9 Best Budget Drill Presses of 2021 Tested & Reviewed

Best Budget Drill Press
Photo: Rockwell

A drill press is a handy tool you can use to make different-sized holes on workpieces such as wood, metal, and other materials.

You don’t need an industrial drill press, that’ll cost you thousands of dollars, to accomplish such tasks. Budget drill presses, often going for less than $500, can get the job done, just as effectively.

Besides cost, you need to consider factors such as power, speed range, swing size, and chuck size, when choosing your budget drill press.

Dive into our review of top 9 budget drill presses and buying guide to help you choose the model that best meets your drilling demands.

What To Look at While Buying the Best Budget Drill Presses?

How to Buy the Best Budget Drill Press

1. Budget

When choosing a budget drill press, the most important consideration is cost. Budget drill presses tend to cost between $50 and $500.

You can get great value for low-priced drill presses. For example, we discovered that for less than $200, you can get a tool with a powerful motor, and high RPM.

As the price increase, you get more power and overall performance from your drill press.

2. Power

The power of your budget drill press will depend on the motor’s output, often measured in horsepower.

Powerful and high-performance drill presses tend to have the horsepower in the range of 0.5 to 0.75. Such presses are great for drilling into hard materials such as wood and even selected metals.

Low-power presses have their horsepower in the rage of 0.12 to 0.33. Such will handle light-duty drilling effectively.

3. Variable Speeds

Most of the budget drill presses come with variable-speed motors. The speed of your press is measured in RPM.

Therefore, you will encounter these tools having a range of RPMs, such as 500-3000, 750-8000, and many other variations.

Variable-speed drill presses offer you a lot of flexibility in controlling the speed of the tool. Thus, you can drill on different materials and different-sized holes more efficiently.

4. Chuck Size

The chuck size of your drill press is important because it determines the kind of bit you can install and use with the tool.

Chuck sizes vary across different drill press models. However, standard chuck sizes include 1/2, 3/8, and 5/8-inches.

These will accommodate the widest variety of drill bits, including the most commonly used.

When choosing your budget drill press, check the chuck size to ensure it is compatible with the bits you will be using, and any replacement ones you intend to acquire.

5. Swing 

The swing size of your budget drill press is as important a consideration as the chuck size. Swing is the distance between the spindle’s center, to the edge of the drill’s supporting column.

Therefore, if your drill press has a swing size of 12 inches, then it can drill a hole at the center (6 inches) of a given workpiece.

Swing size determines how big a workpiece the drill press can accommodate. Most workpieces are either circular or square. So, a drill with a large swing size will handle equally big workpieces and vice versa.

6. Safety

Your budget drill press will be primarily used to pierce holes on workpieces at very high speeds using bits.

Thus, it is imperative that your drill press has all the safety features necessary to keep you free from harm.

For instance, a keyed safety switch on your drill press will prevent accidental starting. It is much safer for you when the press is not running.

9 Best Budget Drill Presses Reviewed




Wen 4208

1. Wen 4208 (Most Affordable)

  • Very affordable
  • Standard 8-inch swing size
  • Ideal for soft drilling
  • Capable of depth adjustment
Euro Tool DRL-300.00

2. Euro Tool DRL-300.00 (High-speed)

  • Ideal for precision drilling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Strong base for stability
Wen 4210T

3. Wen 4210T (Easy-to-use)

  • Accessories enhance ease of use
  • Powerful 3.2-Amp motor
  • 45-degree beveling worktable
  • Convenient onboard key storage
Rockwell RK7033

4. Rockwell RK7033 (Best Battery-powered)

  • Powerful battery-powered motor
  • Firm and beveling work table
  • 1/2-inch drill chuck
  • A generous 2-year warranty
Skil 3320-01

5. Skil 3320-01 (More Safe to Operate)

  • Bump-off switch for safety
  • 5-speed variable RPM
  • An adjustable depth stop for accuracy
  • X2 laser beam for precision
Wen 4214

6. Wen 4214 (Best Variable-speed)

  • Infinitely-variable speed adjustment
  • Superior spindle control
  • Illuminating onboard work light
  • On-board laser light for precision
Craftsman 4328167

7. Craftsman 4328167 (Durable Construction)

  • Premium and durable build materials
  • Powerful 0.5-horsepower motor
  • Firm and stable work table
  • 12-inch chuck for large workpieces
Proxxon 38128

8. Proxxon 38128 (Light-duty)

  • Modest 0.12 HP power for soft drilling
  • Optimized for small-diameter projects
  • Wide collect size variety
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
Shop Fox W1668

9. Shop Fox W1668 (High-performance)

  • Powerful 0.75 HP motor
  • Additional accessories for productivity
  • Superior 3.24-inch spindle travel
  • Versatile 12-inch swing size

1. Wen 4208 (Most Affordable)

Wen 4208

Photo: Wen

  • Motor: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power: 1/3 HP
  • Speed Range: 740-3140 RPM
  • Swing Size: 8 inches
  • Chuck Size: 1/2-inch

If you’re on a tight budget, Wen 4208 is one of the most affordable drill presses you can buy today.

For that reasonable price, you get some impressive features, including a standard swing size of 8-inch, which allows you to drill a wide range of workpieces.

It is powered by a modest 1/3-horsepower motor, which will perfume excellently when drilling soft workpieces such as boards or foam.

It was a wide speed range of 740 to 3140 RPM, which provides the versatility necessary for fast, and precision drilling.

You also get a depth adjustment gauge, which limits spindle travel to exact distances for accurate drilling.

An issue we noted with the Wen 4208 is that it is not ideal for drilling strong materials such as steel, probably because of its low power.

More Detailed: Wen 4208 Review


  • Reasonably priced and affordable
  • Standard swing size
  • Moderate power for soft drilling
  • Depth adjustment gauge


  • Not ideal for drilling strong materials

2. Euro Tool DRL-300.00 (High-speed Budget)

Euro Tool DRL-300.00

Photo: Euro Tool

  • Motor: 110V, 60Hz
  • Speed Range: Up to 8500 RPM

Euro Tool DRL-300.00 is a high-speed budget drill press, which makes it a great for drilling tiny, precision holes on items such as jewelry.

It has a peak speed of 8500 RPM, which is the highest of all the drill presses we have reviewed.

At 13 pounds, this drill press is notably light and allows you to shift it accordingly in your workshop, especially if you have space limitations.

We noted that this tool is easy to use, with very few moving components. You will spend less time assembling it, allowing you to focus on the drilling tasks at hand.

The tool is supported by a cast iron base, which makes it stable even during operation.

An issue we discovered with the Euro Tool DRL-300.00 drill press is that because of its high RPM, it is difficult to control the speed setting, which limits the number of applications it can be used on.


  • Optimized for high-speed drilling
  • Lightweight and portable drill
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Strong cast iron base


  • No speed adjustment features

3. Wen 4210T (Easy-to-use)

Wen 4210T

Photo: Wen

  • Motor: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power: 3.2 Amp
  • Speed Range: 600-3100 RPM
  • Swing Size: 10 inches
  • Chuck Size: 1/2-inch

Wen 4210T is an easy-to-use budget drill press, which comes with many accessories to get you started with the tool relatively fast and with minimal effort.

The drill press comes with a call II 1mW laser, a 1/2-inch chuck and key, and a variety of assembly tools, which simplify the assembly process.

It produces ample power and torque from its 3.2-Amp motor to support drilling through hard materials such as wood and some metals.

For further ease of use, the cast iron table comes with a rack and pinion height adjustment, which enables beveling of up to 45 degrees left and right.

You also get onboard key storage for convenience, a work light to illuminate your workpiece, and onboard laser light for precision drilling.

A key drawback of the Wen 4210T is that its table clamp can prove fragile and may sometimes break. Therefore, caution is necessary when adjusting table angles.


  • Accessories simplify ease of use
  • Powerful motor with high torque
  • Beveling worktable with height adjustment
  • On-board key storage for convenience


  • The table clamp is prone to failure

4. Rockwell RK7033 (Best Battery-powered)

Rockwell RK7033

Photo: Rockwell

  • Motor: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power: 2/3 HP
  • Speed Range: 620-3100 RPM
  • Swing Size: 10 inches
  • Chuck Size: 1/2-inch

Rockwell RK7033 is the best battery-powered budget drill press on our list.

This press is built for performance as it has a 1.3Ah lithium-ion battery, which produces an impressive 6.2 Amps of power. This combination produces 200 inch-pounds of torque which performs exceptionally well in drilling wood, plastic, and even metals.

It has a sturdy worktable made of die-cast iron for rigidity and stability. The table also bevels up to 45 degrees left and right for added flexibility.

You get a 1/2-inch drill chuck, which makes the tool ideal for both woodworking and metal drill bits with up to 1/2-inch shanks.

This tool also comes with a generous 2-year warranty to give you confidence in the value the drill press offers.

An issue we noted is that the Rockwell RK7033 weight of 48 pounds makes it too heavy to be placed on a benchtop without firm bolting, which should take care of this problem.


  • Powerful battery-powered motor
  • Sturdy and beveling work table
  • Standard 1/2-inch drill chuck
  • Comes with a generous 2-year warranty


  • Heavy for small bases

5. Skil 3320-01 (Safe)

Skil 3320-01

Photo: Skil

  • Motor: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power: 3.2 Amp
  • Speed Range: 570-3050 RPM
  • Swing Size: 10 inches
  • Chuck Size: 1/2-inch

Although most budget drill presses are safe to operate, Skil 3320-01 goes the extra mile by including a bump-off switch.

This switch enhances safety by preventing accidental startup, which can be dangerous especially if a drill bit is attached to the spindle.

The drill press has 5 variable speeds between 570 RPM to 3050 RPM. It can execute both high and slow-speed drilling on different kinds of materials.

To achieve accuracy and support repetitive drilling, the tool has an adjustable depth stop, which is used to achieve accurate measurements.

An X2 2-beam laser is included to help with the precise alignment of drill holes.

We noted some common cases of the worktable is misaligned such that it can, sometimes, fail to be perpendicular to the drill bit. So, you need to constantly check for this issue.

More Detailed: Skil 3320-01 Review


  • Bump-off switch for enhanced operational safety
  • 5 variable speeds support a variety of applications
  • An adjustable depth stop for accuracy
  • Laser beam enhances precision drilling


  • Worktable may experience alignment issues

6. Wen 4214 (Best Variable-Speed)

Wen 4214

Photo: Wen

  • Motor: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power: 2/3 HP
  • Speed Range: 580-3200 RPM
  • Swing Size: 12 inches
  • Chuck Size: 5/8-inch

Most drill presses come with variable speed adjustment features, but Wen 4214 rises above its competition because this feature is infinite and not preset.

This budget drill press has an infinitely variable speed range of 580 to 3200 RPM, with a digital display that lets you target exact speeds. The LED readout display also shows the current RPM for easy monitoring.

For accurate and repeated drilling, the tool has a depth adjustment knob for limiting spindle travel, thus helping achieve high degrees of accuracy.

The tool achieves maximum precision and visibility by using an onboard work light, which illuminates your workpiece.

Precision drilling is further achieved by an onboard laser light, which specifies the exact drilling point a bit will pierce on the workpiece.

We did note, however, that at high power and speed the Wen 4214 can be slightly wobbly, so extra caution or proper reinforcement is required when operating the tool.

More Detailed: Wen 4214 Review


  • Superior variable-speed adjustment features
  • Depth adjustment knob for spindle control
  • On-board work light for illumination
  • On-board laser light for further precision


  • Can be wobbly at high speeds and power

7. Craftsman 4328167 (Durable Budget)

Craftsman 4328167

Photo: Craftsman

  • Motor: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power: 1/2 HP
  • Speed Range: 355-3065 RPM
  • Swing Size: 5/8 in.
  • Chuck Size: 12 inches

Craftsman 4328167 is a durable budget drill press because of its use of high-quality materials for its construction.

The tool has solid steel and cast-iron construction, which makes it tough and durable. Durability is a top priority for power tools such as drills presses, which are subjected to tough operating demands.

With its powerful 1/2-HP motor, the drill press can spin at speed between 355 and 3065 RPM, which provides you with the versatility of drilling through wood and metal with speed and accuracy.

The table is also made of cast iron for rigidity and consistent stability.

You get a superior chuck size of 12 inches, which is the highest we have recorded on our list. This chuck accommodates large workpieces that smaller chucks can’t.

An issue we noted with the Craftsman 4328167 budget drill press is that there are not many replacement parts available for this model.


  • High-quality build materials
  • Powerful motor and variable RPM
  • Cast iron table for firmness and stability
  • Superior chuck size of 12 inches for large workpieces


  • Limited replacement parts availability

8. Proxxon 38128 (Light-duty)

Proxxon 38128

Photo: Proxxon

  • Motor: 120V, 65HZ
  • Power: 0.12 HP
  • Speed Range: 1800-8500 RPM
  • Swing Size: 5.5 inches
  • Chuck Size: 3/8-inch

Proxxon 38128 is the best light-duty drill press on our list, with its modest power output and swing size.

The tool comes with a 0.12-horsepower motor, which produces a variable speed of 1800 to 8500 RPM. This combination makes the drill press ideal for drilling soft materials such as plastics, and soft boards, among others.

This budget drill press also has a modest swing size of 5.5 inches, which is great when working with small drill projects such as drilling coins and other items that have a small diameter.

It boasts of having 6 collet sizes of 1/32, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64 and 1/8 inches, which provide the versatility you need for drilling micro holes.

The tool’s worktable is made of ribbed die-cast aluminum to provide a firm and sturdy surface to support all your workpiece.

We did note, however, that the low power of the Proxxon 38128 makes it unsuitable for drilling hard materials such as steel and wood.


  • Modest power for soft drilling
  • Swing size ideal for small-diameter projects
  • Wide collet size for versatility
  • High-quality and sturdy construction


  • Not ideal for drilling hard materials

9. Shop Fox W1668 (High-performance)

Shop Fox W1668

Photo: Shop Fox

  • Motor: 110V, 60Hz
  • Power: 3/4 HP
  • Speed Range: 250-3050 RPM
  • Swing Size: 12 inches
  • Chuck Size: 5/8-inch

Shop Fox W1668 is a high-performance budget drill press, which packs a powerful motor to support heavy-duty drilling.

The tool’s motor produces 3/4 horsepower, which is the highest we have recorded in all the models reviewed.

You also get additional components and accessories including a 3-piece spindle sander drum kit with a mandrel and an 80-grit sanding paper.

Superior spindle travel of 3-1/4 inches makes enables the tool’s bits to achieve a high drilling depth. 

With its superior swing size of 12 inches, you can perform a wide variety of drilling applications on small and large-diameter workpieces, which cannot be handled by smaller-chuck sizes.

An issue we noted with this drill press is its weight of 63 pounds, which makes it difficult to shift the tool around your workshop especially if you need to free up space.


  • Powerful motor
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Superior spindle travel
  • Large swing size for versatility


  • Heavy with poor portability


Having explored all there is to know about budget drill presses, you’re all set to proceed with your purchase.

Remember some of the key considerations you need to make while choosing your tool: the power of your drill press, its speed, swing, and chuck size.

All of these factors come secondary to cost, which is the most important priority when considering budget drill presses.

You can always refer to our top 9 budget drill press reviews and buying guides to help you pick the most cost-effective model for the features it offers.