10 Best Belt Disc Sanders of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Belt Disc Sander
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A belt sander is a powerful tool used to remove small to large amounts of material from wood and other workpieces at a very fast rate. Besides material removal, you can also use the tool to for smoothing, finishing, and grinding.

This tool is powered by an electric motor, which spins both a disc and belt that have abrasive surfaces of different grit levels, for instance, 60-200.

The ideal belt sander should have a dust port, which you can use to vacuum out the sawdust generated by sanding. 

To learn more about these tools and their many features, dive into our top 10 belt disc sander reviews.

What To Check Before Buying Best Belt Disc Sander?

How to Buy the Best Belt Disc Sander
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1. Power

The performance of your belt disc sander largely depends on the motor’s power output. As sanders get more powerful, they are able to handle more intensive sanding tasks than less powerful ones.

Your belt disc sander’s power output is measured in amps and/or horsepower (HP). The higher the rating of these two features, the more powerful the sander is.

High-performance belt disc sanders demand a lot of power because the motor will likely run longer and perform intensive sanding than low-performance models.

Choose a belt disc sander whose power matches your sanding demands.

2. Disc Size and Speed

Belt disc sanders have varying disc sizes and speeds. The size of your disc will be represented by its diameter in inches.

From the models we reviewed, most disc sizes fall in the range of 5 – 8 inches. If your sander’s disc size is in the higher range, it offers a large sanding surface area.

Disc speed is measured in RPM. Most disc speeds will be in the range of 1000 – 4000 RPM. High-speed discs are great is you want to achieve faster sanding or when the material you’re using is hard.

3. Belt Size and Speed

Your sander will also come with a belt to expand its sanding versatility. The belt will be rotating along a horizontal surface. Hence, its size is measured in width and circumference, in inches.

The width of belts tends to vary widely. Some are 1-inch wide, while others can have a width of up to 4 inches. As for circumference, the normal range is 30 – 42 inches.

Wide belts are great for general sanding tasks, while narrower ones tend to thrive in precision tasks such as contour sanding.

The speed on our belt is measured in surface feet per minute (FPM) since it will be running on a horizontal plane, on which you place the material being sanded. High FPM belts sand faster than those with lower FPM.

4. Angle Adjustable

To provide more flexibility and versatility, some common components of belt disc sanders are angle adjustable.

Some models have adjustable disc tables and belt tables. In the case of the belt table, the most common tilt angles are 0 to 45 degrees, and 0 to 90 degrees.

You can also get a sander whose disc table is adjustable to different degrees so that you can perform custom sanding on different workpieces.

5. Dust Collection 

A belt sander produces a lot of dust from its action of removing material from wood. Within no time, you may find your entire workbench and shop covered in the dust of you don’t have a mechanism to collect it from your sander.

The best belt disc sander should have one or more dust ports on it. These ports provide connection points for shop vacs, which can vacuum out dust as the sander runs.

Some of the models we reviewed have 2 dust ports, which offer more dust collection options.

Remember to check the diameter of your sander port to confirm its compatibility with the hose of your shop vac or other vacuum systems you may be using.

6. Ease of Maintenance

Everyone desires tools that are easy to maintain. When your belt disc sander requires a change or component such as the disc or belt, the process should take the least time and effort.

Many of the models we reviewed offer simple and convenient ways of doing basic maintenance. For instance, changing belts may be as simple as loosening the tension lever and removing the old one.

Belt dust sanders whose components are easy to disassemble simplify maintenance.

10 Best Belt Disc Sanders of 2021 Reviewed




Palmgren 81061

1. Palmgren 81061 (High-Performance)

  • Fast belt and disc speeds
  • Powerful 3.5-amp motor
  • Long and versatile 42-inch belt
  • Durable cast iron construction
Powertec BD4600

2. Powertec BD4600 (All-round)

  • Large-capacity and adjustable belt
  • Flexible disc table
  • Features support all-round use
  • Powerful motor supports fast disc
Central Machinery ha97181

3. Central Machinery ha97181 (Best Budget)

  • Reasonably priced
  • Modest belt speed
  • Large disc size
  • Durability and versatile belt
Rikon 50-151

4. Rikon 50-151 (Best Compact)

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful 1.9-amp motor
  • Fast belt and disc
  • 2 dust ports included
Jet J-4002

5. Jet J-4002 (With the Largest Disc)

  • Large 8-inch sanding disc
  • Supports many sanding applications
  • High-performance abrasive belt
  • Custom sanding using removable platen
Wen 6515

6. Wen 6515 (For Medium Sanding)

  • Optimized for medium sanding
  • Powerful 2.3-amp motor
  • 2 dust ports for support vacuuming
  • Reasonably priced
Wen 6502T

7. Wen 6502T (Vibration-resistant)

  • Cast iron base reduces vibration
  • Large-capacity 4 x 36-inch belt
  • Vertically and horizontally belt adjustment
  • Beveling sand disc
Grizzly Industrial H6070

8. Grizzly Industrial H6070 (For Hobbyists)

  • Features support hobby projects
  • Powerful and versatile motor
  • Adjustable tilt belt and sanding tables
  • The belt is ideal for precision sanding
Rikon 50-112

9. Rikon 50-112 (Durable Build)

  • Durable cast iron and steel build
  • Belt speed is ideal for smooth sanding
  • Reliable torque
  • Versatile belt size
Bucktool BD4603

10. Bucktool BD4603 (Efficient)

  • Improved sanding efficiency
  • Maintenance-free design
  • High-performance induction motor
  • Sturdy vibration-reducing construction

1. Palmgren 81061 – High-Performance

Palmgren 81061
Photo: Palmgren

  • Power: 120V, 3.5 Amp, 0.33 HP
  • Belt Size: 2 inches x 42 inches
  • Belt Speed: 4400 FPM
  • Disc Size: 6 inches
  • Disc Speed: 3500 RPM

Palmgren 81061 is the best high-performance belt disc sander on our list. It has a powerful motor with the highest belt and disc speed combination.

With a belt speed of 4400 FPM and a disc speed of 3500 RPM, this sander delivers exceptional outcomes when sanding materials such as ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wood, plastics, and composites.

These speeds are supported by a 3.5-amp motor, which is the most powerful of all the models we have reviewed. This motor will thrive through the most demanding sanding tasks.

This belt sander comes with a 2-inch by 42-inch belt, which is the longest of the pack. Its length provides a high degree of versatility for tasks such as grinding, sanding, deburring, polishing, finishing, contouring, and many more.

It has a durable cast-iron construction that ensures this tool will offer you a long-lasting and reliable service.

The high-performance Palmgren 81061 does come at a rather steep cost, which may lock out prospective budget buyers.


  • High belt and disc speeds
  • Powerful 3.5-amp motor for demanding tasks
  • A long 42-inch belt for versatility
  • Cast iron construction for durability


  • Pricey

2. Powertec BD4600 – All-round Combination

Powertec BD4600
Photo: Powertec

  • Power: 120V, 4.3 Amp, 0.5 HP
  • Belt Size: 4 inches x 36 inches
  • Belt Speed: 1900 FPM
  • Disc Size: 6 inches
  • Disc Speed: 3600 RPM

Powertec BD4600 is an all-round combination belt disc sander from its well-balanced features and powerful motor.

You get a large-capacity belt measuring 4 inches by 36 inches in size. The belt table can also be tilted between 0 and 90 degrees to provide flexible work support.

The sander packs a 6-inch disc, whose table is can also be tilted between 0 and 45 degrees for enhanced flexibility and to support custom sanding.

Other superior features that make this sander a top all-rounder include a precision tracking system, a safety key switch, and a quick-release belt change system.

The tool runs on a powerful 0.5-horsepower, 4.3-amp motor, which produces a high disc speed for fast sanding.

A potential drawback we noted with the Powertec BD4600 is that it takes a bit of effort to get the belt tension right for efficient running.


  • Large-capacity belt size
  • Flexible disc table for versatility
  • Superior features support all-round uses
  • Powerful motor and fast sanding disc


  • Belt tension system can be a handful

3. Central Machinery ha97181 – Best Budget

Central Machinery ha97181
Photo: Central Machinery

  • Power: 120V, 1.9 Amp
  • Belt Size: 4 inches x 36 inches
  • Belt Speed: 1150 FPM
  • Disc Size: 6 inches
  • Disc Speed: 1780 RPM

Central Machinery ha97181 is the best budget belt disc sander on our list. This tool is reasonably priced, and is the most accessible, especially to belt sander beginners.

You get a model belt speed of 1150 FPM, which is great for small sanding projects.

This tool has a disc size of 6 inches, which is the second-largest we have reviewed. This disc provides a greater sanding surface than 5-inch models.

It has a decent 4 x 36-inch belt, whose size is in the higher range. A large belt is great when you want to experiment with different sanding techniques. It also increases the tool’s durability as well.

A potential drawback of this tool is its low belt speeds and disc speeds, which may result in slow material removal, which is not good for large-scale projects.


  • Reasonably priced and most accessible
  • Modes belt speed for small sanding projects
  • Large disc size for more sanding surface
  • Large belt size for durability and versatility


  • Relatively slow disc and belt speeds

4. Rikon 50-151 – Best Compact

Rikon 50-151
Photo: Rikon

  • Power: 120 V, 2.3 Amp, 0.33 HP
  • Belt Size: 1-inch x 30 inches
  • Belt Speed: 3340 FPM
  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Disc Speed: 3450 RPM

Rikon 50-151 is not only lightweight at 18 pounds, but also the most compact belt disc sander on our list.

Its size and weight make it great for workshops with workspace limitations. You can place the tool on a small desk or table. You can also shift it constantly within the workshop as you prefer.

Besides compactness, you are getting a power 2.3-amp, 0.33-hp motor, which spins its belt at 3340 FPM, and its disc at 3450 RPM, making it one of the most powerful and fastest.

The high power of this tool is complemented by a modest 5-inch disc, which provides an ample sanding surface.

A 2-inch dust port is also included to allow the connection of a vacuum horse for sawdust collection.

We did note, however, that the Rikon 50-151’s bet table tilts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees, which other competitor models tilt up to 90 degrees for more versatility. 


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful and fast motor
  • Standard 5-inch disc
  • 2 dust ports included


  • Belt table tilt is limited

5. Jet J-4002 – Best with the Largest Disc

Jet J-4002
Photo: Jet

  • Power: 115 V, 0.33 HP
  • Belt Size: 1-inch x 42 inches
  • Belt Speed: 3000 FPM
  • Disc Size: 8 inches
  • Disc Speed: 1725 RPM

A large disc on your belt disc sander provides you with more sanding real estate, which can accommodate bigger workpieces, and last longer. This is where the Jet J-4002 excels.

It has an 8-inch disc, which is the largest of all the models we have reviewed. This disc offers a bigger sanding surface compared to 5-inch and 6-inch ones.

“Power take-off” is another impressive feature of this belt, which allows you to mount an optimal flex shaft that can be used for carving, drum sanding, deburring, and many more applications.

The belt’s abrasive surface will perform as excellently as a jigsaw in removing material and producing smooth finishes simultaneously.

This sander also comes with a removable platen, which supports grinding, sanding, and finishing or odd-shaped workpieces.

The only major issue with the Jet J-4002 is its very steep price, which makes it the most expensive on our list.


  • Large 8-inch sanding disc
  • Power take-off feature supports multiple applications
  • High-performance abrasive belt
  • Removable platen supports custom sanding


  • Very expensive

6. Wen 6515 – Best for Medium Sanding

Wen 6515
Photo: Wen

  • Power: 120V, 2.3 Amp
  • Belt Size: 1-inch x 30 inches
  • Belt Speed: 3160 FPM
  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Disc Speed: 3450 RPM

Not all sanding projects will require aggressive material removal. Wen 6515 excels in medium sanding with its disc and belts, which have moderate grit.

The sander comes with an 80-grip sanding disc and a 100-grit sanding belt, which are optimized for moderate material removal to create smooth finishes.

These capabilities are supported by a powerful 2.3-amp motor, which produces a belt speed of 3160 FPM and a disc speed of 3450 RPM, which are more than enough to deliver smooth finishes.

For maximum vacuuming efficiency, this sander comes with 2 separate dust ports you can hook shop vac hoses.

It is also reasonably priced compared to other competing models.

We did note, however, that the instructions, which come with the Wen 6515 belt sander are not clear and non-experts may struggle to assemble the tool for first use.


  • Ideal for medium sanding
  • Powerful 2.3-amp motor
  • 2 dust ports for vacuuming efficiency
  • Cheaper than most competing models


  • User instructions are not clear

7. Wen 6502T – Vibration-resistant

Wen 6502T
Photo: Wen

  • Power: 120V, 4.3 Amp, 0.5 HP
  • Belt Size: 4 inches x 36 inches
  • Belt Speed: 1900 FPM
  • Disc Size: 6 inches     
  • Disc Speed: 3600 RPM

There are many sanding tasks such as finishing and smoothing, which demand that the belt sander be stable. Wen 6502T achieves stability through its cast-iron base for vibration reduction.

This sander has a large-capacity belt of 4 inches by 36 inches, which provides a large sanding surface area.

Its belt is also adjustable from a horizontal to a vertical position, and vice versa. This feature comes in handy when your project demands some degree of the belt or disc flexibility.

The sanding disc comes with a support table, which as a beveling capability of 0 to 45 degrees. The table also has a removable miter gauge.

An issue we noted with the Wen 6502T is that due to its moderate belt speed of 1900 FPM, it is not suitable for intensive sanding projects that require it to run for extended periods.


  • Cast iron base for vibration reduction
  • Large-capacity belt
  • The belt is adjustable vertically and horizontally
  • Sanding disc has beveling capabilities


  • Not ideal for intensive sanding tasks

8. Grizzly Industrial H6070 – Best for Hobbyists

Grizzly Industrial H6070
Photo: Grizzly Industrial

  • Power: 110V, 0.33 HP
  • Belt Size: 1-inch x 30 inches
  • Belt Speed: 3150 FPM
  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Disc Speed: 3450 RPM

Grizzly Industrial H6070 is a great belt disc sander for hobbyists who enjoy creating unique designs from wood and different materials.

The tool has even been recognized for its impressive performance in hobby knife-making. All that is made possible by a medium-power 0.33-hp motor, which produces a belt speed on 3150 FPM and a disc speed of 3450 RPM.

For superior operational flexibility, both the belt and disc sanding tables are capable of 45-degree tilts.

Its 1-inch by 30-inch belt is ideal for contour and precision sanding. You can also use it for dry sharpening, which explains why it is popular among knife-makers.

A potential drawback of Grizzly Industrial H6070 disc belt sander is that some of its plastic components, such as the clamp lever, can prove flimsy with time and become prone to failure.


  • Optimized features for hobby projects
  • Powerful motor for versatility
  • Belt and disc sanding tables can be tilted
  • The belt size is ideal for contour sanding


  • Some plastic components are prone to damage

9. Rikon 50-112 – Durable Belt Disc Sander

Rikon 50-112
Photo: Rikon

  • Power: 120 V, 0.5 HP
  • Belt Size: 4 inches x 36 inches
  • Belt Speed: 1900 FPM
  • Disc Size: 6 inches
  • Disc Speed: 3450 RPM

You will love the Rikon 50-112 belt disc sander for its durability.

The sander has a strong construction, which utilizes a combination of steel and cast iron. The materials are also used on the tool’s base to strengthen it while reducing vibration.

For smooth and optimal sanding outcomes, the tool has a belt speed of 1900 surface FPM, which is great for workpiece finishes.

To provide constant and reliable toque, the sander has a disc speed of 3450 RPM, which is in the higher range.

A large belt size of 4 inches by 36 inches provides a large sanding surface to accommodate workpieces of varying sizes.

An issue we noticed with the Rikon 50-112 is that when a large workpiece is put on the rotary belt surface, the motor may sometimes slow down.


  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Optimal belt speed for smooth sanding
  • High disc speed for reliable torque
  • Large belt size for versatility


  • The motor may slow down when sanding large workpieces

10. Bucktool BD4603 – Efficient

Bucktool BD4603
Photo: Bucktool

  • Power: 120 V, 5.0 Amp, 0.75 HP
  • Belt Size: 4 inches x 36 inches
  • Belt Speed: 2165 FPM
  • Disc Size: 6 inches
  • Disc Speed: 3450 RPM

Bucktool BD4603 is a belt disc sander built for efficiency.

The tool’s motor drives both the belt and disc directly from its direct-drive design which increases sanding efficiency by 25 percent.

This design makes the entire tool almost maintenance-free. You don’t even have to constantly adjust the belt tension to change the belt as is required with other tools.

For powerful performance, the sander has a total enclosed induction motor, which also runs silently.

The tool reduces vibration during operation using its strong cast aluminum base and rubber feet.

An issue we noted with the Bucktool BD4603 is that the plastic covers on the sanding disc and sanding belt may melt when exposed to high temperatures when sanding metals.


  • Direct-drive motor improved operational efficiency
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Powerful and silent induction motor
  • Strong aluminum base for vibration reduction


  • Plastic covers on belt and disc may melt in some sanding tasks


Belt disc sanders are versatile tools you can use for a wide range of applications involving material removal from wood, boards, and other workpieces.

As you hit the store to pick up your tool, remember some of the key considerations you need to make. Confirm that its power meets your sanding demands, that the belt and disc sizes and speeds support all the projects you will undertake, and that it has dust collection ports.

You can count on our top 10 belt disc sander reviews and buying guides to help you choose the model that suits you best.