10 Best Bathtubs of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Bathtubs
Photo: Kingston Brass

he bathtub is an excellent way of relaxing and cleaning your body at the same time. Unlike popular belief, you can clean yourself as well if not better in a bathtub than in a regular shower.

However, purchasing the bathtub can be challenging because there are many factors that you must consider. Especially if you are planning to install the bathtub yourself.

In order to guide you in the right direction, you will find a selection of some of the best bathtubs on the market below. We give you our impressions on those tubs as well as provide you with informative advice that will help you make the most out of your bathtub.

​What To Check Before Buying Best Bathtub?

How to Buy a Bathtub
Photo: American Standard

1. Types of Bathtub

There are several types of bathtubs on the market. Here are a few models that you will encounter when trying to purchase a bathtub online.

Standard: This is by far the most common type of bathtub that you will encounter. The standard bathtub usually measures 5 feet wide and around 14 inches high.

It is the ideal size bathtub for almost anyone regardless of height. If you are uncertain about which type of bathtub to purchase, then the standard bathtub is usually a safe bet. It is the ideal size for almost anyone regardless of.

Soaking: The soaking bathtub is usually much deeper than the standard bathtub. This type of bathtub is intended for adults and not elderly or definitely not children because of its depth that can prove to be dangerous.

However, the soaking bathtub offers a superior experience because they are more comfortable and contains more water which covers the entire body of the person regardless of his or her height.

The only caveat with the soaking bathtub is that it is generally more expensive than other types of bathtubs on the market.

Claw-Foot: The clawfoot bathtub has 4 support claws at each side of the bathtub so as to keep the bathtub in the air and prevent it from touching the ground.

This can prove to be helpful if you are trying to clean under the bathtub which is not possible with other types as they usually come in contact with the ground.

The claw-foot bathtub used to be a very popular type of bathtub, but today it is getting replaced by more modern styles like the soaking or standard bathtub.

Freestanding: The freestanding bathtub is a freestyle bathtub that can be installed anywhere in the bathroom.

While other bathtubs are usually designed in such a way to be installed in corners, the freestanding bathtub can be used anywhere because it’s looks and design is not dependent on wall corners.

It can also have a clawfoot or a flat base depending on the model you get.

Whirlpool: The whirlpool bathtub is equipped with nozzles that emit powerful waterjets inside the bathtub. This helps to alleviate any muscle pain and provides a body massage to the user.

The only caveat with the whirlpool bathtub is that it is generally more expensive as well as larger when compared to other bathtubs.

Walk-In: Walk-in bathtubs are normally designed for seniors or people with disabilities. They have a lower profile and usually have a door to “walk-in” the bathtub. Thus, they are easier to get in and get out.

They are also more expensive when compared to other bathtubs, but they are usually one of the most comfortable bathtubs on the market because they use a higher-grade material like cast polymer or marble in their build construction rather than the classic acrylic or fiberglass.

2. Material

The material used in the construction of the bathtub will play a significant role in how long the bathtub will last. Materials like acrylic or fiberglass are very commonly used in the construction of bathtubs.

This is because they are relatively cheap and are very durable and long-lasting. They also offer excellent resistance to water as they will obviously not corrode.

There are still other types of materials like cast-iron, steel, copper, marble, and cast polymer used in the construction of bathtubs. However, if your bathtub of choice is made from those materials, there will cost more than a model made from acrylic or fiberglass.

3. Space Available

This simple thing is often omitted, but it is extremely important to consider. Make sure that you have the appropriate installation space in your bathroom for the bathtub.

If you will be installing your bathtub on all 3 corners of the wall, keep a clearance space of at least 1 inch for safe measure. You can use a waterproof silicone to seal that gap later on.

4. Easy to Clean

The bathtub usually has a larger surface area which means that you will need to dedicate a significant amount of time for cleaning and maintenance.

Therefore, ensure that the bathtub is easy to clean. Most manufacturers use an EverClean surface on their bathtub which will prevent the development of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Additionally, a model like the American Standard 2764014M202.011 with an EverClean surface is also easier to clean with something as simple as a dry microfiber cloth.

5. Weight

The weight of the bathtub is an extremely important aspect to consider, especially if you will be installing the bathtub above the ground floor.

If this is a case, then you do not want your bathtub to be too heavy as you also need to take into account the weight of water that it will accommodate. All this can be dangerous if you do not have solid foundations under your floor.

If you want a lightweight bathtub, then go with models made from fiberglass or acrylic and avoid those made from marble or cast-iron which are usually the heaviest.

10 Best Bathtubs of 2021 Reviewed




American Standard 2461.002.020

1. American Standard 2461.002.020 (Slip-resistant Surface)

  • Effective anti-slip surface
  • 3-layer porcelain for better durability
  • Competitively priced
  • ADA approved
American Standard 2771VC.020

2. American Standard 2771VC.020 (Heavy-duty Draining Pump)

  • Heavy-duty draining system of 1.4 HP
  • It can easily fit 2 people with ease
  • Surface protected against mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Aesthetically pleasing
Ove Decors Rachel

3. Ove Decors Rachel (Modern & Sleek Design)

  • Modern and stylish looking
  • Comes with a chrome overflow and pop up drain
  • It can be installed anywhere in the bathroom
American Standard 2764014M202.011

4. American Standard 2764014M202.011 (Easy to Clean)

  • The surface is very easy to clean
  • Reinforced by fiberglass for durability
  • Lifetime warranty by American Standard

5. AKDY F210 (High-capacity)

  • High capacity of 79 gallons
  • Durable. Made with a double layer acrylic
  • Comes with all installation accessories
Maykke XDA1407001

6. Maykke XDA1407001 (Easy to Install by Beginners)

  • Easy to install by absolute beginners
  • Easy to adjust the height with the leveling feet
  • Overflow drain at the top
Kingston Brass FBA_VTRS592928

7. Kingston Brass FBA_VTRS592928 (Looks Great Anywhere)

  • Looks great anywhere in the bathroom
  • Easy to get in and out
  • It can easily immerse a person
Spa World Venzi VZ3060SILWS

8. Spa World Venzi VZ3060SILWS (Comfortable & Easy to Use)

  • Comfortable and smooth surface
  • Alcove design. Easy to get in and out
  • Easy to install
The Tub Connection TC67SAORB-7-463D-6PKG

9. The Tub Connection TC67SAORB-7-463D-6PKG (Vintage & Stylish)

  • Classical vintage look
  • Comes with a complete installation kit
  • Rounded edges for better safety
Sinkology TBT-6631CL

10. Sinkology TBT-6631CL (Made from Pure Copper)

  • Hand made from pure copper
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • You get all installation accessories

1. American Standard 2461.002.020 – Slip-resistant Surface

American Standard Cambridge Bathtub
Photo: American Standard

This bathtub by American Standard is a model that you will find in many homes and hotels throughout the world. It is a simple bathtub that has an effective slip-resistant surface.

Moreover, this bathtub is made up of 3 layers. There is porcelain at the top, metal in the middle and a reinforced molded material at the base. This will prevent the bathtub from chipping, cracking or breaking over time.

What we like about this bathtub is that it is ADA approved. But this means is that people with disabilities will have no problem using this bathtub as it is quite easy to get in and get out. It measures the standard 5 feet, so it isn’t too long or too small for a person of average height.

Additionally, one of the most attractive points of this bathtub is its reasonable price. In fact, when compared to most models in this bathtub review, you will find that the Cambridge by American Standard is the most relatively affordable solution.

You will also have no problem installing this bathtub even if you have no prior experience as the water inlet and outlet are quite straightforward.

The only issues we have with this model is that it is simple looking and not the most aesthetically pleasing bathtub out there. Also, there may be some slight imperfections on certain areas. The quality control could have been better.


  • Anti-slip surface. Safer to use
  • Made from 3-layer porcelain. Durable and long-lasting
  • Relatively more affordable when compared to other models
  • ADA approved. Suitable for people with disabilities or the elderly


  • Not very aesthetically pleasing
  • May contain some small imperfections

2. American Standard 2771VC.020 – Heavy-duty Draining Pump

American Standard 2771VC.020 Whirpool Bathtub
Photo: American Standard

Here we have another American Standard bathtub equipped with a bigger motor. Indeed, this model has a 1.4 HP motor that allows it to evacuate water in the bathtub really fast. It does so without consuming a lot of electricity as this motor is also quite efficient in its power consumption.

One of the most distinguishing features of this bathtub is its EverClean surface that makes it extremely easy to clean.

Also, the surface will prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, and bacteria thus making the bathtub more hygienic to use. This will directly translate in a bathtub that produces less odor. If you do not frequently use your bathtub, then this model by American Standard is an excellent bathtub to consider.

When it comes to durability, you have nothing to worry about as this bathtub uses an acrylic material that is reinforced by fiberglass for even better durability. All in all, if you’re looking for a deep bathtub that has a heavy-duty drilling system, then this unit by American Standard is definitely the best Whirlpool bathtub for the money.

The only problems you will find with this bathtub is that it is a bit noisier than other models. The price could have also been more competitive.


  • Equipped with a heavy-duty 1.4 HP self-draining pump
  • Deep. Able to fit 2 people with ease
  • EverClean surface. Easy to clean as well as prevent the formation of mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Aesthetically pleasing. It will add some modernity to any bathroom


  • A little bit noisier when compared to other bathtubs
  • The price could have been better

3. Ove Decors Rachel – Modern and Sleek Design

Ove Decors Rachel Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub
Photo: Ove Decors

The Ove Decors has a modern and sleek design. This is a freestanding bathtub which means that you can install it anywhere you want, including in the middle of your bathroom and it will still look great. For comfort, the head side of this bathtub is slightly raised so as to provide support to your shoulder and head.

It is also deep enough to accommodate up to 2 people with ease. After all, with its 15.4 inches depth and 60.8 gallons of water, this model can provide a very comforting bathtub experience that will fully immerse the user.

One feature that many people will appreciate is its feet levelers that allows you to adjust the height of the bathtub. If you find the bathtub to be too high for your need, then you can weekly and easily adjust those levelers. By default, they are concealed, and the tub is flat on the ground.

Also, the manufacturer has thought about everything and includes a pop-up drain as well as a chrome overflow with this bathtub. You will not have to purchase it separately.

Just note that due to the design and depth of this bathtub, it is not suitable for people with disabilities or seniors.


  • Comes with a chrome overflow and pop-up drain
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Sleek design
  • ​Practical. Can be installed anywhere in the bathroom
  • Deep bathtub with a height of 15.4 inches and 60.8 gallons water capacity


  • Not suitable for the elderly or people with disabilities

4. American Standard 2764014M202.011 – Easy to Clean

American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet Bathtub
Photo: American Standard

This bathtub by American Standard is another popular model that is very easy to clean. In fact, all you need to clean this bathtub is a piece of cloth. This is mostly because of its special surface that prevents it from getting stained easily.

But one aspect that demarks this soaker bathtub from the rest of the competition is definitely its build quality. Indeed, this model is made from an acrylic that is reinforced with fiberglass for even more durability. Bottom line, this is a bathtub that will literally last you a lifetime.

To help you with the installation, you get every accessory out of the box.

But what we like the most about this bathtub is definitely its warranty. It is covered by a lifetime warranty by American Standard, and anytime you face a problem with this bathtub, they will replace it for you.

Taking the build quality into account, its warranty as well as its sleek design, we nominate this model by American Standard as the best soaking tub in this review despite its relatively high price.


  • ​Surface does not stain easily. Easy to clean
  • Very durable and long-lasting. Reinforced by fiberglass
  • High-gloss surface. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty by American Standard


  • The price. It is quite expensive

5. AKDY F210 – Best-High-capacity

AKDY F210 Free Standing Bathtub
Photo: AKDY

The AKDY F210 is a stylish bathtub that has a big water capacity of 79 gallons. Which means that it will be able to immerse any person regardless of size with ease.

Moreover, this model is a freestanding bathtub, so you can install it anywhere in your bathroom and it will still look great.

Best, it is made from a double-layer acrylic, so it is quite durable and is relatively more affordable when compared to other models in this review.

The surface is quite glossy despite being made from the only acrylic, and you will have no difficulty cleaning it.

If you have never installed a bathtub in your bathroom before, then this unit comes with a full installation kit that includes all the fittings, drainage pipe, as well as the chrome overflow.

You also get metal feet with this bathtub that will allow you to raise the height to your convenience. If you don’t want to, you can still use the factory default position of the bathtub which is flat on the ground.

When it comes to water capacity, adjustments and ease-of-use, this model from AKDY is definitely one of the best acrylic bathtubs on the market. Get it if you like it!


  • High water capacity of 79 gallons. Completely immerses a person in the water
  • Made from a double layer acrylic for durability
  • Freestanding design. Can be installed anywhere in the bathroom
  • All installation accessories included with this purchase


  • The price could have been a little bit more competitive
  • Water easily leaks out the bathtub

6. Maykke XDA1407001 – Easy to Install by Beginners

Maykke Barnet Modern Bathtub
Photo: Maykke

The Maykke Barnet is another top-rated bathtub that you will find in many bathrooms. Indeed, this model is so popular mostly because it is extremely easy to install, including by absolute beginners. It is an ideal choice for those who do not have any experience installing a bathtub.

Furthermore, it has a water depth of 14-3/16 inches making it an ideal bathtub for anyone of any height, whether it is a short person or a tall person.

In addition, its water capacity of 52.83 gallons is definitely not the highest we have seen but still sufficient so as to fully immerse a person in the water. 

For better ease-of-use, this model comes with leveling feet that will allow you to adjust the horizontal level of the bathtub to match your floor. Of course, it comes with an overflow drain at the top that will prevent water from overflowing.

We note about this bathtub that its drain hole is located right at the center of the tub.

This can be an advantage as it is able to drain water much more efficiently and quickly. However, the disadvantage is that if you are in the tub, then your body will block the drain hole preventing it from draining the bathtub.


  • Easy to install by absolute beginners
  • Leveling feet allows you to match the horizontal level of the bathtub to your floor
  • Made up of an 8-layer acrylic material. Durable and long-lasting
  • Equipped with an overflow drain at the top


  • The drain hole is located at the center. Not an ideal location

7. Kingston Brass FBA_VTRS592928 – Looks Great Anywhere

Kingston Brass Contemporary Freestanding Bathtub
Photo: Kingston Brass

The Kingston is another freestanding bathtub that has a great look. This is the type of bathtub that will look stylish anywhere in the bathroom.

What we like about this model is that it has a thick acrylic build construction that makes it very durable and long-lasting.

It also has a tub capacity of 59.52 gallons which means that it will be able to immerse any type of person with ease. Whether you use hot water or cold water with this bathtub, you will definitely enjoy using it.

Even if this model has a high-water capacity, it is still able to drain water fairly quickly thanks to the efficient drain hole located at the back of the bathtub.

Additionally, its height of 16-9/16 inches is not the tallest in a bathtub, and an average person should be able to get in and out fairly easily.

Altogether, this bathtub from Kingston is an excellent model to consider, especially considering that this tub is made by one of the best bathtub brands in the industry.

But just keep in mind that this model is a bit more challenging to install than other models. It also does not have a faucet drilling, so you need to purchase special fittings for this bathtub.


  • Freestanding bathtub. Looks great anywhere in the bathroom​
  • Good height of 16-9/16 inches. Easy to get in and out
  • The high-water capacity of 59.52 gallons. Able to immerse a person with ease


  • Not as easy to install when compared to other models
  • Does not have faucet drillings for water flexibility

8. Spa World Venzi VZ3060SILWS – Comfortable & Easy to Use

Spa World Venzi Walk-In Bathtub
Photo: Spa World Venzi

Many people regard the Venzi as one of the world’s most comfortable bathtub. This is a walk-in bathtub, so it has a small door that allows you to open a doorway. You can enter or leave the bathtub very easily.

It is significantly safer when compared to a traditional bathtub. Therefore, it is ideal for any type of person. Even elderly people or those with disabilities. Since this bathtub is made from acrylic, it is also quite durable and long-lasting.

With this purchase, you get an overflow drain that will prevent the bathtub from overflowing. Additionally, when the doors closed, it is perfectly watertight, so it will not leak even if you feel the bathtub up to the brink.

Also, the white finish of this bathtub makes it aesthetically pleasing and will fit any type of bathroom, whether it is a traditional bathroom or a modern one.

The only issues we have with this model is that it has an alcove design, and you will need 3 sides in the bathroom for the installation. Furthermore, the surface is not anti-slip so you need to be careful when walking on it.


  • Walk-in bathtub. Contains a small door to enter or leave the bathtub
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to use by anyone, even people with disabilities
  • Water connection is very easy to make by beginners


  • Designed as an alcove. You will need 3 sides as there are no end panels
  • The surface is not anti-slip

9. The Tub Connection TC67SAORB-7-463D-6PKG – Vintage and Stylish

The Tub Connection Acrylic Slipper Clawfoot Tub
Photo: The Tub Connection

The tub has a classic vintage look. It will immediately add some style to any bathroom with its stylish and vintage design.

But, since it is a clawfoot bathtub, the bottom does not touch the ground. Unfortunately, adjustments to the bathtub height cannot be made with the claw foot.

Also, this bathtub does not have the biggest water capacity, at only 53 gallons. But it is still sufficient for most people as it will be able to immerse almost anyone with such a capacity.

Furthermore, the height of 15 inches is also excellent as this height is proven to be the sweet spot height for a bathtub. With such a height, anyone in your family will be able to enter or leave this bathtub with ease.

The only issue we find with this model is that it has a smaller water capacity of 53 gallons.


  • Classic vintage design
  • Easy to install by anyone
  • Delivered with a complete installation kit, including metal fixtures
  • Edges are rounded for safety


  • Relatively small water capacity of 53 gallons

10. Sinkology TBT-6631CL – Made from Pure Copper

Sinkology TBT-6631CL Bathtub
Photo: Sinkology

If the price is not an issue, then this model from Sinkology is possibly the best bathtub for the money. Indeed, this bathtub is made from the purest copper, and it has a very refined and elegant look.

As a matter of fact, it has been crafted by hand to deliver the highest level of detail possible. It is definitely unbeatable when it comes to build construction and aesthetics.

Moreover, this unit is both a freestanding as well as a clawfoot bathtub, so you can install it anywhere in your bathroom and it will still look awesome.

It does not have advanced features like a powered motor for the drainage, but this is not what this bathtub is all about. The Sinkology is all about looks.

If your bathtub needs to be luxurious and you can afford expensive asking price, then you need to seriously consider this model.


  • Very good-looking bathtub. Luxurious and elegant
  • Handmade from pure copper. Durable and long-lasting
  • Freestanding style. Can be installed anywhere in the bathroom
  • Easy install by anyone. Delivered with all installation accessories


  • It is the most expensive bathtub in this bathtub review
  • ​No motor for the drainage


​​Models like the American Standard 2461.002.020 are very safe to use as they have an anti-slip surface. If you have never used a bathtub before, this model is an excellent choice to get started.

And if you need the best looking bathtub around, check out the Sinkology TBT-6631CL. Its craftsmanship and pure copper build construction speaks for itself.

​But if you have more specific needs, then you will surely find the right model in our bathtub review above​.