10 Best Canned Chilis of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Canned Chili
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There are many people who share the love for making food at home. But due to the hectic schedules, people find it difficult to make chili at home to be able to use in different meals. What you can do is to look for the best canned chili to make every day cooking easy.

It is understandable that people don’t prefer buying canned food. One of the reasons is that they contain preservatives that are not good for your health.

However, the good part is that these days you can find products like canned chili made of organic ingredients that are safer. We understand that you will need help with the purchase because to be able to find the best product on the market is pretty difficult, with all the choices.

Let us take you on a tour to find the finest canned chili product online.

What To Check Before Buying Best Canned Chili?

How to Buy the Best Canned Chili
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This section of canned chili review will help you do some homework on different ingredients used in the product. There are also some details related to the canned chilies that you will know here.

1. Ingredients

For all those who have been following our review from the beginning, they will know that products mentioned on our list have versatile ingredients.

In nutshell, there are two types of canned chilies that you can find on the market. Firstly, the chilies are for the vegetarian people that don’t consume meat or pork. Therefore, for them, you can find the best tasting canned chili without meat.

Of course, there is canned chili available in non-vegetarian versions as well. Such products contain pork and meat.

There is a lot of variety in ingredients present in canned chilies. Some common ingredients are tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, sweet rice flour, high oleic safflower, garlic, spices, jalapeño peppers, sea salt, black pepper, pinto beans, cornflour, corn starch, etc.

You will not find all the ingredients in a single product however; their combinations are largely used. From the ingredients, you can also select the best canned chilies for hot dogs or pastas, or any other meals that you like.

Pick the chili that will help you get the best taste of your favorite meals. If you like more spiciness then pick a product with all kind of chilies and paprika.

2. Capacity

The capacity of a canned chili is directly proportional to the amount of chili present in a single can. Well, with all the products that we have recommended above, you can find their respective capacities.

Also, the canned chilies are most available in multiple cans like 12, 24, and so on. You can buy the quantity, considering the nature of your requirement.

Some people like to grab a can of chilies for direct consumption. For such households, the requirement of the chilies is more.

3. Nutritional Value

The chilies that you find on the market usually has high nutritional value. They are a good source of fibre and protein. Also, you can find a rich content of minerals like sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

You can also find products with Vitamin A and C. People that have special dietary requirements can also find products that are fat-free, gluten-free, etc. If you high BP problem then you should purchase the lowest sodium canned chili to ensure that it doesn’t hamper your health.

You can find the nutritional value of the product on its label. Make sure to read it carefully before purchasing.

4. Spiciness

People purchase canned chili because of its spiciness. However, there are a level of spiciness that you can have in your canned chili.

There are 4 kinds that helps in evaluating the spiciness. You can either buy mild, medium, medium hot, or super-hot chili.

Most people prefer mild spiciness as it does not affect their health. If you have any medical issues then prefer purchasing mild product.

As far as medium and medium-hot is concerned, it is good for the people who don’t mind some heat in their mouth. The best canned chili for chili cheese fries is considered to medium hot as it can be consumed by majority of people.

At the end, there is super-hot chili that will give burning sensation rather than just creating heat in the mouth. It is not recommended for people with any kind of medical condition.

5. Shelf-life

The shelf-life of a canned chili is directly related to the flavors and taste. If you want organic product with no preservatives then you will have to compromise on the shelf-life. However, if you don’t mind some preservatives in the food then you will get good shelf-life.

10 Best Canned Chilis of 2021 Reviewed

Bush’s Best 394000190151. Bush’s Best 39400019015 (Best Vegetarian Type)
  • Available in 15.5 oz capacity
  • Rich content of plant-based protein and fibre
  • Available in recyclable steel can
  • Comes with pinto beans
Ortega Diced Green Chiles2. Ortega Diced Green Chiles (No Beans)
  • Available in authentic Mexican flavor
  • Comes in a pack of 24
  • No beans
  • Used for preparing meals
Campbell’s 2000000155483. Campbell’s 200000015548 (Large Capacity)
  • 19 oz capacity
  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Bold flavor
  • Quick and easy meal
Campbell’s 2000000155474. Campbell’s 200000015547 (Extremely Spicy)
  • Enriched with tasteful flavors
  • Extremely spicy
  • Available in 19 oz capacity
  • Recyclable jar
Hatch Mild Diced Green Chilis5. Hatch Mild Diced Green Chilis (Authentic Green)
  • Mild taste
  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
Hormel Chili 457066. Hormel Chili 45706 (High Protein)
  • Available in 7.38 oz capacity
  • High content of protein
  • For quick consumption
  • Great taste and flavor
Stagg 221127. Stagg 22112 (100% Natural)
  • Perfect for variable meals
  • Easy pull-up top
  • 15 oz capacity
  • Authentic taste
Amy’s 0422720051098. Amy’s 042272005109 (Organic)
  • Comes in pack of 12
  • Thick and flavorful
  • Mexican-style chilis
  • Easy to prepare
Skyline Original Chili9. Skyline Original Chili (Standard Type)
  • Available in 15 oz capacity
  • Easy to consume
  • Made in America
Wolf Brand Homestyle Chili10. Wolf Brand Homestyle Chili (Homestyle)
  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Authentic taste
  • Quick cooking
  • 17 grams protein content

1. Bush’s Best 39400019015 – Best Canned Vegetarian Chili

Bush’s Best 39400019015
Photo: Bush’s Best

  • Ingredients: Pinto Beans, Water, Tomato Paste, Spices, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Salt, Corn Starch, Sugar, Extract of Paprika
  • Capacity: 15.05 oz

Available in a pack of 12 cans, this is one of the best products on our list. The good news is for the vegetarian people as the canned chili does not include any meat.

There are a couple of ingredients that add to the flavor and authentic taste of chili. The ingredients are pinto beans, water, tomato paste, spices, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, corn starch, sugar, extract of paprika.

As far as nutritional value is concerned, this product has 5g plant-based proteins and 4g of fiber that gives you great nutrition. This product is not for the people with fondness of extreme spiciness. You will find it mildly spicy.


  • High nutritional value of the product
  • Comes in a safe steel container
  • Best for the vegetarian people
  • Available in a pack of 12 cans


  • This product is mildly spicy, not suitable for people with extremely spicy taste

2. Ortega Diced Green Chiles – Best with No Beans

Ortega Diced Green Chiles
Photo: Ortega

  • Ingredients: Green Chiles, Water, Salt, Citric Acid, Calcium Chloride
  • Capacity: 4 oz

If you are fond of the Mexican taste then this product will satisfy your cravings. The jar consists of fire-roasted green chilies that give some tango taste as well through the citric acid used in the making.

If you are searching for the best canned chili no beans then this can be a considerable choice to make as the chili does not have beans in it.

The ingredients used in the product are minimal, making it one of the basic products on the market. This product is available in 24 cans.

However, the jar quantity is too small and might disappoint many buyers. Also, it is extremely chili which can cause tissue inflammation and due to which it is not suitable for people with medical conditions.


  • Gives you Mexican flavor of chilis
  • Have a tint of tango flavor in it
  • Available in a pack of 24


  • Not suggested for people with medical conditions
  • The can capacity is too low

3. Campbell’s 200000015548 – Best with Large Capacity

Campbell’s 200000015548
Photo: Campbell’s

  • Ingredients: Tomato Puree, Kidney Beans, Seasoned Cook Beef and Pork, Red and Green Pepper
  • Capacity: 19 oz

One of the best things about Campbell’s products is that they give you amazing capacity of the product. For instance, this one, it is available in 19 oz capacity.

This product is not suitable for vegetarian buyers because it contains meat and pork. The ingredients that you can find in the can are tomato puree, kidney beans, seasoned cook beef and pork, red and green pepper.

While the product taste great, it has high sodium content in it of 38%. If you are cautious about your health, you might want to rethink purchasing this chili. Also, there are no preservatives used in it so the shelf-value is less.


  • Available in large capacity
  • Great in taste as it has great spiciness
  • Comes with seasoned beef and pork
  • Has kidney beans for great taste


  • It has high sodium content in it
  • Not suitable for vegetarian buyers

4. Campbell’s 200000015547 – Extremely Spicy

Campbell’s 200000015547
Photo: Campbell’s

  • Ingredients: Tomato Puree, Kidney Beans, Seasoned Cook Beef and Pork, Red and Green Pepper
  • Capacity: 19 oz

This is another great product from Campbell’s and honestly, both these products are almost the same.

If you are solely looking for taste and need chilies to act like chilies with their extreme spiciness then this is your product. The 19 oz capacity is great for palatable serving.

The ingredients to find in the canned chili are tomato puree, kidney beans, seasoned cook beef and pork, red and green pepper. You get 14 grams of protein in each serving.

Likewise, one thing remains unchanged that the product has a huge amount of sodium in it of 38%. If you are avoiding sodium then this product is not suitable for you.


  • Available in a massive capacity
  • 14 grams of protein in every serving
  • Comes with great taste and flavors
  • Extremely spicy for the people who like authentic taste of chili


  • Large sodium content in the product

5. Hatch Mild Diced Green Chilis – Authentic

Hatch Mild Diced Green Chilis
Photo: Hatch

  • Ingredients: Diced Green Chili Peppers, Salt, Citric Acid and a Trace of Calcium Chloride
  • Capacity: 4 oz

As its name suggest, the product is for the people that like mild spiciness in their food. It consists of ingredients like diced green chili peppers, salt, citric acid and a trace of calcium chloride.

You get 12 pieces in a pack, each of 4 oz capacity. Well, considering the capacity of other products, this one seems pretty less.

On the bright side, it is gluten-free and non-GMO. It brings the authentic taste of Mexico to every table as the chili is prepared in the authentic style.


  • Available in 12 pieces of cans
  • This one is gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Comes in authentic taste of Mexico
  • Available in mild spiciness so suitable for all


  • The jar capacity is too low

6. Hormel Chili 45706 – Best with High Protein

Hormel Chili 45706
Photo: Hormel

  • Ingredients: Beef & Pork, Beans, Tomatoes, Cornflour, Salt, Chili Powder, Corn Starch, Spices, Green Chilis, Onion, Jalapeno
  • Capacity: 7.38 oz

Hormel Chili makes sure that you get maximum from the product that you consume. Among the race of the best canned chili beans, this one is a placeholder.

You get amazing ingredients in this product including beef & pork, beans, tomatoes, cornflour, salt, chili powder, corn starch, spices, green chilies, onion, jalapeno. This proves that you can find some lip-smacking taste of chili in this jar.

The most exceptional part is the high protein value of 22% which is great. What might disappoint you is the plastic jar which is not too great and the metal lid you tear to use the chilies. The lid is too sharp and might tear your skin so be careful with that.

Also, the sodium content is too high of 32% in the jar which may not be suitable for all.


  • Made of a lot of ingredients
  • Has high protein value of the product
  • One-time serve capacity of the chilis
  • Quick and easy to eat


  • The sodium content is too high
  • The metal lid might cause accident

7. Stagg 22112 – 100% Natural

Stagg 22112
Photo: Stagg

  • Ingredients: Beef, Tomatoes, Kidney Beans, Pink Beans, Pork, Onions, Chili Powder, Jalapeno, Corn-starch
  • Capacity: 15 oz

For the ones who need minimally processed canned chili, this model is an ideal solution. It is made of 100% natural ingredients.

This one is available in 15 oz capacity, and you get a pack of 6. All the ingredients contribute to make this a spicy product for direct consumption.

Because it is a natural product, the shelf value of this model is less. Also, there is high calorie content in this bottle of 290 calories per serving.


  • Great taste of the canned chilis
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Available in 15 oz capacity
  • Suitable for direct consumption as well as with a meal


  • High calorie content in the chili
  • The shelf-life of this product is less

8. Amy’s 042272005109 – Organic

Amy’s 042272005109
Photo: Amy’s

  • Ingredients: Organic Red Beans, Onions, Bell Peppers, Sweet Rice Flour, High Oleic Safflower, Garlic, Spices, Jalapeño Peppers, Sea Salt, Black Pepper
  • Capacity: 14.7 oz

This is another organic product on the list that will entice many buyers. It has various ingredients that are all organic.

Other benefits of this product are that it is vegan, gluten-free, lactose and dairy-free, tree nut-free, and corn-free which makes it safe for everyone.

You might have to consume the product soon because of less shelf-life. The price is relatively higher than other products on the list.  


  • Available in a pack of 12
  • Vegan and gluten-free canned chilis
  • Made of all organic ingredients
  • Safe and health-friendly product


  • Price is higher than other products on the list
  • Less shelf-life so you might have to consume soon

9. Skyline Original Chili – Standard

Skyline Original Chili
Photo: Skyline Chili

  • Ingredients: Beef, Water, Tomato paste, Yeast, Corn Starch, Spices, Salt, Onion, Garlic, Paprika
  • Capacity: 15 oz

From Skyline, this is a standard product with mild chili in it. The product is for direct consumption and made of a number of ingredients including beef, water, tomato paste, yeast, corn starch, spices, salt, onion, garlic, and paprika.

The product is available in a 15 oz capacity. However, the number of cans that you get with this model are too less.

Also, the sodium content in this product is too high to 44% which makes it unfit for people with medical conditions.


  • Available in high capacity of 15 oz
  • Suitable product for direct consumption
  • Comes with a number of ingredients
  • Flavorful and great in taste


  • The number of cans with this product are too less
  • This product has high sodium content, not suitable for people with medical conditions

10. Wolf Brand Homestyle Chili – Homestyle Canned Chilis

Wolf Brand Homestyle Chili
Photo: Wolf

  • Ingredients: Ground beef, Pork and Pinto beans with Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Onions
  • Capacity: 15 oz

In this 15 oz jar, you get the authentic taste of homestyle canned chilies. It is made of high-quality ingredients that are processed minimally. Also, there are no preservatives in this product.

The pack has ground beef, pork and pinto beans with tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. You can quickly cook it on the stove. Unfortunately, the pack has high calories of 330, and it is not suitable for health-cautious people. Also, the shelf-life of this product is poor.


  • This one comes in a 15 oz jar
  • Homestyle cooked canned chili
  • Comes with amazing ingredients
  • Minimally processed ingredients of the product


  • The pack has a lot of calories
  • The shelf-life of this product is poor


From all the fantastic options that we have recommended in this canned chili review, it is very difficult to pick one. As mentioned in the buying guide, your choice largely depends on the spiciness of the product, its shelf-life, the ingredients, and the nutritional value.

I hope that by now you understand the strengths of finding a right product. It is not difficult to select a model when you have your priorities straight.

Look for the best canned chili in the above made suggestions and bring home great taste and amazingness. Happy Shopping!