5 Best Canned Clam Chowders of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Canned Clam Chowder

When you got a busy schedule then canned foods will definitely suit you. The canned clam chowders are known for their palatable and flavorful tastes.

They are of different ingredients to choose from and, therefore, great for everyone. For the best canned clam chowder, you need to find your favorite ingredient.

Some ingredients include vegetables, seafood, salted pork, and tomatoes among others. In addition to this, the clam chowder can be condensed or ready to serve.

New England and Manhattan are kind different though the flavor is somehow similar. You, therefore, get to choose depending on the contents of the clam chowder.

For your favorite canned foods, below are the top-rated canned clam chowder in reviews to try out.

What To Check Before Buying Best Canned Clam Chowder?

How to Buy the Best Canned Clam Chowder

When you need a hearty and filling clam powder, you need to consider checking for a number of factors. The ingredients will always be the key consideration for most buyers but still, you have to make your mind between the ready to serve or condensed and Manhattan or New England clam chowders.

These are some necessities to check out for the best clam chowder.

1. New England Vs. Manhattan Canned Clam Chowder

When you have come across the New England and Manhattan clam chowder, you will realize that they differ in thickness, yet the flavor is kind of the same.

The Manhattan clam chowder is brothy, clear, and tomatoes while for the New England clam chowder, it is creamy, thick, and milky-white.

The Manhattan chowder has more vegetables like celery, onions, potatoes, and some have the green bell peppers.

For New England, it contains fewer vegetables but rich in clams, bacon, and heavy cream, which makes the soup rich for a hearty and filling meal.

Despite the differences, both Manhattan and New England have briny, clean, and slightly sweet delicious flavors since they have high clams.

With the similarities and differences between the two clam chowders, you will make your decision based on your taste and preference.

When you like the tomato based soup, then the Manhattan will definitely suit you. On the other hand, when you like the thick and creamy clams, then go for the New England clams.

2. Condensed or Ready to Serve

The clam chowder can be ready to serve or condensed. The condensed type of clam chowder should be thinned before eating. For the ready to serve clam chowder, it is necessary to warm before eating or can be taken cold.

The condensed clam chowder can be thinned by either milk or water. With this, you can find the best pick that will suit you. The water thinned clam chowder is convenient and delicious.

However, for a thick froth, the milk thinned clam chowder will suit you better. They are also delicious and convenient.

So, should you go for the condensed or ready to serve clam chowder? The decision will depend on your taste and preference. However, the condensed can be eaten anywhere like at the campsite or traveling as long as you got milk or water and offers a warm soup to savor the cold day.

For the ready to serve, they can also be eaten anywhere though warming/heating may be needed when it is very cold.

3. Ingredients

The clam chowders have different ingredients like salted pork, vegetable and seafood clams. This implies that there are clams mainly for seafood lovers.

When considering the ingredients, first check out for the amount of sodium added. Excess sodium isn’t healthy for everyone and, therefore, try finding one that has a moderate amount of sodium.

Secondly, you also need to check for the ratio of vegetables to protein in the clam chowder. The vegetables shouldn’t be more than clams.

Away from this, when you are a seafood lover, consider the fish and seafood chunks included in the package.

Once you know the sodium level, amount of vegetables, or chunk of fish and seafood included, you can confidently check for the ideal clam that will suit you.

When you like the seafood, got for the best canned clam powder with seafood. On the other hand, when you like vegetables, find the ideal clam chowder with vegetables.

The ingredients need to contain low calories and cholesterol and still give a great taste.

5 Best Canned Clam Chowders of 2021 Reviewed




Campbell’s 200000015242

1. Campbell’s 200000015242 (Flavorful Blend)

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No artificial coloring and additives
  • 10.75 oz lined can
Campbell’s 200000012632

2. Campbell’s 200000012632 (Low Calories)

  • All-natural ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives
  • 18.8 oz capacity food-can 
Bar Harbor BH00146

3. Bar Harbor BH00146 (Great for Seafood Lovers)

  • All-natural specialty ingredients
  • Free of artificial preservatives and MSG
  • 15 oz capacity can
Bar Harbor Soup Chwdr Clam

4. Bar Harbor Soup Chwdr Clam (Easy to Understand Ingredients)

  • All-natural easy to understand ingredients
  • Free of MSG and artificial preservatives
  • 15 oz capacity can
Chincoteague Seafood Clam Chowder

5. Chincoteague Seafood Clam Chowder (Healthy Vegetables & Fresh Clams)

  • Naturally sea-licious and fresh vegetable ingredients
  • No artificial coloring, flavoring and MSG
  • 15 oz capacity food-can

1. Campbell’s 200000015242 – Flavorful Blend

Campbell’s 200000015242
Photo: Campbell’s

Made from pure natural tomato puree blend plus celery and farm-raised carrots, the condensed soup brings about a flavorful blend. The traditional chowder is 100% natural thanks to the all-natural ingredients.

The healthy traditional chowder is free of artificial coloring and additives plus has low levels of cholesterols and fat, which makes it very healthy for everyone. This implies that it can be included in any diet, making it the best canned Manhattan clam powder.

Furthermore, the tasty soup has been packed in 10.75 oz non-BPA lined can. This implies that it is safe for consumption. The large volume also makes it ideal for more than a single serving. The recyclable food-can is easily disposable.

The clam chowder contains quality clam enriched with celery, tomatoes, and vegetables. Due to this, it is considered a richer soup with great flavor. The sodium content is a kind of higher, which implies it needs to be thinned with more water.

All the ingredients have been cooked to perfection so that it brings out the palatable taste you wish to get. It is the most versatile soup with quality recipes that are hearty and satisfying.

Due to its impressive deliciousness, it forms a great extra to any kind of recipe for a tasty meal. The condensed product should be thinned out with water and, therefore, great for everyone.

One drawback of the clam chowder soup is the relatively higher cost, which makes it a choice for the few.


  • A purely natural clam chowder
  • Contains low fat and cholesterol
  • Cooked to perfection
  • Easily recyclable can


  • The cost is relatively higher
  • Higher sodium content

2. Campbell’s 200000012632 – Low Calories

Campbell’s 200000012632
Photo: Campbell’s

For a healthy clam chowder, the amount of calories needs to be lower. The Campbell’s 200000012632-chowder is made from all natural ingredients including fresh vegetables and quality clams. This explains why it has a low level of and fat and calories and, therefore, healthy.

Second, to this, the clam has no artificial preservatives added, which makes it very rich in flavor. The mixture of spy, salt-water flavor and fresh vegetables brings out that palatable taste in the soup.

Packed in a large 18.8 Oz capacity can, the soup is ideal for two or three servings. The can is easy to open thanks to the pull tab and, therefore, very convenient. The BPA-lined can is recyclable, making it environmental-friendly.

The good news is that the food can be warmed or eaten cold. You can warm it on a stovetop or microwave for healthy eating. It is a convenient and delicious food to carry when traveling or at the campsite.

Additionally, the condensed chowder easily blends with milk for a great broth. Compared to other products, it is one of the costly chowder though delicious with low calories.


  • Doesn’t contain preservatives
  • Convenient and delicious
  • Richer in flavor
  • Made from quality clams and fresh vegetables


  • The chowder is costly

3. Bar Harbor BH00146 – Great for Seafood Lovers

Bar Harbor BH00146
Photo: Bar Harbor

The Bar Harbor BH00146 is a perfect and delicious seafood chowder made for the seafood lovers. It contains quality hand-sorted clams from the dock of Maine for a great taste. The ingredients are all-natural specialty foods and authentic Maine seafood and, therefore, perfect comfort for seafood lovers.

More interestingly, the clam chowder is made free of artificial preservatives and MSG. Due to this, you are assured of a very healthy and palatable chowder. The clear and understandable ingredients make it very delicious and convenient.

With a pack can of 15 Oz, the clam chowder is suited for more than a single serving. The good thing is that the food-can easily open and also disposable.

The quality seafood is designed in smaller batches and professionally canned for quality and tasty food.

It also includes the wild-caught then well sustainable harvested fish, which add great taste to the food. This implies that you get as close to the fresh off docks without actually being there.

The affordable clam powder contains a relatively lower level of calories, though the sodium level is a bit higher. This perfectly suits it for a healthy diet as you don’t introduce much cholesterol and calories to the body.


  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Comes in small batches
  • Fresh off the docks
  • Healthy and delicious clam chowder


  • The food-can isn’t large enough
  • Sodium content a bit higher

4. Bar Harbor Soup Chwdr Clam – Easy to Understand Ingredients

Bar Harbor Soup Chwdr Clam
Photo: Bar Harbor

It is not by surprise that Bar Harbor Soup Chwdr Clam is made from easy to understand ingredients. The all natural clams plus chunks of fish seafood and fresh fish make it palatable. This is why it is considered as the best canned New England clam chowder.

The good thing is that the chowder soup is made free of MSG and artificial preservatives, which makes it healthy for everyone.

With the 15 Oz capacity can, the soup is ideal for two or three servings. You can warm the soup to make it hot or take it cold.

Assembled and condensed in small and handcrafted batches, it is an exceptional and artisan soup. Because of the bit bland taste, you can get an extra flavor in the soup by adding some salt and pepper.

You will need either milk or stock for thinning the soup for a tasty froth with a richer flavor that isn’t too clammy.

Due to the low cholesterol and calories in the soup, it provides a healthy diet for all the seafood lovers. The hearty and filling soup is relatively affordable and comes in a pack of three for more servings.


  • Available in small and handcrafted batches
  • Doesn’t contain artificial preservatives and MSG
  • All-natural and healthy soup
  • A hearty and filling soup


  • Lacks adequate salt

5. Chincoteague Seafood Clam Chowder – Healthy Vegetables and Fresh Clams

Chincoteague Seafood Clam Chowder
Photo: Chincoteague Seafood

With the Chincoteague Seafood Clam Chowder, you get to enjoy purely fresh clams and healthy vegetables every time. This is because the clam powder encompasses succulent sea clams and chock-full of fresh for great taste. It is, therefore, a naturally sea-licious clam.

Secondly, the clam powder is also made without adding artificial coloring and flavorings plus MSG. This means that it is very safe and healthy for all seafood lovers.

Packed in food-cans of 15 Oz, the chowder can serve two or more people. In addition to this, you get up to 12 packs for more servings.

For easy thinning of clam chowder, you need milk to make a great froth. Butter or pepper needs to be added to the soup to enhance the taste.

Apart from the fresh vegetable and clams, the soup also contains celery, onions, plus fresh potatoes. It, therefore, offers an authentic traditional taste.

The costly seafood clam chowder is fully condensed to allow for easy preparation. For a unique taste of the chowder, you can easily personalize it to suit your taste.


  • Purely fresh and healthy
  • Doesn’t contain artificial coloring and flavorings
  • Condensed for easy preparation
  • Provides a great and richer flavor


  • Requires butter or pepper
  • A pricey chowder


When you are a clam chowder lover, then you must know that finding the best clam chowder with low sodium and calories.

The canned chowders provide you with healthy and palatable meals whenever you go. They are of different ingredients, and it is vital to check for the contents of the clam chowder you are being offered.

With the different brands available, you can pick on the ideal choice based on your taste and preference.

You also need to consider other keys things like condensed or ready to serve for the best canned clam chowder. 

Once you go through the above canned clam chowder review, you will definitely find it easier to make an informed decision on the clam chowder to buy.