10 Best Chainsaw Chaps of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Chainsaw Chaps
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Chainsaw chaps are types of protective clothing purpose-built to reduce the risk of injury to your legs and lower body from accidental contact with a moving chainsaw chain.

The ideal chaps should be made of cut-resistant material, and meet the required safety standards for such gear.

Chaps will cover the upper part of your legs which are in constant proximity with the chainsaw bar. Most, however, run from waist to ankle for extra protection.

Dive into our top 10 chainsaw chaps review and buying guide to help you choose the best protective gear.

What To Check Before Buying Best Chainsaw Chaps?

How to Buy the Best Chainsaw Chaps

1. Material

The material constriction of your chainsaw chaps is an important consideration because it determines their protective capacity.

Since the primary role of chaps is to protect you from injuries caused by moving chains, you should aim for those whose materials provide the necessary protection.

Multi-layer Kevlar and Tekwarp are some common protective materials used in combination with polyester.

Polyester and nylon are also common for their water and oil-resistance properties, which make for easy cleaning.

2. Apron or Wrap-Around

There are two types of designs applied in making chainsaw chaps: apron and wrap-around. The apron design resembles the same apron used in the kitchen, which is fastened at the back using straps or belts.

Apron design is great because for ease of wearing and removal where you simply fasten or unfasten a strap or belt. However, this design does leave some parts of your legs exposed.

Wrap-around chaps, as the name suggests, wrap around your entire leg such that even the calf is covered. They tend to have zippers instead of straps. They are great for maximum leg coverage.

3. Breadth of Coverage

Chainsaw chaps come in different lengths for equally different breadths of coverage. The extent of leg coverage possible from your chaps will depend on their size.

Many of the chaps we reviewed have a length of between 32 inches and 38 inches. The higher length is ideal for tall people, while the lower one is great for short people.

Coverage can also be viewed in terms of chaps’ width to accommodate people with different waist sizes. Luckily, many chaps can be adjusted in different parts, including the waist, for optimal fitting.

4. Safety Standards

The safest chainsaw chaps you can buy are those guaranteed to meet the required safety standards by different regulatory bodies.

Common safety standards governing chainsaw operation include ASTM Standard F1897, ANSI Z133.1, OSHA regulation 1910-266, UL certification, and in some cases, Canada’s CAN/BNQ 1923-450-M91.

All these standards are designed with your safety in mind, so ensure the chaps you’re buying satisfy them to increase the chances that they protect you from injury.

5. Machine Compatibility

When choosing chainsaw chaps, it is important to understand that their compatibility differs between machines. You will likely be buying chaps compatible with gas or electric chainsaws, or both.

For instance, most of the chaps models we reviewed are designed for safe operation with gas chainsaws only and are not recommended for use with electric ones because of their high torque outputs.

Ensure you read the product specifications to determine their chainsaw compatibility.

6. Budget

Your budget will influence the model of chainsaw chaps you buy. While some chaps go for less than $50, you may also encounter some with prices exceeding $140.

Remember that the cost of the chaps does not always reflect their true quality.

Therefore, always look for the best value for your budget, and you will likely find high-quality chaps that offer effective protection.

10 Best Chainsaw Chaps of 2021 Reviewed




Forester CHAP437-O

1. Forester CHAP437-O (Best Budget)

  • Most affordable
  • Have flip adjustment best
  • Lightweight at 1.28 pounds
  • Side pocket for storage space
Husqvarna 587160704

2. Husqvarna 587160704 (Best Heavy-duty)

  • 36 – 38-inch adjustable length
  • PVC and cut-resistant Tek Warp
  • Adjustable waist up to 42 inches
  • Satisfies multiple safety standards
Makita 841008-A

3. Makita 841008-A (Best Lightweight)

  • Lightweight at 1 pound
  • Superior length of 38 inches
  • Easy to put on and adjust
Husqvarna 531309565

4. Husqvarna 531309565 (Easy-to-clean)

  • Hand wash and hang-to-dry
  • Polyester and 5-layer Kevmalimot
  • Meets multiple safety standards
  • Optimal leg coverage
Redneck Convent 5296

5. Redneck Convent 5296 (With Superior Comfort)

  • Support full-range maneuverability
  • 30 – 42-inch adjustable waist
  • 1200-Denier Oxford polyester
  • Water and oil-resistant
Jonsered 581815001

6. Jonsered 581815001 (Fully-adjustable)

  • Full-adjustable length and waist
  • Multi-layer Rope-Mali and Tekwarp
  • 1 tools pocket
  • Hand wash and hung to dry
Forester Zipper Chaps

7. Forester Zipper Chaps (Full-wrap Zipper Design)

  • Full-wrap and zipper design
  • Fits 5.4-foot to 6-foot people
  • 28 – 44-inch adjustable waist
  • Water and oil-resistant
WoodlandPro 132 GRN RG

8. WoodlandPro 132 GRN (For Cold Weather)

  • Ideal for cold temperatures
  • Multi-layer Kevlar protection
  • Waist adjustment for comfort
  • Meets multiple safety standards
Labonville LW850 BO RG

9. Labonville LW850 BO RG (Premium Materials)

  • Multiple premium materials
  • 5-layer Kevlar and polyester blend
  • Superior stitching for toughness
  • Hand wash and hang to dry
Cold Creek Loggers Chaps

10. Cold Creek Loggers Chaps (With Large Side Pocket)

  • 1 large side pocket
  • 1200 Oxford polyester outer
  • 37 inches long
  • Water and oil resistant

1. Forester CHAP437-O – Best Budget Chainsaw Chaps

Forester CHAP437-O
Photo: Forester

Forester CHAP437-O is the best budget chainsaw chaps on our list. These affordable chaps come with an apron-style design for optimal front-leg coverage and protection.

To secure the chaps firmly around your leg and prevent unnecessary movement, they come equipped with flip adjustment belts, which enhance the protective capacity of this gear.

Another thing you’ll love and appreciate about these chaps is their lightweight build. At only 1.28 pounds in weight, you will barely notice when they’re on you.

These chaps feature one large side pocket that provides you with additional space you can use to carry a variety of small tools or equipment with you as you operate your chainsaw.

These chaps also meet the required safety standards for chainsaw operation.

We did note, however, that just like in the Husqvarna 531309565, the plastic buckle of the main belt on the Forester CHAP437-O is also prone to coming loose.

Notes: These chainsaw chaps are not suitable for use with electric chainsaws.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Secures firmly around legs
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Side pocket provides additional storage space


  • Plastic buckle may loosen often

2. Husqvarna 587160704 – Best Heavy-duty Chainsaw Chaps

Husqvarna 587160704
Photo: Husqvarna

Starting us off are Husqvarna 587160704, which emerge as the best heavy-duty chainsaw chaps on our list. They offer the protection necessary to support your intensive power tool operations

They come with a superior adjustable length of 36 inches to 38 inches, which will comfortably fit people with heights of 5.5 feet to 6 feet for maximum leg coverage.

Their build quality is excellent and features 1000-Denier polyester with PVC coating and 5 protective layers of Tekwarp. This cut-resistant material is designed to “pull apart” and clog up the chainsaw’s sprocket system to slow it or stop it.  

Another impressive feature of these top-rated chainsaw chaps is their adjustable waist, which extends up to 42 inches. They come with felling wedge/gear pockets and Delran buckles.

You’ll be pleased to learn that the chaps also meet ASTM f1897 and ANSI Z133.1 standard, and OSHA regulation 1910-266.

The only downside we identified in the Husqvarna 587160704 chainsaw chaps is their weight of 3.75 pounds, which some users may find bulky especially because they are worn over other clothes.


  • Superior adjustable length
  • Strong, cut-resistant materials
  • Adjustable waist
  • Meets multiple safety standards


  • May feel bulky

3. Makita 841008-A – Best Lightweight Chainsaw Chaps

Makita 841008-A
Photo: Makita

Wrapping up our list are Makita 841008-A, the best lightweight chainsaw chaps.

Weighing only 1 pound, you will barely feel these chaps while they are on your legs. This low weight proves advantageous when you have to wear these for an entire day or work.

They also have a superior length of 38 inches, which is the longest we have recorded. This length promises maximum leg coverage to even the tall people who desire ankle-long protection.

You will also love their ease of putting on and adjusting, allowing you to spend more time on the cutting task at hand.

A notable drawback of the Makita 841008-A chainsaw chaps is their rather high price, which locks out potential buyers on a budget from enjoying the benefits of lightweight gear.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Superior length ideal for tall people
  • Easy to put on and adjust for optimal fit


  • Pricey

4. Husqvarna 531309565 – Easy-to-clean Chainsaw Chaps

Husqvarna 531309565
Photo: Husqvarna

We all desire tools and gear that is easy to clean and maintain. This area is where the Husqvarna 531309565 chainsaw chaps excel over their competition.

The chaps can be easily cleaned by handwashing and hanging to dry. Their materials are great at resisting dirt so that you spend the least time and effort cleaning them.

Just like the Husqvarna 587160704, these chaps feature an outer shell made of 600-Denier polyester, but in Navy blue color, for those who desire some diversity.

Protection is another major area of focus in the chaps’ design as they feature 5 layers of Kev-Malimot yellow line protective material. They also satisfy ASTM F1897 and ANSI Z133.1 standards and meet OSHA Regulation 1910-266.

Another thing to love about these chaps is that they run all the way to your ankle, hence providing optimal leg coverage and protection.

A potential issue with the Husqvarna 531309565 easy-to-clean chaps is that the plastic clip/buckle at the waist is not the strongest.


  • Easy to wash and dry
  • High-quality protective materials
  • Satisfies multiple safety standards
  • Superior leg coverage


  • Plastic waist clip could be stronger

5. Redneck Convent 5296 – Chainsaw Chaps with Superior Comfort

Redneck Convent 5296
Photo: Redneck Convent

Redneck Convent 5296 are chainsaw chaps built for superior comfort especially when using your tool for extended periods.

These chaps were designed in acknowledgment of the fact that sometimes, having additional gear on your body can create a very uncomfortable experience during tool operations.

They allow for a full range of motion, which enhances maneuverability on rocky, hilly, or sloppy terrain. The chaps have a waist belt that allows size adjustments between 30 inches and 42 inches enabling you to achieve the most comfortable fit.

Their safety capacity is incredibly high as they feature 1200-Denier Oxford Polyester for the ultimate chainsaw protection.

For maximum longevity and ease of cleaning, these chaps are water and oil-resistant.

An issue we noted with the Redneck Convent 5296 is that it does not specify home many layers of protection have been used on it, and people often find that piece of information important.


  • Support full-range and maneuverability
  • Adjustable waist for comfortable fitting
  • High-quality chainsaw protection
  • Water and oil-resistant


  • Number of protective layers not specified

6. Jonsered 581815001 – Fully-adjustable Chainsaw Chaps

Jonsered 581815001
Photo: Jonsered

While many chainsaw chaps have an adjustable waist, the Jonsered 581815001 stands out because they also allow length adjustment, in addition to the waist.

They feature an adjustable length with top snaps on the waist. The chaps also have a superior adjustable waist size that extends up to 46 inches.

The chaps are big on chainsaw protection with a multi-material build. They feature a 600-Denier polyester shell, 1 layer of Rope-Mali, and 4 layers of Tekwarp protective.

An additional handy feature on these chaps is a pocket you can use to carry small essential tools as you operate your chainsaw.

For ease of cleaning, the chaps can be hand washed and hang to dry.

The only major drawback of the Jonsered 581815001 is the high price tag of the chainsaw chaps. This price is likely to lock out budget buyers who desire high-quality chaps.


  • Full-adjustable length and waist
  • Superior multi-material protection
  • Handy tool pocket
  • Easy to clean


  • Very expensive

7. Forester Zipper Chaps – Full-wrap Zipper Chainsaw Chaps

Forester Zipper Chaps
Photo: Forester

Forester Zipper Chaps stand out from the rest of the pack because of their unique full-wrap design.

This design essentially means that the chaps wrap around your entire leg, and are fastened using a zipper to cover your legs’ calves as well.

These regular-sized chaps are offered with a length of 37 inches, which will comfortably fit people between 5.4 feet and 6 feet in height. You can also get them in 35-inch (short) or 40-inch (tall) lengths.

They come with an adjustable waist of 28 inches to 44 inches, thus providing you with the flexibility to choose a comfortable fit.

As for the material build, these chaps feature a 1200 Oxford polyester outer. They are also water and oil-resistant for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Perhaps the only potential issue with the Forester Zipper Chaps is their weight of 3.05 pounds, which is in the higher range compared to 1-pounds models.


  • Unique full-wrap deign
  • Multiple length options
  • Adjustable waist
  • Easy to clean


  • Could be lighter

8. WoodlandPro 132 GRN RG – Chainsaw Chaps for Cold Weather

WoodlandPro 132 GRN RG
Photo: WoodlandPro

You’ll not always be operating your chainsaw during warm weather. That is why you need WoodlandPro 132 GRN chainsaw chaps for the cold seasons too.

To keep you warm in such conditions, the chaps feature 400-Denier nylon green covering and 2 layers of DuPont Kevlar, which also enhance protection. The pad has 2 layers of polyester. These materials make the chaps thick enough for the cold weather.

These chaps are comfort-focused too as they come with a 2-inch adjustable wait belt, which accommodates waist sizes 28 inches to 44 inches. It also has 1-inch adjustable leg straps with quick-snap features.

As with the other chaps, these meet ASTM standards in both the U.S. and Canada.

The WoodlandPro 132 GRN RG chainsaw chaps are, however, notably pricey and not the most appealing to budget buyers.


  • Thick materials to counter cold conditions
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Adjustable in different sections for comfort
  • Meets required safety standards


  • Notably pricey

9. Labonville LW850 BO RG – Premium Chainsaw Chaps

Labonville LW850 BO RG
Photo: Labonville

If you’re looking for premium chainsaw chaps with high-quality and durable features, then Labonville LW850 BO RG chaps are your best pick.

The chaps pack an arsenal of high-quality materials in multiple layers including a 2-inch heavyweight polypropylene waist belt and a 2-inch special blend nylon wait buckle with a 1-inch leg buckle.

They also feature 5 layers of Kevlar fibers and polyester blend to block a moving chain to either stop it or allow for more reaction time.

Another premium feature of these chaps is the H.D. nylon thread used for stitching everything together to make the fabric tough for blocking chainsaws.

You can clean them easily through handwashing and hanging them to dry.

The premium features of the Labonville LW850 BO RG do, however, come at a steep price, which makes the chaps the most expensive on our list.


  • Multiple premium materials
  • High-quality protection
  • Superior stitching for toughness
  • Easy to clean


  • Very expensive

10. Cold Creek Loggers Chaps – Best with Large Side Pocket

Cold Creek Loggers Chaps
Photo: Cold Creek Loggers

Cold Creek Loggers Chaps come with a large side pocket that provides ample storage space for essential tools you may need during your chainsaw operation. Sometimes the tools in your pocket can prevent a chain from reaching your body.

They are made using high-quality 1200 Oxford polyester to enhance their chainsaw protection while extending durability.

At 37 inches in length, these chaps provide maximum leg coverage up to the ankles, even for tall people. A secure fitting is then achieved through a flip adjustment belt on the chaps.

Also, their brown color is especially great for those users who are not fond of bright colors such as the orange that is featured in most of the other chaps we have reviewed. However, the orange color option is still available.

For ease of cleaning and maintenance, these chaps have water and oil-resistant materials. You can simply hand wash and hang them to dry.

We did discover, however, that the color of Cold Creek Loggers Chaps is prone to fading with repeated washing.


  • Large pocket for additional storage
  • High-quality polyester outer
  • Long for optimal leg coverage
  • Water and oil resistant for easy cleaning


  • Color prone to fading


Having looked at the leading chainsaw chaps’ models and their many features, you’re all set to hit the store and grab a pair.

Remember all the important considerations you need to make, including the chaps’ material construction, machine compatibility, breadth of coverage, budget, and adherence to safety standards, among others.

You can always jump back to our top 10 chainsaw chaps review and buying guide to help you choose the gear that offers the most optimal protection from power tool injury.