8 Best Chainsaw Gloves of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Chainsaw Gloves

Chainsaw gloves are vital, must-have gear to help protect your hands from injury during chainsaw and other tool operations.

Most chainsaw gloves are made of high-quality materials such as leather and Kevlar to provide some degree of cut resistance against chains and other abrasive objects.

When choosing these gloves, ensure they meet different safety standards while fitting comfortably in your hands. Weight is also another key consideration to make.

Dive into our top 8 chainsaw glove reviews and buying guide to help you choose the pair that best fits your chainsaw and other tool operation demands. 

What To Check Before Buying Best Chainsaw Gloves?

How to Buy the Best Chainsaw Gloves

1. Material

Chainsaw gloves are made using a combination of materials that make them strong, comfortable, durable, cut-resistant, and waterproof, in some models.

The most common material used in chainsaw gloves is leather. This material is preferred because of its toughness and durability.

Leather is great because of its non-slip capabilities, which come in handy in different weather conditions. Also, having a lot of leather on your chainsaw gloves increases their capacity to protect your hands.

Spandex and other fibers are great materials for comfort, breathability, and flexibility.

2. Kevlar

Kevlar is one of the most common synthetic fibers used in different commercial applications. It is preferred for its superior heat resistance and high tensile strength.

For this reason, Kevlar has been used to make bullet-proof vests and racing tires. Some chainsaw gloves also utilize Kevlar as one of their core materials.

Kevlar is used to line the outer surfaces of gloves to make them cut-resistant. The most vulnerable hand is the left one, which is why many brands only put Kevlar on the left-hand glove for maximum chainsaw protection.

3. Lining

Additional inner linings are put in chainsaw gloves to enhance their cut resistance.

A second lining is included with the aim of slowing down the chain in case of a malfunction or accidental contact with your hands.

Since most people are right-handed, it is likely they will be holding the chainsaw with their right hand, and supporting the saw with the left one, putting it closest to the chains.

Thus, linings are also likely to be on the left gloves as is the case with Kevlar.

4. Cut Resistance

Cut-resistance will probably be your top-most priority when choosing chainsaw gloves. Since the gloves are meant to protect your hands from injury by such a tool, this feature cannot be compromised. 

Your gloves’ capacity to resist cuts and puncturing depends on the materials used to make them. As noted above, Kevlar is one of the materials used on gloves to make them strong and resistant to cuts.

Linings also boost your gloves’ strength. Hence, getting a pair with such materials will be a major boost to their cut resistance.

5. Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is closely related to cut resistance. Chainsaw gloves are usually exposed to plenty of abrasive objects when undertaking projects such as construction, woodcutting, landscaping, and many others.

Wood chippings and debris tend to fly around a lot when working with chainsaws, and your gloves should be strong enough to resist such harsh conditions.

Therefore, gloves with strong abrasion-resistant materials are likely to last long.

6. Safety Standards

There are safety standards that chainsaw gloves must comply with before they can be used by people.

EN (Europe) and ANSI (U.S.) are the most common standards that chainsaw gloves need to adhere to. The gloves have to undergo rigorous testing to ensure their material constrictions are strong enough to resist chainsaw cuts.

Chainsaw gloves can only be approved for sale to the public after they meet all the required safety standards, as we saw with most of the models we reviewed.

7. Flexibility

The chainsaw gloves you choose should be flexible enough to maximize comfort when wearing them and operating tools.

Flexible gloves should be designed to take the shape of your hand so that they can help achieve a near-natural fit and feel.

Materials such as leather tend to be flexible enough, but they can be supplemented using spandex or nylon, which are more elastic and softer.

Also, getting the right size of gloves can also boost their flexibility.

8 Best Chainsaw Gloves of 2021 Reviewed




Oregon 91305XL

1. Oregon 91305XL (Best Budget)

  • Reasonably priced and affordable
  • Anti-vibration reinforced palms
  • Chainsaw protection on the left glove
  • High-visibility orange color

2. Elvex CSGLV-XL (Professional)

  • Great fit for professional projects
  • Prolar layers offer chainsaw protection
  • Satisfies multiple safety standards
  • Washable and easy to clean
Husqvarna 579380210

3. Husqvarna 579380210 (For General-purpose)

  • Supports diverse applications
  • Cut-resistant left-hand glove
  • Goat leather for enhanced comfort
  • High visibility and reflective colors
Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L

4. Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L (Reinforced)

  • Non-slip reinforcements on core surfaces
  • Kevlar lining for puncture resistance
  • Comfortable supportive cuff
  • Soft terry cloth on the thumb
Endura Hi-Viz 385CS/XL

5. Endura Hi-Viz 385CS/XL (High-visibility)

  • High-visibility yellow back
  • Water-repellent leather palms
  • Elasticized wrists for comfort
  • Stretchy nylon for breathability
Vgo… GA8912

6. Vgo… GA8912 (Superior Comfort)

  • Goatskin leather for superior comfort
  • Textured PVC palm patches
  • High-visibility and durable spandex
  • Cut-resistant fabric
Echo 99988801601

7. Echo 99988801601 (Anti-vibration)

  • Anti-vibration foam pads
  • 2 k cut-resistant Kevlar layers
  • Goatskin for a firm grip
  • Reinforced fingertips and knuckles
Oregon 564449

8. Oregon 564449 (Waterproof Design)

  • Waterproof and water-repellent materials
  • Chainsaw protection on the left glove
  • Leather-reinforced glove parts
  • Fluorescent backs for visibility

1. Oregon 91305XL – Best Budget Chainsaw Gloves

Oregon 91305XL
Photo: Oregon

  • Material: Leather, Fabric
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Size: Extra Large

Oregon 91305XL is the best pair of budget chainsaw gloves on our list. Their reasonable pricing makes them the most affordable to potential buyers.

Besides affordability, these top-rated chainsaw gloves have a smooth genuine leather construction, which enhances both durability and comfort, thus providing an excellent chainsaw feel.

Their palms, which are made of leather, have been reinforced for vibration reduction so that the gloves can also succeed in rugged applications.

They feature a close-fit wrist design that offers a snug fit to provide additional protection to your hands. The left-hand glove does have a special design to provide chainsaw protection during tool operation.

Another impressive feature is the safety orange color used on the gloves to provide high visibility when out in the field.

A potential issue with the Oregon 91305XL is that their product specifications do not indicate whether they meet the required safety standards for chainsaw glove design. 


  • Reasonably priced and affordable
  • Reinforced palms for vibration reduction
  • Chainsaw protection on the left-hand glove
  • High-visibility orange color for easy identification


  • Not clear on satisfying safety standards

2. Elvex CSGLV-XL – Professional Chainsaw Gloves

Photo: Elvex

  • Material: Leather, Nylon
  • Size: Extra Large (Also available in other sizes)

Wrapping up our list is Elvex CSGLV-XL, which are chainsaw gloves designed for professional tool operators who desire high-quality and reliable gear.

The gloves are ideal for professionals utilizing chainsaws in diverse applications such as forestry, woodworking, construction, and landscaping.

On the back of the left-hand glove are critical layers of Prolar protection by Elvex, which is aimed at providing chainsaw protection to your most active and exposed hand.

These gloves meet many quality and safety standards including CE EN 388:4244 and CE EN 381-7, Design B, Class 1-20 (m/s). You can be confident that they are providing you with superior protection across all work conditions in multiple applications.

This pair of gloves is also washable, so you don’t need to worry about working in muddy or dusty environments as you can easily clean them later.

We did note, however, that Elvex CSGLV-XL gloves command a high price making them the most expensive of all the models we’ve reviewed.


  • Ideal for professional projects
  • Prolar layers for chainsaw protection
  • Adheres to multiple safety standards
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey

3. Husqvarna 579380210 – Besst For General-purpose

Husqvarna 579380210
Photo: Husqvarna

  • Material: Leather, Spandex
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Size: Large (Also available in other sizes)

Husqvarna 579380210 are great general-purpose chainsaw gloves for supporting a wide range of light-to-medium-duty applications involving tool operations and more.

The left hand’s glove backs feature laminated spandex and other materials that give it cut-resistance properties so that your hand is constantly protected even in the event of a chainsaw malfunction.

Goat leather is the main material used on the gloves’ palm side. These parts are made using comfortable seams with double thumb stitching following the hand’s shape.

The leather is also used to make the gloves durable enough for demanding tasks.

As an additional safety measure, the gloves have high visibility colors and a reflective Crown ‘H’ logo for easy identification.

An issue we noted with Husqvarna 579380210 general-purpose chainsaw gloves is that they are not waterproof hence are not ideal for use in wet conditions.


  • Suits a wide range of applications
  • Cut-resistant materials on the left-hand glove
  • Goat leather on palm side for enhanced comfort
  • Highly visible colors and reflective logo


  • Not waterproof

4. Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L – Reinforced Chainsaw Glove

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L
Photo: Youngstown Glove Company

  • Material: Multiple
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Size: Large (Also available in other sizes)

YGV 05-3080-70-L is a single chainsaw glove that features superior reinforcements. It has non-slip reinforcements on the palm, fingers, and thumb to provide lasting grip and to enhance glove durability.

You will be getting a high-performance glove lined with Kevlar fiber by DuPont to give it cut-resistant properties. It’s especially worth noting that the entire glove is lined with Kevlar.

Soft terry cloth has been sewn onto the thumb’s top so that you can use it to wipe sweat and debris off your face and eyes.

It also features a comfortable and supportive cuff with a Velcro closure to provide wrist support and prevent debris and dirt from getting into the glove.

The most notable downside of the YGV 05-3080-70-L is that it is offered as a single glove, instead of a pair like competitor models.


  • Non-slip reinforcements on the palm, fingers, and thumbs
  • Kevlar lining provides puncture-resistance
  • Comfortable and supportive cuff
  • Soft terry cloth on thumb for wiping away sweat


  • Offered as a single glove

5. Endura Hi-Viz 385CS/XL – High-visibility Chainsaw Gloves

Endura Hi-Viz 385CS/XL
Photo: Endura

  • Material: Leather, Nylon
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Size: Extra Large (Also available in other sizes)

Endura Hi-Viz 385CS/XL is a unique pair of high-visibility chainsaw gloves whose yellow backs are optimized for easy spotting and identification.

The pair boast of goatskin leather palms, which are smooth, water-repellant, and built using anti-vibration reinforcements.

They also have elasticized Velcro writs designed to improve comfort and lockout debris while you’re wearing the gloves.

Stretchy nylon fabric is used at the back of the gloves to provide a water-resistant and breathable membrane that is a comfort booster.

These high-quality gloves meet the EN 381:1999 Class 0 safety standard for chainsaw gloves. You can wear gloves and operate tools with the confidence that your hands are well-protected.

We did note that the price of Endura Hi-Viz 385CS/XL is in the higher range and some budget buyers may find the gloves hard to access.


  • High-visibility colors and materials
  • Smooth and water-repellent leather palms
  • Elastic wrists for comfort
  • Stretchy nylon back to enhance breathability


  • Pricey

6. Vgo… GA8912 – Best with Superior Comfort

Vgo… GA8912
Photo: Vgo…

  • Material: Leather, Spandex, Fabric
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Size: Large (Also available in other sizes)

Vgo… GA8912 are chainsaw gloves purpose-built to provide you with superior comfort while wearing them and operating different tools.

The pair is equipped with premium goat leather to provide the comfort and dexterity required to support all-day usage.

Durability is another major focus of these gloves, which is achieved using textured PVC palm patches. These fixtures are great for resisting abrasion and prolonging the gloves’ lives.

The pair’s backs are made using high-visibility stretch spandex, which also provides superior dexterity and breathability, another comfort enhancement.

To achieve cut resistance and hand protection, the left-hand glove features chainsaw stopper fabric patches at the back, thus meeting EN381-7 standard, Class 1, 20 m/s.

A point of caution, however, is that the Vgo… GA8912 gloves are not ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as carrying firewood after cutting it with the chainsaw.


  • Premium leather for superior comfort
  • Textured palms for durability
  • High-visibility spandex also enhances durability
  • A cut-resistant fabric on left glove’s back


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks

7. Echo 99988801601 – Anti-vibration Chainsaw Gloves

Echo 99988801601
Photo: Echo

  • Material: Leather, Kevlar
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Size: Large

Echo 99988801601 are chainsaw gloves with superior anti-vibration properties. The gloves come equipped with foam pads on their palms to help reduce vibration transmission from the chainsaw and other tools to your hands.

2 layers of Kevlar have been used on the back of the gloves to enhance their cut resistance. You can wear gloves and operate tools confidently without the fear of injury.

They come with 100% goatskin leather applied on the front palm and finger area to provide a firm grip when holding and operating your chainsaw and other tools.

The gloves’ fingertips and knuckles have also been reinforced to enhance durability, while secure fitting is achieved through the Velcro wrist closures.

An issue we noted with the Echo 99988801601 chainsaw gloves is that they lack waterproofing or repellant properties, hence they may not be ideal for use in overly wet conditions.


  • Foam pads help to reduce vibrations
  • Kevlar layers enhance cut resistance
  • Goatskin provides a firm and comfortable grip
  • Reinforced fingertips and knuckles for enhanced durability


  • Lack waterproofing

8. Oregon 564449 – Waterproof Chainsaw Gloves

Oregon 564449
Photo: Oregon

  • Material: Leather, Polyester
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces

Oregon 564449 are chainsaw gloves specially redesigned to be waterproof and water-repellant.

They boast of waterproof kid leather palms and hard-wearing, water-repellant polyester backs. Combined, these features make the gloves ideal for use even when it is raining or in wet and marshy conditions.

The left-hand glove of this pair is chainsaw-protected to prevent cuts and rips during tool operation. Palms are also reinforced to support dexterity.

All other exposed parts of the gloves are seamless and leather-reinforced to strengthen the overall construction while enhancing their durability.

This pair of gloves also have fluorescent backs with knitted cuffs. Fluorescence aims at increasing the gloves’ visibility especially if you store them with other gear.

An issue we noted with the Oregon 564449 gloves is that they do not perform well in demanding tasks such as wood collection.


  • Waterproof leather palms
  • Water-repellent polyester backs
  • Chainsaw protection on the left-hand glove
  • Leather-reinforced glove parts
  • Fluorescent backs for visibility


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks


Having extensively looked at the major chainsaw glove models and their impressive features, it’s time to hit the store and grab one or a pair.

When choosing your gloves, remember to pick the right size. Also, the materials used to make the gloves are important as they affect durability, comfort, and cut-resistance.

Your gloves should also meet all the required safety standards to ensure they can protect your hands from injury as required.

You can always refer to our top 8 chainsaw glove reviews to help you choose the ones that offer the best combination of protective features.