7 Best Carbon Steel Pans of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Carbon Steel Pan
Photo: Lodge

For all your searing, grilling, and browning cooking needs, getting the best carbon steel is necessary. The carbon steel pans are very convenient and cook evenly thanks to the uniform heat distribution.

Additionally, the carbon steel pans have non-stick interiors and can be seasoned for enhanced non-stick properties. Due to this, food doesn’t stick to the pan to allows for easy cleaning.

Moreover, the carbon steel pans also have riveted handles to allow for comfortable carriage and use. Some have two handles for added stability.

Getting the ultimate carbon steel pan should never be any harder once you know what you specifically need. With the below top-rated carbon steel pans review and buying guide, you will definitely find the ideal carbon steel pan.

What to Check Before Buying Best Carbon Steel Pan?

How to Buy the Best Carbon Steel Pan
Photo: Lodge

When you think of buying the best carbon steel frying pan, there are several considerations you have to look into. Some of these include.

1. Durability

Even though the carbon steel pans are highly durable, it is a necessity to check for the longevity of the pan. A durable pan should be made from a heavy-duty and thick carbon steel material with well-crafted construction.

Besides this, it also needs to non-stick with quality riveted handles for added stability. The pan should be easy to clean and maintain for long-term performance.

2. Seasoning

When you season your pan well prior to the first cooking, it will definitely offer convenient non-stick properties. To season the pan, you need to preheat the steel surface with oil inside.

There are pans that come pre-season, which implies that you don’t need to season it.

When you feel you need to season the pan on your own, then get carbon steel pans that haven’t been seasoned. However, when seasoning isn’t your things, then consider the pre-seasoned pans.

3. Size

The carbon steel pans have been designed in a wide range of sizes. For example, you will get from a small as 8-inches to 15-inches.

The larger pans are recommended for large cooking. This implies that they are ideal for large families and commercial purposes. For the smaller carbon steel pans, they suit small families or personal use.

Depending on which size of the pan that will suit your cooking needs, you should go for the ideal size. The larger pans are more convenient as they can be used even by cooking small food volume.

4. Weight

Carbon steel pans are also of different weights and depending on the cooking need, you should get the ideal weight.

For instance, when you need the best carbon steel sauté pan, you should find a pan that has sloped sides and relatively heavier.

However, when you need a perfect carbon steel pan that you can use for tossing food, consider a lightweight pan that is comfy to lift.

The heavy carbon steel pans are known for even cooking since they enhance uniform heat distribution as opposed to the lightweight pans.

On the other hand, lightweight steel pans are comfortable and easy to handle when cooking.

Despite these differences, you need to find a carbon steel pan that will suit your cooking needs and style.

5. Handle

The handle of the carbon steel pan is a vital necessity to look out for. There are pans with two handles while others have a single handle.

For the larger pans meant for cooking more foods, they need to be stable and sturdy. This implies that they need to have double riveted handles.

However, for the smaller pans, you may use for tossing and cooking less food, a single riveted handle will suit it. The handle should be long to keep you safe from getting scorched.

7 Best Carbon Steel Pans of 2021 Reviewed




De Buyer 5610.32

1. De Buyer 5610.32 (Safe for Healthy Cooking)

  • 99% pure heavy quality iron material built
  • 12.6-inches in size
  • Natural non-stick properties
  • Two riveted curved ergonomic handles
Lodge CRS12

2. Lodge CRS12 (Versatile)

  • 12-gauge carbon steel material construction
  • 12-inches in size
  • Natural easy release non-stick properties
  • Three-steel rivets handle
Matfer Bourgeat 62005

3. Matfer Bourgeat 62005 (Elegant Classy Finish)

  • Black steel heavy-duty construction
  • 11 7/8-inches size
  • Seasoned for non-stick properties
  • Extra strong steel strip handle
De Buyer 5616.24

4. De Buyer 5616.24 (Great for all Cooktops)

  • Carbon steel steak built
  • 9.5-inches size
  • Enhanced non-stick qualities
  • French style riveted curved handle
Mauviel 3651.2

5. Mauviel 3651.2 (Excellent Heat Induction)

  • Heavy-duty carbon steel commercial grade built
  • 8-inches in size
  • Natural non-stick properties
  • Three-riveted steel handle
De Buyer FBA_5110.32

6. De Buyer FBA_5110.32 (Exceptionally High Temperature Cooking)

  • Robust white iron material built
  • 12.5-inches size
  • Thick, rigged, non-stick interior
  • French style riveted iron handle
Garcima C-15RED

7. Garcima C-15RED (Enhanced Food Flavor)

  • Carbon steel material construction
  • 15-inches size
  • Non-stick properties
  • Two riveted handles painted red

1. De Buyer 5610.32 – Safe for Healthy Cooking

De Buyer 5610.32
Photo: De Buyer

  • Size: 12.6-inches
  • Weight: 6.35 pounds

The De Buyer 5610.32 cookware has been constructed from 99% pure heavy quality iron material and finished with bee wax. With this, it assures of long-term performance plus assures of a perfect fight against oxidation for enhanced seasoning. The good news is that the pan is free of PFOA, PTFE, and chemicals, making it safe for healthy cooking.

Due to the large size of 12.6-inches, the pan is ideal for cooking more food for large servings and, therefore, suited for both small and large families.  

More interestingly, it features natural non-stick properties, which makes it perfect for different foods plus easy cleaning.

With two riveted curved ergonomic handles, the pan is not only safe to handle when hot but sturdy and stable. This assures of the safety of the food even when hot.

It also has an undeformable thick skirt, which ensures that it distributes heat uniformly for fast cooking. This ensures that the food cooks evenly for great taste.

The versatile pan is recommended for a number of activities including browning, grilling, and searing among others.

Due to the heavy quality cast iron, it is relatively heavier and the price is a bit higher compared to other products.


  • Purely natural and durable
  • Ideal for cooking more food
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to handle and sturdy


  • Pan is pricey
  • Relatively heavier

2. Lodge CRS12 – A Versatile Carbon Steel Pan

Lodge CRS12
Photo: Lodge

  • Size: 12-inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds

For the most versatile carbon steel pan, Lodge CRS12 is suited for professional, home or camp use. The pan has been built from the best quality of 12-gauge carbon steel material, which keeps it strong for years. This also enhances quick heat distribution and retains it for long.

Furthermore, with a size of 12-inches, it is an excellent pan that you can use for family cooking needs. You can use the pan on outdoor grills, open fire, induction stovetops, gas or electric.

Seasoned with oil, it provides a more natural and easy-release finish. With this, the food will not stick on the surface of the pan for easy cleaning.

With the three-steel rivets handle, it is very sturdy and stable for comfortable holding when cooking. This, therefore, allows for easy removal from the stovetop.

It is a hand wash pan you can easily clean and maintain despite not being dishwasher safe for prolonged use. The pan dries immediately, making it convenient for your cooking needs.


  • Widely applicable
  • Heats quickly and retains heats
  • Suited for family cooking needs
  • Have a non-stick interior


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Have a single handle

3. Matfer Bourgeat 62005 – Elegant Classy Finish

Matfer Bourgeat 62005
Photo: Matfer Bourgeat

  • Size: 11-7/8-inches
  • Weight: 4.11 pounds

For the appropriate carbon steel pan that will suit your kitchen, Matfer Bourgeat 62005 features an elegant classy gray finish, making it ideal for any kitchen. With the black steel heavy-duty construction, the pan assures of long lifespan though relatively heavier.

The size of the frying pan is 11-7/8-inches and, therefore, relatively large enough for large cooking. It suits both large and small families.

In addition to this, the frying pan can be seasoned for non-stick use. You just need to add some oil before using to keep it nonstick, which allows for easy cleaning.

Featuring an extra strong steel strip handle, it is safe to remove from stovetops. This also brings about comfortable holding when cooking.

Since it has been made from black steel material, the pan assures of even heat distribution when cooking. This speeds the cooking process for delicious meals.

Even though it is not dishwasher safe, the pan is elementary to clean. You need to wipe using a paper towel then rinse under hot water.


  • Offers long-term performance
  • Large enough for more cooking
  • Easily seasoned for nonstick cooking
  • Safe and comfy to handle


  • It is a bit heavier
  • Not dishwasher safe

4. De Buyer 5616.24 – Great for All Cooktops

De Buyer 5616.24
Photo: De Buyer

  • Size: 9.5-inches
  • Weight: 2.75 pounds

Introducing to you the De Buyer 5616.24, a product from De Buyer designed from the highest quality of carbon steel steak. This implies that it is a durable pan for years of service. The good news that it is a versatile pan ideal for all cooktops including induction.

The carbon steel fry pan has a size of 9.5-inches that suits it for small families or for 1-2 servings. This implies that it is not a choice for commercial or large family use.

Due to the enhanced non-stick qualities, it is perfect cookware that suits caramelization for gradual seasoning of food. In addition to this, you can also preheat using oil for added non-stick properties. You will definitely find it elementary to clean.

Its riveted handle curved in a French style makes it ergonomic and comfortable to handle when cooking. The handle is also long enough for added safety.

More interestingly, the pan features an undeformable thick skirt, which enhances the uniform heat distribution plus retains it for long. You, therefore, get to cook faster and food remains hot for some minutes.


  • Appropriate for all cooktops
  • Assures of long lifespan
  • Offers excellent food gradual seasoning
  • Have non-stick properties


  • Smaller in size

5. Mauviel 3651.2 – Excellent Heat Induction

Mauviel 3651.2
Photo: Mauviel

  • Size: 8-inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

With the Mauviel 3651.2, you get to cook faster due to the extra-thick carbon steel that brings about excellent heat induction. The heavy-duty carbon steel commercial grade durability withstands higher temperatures for long-term use.

The 8-inch size isn’t large enough to make it ideal for large families. However, it is a perfect selection for personal or small family use.

Of course, the carbon steel pan features the natural non-stick properties to prevent food from sticking on the surface. Prior to the initial use, you need to season it in order to build up the natural nonstick properties.

Since it has a three-riveted steel handle, it assures of comfy holding plus added stability. Due to this, you can easily get the pan off the cooktop. Amazingly, the pan is ideal for use all on cooktops including induction, electric, gas, and stovetops.

The pan isn’t dishwasher safe though easy to clean using hot water and a soft sponge. You should never use soap water for cleaning. This implies that it is easy to clean and maintain for longer use.


  • Delivers uniform heat induction
  • Ideal for smaller families and personal use
  • Comfy and stable
  • Suited for all cooktops


  • Doesn’t suit larger families

6. De Buyer FBA_5110.32 – Exceptionally High Temperature Cooking

De Buyer FBA_5110.32
Photo: De Buyer

  • Size: 12.5-inches
  • Weight: 5.97 pounds

Due to the quality and ridged built with a non-stick surface, the cookware reaches exceptionally high temperature for great cooking. To add to this, the pan is built from robust white iron material, which makes it undeformable for maximum longevity plus enhances even heat dissipation.

Second, to this, it is a large pan with a size of 12.5-inches. Due to this, it perfectly suits commercial, large, and small families. It is a versatile cookware ideal for browning, grilling, and searing.

To add to this, the pan has a thick, rigged, and non-stick interior for efficient and convenient cooking. The non-stick surface allows for elementary cleaning even though it is relatively heavier.

The French style riveted iron handles bring about maximum comfort, style, and functionality. This also allows for easy hanging on the wall. With this, you can conveniently get the hot pan from the cooktop without getting scorched.

Since it is thicker, the pan evenly inducts heat for uniform cooking. It is also designed for use on all cooktops including induction tops or hobs.

Despite the costly price, the frying pan is ideal for use in any kitchen thanks to the classy finish and compact design that allows for easy storage.


  • Offers maximum longevity
  • Ideal for high-temperature cooking
  • Suits both commercial and large family use
  • Offers maximum comfort and stability


  • The cost is high
  • Pan is a bit heavier

7. Garcima C-15RED – Enhanced Food Flavor

Garcima C-15RED
Photo: Garcima

  • Size: 15-inches
  • Weight: 2.43 pounds

The Garcima C-15RED is an affordable carbon steel pan designed from the highest quality of carbon steel material for increased longevity. This also ensures that it evenly conducts heat for fast cooking. With the traditional material for paella included, it will greatly enhance food flavor for delicious meals.

Amazingly, the frying pan is spacious thanks to the 15-inch diameter. This means that it can cook large foods for 3-5 servings and, therefore, suits it for both small and large families.

It never goes without mentioning its nonstick properties that makes it great for cooking all your favorite dishes. Adding some little vegetable oil is recommended to enhance the non-stick properties.

The good news is that the pan features two steel riveted handles painted red. With this, you can comfortably hold the pan in position plus gets it off the pan even when hot. This also keeps it sturdy and stable for long-term use.

Despite being thin and lightweight, it serves for longer and rigid. It suits all cooktops that include grill, oven, and stovetop among others.


  • Provides long-term service
  • Larger in size
  • Elementary to clean
  • Easy hold and sturdy


  • Relatively thinner
  • Pan is lightweight

Carbon Steel vs Cast Iron Pan 

Carbon Steel vs. Cast Iron Pan
Photo: Lodge

Even though there are a number of similarities between carbon steel and cast iron pans, they also got a number of differences based on strength, weakness, and characteristics.

Here are some of the ways carbon steel compares to cast iron pans.

1. Material

The carbon steel is a more recent invention that can be stamped, rolled, and forged into various shapes. It is an alloy of carbon with less than 2% carbon material.

For cast iron, it contains above 2% of carbon and pure alloy of iron. It is a long-term invention that can’t be hammered into different shapes and sizes.

2. Shape

Since carbon steel can be hammered into a wide range of shapes, you get different pan shapes like skillets, paella pans, specialty cookware, crepe pans, and woks.

On the other hand, cast iron also features in a number of shapes including the grill pans, muffin pans, skillets, Dutch ovens, griddles, and other specialty shapes.

3. Construction

The carbon steel pans are built from a sheet of metal that is heated and shaped by hands or with a press machine. For the handles, they are forged from a separate body and attached with rivets.

With the cast iron pans, they are constructed from liquid metal poured into a mold. This implies that the pans are built from one metal piece.

4. Heat Distribution and Retention

The carbon steel pans are known to heat relatively faster, unlike the cast iron pans. This is because they are responsive to heat and also cools relatively faster.

For the cast iron pans, they are thicker, which means they heat slowly and retains heat for long.

5. Heft

The carbon steel pans weigh less compared to cast iron pans. For example, a 12-inch carbon steel pan will weigh approximately 4.4 pounds as compared to a 12-inch cast iron pan that will weigh up to 8 pounds.

6. Best Uses

The carbon steel pans are ideal for searing, stir-frying, baking, pan frying, and roasting. On the other hand, the cast iron pans are ideal for roasting, braising, stewing, searing, and pan frying among others.

The durability and care of the carbon steel and cast iron pans depends on an individual pan. Some are dishwasher safe, hand wash, and seasoned with oil. They are also durable as both last for years with some TLC.

In most cases, you will find the carbon steel pans more reliable and convenient as compared to cast iron pans.


Compared to other types of pans, carbon steel pans are very advantageous and convenient. This makes it a necessity in every kitchen when you need to cook conveniently.

The pans are widely applicable since they are meant for a number of activities like searing, browning, and grilling. In addition to this, they are also ideal for all cooktops like stovetops, induction, electric, and gas among others.

Moreover, they are highly durable and easy to clean since most of them are dishwasher safe and also hand-wash.

The pans have quality handles, which makes them comfortable and sturdy for safe handling.

When you need to find the best carbon steel pan, reading our above carbon steel pan review provides you with a number of picks plus a detailed buyer’s guide.