10 Best Burger Presses of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Burger Press

A burger press is a handy kitchen tool that is a must-have in every kitchen. With the best hamburger patty maker, you can easily and quickly make your favorite burger at home.

Burger presses are made from different materials like aluminum and, therefore, there level of durability and safety varies.

Second, to this, the burger presses are in different designs and sizes. Some can make multiple burgers at once. Some can make only a single burger, which means that you need to get what will suit your cooking needs.

To help you get a good burger press, here we review 10 top-quality models and also explain some of the key factors you need to watch out for when picking one.

What To Check Before Buying Best Burger Press?

How to Buy the Best Burger Press
Photo: Zyliss

There are several burger presses brands and sizes, which makes it challenging finding the best hamburger press. Here are some essential features and factors to look out for.

1. Size and Capacity

Both the capacity and size of the burger press are essential considerations you have to check out. There are burger presses like Shape+Store BM that can make up to 8 burgers at once while some can make a single large burger.

Apart from this, there are some burger presses suited for making smaller burgers. Depending on the size or number of burgers you wish to make, you need to get the ultimate size.

When checking for the size and capacity, you should look for the diameter, weight, and thickness.


The burger presses have different diameters to choose from. Most standard burger presses that make a single burger have 4.5-inches to 5-inches.

However, there burger presses with many smaller burger containers for making more burgers at once have larger diameters. You, therefore, need to find the ideal diameter that will suit your cooking needs.


Secondly, the weight of the burger presses also varies based on the material used in the construction. The plastic burgers tend to be lighter while metallic burger presses are heavier.

For a versatile burger press that will suit making larger burgers, it should be heavier. However, when you need to make smaller burgers, a lighter burger press will suit you.


The thickness of the burger press will also determine the size of the burgers it can prepare. When you need a burger press for making larger burgers, consider a burger press that has a thickness of up to 1 ½ -inches.

On the other hand, burger presses with up to 1.0-inches thickness are suitable for smaller burgers.

2. Material

Some burger presses have been built from metallic materials like aluminum while others are made from plastic and silicone material.

Due to this, you need to check out for your favorite selection that will serve you better and longer.

Aluminum burger presses like GWHOLE GWHOLE-10 are highly durable, unbreakable, and thicker for making larger burgers. This makes them convenient for all users.

For the plastic burger presses like Weber 6483, they are durable though may break under high pressure. They are not very thick and mostly are ideal for making smaller burgers.

There are silicone burgers that also serve longer just like plastic though not very reliable as aluminum types.

For the best stuffed burger press, you need to check out for the metallic picks as they are stronger and safe. This doesn’t imply that you don’t need to buy the plastic or silicone as they also serve better.

3. Design

The burger presses are of various designs to choose from. For instance, some burgers presses have a square design meant for making the squared burgers.

There are also burger presses with oval shapes that you can use for making circular burgers. Lastly, there are burger presses with multiple containers that you can use for making multiple burgers at once.

Generally, the design should be ergonomic for easy use. You, therefore, need to find the ultimate design that will suit you better.  

4. Ease to Use and Clean 

You need to get an ergonomically designed burger press that you can easily use. First, it needs to have an ergonomic handle for easy pressing.

Apart from this, it also needs to have a non-stick interior to allow for an elementary release of the burger.

For ease of cleaning, you need to check out for dishwashing-safe burger press. The burger press also needs to have a non-stick interior for easy cleaning.

For burger presses that are not dishwasher-proof, they should be easy to handwash plus have detachable parts for deep cleaning.

10 Best Burger Presses of 2021 Reviewed




Cuisinart CSBP-200 Burger Press

1. Cuisinart CSBP-200 (Best Overall)

  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Non-stick coating
  • Restaurant-style slider
  • Ergonomic handle
Weston 07-0310-W Burger Press

2. Weston 07-0310-W (Heavy-Duty & Versatile)

  • Heavy-duty Cast aluminum built 
  • Relatively more versatile
  • Non-stick coating surfaces
  • Ergonomic knob handle
Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press

3. Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press (Professional-Grade)

  • Professional-grade construction 
  • Non-stick interior
  • Secure and more comfortable handle
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up
Bellemain Non-Stick Burger Press

4. Bellemain 8541960221 (For Super Easy Patty Making & Removal)

  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing
  • Spring-loaded for easy patty removal
  • Non-stick interior
  • Ergonomic knob handle
Cave Tools Burger Press

5. Cave Tools Hamburger Press (Consistent Shape & Size)

  • BPA-free silicone built
  • Delivers perfect shape and size every time
  • Free non-stick burger papers included
  • Fatigue-reducing palm shaped handle
Shape+Store BM Burger Press

6. Shape+Store BM (Innovative & Large Capacity)

  • Innovative design for pressing and storing
  • Larger capacity makes up to 8 patties at a go
  • Food-safe thermoplastic elastomer built 
  • Top-flip with palm handle
GWHOLE GWHOLE-10 Burger Press

7. GWHOLE GWHOLE-10 (More Budget-Friendly)

  • Relatively more affordable
  • Durable Food-grade aluminum die-cast construction
  • Comes with many free patchment papers
  • Detachable solid plastic handle
E-PRANCE Burger Press

8. E-PRANCE Burger Press (Sturdy & Easy to Use)

  • Sturdy aluminum and solid plastic
  • Quick and easy to use design
  • Also usable as roast plate
  • Solid detachable plastic handle
Weber 6483 Burger Press

9. Weber 6483 (Perfectly Flat Patties Every Time)

  • Consistently perfectly flat patties
  • Lightweight and easy to use plastic and nylon built 
  • Detachable handle for simpler cleaning
  • Leaves a nice dimple in the patty
George Foreman GFA0004CBPR Burger Press

10. George Foreman GFA0004CBPR (Ideal for Commercial Use)

  • Heavy-duty design and larger capacity for commercial use
  • Pre-seasoned for immediate use
  • Great for searing patties
  • Soft-touch grip handle

1. Cuisinart CSBP-200 – Best Overall

Cuisinart CSBP-200 Burger Press
Photo: Cuisinart

  • Diameter: 4.5-inches
  • Thick: 1.5-inches
  • Material: Cast aluminum 

For the tasty homemade stuffed hamburgers, Cuisinart CSBP-200 is a quality press that makes delicious burgers. It has been constructed from quality cast aluminum material, which makes it excellent for prolonged use.

The burger press also features a non-stick coating, which allows for easy removal of the burger. You can, therefore, make more burgers continuously without creating a build-up. This also makes it a breeze to clean.

The 4-in-1 burger press has been equipped with an ergonomic handle, which allows for easy covering and removal of the lid. The versatile burger press makes quality restaurant-style slider of ½ and ¾ pound patty of 4.5-inches plus stuffed ½ pound patty and ¼ pound patty of 4-inches.

More interestingly, Cuisinart CSBP-200 is dishwasher safe, which makes it convenient to clean for long-term use.

However, the handle is kind of slick plus the cost is more than twice the price of other products.


  • Built from quality cast aluminum
  • Doesn’t create a build-up
  • A highly versatile burger press
  • Elementary to clean 


  • Relatively costly
  • The handle is kind of slick

2. Weston 07-0310-W – Heavy-Duty and Versatile

Weston 07-0310-W Burger Press
Photo: Weston

  • Diameter: 4.5-inches
  • Thick: 1.5-inches
  • Material: Cast aluminum 

Crafted from the highest quality of cast aluminum, Weston 07-0310-W is not only durable but also resistant to rust and corrosion. The exclusive spring plunger is perfect for making the sausage patties, crab cakes, and stuffed burgers.

Apart from this, Weston 07-0310-W features a non-stick coating surface, which prevents the meat from sticking on the sides and, therefore, eliminates the build-up. Due to this, it brings about easy cleaning after use.

Featuring the spring plunger bottom with knob handle allows for easy use plus pops back for quick removal of the patty. It also provides more consistent burgers that will cook evenly.

Weston 07-0310-W has an adjustable patty thickness that you can easily adjust from ¼ -inches to 1 ½ -inches. In addition to this, it makes patties of a ¼ pound to ¾ pound patties.

Since it is not dishwasher safe, you need to undo the adjustments for cleaning plus you have use wax to limit the need to got frequent cleaning.


  • Durable and resistant to rust
  • Versatike design is ideal for various other functions 
  • Provides more consistent burgers
  • Adjustable patty thickness 


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Should be wax frequently

3. Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press – Professional-

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press
Photo: Grillaholics

  • Diameter: 4.5-inches
  • Thick: 5/8-inches
  • Material: Heavy-duty durable BPA-free plastic 

The Grillaholics is a highly durable burger press designed from heavy-duty durable BPA-free plastic material. This explains why the burger press is highly durable and safe for making quality burgers.

Furthermore, the burger press has a non-stick interior, which means that it is a breeze to remove the burger. Due to this, you will make quality burger patties instead of a mess. This also allows for easy cleaning after use.

The good news is that Grillaholics features an ergonomic and secure handle attached to the burger press cap. This makes it elementary to grill the burger to perfection with gourmet creations.

The durable burger can press the burgers from ½-inches to 5/8-inches thickness, which makes it efficient for making palatable burgers. Grillaholics is a dishwasher safe burger press suited for making ½ pounds of a stuffed burger.

Despite the handle being ergonomically designed, it is kind of smaller plus adjusting the patty thickness is relatively low.


  • Proffessional-grade press 
  • Have a non-stick interior
  • Grills burger to perfection
  • A dishwasher safe burger press 


  • The handle isn’t large enough
  • Patty thickness isn’t large

4. Bellemain 8541960221 – For Super Easy Patty Making and Removal

Bellemain Non-Stick Burger Press
Photo: Bellemain

  • Diameter: 4.5-inches
  • Thick: 1.5-inches
  • Material: Heavy-duty aluminum 

Featuring a heavy-duty aluminum housing, Bellemain Non-Stick press is a fantastic burger press, which will make some best stuffed burgers. The burger press can make patties of ¼ pounds to ¾ pounds burgers of varied thickness.

Its interior is non-stick, which implies that the burger allows for quick and easy patty release. The non-stick interior also allows for elementary cleaning. More interestingly, Bellemain Non-Stick press features a spring-loaded pusher for elementary removal of the patty.

The knob handle provides an easy way of opening and pressing the burger to different thickness levels. The lightweight design of the burger press also makes it easy to carry when cleaning.

The highly versatile burger press is ideal for making both sausages and cakes. Due to the compact design, the burger press is convenient to store even in limited spaces.

Even though it is not dishwasher safe, the burger press is elementary to clean. The cost is higher, which implies that it is not a pick for many.


  • Makes ¼ pounds to ¾ pounds patties
  • Allows for easy patty release
  • Elementary to clean
  • Convenient to store 


  • Higher price
  • Doesn’t suit dishwashing

5. Cave Tools Humburger Press – Consistent Shape and Size

Cave Tools Burger Press
Photo: Cave Tools

  • Diameter: 4.25-inches
  • Thick: 1.5-inches
  • Material: BPA-free silicone

This is a highly durable burger silicone built from BPA-free silicone material. Cave Tools is, therefore, a safe burger press that has a built-in burger dimpler. With this, all the burgers will stay flat plus cook evenly.

With the non-stick sides, it is simple to remove the top cover, which leaves the burger in place. This also allows for elementary cleaning even though it is dishwasher safe.

Featuring a palm-shaped handle, you can easily press with less effort plus allows for easy removal of the top part of the burger press.

Cave Tools is great for making larger, juicer, and thicker burgers of up to 6 1/3 pounds. It also seals tightly plus easily stacks for convenient storage of the burger in the freezer.

It comes with up to 25 professional barbecue recipes with step-by-step guide on making some delicious stuffed burgers.

One drawback of the burger press is the high cost and only makes square burgers.


  • Keeps burger flat and in the same size consistently
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reduces pressing fatigue
  • Makes larger burgers


  • Only makes square-shaped burgers
  • Pricey burger press

6. Shape+Store BM – Innovative Large Capacity Burger Press

Shape+Store BM Burger Press
Photo: Shape+Store

  • Diameter: 11-inches 
  • Thick: 1.0-inch 
  • Material: Food-safe thermoplastic elastomer

Here is an 8-in-1 burger press that will make up to 8 burgers at once. The quality burger press has been constructed from a food-safe thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material, which makes it safe and durable for making delicious patties.

Secondly, Shape+Store BM has up to 8 non-stick interiors with individual seals to prevent the burgers from sticking to each other. With this, it allows for elementary removal of the burgers one by one. Each container can hold up to 2 pounds of burgers.

Indeed, Shape+Store BM has a top-flip with an extended side you can easily hold to open when you wish to remove the burgers. With the palm handle, it reduces the fatigue experienced when pressing the burger.

The dishwasher safe burger press utilizes patented technology to make palatable burgers. It easily stacks in the fridge or freezer convenient storage of the burgers.

Due to the lightweight and compact design, Shape+Store BM is great for use in different spaces.

The burger press isn’t ideal for making larger burgers and also the most expensive on our list.


  • Durable and safe
  • Makes up to 8 burgers at once 
  • Allows for elementary pressing
  • Dishwashing safe 


  • Not for larger burgers
  • Costly burger press

7. GWHOLE GWHOLE-10 – More Budget-Friendly

GWHOLE GWHOLE-10 Burger Press

  • Diameter: 4.3-inches
  • Thick: 0.8-inches
  • Material: Food-grade aluminum 

With up to 100 free wax paper, you will find it a breeze to release the burger from the press. The quality durable burger has been constructed from a food-grade aluminum material, which makes it unbreakable and, therefore, serves longer.

The GWHOLE GWHOLE-10 is a more budget-friendly option when compared to others on our list, and it has a non-stick interior with line plastic warp. This makes it simple to release the burger without messing. You can also use the parchment paper to allow for the simple transfer of the burger to the freezer or grill.

Featuring a detachable solid plastic handle, you can conveniently press for quality burgers. This also makes it convenient to store even in limited spaces plus for easy portability for outdoor use.

GWHOLE GWHOLE-10 is a versatile burger press that can be used as a roast plate or can be heated on fire directly. It can make up to ¼ pounds and up to a thickness of 4/5-inches. 

It demands that you use parchment on the top and bottom for elementary removal. The burger press also makes relatively smaller patties.


  • More budget-friendly
  • Unbreakable and durable 
  • Allows for simple release
  • Detachable handle
  • Convenient to store 


  • Doesn’t make larger patties  
  • Needs the use of parchment every time

8. E-PRANCE Burger Press – Sturdy and Easy to Use

E-PRANCE Burger Press

  • Diameter: 5-inch
  • Thick: 0.8-inches
  • Material: Sturdy aluminum and solid plastic 

E-PRANCE features a ribbed surface that creates the seared effect on the burger when cooked. Crafted from the highest quality of sturdy aluminum and solid plastic, it is durable and sturdy burger press for increased longevity.

The affordable burger press has non-stick interior plus comes with 30-wax papers, which allows for easy release of the burger when ready without messing the surface. With this, you will enjoy making homemade and tasty burgers.

E-PRANCE has a solid plastic handle that is detachable allows for elementary pressing to the ideal size. The handle can also be removed for convenient storage and portability. You can, therefore, use it for outdoor activities including BBQ and picnic.

Additionally, E-PRANCE is dishwasher safe, which makes the cleaning elementary. The versatile burger press is also sleek and compact for convenient storage.

Moreover, even though it is non-stick, you have to use the wax papers for easy release of the burger. 


  • Durable and sturdy burger press
  • Makes burger release easier
  • Convenient to store
  • Elementary to clean 


  • You have to use wax every time

9. Weber 6483 – Perfectly Flat Patties Every Time

Weber 6483 Burger Press
Photo: Weber

  • Diameter: 4.5-inches
  • Thick: 1.5-inches
  • Material: Plastic and nylon 

Designed to make ¼ and ½ pound burger patties, this is an efficient burger press that will suit your kitchen. The Weber 6483 has been designed from a combo of plastic and nylon for excellent performance and durability.

The non-stick interior of the burger press allows for convenient and easy release of the burger from the press. This also allows for elementary cleaning after use plus prevent build-up when making more burgers.

Furthermore, Weber 6483 features a nylon grip handle, which makes it easy to press for a quality burger. More interestingly, the handle is also detachable to allow for easy cleaning.

The concave-shaped burger press is dishwasher safe, which makes it perfect for easy maintenance. Due to its versatility, you can use them for creating the flat patties for even cooking.

Weber 6483 also creates a dimple at the center of the burger to enhance even cooking.

However, the burger press doesn’t have a deep indentation plus needs wax papers when making the burgers.


  • Delivers top-notch performance and durability
  • Allows for convenient release of burger
  • Have a detachable handle
  • Creates dimple at the middle 


  • Requires wax paper
  • Indentation isn’t deep

10. George Foreman GFA0004CBPR – Ideal Burger Press for Commercial Use

George Foreman GFA0004CBPR Burger Press
Photo: George Foreman

  • Diameter: 4.5-inches
  • Thick: 1.5-inches
  • Material: Non-stick coated aluminum 

Featuring an adjustable ring, you will create a flexible sizing of ¼, 1/3, and ½ pounds of burgers. Apart from this, George Foreman GFA0004CBPR has been built from quality non-stick aluminum material, which makes it excellent for long-term service.

In addition to this, it features a non-stick interior that makes it a breeze to release the burger without breaking it. You can also make many burgers without creating a build-up plus will allow for easy cleaning.

Additionally, George Foreman GFA0004CBPR has a soft-touch grip handle for easy pressing to create tasty burgers. The ergonomic handle also allows for smooth operation. The adjustable rings can be adjusted to get burgers of different sizes like ½, 1/3, and ¼ pounds.

The parts are easily detachable for easy cleaning after use. It has a sleek and compact design, which allows for convenient storage and portability. You can, therefore, use it for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Due to the quality coated aluminum built, George Foreman GFA0004CBPR is relatively heavier plus the size doesn’t allow making larger burgers.


  • Makes burgers of different sizes
  • Great for long-term use
  • Elementary to clean
  • Convenient to store 


  • Not for larger burgers
  • Relatively heavier


There is a burger press on our top 10 list above for everyone. For those looking for something more budget-friendly that is still well-built and makes some good enough patties, the GWHOLE GWHOLE-10 is perfect.

However, from our reviews the Char-Griller 5050 is our best overall burger press because besides being sturdy and highly durable, it delivers some highly consistent patties and is also straightforward to use.