6 Best Apples for Juicing that You Should Try Now

Best Apples For Juicing

When we go out in a supermarket to buy apples, we don’t really give a lot of heed to the different colours of apples stacked in the front. Do you know, there are more than 7500 species of apples grown in the world?

You can easily find the best apples for juicing in every market. They have the highest rate of vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and fibre. This way, the apples are extremely effective in regulating cholesterol, and improving conditions of depression.  

There are many other benefits of juicing different kinds of apples. We will now mention some of the common categories of best juicing apples.

6 Best Apples for Juicing

Let’s take a look at various categories in apples that you can conveniently juice:

1. Red Delicious 

Red Delicious

Photo: Washington Apple Commission

As far as juicing is concerned, you need an apple that has the sweetest flavour. In red delicious apples, the sweetness comes naturally. Thus, they are considered to be the best apples for juicing.

These apples have the highest nutritional content such as antioxidants and fibre. Since the most nutritional part of an apple is its skin, while juicing you should use the skin as well. This will give an intense colour and forms a cloudy juice.

There is a constant debate on whether or not one should juice the apple skin. One of the contrary reasons is the heavy treatment of pesticides on the skin which makes it not suitable for consumption.

While organic apples are also an option but not everyone can afford those. With these apples, you can get considerably better juice. But for that, you must know how to find ripe apples.

2. Gala 

Gala apple

This category hailed from New Zealand and due to its taste, they became super popular in the entire world. These are readily available in supermarkets however, half of the time, you will find them to be floury.

They were first discovered in the year 1930 and within no time, the category made its way to US market and became one of the finest quality of apples.

These are available in mesmerizing colour of red-blush with pink orange stripes on the yellow background. They don’t just taste amazing but also pleases every eye that sees it.  

They are considered to be of better quality on the home-grown trees. Perhaps the reason is that they are not very good at traveling as they come all the way from distant places. Or it has pesticides to do something with the compromised taste.

In Gala apples, the home-grown ones have far better quality and juiciness than the ones that you buy from the market. If you are a lot in home juicing the apples then you might also consider growing your own tree to relish the finest quality of the fruit.

3. Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious

This one can also be recognized as Yellow apple and is among the finest types of juicing apples. This variety of apples is also quite sweet and considered as a parent apple to red delicious and gala apples.

These are used to juice and served in salads, for baking pies, making sauces, and in beverages as well. Because of the presence of added tartness, this category is ideal for the people that enjoy some sourness in their juice than being completely sweet.

The acid content of the apple is higher which somehow masks the sweetness and expose it more to the sour taste.

4. Granny Smith

Granny Smith

For the people that have been searching for the apples with low sugar content, Granny Smith is the right choice to make. These are rather acidic and bitter than any other category.

While many people don’t prefer it for juicing purpose, its benefits towards the body persuade some to use it for routine juicing. It is rich in antioxidants, potassium, and various other minerals that are highly beneficial for the body.

If you are diabetic then Granny Smith is the most suitable apple category for you to juice. We would rather say that these are the healthiest apples for juicing, if only you can excuse the unpleasant taste.

Thus, these apples can juice better when they are mixed with other apples or fruits to create a better flavour. This way, the bitter or grassy taste of the apple will be balanced out and juice will be more palatable.

You should definitely add some tart apples in the juice for added flavour. These apples are mostly affordable and the supply is also rapid and immense. You can easily find them at every supermarket or fruit store around the corner.

You may just have to juice 3 medium-sized or 2 large sized apples for a cup full of juice.

5. Fuji

Fuji apple

This is also very common variety that you will find easily available in the market. It was originated in Japan by using the seeds of red delicious and Ralls Janet apple.

The end result was brilliant and today, the demand of Fuji apples is worldwide. Also, the cultivation of these apples has not been limited to Japan area only because the highest quantity of these apples is now produced in the state of Washington.

These apples have better shelf life than any of the other varieties available in the market. That is why, somehow these are the most suitable ones to buy in bulk and store.

These are big and expensive as well. But at the same time, these are extremely juicy, proving themselves to be best for juicing purpose.

If you are looking for sweet apples then these can be a fitting option. However, these are also more on the sweetness side. If you like some tangy flavour in juice then you rather consider other options with high content of tart than this one.

6. Ashmead’s Kernel 

Ashmead’s Kernel

The apple originates from the land of England and unlike its counterparts, it is way more refined and older in production. This category has been around since 1700s and offer slightly different flavour than the traditional apples.

You can compare the taste of Ashmead’s kernel apple identical to a peer. Traditional, it has been a dessert apple since ages but recently, people have started juicing it as well and the result is great.

Taste of its juice is surely different. However, it does not lose up on the nutritional value of the apples. You may find the taste a little odd but considering the pros of the apple, you might just want to give it a try.


Are all apples great for juicing?

As we have mentioned earlier, there are almost 7500 species in apples that are produced worldwide. Also, most of these apples are readily available at normal grocery stores.

Some apples are better in juicing than others. People recommend that apples should be juiced after determining the results that you are trying to get out of them.

All the categories that we have mentioned above are great for juicing purpose. They are suitable for people with different tastes and preferences.

Is it safe to juice apple seeds?

Most people are aware of this term called cyanide poisoning that happens after consuming apple seeds. Also, people have concerns regarding this, but there is not a lot to worry about on this niche.

In order to reach the poisoning level, you will have to consume around 150 to thousands of thoroughly crushed seeds. In this case, the seeds will cause lethal impact on the consumer.

If you are still worried then it’s best to remove the seeds. However, these are not going to cause any kind of health trouble for you.

How many apples do I need for a cup of juice?

Well, the answer to this question cannot be constant. Every different variety of apple has a different amount of juice in it. It may vary from 3 medium-sized to 5 medium-sized apples for a single cup of juice.


While searching, you will come across various good apples for juicing. However, the ones that we have mentioned above are the best among all other categories.

While red delicious is the most common variety available in the market, the Fuji is the finest one that provide unique and fresh taste of natural apples. These also have better shelf life than any other variety available.

Make the pick as per your taste and body needs and indulge in the fine taste of apple juice.