10 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Ceramic Cookware
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Ceramic cookware is gradually replacing standard non-stick cookware for many reasons. These include health and safety reasons, affordability, good heat transfer, and weight.

Cooking with ceramic cookware also brings a touch of class and beauty into your life and kitchen because ceramic cookware is truly beautiful.

There’s a small problem though, and that’s different sets from different manufacturers being available, with each set offering one thing better than the other.

This ceramic cookware review tries to help you make sense of it all by providing a list of the top ceramic cookware in the market. Plus, you get a buying guide and FAQs to make things easier.

What to Check Before Buying Best Ceramic Cookware Set?

How to Buy the Best Ceramic Cookware
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Following are the important aspects to look out for when deciding.

1. Solid Ceramic vs. Coated Ceramic

There are two major types of ceramic cookware based on how they get manufactured. The first type is the solid ceramic cookware while the second type is the coated ceramic. Following is a closer look at both types, including their advantages and disadvantages:

Solid Ceramic. These are cookware made entirely from ceramic. They are rare and usually cost more than coated ceramic cookware, but they also have their advantages.

Solid ceramic cookware keeps heat longer than most other types of cookware, and they are also microwave friendly since they lack a metal core.

Coated Ceramic. Coated ceramic cookware gets made using a metal and ceramic combination. Here, different companies come up with different methods of achieving this ceramic coat.

Coated ceramic cookware works on induction cookers and will not break like solid ceramic if they happen to fall on the floor, for instance.

2. Design & Performance

This is a personal decision that you’ll have to reach by yourself. Ceramic cookware is often very beautifully designed in bright enameled colors, so it’s only natural to choose a cookware set that either fits your kitchen decor or that you are comfortable with.

For performance issues, you’ll need to look at which material the cookware’s core gets made with and then, how thick it is. Most pans feature an aluminum core and the thicker the metal’s gauge, the more evenly the pan will heat up and cool.

3. Your Cooking Style

The way you cook will also help you to decide which kind of ceramic cookware is best for you. If you like to bake a lot and to use the microwave oven, then solid ceramic cookware might fit your lifestyle better.

If however, you do mostly stove-top cooking or you just need a beautiful ceramic cookware set without having to spend plenty of money, then coated ceramic cookware should better fit into your lifestyle.

4. Type of Stove-Top

Most stove-tops are the same and will work with most ceramic pans. This includes gas and electric stove-tops, including glass-ceramic tops, but excluding induction stove-tops.

To use a ceramic pan on an induction stove-top, the pan has to contain a steel core, else, it won’t work. This means that a ceramic pan with an aluminum or copper core won’t work on an induction cooker.

If you don’t have an induction cooker, then you have absolutely no problem with this but if you’ve got one, then you’re best served with ceramic cookware that includes a stainless steel core.

5. Versatility

Most manufacturers of ceramic cookware have their different processes of making their own pans and this leads to different pans having different temperature and physical tolerances.

You should keep this in mind because it will help you to choose right. If you are rough for instance, then choosing ceramic cookware that can withstand metallic cooking utensils might be a good idea.

On the other hand, if you love to bake, then paying attention to the cookware’s heat tolerance is necessary because this will help you in deciding the kind of foods that you can easily make.

6. Warranty & Price

These are two factors that often work hand in hand. Most products with higher price tags are often of a better quality and will often come with longer warranties as well.

This doesn’t mean that a costlier ceramic cookware is always better, but things are often this way. What you need to do on your part though, is to have a budget and know how much money that you’re ready to spend without a problem.

You’ll then have to focus on those products within your price range to make a choice. If however, money or price isn’t a problem for you, then just go with your heart.

10 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets of 2021 Reviewed




Cook N Home NC-00358 10-Pc Ceramic Cookware Set

1. Cook N Home NC-00358 (Best Overall)

  • 10-piece ceramic cookware
  • Features thick gauge aluminum
  • Comes at an attractive price
  • Available in Green, Black and Red
Cuisinart 54C-11BK

2. Cuisinart 54C-11BK (Best Pots & Pans Set with Glass Lid)

  • 11-pc ceramic cookware
  • Oven safe to 350° F
  • Lifetime warranty backing
  • Also available in other colors
T-fal C921SG

3. T-fal C921SG (Best T-fal)

  • Quality T-fal cookware
  • Set includes 16
  • Comes at a good price
  • Lifetime warranty
BulbHead 10824

4. BulbHead 10824 (10-Piece Copper Infused Set)

  • Top-quality copper-infused pans
  • Oven safe to 500° F
  • Comes with glass lids
  • Includes a steamer insert
Vremi VRM030046N

5. Vremi VRM030046N (Beautiful 8-Piece Set)

  • Beautiful 8-piece cookware
  • Dishwasher safe & induction ready
  • BPA-free ceramic coating
  • Available in other colors
WearEver C943SA

6. WearEver C943SA (10-Pc)

  • 10-pc ceramic cookware set
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum construction
  • Oven and dishwasher safe
  • Includes a lifetime warranty
GreenPan CW000545

7. GreenPan CW000545 (With Wooden Utensils)

  • 12-pc set with wooden utensils
  • Features Thermolon non-stick
  • Oven safe to 420° F
  • Riveted and ergonomic handles
GreenPan CW0005535

8. GreenPan CW0005535 (12 Pieces)

  • Extensive set with 12 pieces
  • Stylish design
  • Available in three colors
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
GreenPan CC000045

9. GreenPan CC000045 (Premium Quality)

  • Top-quality premium cookware
  • Features 11 items
  • Quality Thermolon coating
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
Farberware 17494

10. Farberware 17494 (With Shatterproof Glass Lids)

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Shatterproof glass lids
  • 12 piece set with 3 utensils
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

1. Cook N Home NC-00358 – Best Overall

Cook N Home NC-00358 10-Pc Ceramic Cookware Set
Photo: Cook N Home

  • Quantity: 10 pieces
  • Base Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Green, Black or Red

This set of ceramic cookware includes 10 pieces, out of which you get 4 tempered glass lids and six pans, including a 6-quart Dutch oven, a casserole, two saucepans, and 2 fry pans.

Each pan is from thick-gauge aluminum for even heat distribution and to help it last longer. It’s then coated with a PTFE-, Cadmium, and PFOA-free environmentally friendly ceramic coating.

They also feature anti-slip handles that stay cool to the touch to make cooking more pleasurable.

What you might not like, however, is they are neither oven nor dishwasher safe. The pans also won’t work on induction cookers because their base-material is aluminum.

On the brighter side, they come with tempered glass lids, which give them a modern look and let you keep an eye on your food easily. Plus, you can also get them in Black or Red.


  • Up to 10 pieces of pots and pans
  • Made of thick gauge aluminum for even heat distribution
  • Includes tempered glass lids for easy food monitoring
  • The package comes at an attractive price


  • The pans are neither dishwasher nor oven safe

2. Cuisinart 54C-11BK – Best Set with Glass Lid

Cuisinart 54C-11BK Ceramica XT Ceramic Cookware Set
Photo: Cuisinart

  • Quantity: 11 pieces
  • Base Material: Aluminum
  • Oven Safe Temperature: 350 degrees F
  • Color: Black or red

Cuisinart makes unique products that stand out with their style and functionality. Here, you get the best ceramic pots and pans with glass lids and a steamer insert.

It’s also a very usable and healthy ceramic cookware set. The rims are tapered, for example, making it easier to pour from the pans.

The glass lids are tempered and they fit very tightly to lock in flavor, unlike most lids from other manufacturers. The set comes with silicone handles which stay cool while cooking and can withstand oven temperatures up to 350 degrees F.

Although this cookware doesn’t work on induction stove-tops, they are still of high quality, available in Red or Black & Copper, and Cuisinart backs them with a lifetime warranty.


  • Ceramic cookware set includes 11 pieces of 6 pans & 4 lids
  • Works on most stove-tops like gas and glass ceramic
  • Oven safe pans up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The package is backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Does not work on induction cooktops

3. T-fal C921SG – Best T-fal Ceramic Cookware Set

T-fal C921SG 16-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set
Photo: T-fal

  • Quantity: 16 pieces
  • Base Material: Aluminum
  • Oven Safe Temperature: 350 degrees F
  • Color: Black or red

With this 16-piece set, T-fal reaffirms its position as one of the best kitchen appliance and consumer brands out there. The offer is simple but strong: Plenty of value for little money.

You get 6 pans; including frying pans and saucepans. Then there are 6 nylon utensils to make your cooking sessions easier. T-fat also provides four lids and all the pans come with ergonomic and heat-resistant handles.

This set is safe for cooking on all kinds of stove-tops except induction cookers because the pans only contain aluminum.

They have heavy-gauge aluminum bases though and T-fal backs up this impressive offer with a lifetime warranty to make this one of the best ceramic cookware.


  • Superior T-fal ceramic coating offers stain & scratch resistance
  • Durable construction made of aluminum
  • The entire set includes 16 pieces of cookware
  • Offered at an attractive price
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty


  • Don’t work on induction cookers
  • The pans are only oven proof up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

4. BulbHead 10824 – 10-Piece Copper Infused Ceramic Cookware Set

BulbHead Red Copper 10-Piece Copper Infused Ceramic Cookware Set
Photo: BulbHead

  • Quantity: 10 pieces
  • Oven Safe Temperature: 500 degrees F
  • Color: Red

The Red Copper ceramic cookware set is a very popular offering that has sold millions, thanks to Cathy Mitchell, the television and infomercial personality.

There are five copper-infused pans in this set, with four lids and an aluminum steamer insert. The pans include an 8-inch and 10-inch fry pans, plus a 1.5-quart, a 2.5-quart, and 6-quart sauce pans.

One unique feature of this cookware is the use of copper-infused ceramic for the non-stick coating, making the set both nice looking and more resistant to scratches.

For downsides, the pans aren’t induction cooker compatible and they are available in only one color.

They have metal handles though, and this makes them oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but it also means the handles do warm up when cooking. The package includes 4 glass lids.


  • High-quality copper-infused ceramic cookware
  • The 10-pc set includes 5 pans and 1 aluminum insert
  • All pans are oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Package includes an aluminum insert for steaming


  • It’s only available in one color
  • The pans are not induction cooker compatible
  • They require seasoning before use

5. Vremi VRM030046N – Beautiful 8-Piece

Vremi 8-Piece Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Set
Photo: Vremi

  • Quantity: 8 pieces
  • Base Material: Aluminum
  • Oven Safe Temperature: No
  • Color: Yellow/Green/Blue & white

Vremi makes this cookware for those who want a beautiful cookware set that’s ideal for both cooking and serving food. This improves your presentation, especially when you’ve got guests to entertain.

The 8-piece set comprises three ceramic-coated lids and five pans, which include two Dutch oven pots, two frying pans, and one casserole.

You can get the set in one of three colors, either in a yellow and white combination, a green and white combination, or a blue and white combination.

The lids and the pans come with a wooden styled handle, which makes them look very beautiful. They are induction stove-top friendly and dishwasher safe as well.

They are however, not oven safe. Also, the handles get a little hot when cooking, but that’s a small price to pay for beauty.


  • Set of 8 pieces of beautiful ceramic cookware
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free ceramic coating
  • The pans are dishwasher safe
  • Induction cooker compatible cookware


  • These pans are not oven safe
  • The handles heat up during cooking

6. WearEver C943SA – 10-Pc

WearEver C943SA 10-Pc Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Set
Photo: WearEver

  • Quantity: 10 pieces
  • Base Material: Aluminum
  • Oven Safe Temperature: 350 degrees F
  • Color: Red & white

WaerEver offers you a beautifully made 10-pc ceramic cookware set here. It features five pans and three tempered glass lids, plus a nylon spoon and slotted turner to give you everything you need.

This top-rated ceramic cookware features a high-quality engineering, including heavy-gauge aluminum with a ceramic coating which offers superior scratch and stain resistance.

For cons, the cookware isn’t induction friendly, and you can use the pans in the oven, but only up to 350° F. They can, however, cook on a stove-top up to 700° F.

Other impressive features of this set include the soft silicone handles of the pans and their beautiful designs. The pans are also dishwasher safe and WearEver backs them with a lifetime warranty.


  • 10-pc ceramic cookware includes 5 beautiful pans
  • Made using high-quality & heavy-gauge aluminum
  • The pans include soft-touch silicone handles
  • Pans are both oven and dishwasher safe
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • This cookware is not induction friendly
  • It’s only oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

7. GreenPan CW000545 – Best With Wooden Utensils

GreenPan Lima Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Set

Photo: GreenPan

  • Quantity: 12 pieces
  • Base Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Oven Safe Temperature: 420 degrees F
  • Color: Gray

The  GreenPan Lima is a 12-piece ceramic cookware set, consisting of five ceramic non-stick pans, a stainless steel steamer insert, and three wooden utensils.

It features some of the best ceramic coated pans you can come across, with a Thermolon coating and ergonomic stainless steel handles.

These pans are oven safe up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit, but they won’t work on an induction cooker because they lack a steel plate in their bases.

Another disadvantage is their price, which is higher than comparable offers. But if you want the best and price isn’t a problem, then go ahead with this one.


  • Features 12 pieces, including 3 wooden utensils
  • Made using the healthy ceramic non-stick Thermolon
  • Oven safe pans and lids up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with ergonomic and riveted steel handles


  • The price is comparatively high
  • They are not induction cooker friendly

8. GreenPan CW0005535 – Set of 12

GreenPan Rio 12-Pc Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Set
Photo: GreenPan

  • Quantity: 12 pieces
  • Base Material: Aluminum
  • Oven Safe Temperature: 350 degrees F
  • Color: Black, burgundy & turquoise

This is the second GreenPan offer in this ceramic cookware review and while the previous set was the Lima, this one is the Rio and it comes in a 12-pc pack.

Beginning with the curvy pan sides to their ergonomic and heat-resistant Bakelite handles, you’ll instantly see how special these pans are.

The set also includes tempered glass lids, so you can check on your food without lifting the lid and losing heat. Another feature is the set’s color. If you don’t like this set in black, then you can try the lovely burgundy or eccentric turquoise options.

This is an expensive set, but many will agree that it’s worth its price and GreenPan backs it with a lifetime warranty.


  • This package is a 12-piece cookware set
  • The pans are very stylishly made
  • Each pan comes with a Bakelite ergonomic handle
  • The set comes backed by a lifetime warranty


  • The set is expensive but it’s worth it
  • They won’t take more than 350 degrees F in the oven

9. GreenPan CC000045 – Premium

GreenPan Paris 11-Pc Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Set
Photo: GreenPan

  • Quantity: 11 pieces
  • Base Material: Aluminum & steel
  • Oven Safe Temperature: Any temperature
  • Color: Black

GreenPan presents another cookware set here and this time, it’s this 11-piece Paris, made with the best of materials and designed for maximum durability.

It has an anodized exterior while the interior gets coated with a high-quality grade of Thermolon, making each pan metal utensil safe.

For the handles, GreenPan uses riveted stainless steel handles and this makes the pans oven safe up to any temperature.

One thing that’s not so great about this offer though is its price. It’s costlier than most other cookware but definitely worth the price and GreenPan backs it with a lifetime warranty.


  • Premium set features 11 different cookware items
  • Each pan comes coated using high-quality Thermolon ceramic
  • Oven safe up to any temperature
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • The stainless steel handles are not soft
  • This cookware set isn’t cheap

10. Farberware 17494 – Best With Shatterproof Glass Lids

Farberware PureCook Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Set
Photo: Farberware

  • Quantity: 12 pieces
  • Base Material: Aluminum & enamel
  • Oven Safe Temperature: 350 degrees F
  • Color: Aqua, blue, gray or lavender

Farberware has been in the business of making cookware for over a century and this offer here includes all the company’s experiences, mixed with modern manufacturing methods.

This offers you one of the best non-stick ceramic cookware sets at a good price, plus you can get it in any of four colors, including this Aqua, in Gray, in Lavender, and in Blue.

The set comprises six fry and saucepans, plus three nylon utensils and shatterproof glass lids. They are oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and Farberware backs the set with a lifetime warranty.


  • Sturdy aluminum construction and shatterproof glass lids
  • A 12-piece ceramic cookware set including 3 utensils
  • Beautiful design with pretty colors
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty from Farberware


  • They are only oven safe up to 350 degrees F
  • The ceramic coating isn’t the toughest on this list

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most asked questions about ceramic cookware. They are not presented in any order and only serve to offer potentially helpful information.

Q: Is Ceramic Cookware Safe?

Ans: Yes, ceramic cookware is safe to cook with.

Read More: Are Ceramic Pans Safe?

Q: What are Ceramic Cookware Dangers?

Ans: One of the major ceramic cookware dangers is if you plunge the pan in cold water while it’s still hot, the temperature difference will damage the ceramic pan.

Ans: Using utensils that are not ceramic cookware safe will damage the ceramic coating of the pan and create a less than favorable cooking experience.

Q: How Do I avoid these Dangers?

Ans: Always wait for the pan to cool on its own after cooking before you plunge it into the water.

Ans: Always use utensils that are rated ceramic cookware safe. For spatulas, it’s best to use those made from wood or silicone.

Q: Why are People Starting to Shy Away from Teflon?

Ans: The reason is that a lot of controversies about Teflon exist and although Teflon is not dangerous when eaten, it can get potentially dangerous when heated up to 600 degrees. This is rare though, but not impossible.

Ceramic cookware availability, however, has provided a safer alternative that most users can rely on, without having to worry about a single thing.

Q: How do I Maintain Ceramic Cookware?

Ans: Always clean the cookware properly to avoid hardening of dirt that may have stuck on it and becoming harder to remove. Always hand wash the cookware and use a little oil when cooking to prolong the cookware’s lifespan.


We’ve reached the end of this ceramic cookware review and you’ve seen all the top offers out there, including the more affordable and the costlier ones.

For the best pots and pans set, the Cook N Home NC-00358 is the best recommendation. It’s a 10-piece and is available in Green, Red, and Black.

For T-fal fans, the T-fal C921SG is a great offer, offering a 16-piece set at a great price and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Lovers of premium quality items, however, will love the GreenPan CC000045. A top-of-the-line, 11-piece ceramic set, with a lifetime warranty.