10 Best Chainsaw Bar Oils of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Chainsaw Bar Oil
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Chainsaw bars and chains are subjected to a significant amount of friction, which can be destructive to these components.

The constant lubrication of bars and chains using quality oils can help reduce wear and prolong the life of these components.

When choosing chainsaw bar oils, it’s vital to consider the kind of bar and chain you’re using, and the workload they are subjected to, which would then help determine the ideal amount and type of oil needed.

In this chainsaw bar oils review, we’ll help you choose the right oils for your tools.

What To Check Before Buying Chainsaw Bar Oil?

How to Buy the Best Chainsaw Bar Oil

1. Type of Chainsaw Engine

Chainsaw oils have two primary uses; they can be used for lubricating the bar and chain, or for mixing with gasoline to boost engine lubrication and performance. 

If you’re going to be using the oil in your engine, it is extremely vital that you confirm the engine type and get a lubricant that is compatible with it.

For instance, low-combustion engines may not benefit a lot from high-combustion additives. For example, if you operate a 2-stroke-engine chainsaw, then Echo 6450002 is a great oil specifically designed for this engine type.

2. Chainsaw Bar Oil Quality

Oil quality determines its capacity to protect components such as chains and bars, as well as the engine itself.

It is difficult to determine the quality of oil without actually using it, or relying on the views of people who have already applied different oils on their chainsaws.

One of the ways to increase your confidence in the oil you’re considering buying is choosing the product from a reputable brand, which is known for its quality.

Brands such as Husqvarna, Makita, Stihl, Poulan Pro, and Greenworks are all makers of quality chainsaw oils, especially for use on their chainsaw models.

3. Volume of Chainsaw Bar Oil

If you operate chainsaws on a regular basis or intensively, then the amount of oil you need for your tools becomes a top consideration when choosing this product.

Professional loggers need lubricant constantly to safeguard their tools and ensure they are running optimally.

Since many of the popular and high-quality lubricants come in standard 1-2-gallon capacities, you may want to stock up on several cans/bottles, if your usage is high. If you are a DIYer who runs their chainsaw occasionally, then a typical 1-gallon bottle should be adequate for your tool.

Also, if your chainsaw-related tasks extend into extreme seasons such as winter, having a sizeable stock of oil may prove highly beneficial.

4. Viscosity

Oil, whose primary purpose is to lubricate and prevent component wear, need to be viscous, to some degree.

Viscosity affects the performance of your oil. High-viscosity oils are great for minimizing high-speed throw-offs that lead to loss of the lubricant from the bar and chain components.

But high viscosity is not always a good thing. If your chainsaw implements an automatic oiling system, then free oil flow may be limited by the high viscosity.

That said, most oils have their viscosity optimized for free flow and maximum cling on the bar and chain so that these components retain lubrication for long, to optimize utility.

5. Chainsaw Bar Oil Price

Chainsaw oils also vary in cost. The best-quality lubricants are associated with reputable brands, but they can get pricey.

But you can get some good low-budget oils that match or even rival popular brands in quality. There is an option for all price points.

A premium oil that justifies the high price is Oregon 54-059 while a low-cost option that is equally good and from a reputable brand is Husqvarna 610000023.

10 Best Chainsaw Bar Oils Reviewed




Oregon 54-059

1. Oregon 54-059 (Best Overall)

  • Reduces chain/bear wear rate
  • Ideal for demanding tasks
  • All-saw and all-season lubricant
  • Prevent scuffing and corrosion
Husqvarna 610000023

2. Husqvarna 610000023 (Best Budget)

  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Heat and friction reduction
  • Minimizes high-speed throw-off
  • Works on all chainsaws
Echo 6450002

3. Echo 6450002 (Best Oil-Gas Mix)

  • High 2-gallon mix yield
  • Improves engine performance
  • Eliminates poor gas/oil mix
  • Prevents corrosion and rust
Husqvarna 610000161

4. Husqvarna 610000161 (Best for Husqvarna Chainsaws)

  • Ideal for Husqvarna chainsaws
  • Minimizes friction and heat
  • Reduces high-speed throw-off
  • Reliable all-season lubrication
Maxpower 337045

5. Maxpower 337045 (Best for Summer Use)

  • Works great even in summer
  • Boosts chain longevity
  • Reduces high-speed throw-off
  • Effective anti-wear additives
Makita 181116-A

6. Makita 181116-A (Best for Hot & Cold Climates)

  • Consistent all-season performance
  • Effective heat and friction reduction
  • Reduced chain/bar/sprocket wear
  • Ideal for electric and gas chainsaws
Stihl 0781 516 5003

7. Stihl 0781 516 5003 (Premium Product for Heavy-Duty Cutting)

  • Optimized for high-speed cutting
  • Superior lubrication capacity
  • High tackiness for chain cling
  • Reduces chain and bar wear
Poulan Pro 952030204

8. Poulan Pro 952030204 (Reliable for Jamming Prevention)

  • Prevents chain jamming
  • Reduces wear to extend chain life
  • Enhanced anti-sling capacity
  • All-season consistency
Greenworks GWBC0

9. Greenworks GWBC0 (All-Round)

  • Ideal for electric and gas chainsaws
  • Superior lubricating strength
  • Extends bar and chain life
  • Reduces component heat and friction
Toro 38914

10. Toro 38914 (Rust-Preventing)

  • Prevents bar and chain-rusting
  • Reduces bar and chain friction
  • Tackifier maximizes oil attachment
  • Smoothens chain movement

1. Oregon 54-059 – Best Overall

Oregon 54-059

Photo: Oregon

Oregon 54-059, our best overall chainsaw bar oil, is a premium bar and chain oil offers many protective benefits not just to your chainsaw, but also to other tools that utilize similar cutting components.

It supports a high load-carrying capacity, which ensures your chainsaw is able to accommodate sizeable cutting workloads while containing the wear rate of its bar and chain. Therefore, if your chainsaw performs demanding cutting applications, this the oil for it.

You’ll be pleased by the fact that this oil is an all-season lubricant, which means you can use it all year round, across all brands of chainsaws, and it will still deliver premium performance.

The high-film strength of this oil makes it ideal for preventing chain wear and scuffing of chain links, especially.

Count on the oil to also protect metallic components from rust and corrosion, while at the same time, preventing the build-up of sap, resins, or gum onto the saw chain.

Because Oregon 54-059 is premium oil, its unit price is not very pocket-friendly, if you’re on a budget.


  • Supports demanding applications
  • Works with all chainsaws
  • Reliable all-season oil
  • Prevents scuffing and corrosion


  • Not pocket-friendly

2. Husqvarna 610000023 – Best Budget

Husqvarna 610000023

Photo: Husqvarna

If you’re on a budget but still wish to keep your chainsaw running optimally, then you can get the pocket-friendly Husqvarna 610000023.

You can grab a bottle of this oil and keep your chainsaws running for a while, especially because it supports all models of this tool. It has proven reliable in reducing bar and chain friction, which in turn, helps keep heat production at the minimum.

Another benefit of this oil is its reliability in reducing high-speed throw-off, thanks to the premium blend of base stocks and tackifier additives, which are part of its rich formula.

Also, it promises to extend the life of your sprocket, bars, and chains because of its high wear-prevention capacity.

Because the Husqvarna 610000023 is offers in 0.25-gallon bottles only, this capacity may prove low especially if you’re operating multiple tools utilizing this oil.

You may need to grab several bottles of this oil if the consumption rate by your tools is high.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Compatible with all chainsaws
  • Minimizes component heat and friction
  • Reduces high-speed throw-off


  • Packaged in small quantities

3. Echo 6450002 – Best Chainsaw Oil-Gas Mix

Echo 6450002

Photo: Echo

Echo 6450002 has been formulated to create a premium oil-gas blend. This top-rated chainsaw oil comes in size 5.2-ounce bottles, which can be mixed with gasoline to yield 2 gallons of the blend.

To get the best performance out of the blend, it is recommended that you mix the oil with 89-octane gasoline in gas to oil ratio of 50:1. Using this blend guarantees optimal chainsaw performance while extending tool life.

A fuel stabilizer has been included with this oil mix to ensure maximum quality retention even after mixing. It also helps mitigate the risk of poor oil/gas mix, which can be damaging to the engine.

Besides keeping components well-lubricated to slow down the wear rate, this mix excels in preventing rust and corrosion of internal components while ensuring fuel burns clean.

While the Echo 6450002 is an excellent oil mix for gasoline engines, it is designed for use on a 2-stroke engine, for the best performance outcomes.


  • High-yield oil-gas mix
  • Improves chainsaw performance
  • Eliminates poor gas/oil mix stains
  • Prevents rust and corrosion


  • Works best with 2-stroke engines

4. Husqvarna 610000161 – Best Oil for Husqvarna Chainsaw Bars

Husqvarna 610000161

Photo: Husqvarna

If you operate Husqvarna chainsaws, you stand to reap the most from Husqvarna 610000161 oil, which is designed for use on all chainsaw models of this premium brand.

It seeks to maximize the cutting efficiency of your saw’s bar and chain by providing constant lubrication to minimize heat and friction, which are known to damage these components.

The oil comprises a rich blend of tackifier additives and base stocks, which helps prevent the common problem of high-speed throw-off.

Another benefit of this oil is its ability to extend bar, chain, and sprocket life through effective wear protection.

Count on this oil to work reliably well through all the seasons, all year round. Even in winter, the oil should protect your bars and chains with consistency.

Husqvarna 610000161 is, undeniably, a high-performance bar and chain oil, but it does not offer any form of overflow protection.


  • Reliable heat and friction prevention
  • Tackifier additives reduce high-speed throw-off
  • Extended chai/bar/sprocket life
  • Optimized for Husqvarna chainsaws


  • Does not offer overflow protection

5. Maxpower 337045 – Best for Summer Use

Maxpower 337045

Photo: Maxpower

Because of the high-tac nature of Maxpower 337045, this oil is ideal for summer use since temperature increases necessitate the use of free-flowing oil on bars and chains.

This oil has an elevated degree of tackiness, which prevents high throw-off and sling. It is formulated to maximize flow while clinging to the chain.

Blended using 100% virgin oil, this formulation not only works well to extend component life, but it also supports all types of chainsaws, including gas and electric ones. Anti-wear additives have been used to maximize the life of your chains and blades.

It comes in a dark color, which can help you monitor the degree of oiling and even identify

Because of the thinner profile that this oil adopts, however, you may experience a small spike in re-oiling frequency, and if you are an intensive chainsaw user, this could translate to higher oil utilization.


  • Ideal for summer use
  • High tac for throw-off reduction
  • Works with all chainsaws
  • Effective anti-wear protection


  • May increase re-oiling frequency

6. Makita 181116-A – Best for Hot and Cold Climates

Makita 181116-A

Photo: Makita

If you operate your chainsaw all year round, then it could benefit from the excellent bar and chain lubricating properties of Makita 181116-A oil.

The oil boasts of a special all-season formula, which improves lubrication capacity in both hot and cold climates, effectively making the oil’s performance consistent in all conditions.

It has proven reliable in reducing both heat and friction, which can have a damaging effect on your bar and chain. Also, the heat and friction mitigation help booth chainsaw cutting efficiency.

You can count on this oil to also reduce rapid wear on the bar, sprocket, and chain, for the longevity of these components. Although the oil is optimized for use with Makita gas and electric chainsaws, you can apply it to other models as well.

Because of the oil’s suitability for all seasons, you can stock up a few of these 1-gallon bottles, or go the several of the cheaper 1-quart options.

If you’re going to be using Makita 181116-A on automatic oiling systems, you may find it a bit too dense to be dispensed freely. 


  • Special all-season formulation
  • Reduces wear on bar, chain, and sprocket
  • Effective heat and friction minimization
  • Supports both gas and electric chainsaws


  • May prove a little too dense for automatic oilers

7. Stihl 0781 516 5003 – Premium for Heavy-Duty Cutting

Stihl 0781 516 5003

Photo: Stihl

High-speed and heavy-duty chainsaws require premium lubrication to maintain superior and consistent performance, and Stihl 0781 516 5003 is the oil for that.

This premium bar and chain lubricant is made using highly-refined oils to maximize lubrication and meet the demand on constantly-running chainsaws, which undertake intensive cutting. 

Since high-speed cutting can sling away oil, the lubricant counters such movement by adopting a concentrated tackiness additive, which helps the oil remain firmly attached to the chains, as it rotates at maximum power and speed.

And because of the value of provides your bar and chain, this lubricant succeeds in extending the life of these components. It’s worth noting that since this oil is a genuine Stihl product, you can have confidence in using it on your chainsaw, especially if they’re of the same brand.

Perhaps because of the premium and high-performance composition of Stihl 0781 516 5003, it is also pricey, especially considering it comes in 1-quart capacity.


  • Supports high-speed cutting
  • Offers maximum lubrication
  • Superior attachment to the chain
  • Extends chain and bar life


  • Pricey for the quantity

8. Poulan Pro 952030204 – Reliable for Jamming Prevention

Poulan Pro 952030204

Photo: Poulan Pro

If you encounter regular jamming of your bar and chain during chainsaw operation, you get rid of this challenge permanently by applying Poulan Pro 952030204 to these components.

Anti-jam prevention is achieved through the oil’s optimal viscosity formulation. Even during intensive logging operations, the oil stays on the bar and chain and does not drip off.

The oil is very tacky and will stick on the bar and chain long after the current operation, which ensures these components are well-lubricated and ready for the next task.

In both high and low temperatures, the oil performs consistently well. It will resist high temperatures, and continue flowing freely even when the temperature drops to a low level, especially during winter.

Also, the unique formula on this oil prevents it from smoking when subjected to high temperatures. This is an added benefit especially in visibility enhancement, and operator comfort.

Poulan Pro 952030204 is, however, very clear, and visibility on the bar may not be the best. 


  • Superior jamming prevention
  • High bar and chain attachment
  • Consistent in high and low temperatures
  • Does not produce smoke


  • Visibility on the bar may be limited

9. Greenworks GWBC0 – All-Round

Greenworks GWBC0

Photo: Greenworks

Greenworks GWBC0 is popular among chainsaw owners because of its reliable all-round performance in maintaining bars and chains.

Another reason this lubricant is great all-rounder is its compatibility with both gas and electric chainsaws. You can use this oil across all your chain-bearing saws and it will deliver superior lubrication across the board.

It issía top-rated lubricant that also guarantees to extend the life of your saw’s guide bar and chain by minimizing the wear on these components. 

Also, the oil will improve the cutting efficiency of your chainsaw through its superior ability to reduce the heat and friction generated during tool operation.

Just like any other premium oil, however, the price you pay for the 0.25-gallon can of Greenworks GWBC0 is admittedly high.


  • Works with electric and gasoline chainsaws
  • High lubricating capacity
  • Extends bar and chain life
  • Improves cutting efficiency


  • The unit price is high

10. Toro 38914 – Rust-Preventing

Toro 38914

Photo: Toro

Besides excellent lubricating performance, Toro 38914 chainsaw oil does a great job of preventing bar and chain rusting.

It has been formulated using a strong tackifier to maximize its attachment on the bar and chain to not only smoothen the movement of these components but also ensure the oil is retained for long, meaning less of it is used.

Because of the oil’s ability to deliver even lubrication across these fast-moving components, it effectively minimizes heat and friction for the enhancement of cutting efficiency and prolongs the life of your tool’s bar and chain.

If you own a Toro PowerPlex 51880T or Toro PowerPlex 51880 chainsaw, you need to grab a bottle of this oil because it is the required lubricant for these two battery-powered models.

The oil is easy to use, as you only need to pour it directly into the chainsaw up to the level indicated on the tool, and you can be up and running in no time.

Toro 38914 is, however, notably vicious and may not be the most ideal for automatic oilers.


  • Effective rust prevention
  • Maximizes smooth chain movement
  • Reduces heat and friction
  • Easy to apply on chainsaw


  • May not work well with automatic oilers


Our chainsaw bar oils review demonstrates the value this lubricant adds to your tools and its components, especially the bar and chain.

If you want the most premium and high-quality oil for your chainsaw and other tools, choose Oregon 54-059. It has a high load-carrying capacity for demanding applications.

Husqvarna 610000023 is great chainsaw oil if you’re on a budget and need to ensure your bar and chain is constantly maintained.

And if you want to preserve the performance of your 2-stroke chainsaw gasoline engine, Echo 6450002 offers the best oil-gas mix.