shelves
Char-Broil Classic 280

4. Char-Broil Classic 280 (Incredibly Amazing at a Great Price Tag)

  • 280 sq.in. cooking surface
  • High-performing stainless steel in-line burners
  • Fast and reliable ignition system
  • Sturdy metal side shelves
Giantex OP3243

5. Giantex OP3243 (Convenient, Easy to Use & Highly Portable)

  • 266.5 sq.in. cooking surface
  • Foldable and lockable legs for easy transportation
  • Durable 430 stainless steel overall construction
  • Quick and easy assembly
Char-Broil 463270615

6. Char-Broil 463270615 (Sleek Looking High-end Grill)

  • 465 sq.in. cooking surface
  • Efficient infrared cooking system
  • Reliable surefire ignition
  • Smooth rolling caster for easy mobility
Dyna-Glo DGP350SNP-D

7. Dyna-Glo DGP350SNP-D (Powerful for a Seasoned Griller)

  • 467 sq.in. cooking surface
  • Heat retaining cast-iron cooking grates
  • Durable stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Easy lifting lid handle

1. Weber 46110001 – Best Overall

Weber Spirit 2 Burner Gas Grill

Photo: Weber

  • Cooking surface: 450 square inches
  • BTU: 26,500
  • Material: Steel

Weber Spirit 2 is a top-rated 2 burner gas grill that uses two stainless steel burners to provide up to 26,500 BTUs which should be more than enough to cook any kind of food.

This gas grill provides a total cooking surface of 450 square inches which is more than enough for a 2 burner grill.

The grill uses some porcelain-enameled cast iron grates that not only offer excellent heat retention but are also super easy to clean.

With the electronic crossover ignition system on this grill, you can light the two burners with a simple push of a button. And there is also a handy fuel gauge and built-in thermometer to help make it easy to monitor the fuel and cooking temperature respectively.

Despite this being the second priciest item in our list, the quality and performance will ensure that you get great value for your money.


  • Easy push-button start
  • Relatively higher BTU output
  • Larger cooking surface
  • Superior heat retention
  • Handy fuel gauge and built-in thermometer


  • Relatively pricier
  • The many pieces can make assembly tedious

2. Cuisinart CGG-306 – Most Portable

Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef's Style Tabletop 2 Burner Gas Grill

Photo: Cuisinart

  • Cooking surface: 276.75 square inches
  • BTU: 20,000
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Portability is always an important factor to consider when shopping for the best 2 burner propane grill if you intend to use it on the go or from different locations. The Cuisinart CGG-306 model is as portable as it can get.

Despite its small and compact size, it is still quite a powerful grill as the two burners will provide up to 20,000 BTUs. Although its 276.75 square inches is not as large as other models in our list, it is still more than enough for small groups.

Because this grill will not require any assembly, it will be quick and easy to set up, and it should be ready to cook in as little as 10 minutes.

Its mostly stainless steel construction makes it sturdy and durable, simple twist ignition makes starting it easy, and it also has an integrated thermometer and adjustable knobs for more precise temperature management.

The relatively shallower dome means that it will not be ideal for cooking a large turkey or ham, but it should still be perfect for cooking most other food types.

More Detailed: Click here


  • Quick and easy set up
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Simple twist-start ignition
  • Easy transport design
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • Smaller cooking surface
  • Dome is quite shallow

3. Char-Broil Signature 325 – Best for Infrared Grilling

Char-Broil Signature 325 2 Burner Gas Grill

Photo: Char-Broil

  • Cooking surface: 445 square inches
  • BTU: 18,000
  • Material: Steel

The total of 445 square inches that you get on this Char-Broil grill might not be the largest among our 2 burner gas grill review, but it is still a great size whether you are cooking for the family or hosting a few friends over.

This top quality grill uses two 443 stainless steel burners, but the infrared cooking technology is what makes it stand out. It ensures that you cook the food more evenly and also gives you a higher temperature and greater temperature control.

The dual side folding shelves will provide more than enough workspace and ensures easy storage. This grill also uses Surefire Electronic ignition for fast and reliable starts, and it has dual fuel gauges and lid-mounted temperature gauge for easy monitoring.

The 18,000 BTU is the lowest in our list, but with the infrared cooking technology, you will get more than enough heat. And despite the back being open, the storage cabinet is still highly useful.


  • Greater temperature control
  • More even heat distribution
  • Large workspace
  • Fast and reliable ignition
  • Easy conversion from propane to natural gas


  • Lower BTU output
  • Cabin back is open

4. Char-Broil Classic 280 – Amazing Grill at a Great Price Tag

Char-Broil Classic 280 2 Burner Gas Grill

Photo: Char-Broil

  • Cooking surface: 280 square inches
  • BTU: 20,000
  • Material: Steel

The relatively affordable price tag, high-performance, durable construction, and the relatively high BTU output combine to make this Char-Broil grill the best 2 burner gas grill for the money in our list.

With this grill, you get a 280-square inch cooking surface that can accommodate up to 12 burgers, and 20,000 BTU burners to ensure you have more than enough heat.

The stainless steel inline burners are designed to be highly durable to ensure long-lasting performance, and they will also offer an excellent high to low heat control.

Durability is guaranteed by the porcelain-coated firebox and lid that are designed to withstand the harshest elements. And the side shelves are also a durable metal and spacious for convenient food preparation.

The piezo ignition system makes startups fast and more reliable. Although assembling this grill can be a tedious process, you should not have a problem figuring things out as it comes with everything you need and some detailed instructions.


  • High performing stainless steel inline burners
  • Porcelain-coated firebox and lid
  • Larger and easily maneuverable wheels
  • Durable and spacious metal side shelves
  • Fast and reliable startups


  • Tedious assembly

5. Giantex OP3243 – Convenient, Easy to Use & Highly Portable 

Giantex Tabletop 2 Burner Propane Gas Grill

Photo: Giantex

  • Cooking surface: 266.5 square inches
  • BTU: 20,000
  • Material: Stainless steel

Tabletop gas grills like this one by Giantex are designed for use from almost anywhere thanks to the highly portable design.

This gas grill also features a highly durable stainless steel construction and the surfaces are easy to clean for most convenient maintenance.

The two push and turn ignition burners are designed to be super easy to start, and they will always start the first time. Also, this 2 burner gas grill has folding legs, lockable lid and it is one of the lightest in our list which makes it easy to store and carry.

While the 266.5 square inches of cooking space is the smallest on our list, it should still be enough for cooking for at least four people.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Quick and easy ignition
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Heats up fast


  • Smaller cooking surface
  • Lid should be a little higher

6. Char-Broil 463270615 – Sleek Looking High-end

Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared 340 2 Burner Gas Grill

Photo: Char-Broil

  • Cooking surface: 465 square inches
  • BTU: 20,000
  • Material: Stainless steel

The 465 square inches of cooking space that you get on this Char-Broil will be perfect when cooking for a small party, and it also has the heating power to go with it.

Although the two stainless steel burners will produce just 20,000 BTUs, the infrared technology ensures that you not only get higher heat output but also more even cooking with minimal flare-ups.

Surefire Electronic ignition ensures that lighting this grill is a quick and easy task. Controlling the temperature is also made easy by the fact that each burner has its own temperature gauge just above the knob that works at the grate level to ensure you always get a true reading.

The easy folding and highly durable shelves will provide more than enough food preparation space which adds to the convenience of this grill.

Although cleaning grates can be a pain, it will not be once you get used to the grill. Furthermore, you will hardly find a grill that does take some effort to clean up. 


  • More even cooking and fewer flare-ups
  • Larger cooking surface
  • Quick and reliable ignition system
  • True temperature readings
  • Easy folding and durable metal side shelves


  • Grates can be a pain to clean

7. Dyna-Glo DGP350SNP-D – Perfect for a Seasoned Griller

Dyna-Glo Premium 2 Burner Gas Grill

Photo: Dyna-Glo

  • Cooking surface: 467 square inches
  • BTU: 30,000
  • Material: Cast Iron

For the seasoned grillers, shopping for the best 2 burner gas grill under $300, Dyna-Glo has you covered with this powerful premium model.

This 2 burner gas grill will produce a total of 30,000 BTU to ensure that you get more than enough heat for cooking almost anything. With a total of 467 square inches of cooking space, you will also have adequate space for your cookouts.

To ensure even more user convenience, the gas grill will include some foldable side tables that will provide ample food preparation and workspace. With the infinite setting control valve and Electro-Pulse ignition, this is also easy to start and control grill. And these are all the key features that seasoned grillers are always looking for in a grill.

Other things like the built-in thermometer and gauge and the premium cover that you get on your purchase also help to make this one of the best 2 burner gas grills out there.

Because this is a cast iron grill, it is still quite prone to rusting but with good and regular cleaning and maintenance, it will be many years before you need to worry about rust.


  • Large cooking surface
  • High total BTU output
  • Easy ignition and temperature control
  • Ample work and food prep space
  • Comes with a free premium cover


  • Still prone to rusting
  • Lengthy assembly


Whether you live in a small condo or an apartment or you have a small backyard, a 2 burner gas grill work well for you.

With this detailed guide that includes top seven 2 burner gas grill reviews, getting a 2-burner grill that works well for you should be a quick and easy process for you.

And from our review, the Weber 46110001 is a great all round choice while Cuisinart CGG-306 is perfect for grillers looking for something for use on the go.