10 Best Circular Saw Blades for Plywood in 2021 Reviewed

Best Circular Saw Blade for Plywood
Photo: DeWalt

There is no doubt that you will need to have the best blade on your circular saw no matter what you use it to cut.

However, finding the best circular saw blade for plywood can be a little hectic given that this delicate and thinner material requires extra keenness when cutting.

For plywood, you need a blade that is not only strong and sharp enough but also one that can cut the material without leaving any rough edges or frays.

Also, it should not leave behind splinters or kerf tear-outs as they will take extra sanding to eliminate and can even render the piece unusable.

That said, here we look at some top-rated circular saw blades for plywood and also explain the crucial things you need to consider when picking one.

What To Check Before Buying Circular Saw Blade for Plywood?

How to Buy the Best Circular Saw Blade for Plywood
Photo: Irwin

1. Blade Size

The blade side or diameter is one of the first things that you will need to consider when shopping for a circular saw blade for plywood. And this is because it will determine the maximum cutting depth you can get.

A typical circular saw blade meant to cut plywood will have a diameter of between 4-1/2 and 12 inches. Here the right size for you will typically depend on the size of plywood you intend to cut often and also the circular saw model you have.

Larger circular saw blades like the 12-inch Diablo D12100X will be preferable as they can handle the thickest plywood. However, it is vital to make sure what you buy will fit your circular saw model. That said, for many DIY projects, even the smallest blades like the 4-1/2-inch Worx Rockwell RW9281 is often enough.

2. Teeth

The number of teeth on your circular saw blade also matters as it will determine the kinds of cuts it will make. Hence, you need to keep the cuts you will be making on your plywood in mind when deciding the blade to buy.

For rip cuts, a circular saw blade with large and fewer teeth spaced further apart like the Worx Rockwell RW9281 is often enough. And this is because the larger spaces between teeth will expel wood dust easily and quickly.

If you want a smooth and clean finish, a circular saw blade with more teeth like the 140-tooth Irwin 11820ZR will do a great job. This blade will be useful when making crosscuts.

3. Materials

The material used to make the blade will determine how strong it will be, and hence its durability. Also, it has a big impact on the blade’s ability to maintain a sharp edge.

When it comes to the material, the best circular saw blade for cutting plywood depends on how you intend to use the saw. The most common materials are high-speed steel, carbide, and steel alloy.

Each of these material has both pros and cons, and so you will need to decide what you value most or what works best for your particular situation. For example, high-speed steel blades will be more affordable and are easy to sharpen, but they dull quickly.

4. Arbor

Arbor size is another vital element to take into account as you shop for a plywood cutting blade for your circular saw.

The arbor size will determine whether the blade is compatible with your circular saw or not. Hence, there is no right or wrong arbor size, as it all depends on the circular saw model you have.

Most circular saw blade models have a universal 5/8-inch arbor size, but you can still get some with 3/8 and 7/8-inch arbor sizes or even 1-inch like the Diablo D12100X.

5. Kerf

Kerf measures the width of the tooth on a blade at its widest point. What makes it vital is that the maximum width of the tooth will determine the cut width that you get.

Thin kerfs are often more preferable by many woodworkers as they will deliver fine cuts. However, these blades are more prone to vibrations and wobbling when cutting and will not handle harder plywoods well.

Hence, when it comes to the kerf, you need to strike a balance between the quality of cut you get and the ability to tackle harder materials.

The good news is that with the anti-vibration technology used on many modern blades, it is now possible to have a super-thin kerf with no issues. Some of the most common kerf sizes are 0.98 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm, and 2.2 mm, which are still thin enough for excellent cut quality.

6. Hook Angle

The hook angle will be the position of the blade as it comes into contact with the plywood. What makes this angle important is that it determines the aggressiveness of the cut and also the quality.

You can get a blade with either a positive or negative hook angle, and each type will have its merits and demerits, which you need to keep in mind.

Positive hook angles will cause the blade to pull on the material and hence causing self-feeding. Self-feeding or climb cut, which makes the cut too aggressive and sometimes a little dangerous. However, these blades will cut relatively faster than the negative hook angle ones.

On the other hand, negative hook angles will cut less aggressively and will not self-feed and hence leading to a smoother cut. However, these blades will not cut very fast and will not remove as much wood waste as the positive hook angle blades.

10 Best Circular Saw Blades for Plywood Reviewed




Diablo D1060X

1. Diablo D1060X (Best Overall)

  • Hi-Density carbide
  • 0.98mm kerf
  • Perma-shield non-stick coating
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents
Porter-Cable 12057

2. Porter-Cable 12057 (Best Budget)

  • Budget-friendly blade
  • 120-tooth blade
  • Durable steel construction
  • Cuts plywood, thin plastics, and veneer
Irwin 11820ZR

3. Irwin 11820ZR (Best High Tooth Count Blade)

  • 140-tooth blade
  • Fully hardened plate
  • Heavy-gauge carbon steel
  • Universal arbor
Diablo D12100X

4. Diablo D12100X (Best 12-Inch Blade)

  • Larger 12-inch diameter
  • Axial shear face grind
  • Ultra-thin kerf
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents
Diablo D0760A

5. Diablo D0760A (Best for Wet Lumber)

  • Ideal for wet lumber
  • Non-stick perma-shield coating
  • Universal 5/8-inch arbor
  • Super-thin kerf
Worx Rockwell RW9281

6. Worx Rockwell RW9281 (For Multipurpose Use)

  • Multipurpose blade cuts wood, plastic and composite materials
  • Carbide-tipped teeth
  • Small and thin design
  • 7,000 max RPM
DeWalt DW3196

7. DeWalt DW3196 (Precision Finishing Blade)

  • Ultra-fine finish
  • Ribbed heat vents
  • Specially formulated anti-stick coating
  • Front face grind
Concord Blades WCB0725T080HP

8. Concord Blades WCB0725T080HP (Pro-Quality Construction)

  • Professional-grade construction
  • Multiple saw compatibility
  • 2.2mm thin kerf
  • Lower hook angle
Oshlun SBW-055036

9. Oshlun SBW-055036 (High-Speed Trimming Blade)

  • 11,000 RPM maximum speed
  • Aggressive hook angle
  • Super thin kerf
  • Precision-ground carbide tips
Rockwell RW9282

10. Rockwell RW9282 (Small, Thin & Durable)

  • Small and thin blade
  • High-speed steel
  • Suitable for wood, plastic, aluminum and many other materials
  • 10,000 max RPM

1. Diablo D1060X – Best Overall

Diablo D1060X

Photo: Diablo

  • Diameter: 10 inches                            
  • Teeth: 60
  • Material: Carbide
  • Arbor Size: 5/8 inch

With the hardy steel plate teeth and high-density carbide tips on the Diablo D1060X, you can be sure of smooth and precise cuts consistently, which is what makes this our best overall circular saw blade for plywood.

Also, this blade has a super thin 0.98 mm kerf that will ensure ease of feed and for fast and clean cuts. You can be sure that you will cut with no gumming thanks to the non-stick perma-shield coating on the blade.

There are laser-cut stabilizer vents on this blade that will minimize vibration and heat build-up to ensure you get more precise cuts and longer blade life. With the limited lifetime warranty, you will have more assurance that this blade will provide a long service life.

This blade is not a good fit for those that prefer to re-sharpen their blades to prolong their life as even the manufacturer recommends getting a new one when this one gets dull. But, the good news is that it has a super long service life, and so you should not feel the pinch of having to buy a new one.


  • Highly durable material
  • Super thin kerf
  • More resistant to heat and corrosion
  • Reduced vibration and heat build-up
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not ideal for re-sharpening

2. Porter-Cable 12057 – Best Budget

Porter-Cable 12057

Photo: Porter-Cable

  • Diameter: 4-1/2 inches                       
  • Teeth: 120
  • Material: Steel
  • Arbor Size: 3/8 inch

The best circular saw blade for plywood does not have to be the priciest one, and the highly affordable Porter-Cable 12057 is enough proof of this. Despite the smaller price tag, this saw blade does a fantastic job as it delivers superior quality cuts.

A smaller 4-1/2-inch blade like this one is often more than enough for any DIYer and hobbyists looking for something that can easily cut through standard size plywood. What’s more, this blade has 120 teeth that will ensure you get smooth and precise cuts.

With 120 perfectly angled teeth, this blade will deliver a smooth and clean cut with minimal splintering and tearing out. Also, besides plywood, it will cut thinner plastic, veneer, and other similar materials. And with the steel material, this blade is made for maximum durability.

This circular saw blade seems to dull a little too quickly or at least faster than what some users might want, but given the smaller price tag, this will hardly be a concern as you can easily replace it.


  • Highly affordable
  • Smooth and clean cuts
  • Cuts a wide variety of materials
  • Steel construction for a long service life


  • Dulls fairly quickly

3. Irwin 11820ZR – Best High Tooth Count

Irwin 11820ZR

Photo: Irwin

  • Diameter: 6-1/2 inches                                   
  • Teeth: 140
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Arbor Size: 5/8 inch

If you are looking for a blade that will help give your plywood smooth and clean cuts, the 140-tooth Irwin 11820ZR is a perfect choice as that is just what it is built to do.

Besides having the highest tooth count on our circular saw blade for plywood review, this is also one of our cheapest options.

With this blade, you get a fully hardened plate that will ensure it runs truer, and it is made from a heavy-gauge carbon steel material that will make it tough for maximum durability. Because it has a universal 5/8-inch arbor, it should fit most circular saws.

This blade seems to dull a little faster than other more expensive ones, but given the smaller price tag, you can easily buy several of them. Also, it struggles a little cutting thicker plywood, but it should still get the job done.


  • More teeth for smooth and clean cuts
  • Truer running hardened plate
  • Highly durable material
  • Fits a wide variety of circular saws
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Dulls relatively faster
  • Struggles with thick plywood

4. Diablo D12100X – Best 12-Inch

Diablo D12100X

Photo: Diablo

  • Diameter: 12 inches
  • Teeth: 100
  • Material: Carbide
  • Arbor Size: 1 inch

Diablo D12100X is a larger 12-inch diameter circular saw blade that delivers deeper cuts, and to handle thicker and larger plywood pieces. Because it has an ultra-thin kerf, you are guaranteed of fast and highly accurate cuts.

With the axial shear face grind on the blade and the higher 100-tooth count, it will cut through plywood with ease and leave behind a superior quality finish that will hardly require any further sanding.

There are laser-cut stabilizer vents on this saw blade that will help absorb noise and vibration, and ensure the blade does not wander for even more precise and clean cuts.

When compared to other blades on our list, this is the priciest option, but the price is still okay for a 12-inch diameter blade. Also, the 1-inch arbor limits its compatibility to the larger circular saws, but this should not be a deal-breaker as this it is not meant to be a universal blade.


  • Larger blade diameter for deeper cuts
  • Fast and effortless cutting
  • Includes vents for noise and vibration absorption
  • Superior quality finish


  • Relatively more expensive
  • Limited circular saw compatibility

5. Diablo D0760A – Best Wet Lumber

Diablo D0760A

Photo: Diablo

  • Diameter: 7-1/4 inches           
  • Teeth: 60
  • Material: Carbide
  • Arbor Size: 5/8 inch

For those that have to deal with wet plywood or lumber often, the Diablo D0760A is the perfect blade for you as it can cut through this lumber fast and easily.

When using this blade, you can be confident that it will cut with minimal noise and vibrations as it will have the non-stick perma-shield coatings. With the ultra-thin kerf, this blade is designed to deliver smooth and clean cuts consistently.

This blade will come with a 5/8-inch arbor size that will allow it to fit a wide variety of circular saw types. Better yet, this blade will be ideal for use on miter and tables saws, and hence making it even more versatile and convenient.

Like most other circular saw blades, this one is not completely splinter-free. However, the splintering is the slightest possible, and this blade provides excellent cuts, and so you will hardly ever have to worry about splinters.


  • Cuts wet lumber with ease
  • Minimal cutting noise and vibrations
  • Fits a wide variety of saws
  • Clean and chip-free cuts


  • Not completely splinter-free

6. Worx Rockwell RW9281 – Multipurpose Circular Saw Blade

Worx Rockwell RW9281

Photo: Worx

  • Diameter: 4-1/2 inches           
  • Teeth: 24
  • Material: Carbide
  • Arbor Size: 3/8 inch

While the Worx Rockwell RW9281 will do a fantastic job when it comes to cutting plywood, this blade is more multipurpose as it will be ideal for cutting other materials like plastic and composites.

With its perfectly angled teeth, this 4-1/2-inch blade will cut smoothly into the material with minimal tear-outs. Because the teeth will include carbide tips, they will offer a long-lasting cutting.

You can also be confident that this saw blade will cause less tool strain as it is small and thin, which will translate to improved overall performance and higher cutting speeds of up to 7,000 RPM.

The thinner blade on this circular saw blade can be more prone to wobbling after making a few cuts and as it gets hot. But, you can be confident that it will not wobble enough to affect the quality of the cut you get.


  • Cuts a wide variety of materials
  • Perfectly angled teeth
  • Long-lasting teeth
  • Causes less tool strain
  • Withstands high cutting speeds


  • Relatively thinner

7. DeWalt DW3196 – Best for Precision Finishing

DeWalt DW3196

Photo: DeWalt

  • Diameter: 7-1/4 inches
  • Teeth: 60
  • Material: Carbide
  • Arbor Size: 5/8 inch

DeWalt DW3196 is one of the best plywood circular saw blades out there for any woodworker looking for something that can deliver a highly precise finish. This blade uses a tungsten carbide material that will remain sharp for long and will ensure you always end up with ultra-fine cuts.

With the specially formulated anti-stick coatings on this 7-1/4-inch blade, you can be sure it will cut with minimal friction for smoother cutting performance. Also, this blade has a thin kerf that will also enhance the cutting smoothness.

There are come ribbed heat vents on this saw blade that will ensure it runs cooler than others, and will help minimize bending and flexing when cutting. 

You can be confident of getting a sharper tip that will reduce the cutting force as this blade will have front face grind.

Although this DeWalt blade could be a little thicker to make it even tougher, the good news is that it is still thick enough to ensure it does not wander or wobble when cutting.


  • Delivers a fine and precise finish
  • More effective anti-kickback technology
  • Improved cutting feel and performance
  • Cooler running blade
  • Stays sharp longer


  • Could be a little thicker

8. Concord Blades WCB0725T080HP – Pro-Quality

Concord Blades WCB0725T080HP

Photo: Concord Blades

  • Diameter: 7-1/4 inches                                   
  • Teeth: 80
  • Material: Carbide
  • Arbor Size: 5/8 inch

With a professional-grade blade like the Concord Blades WCB0725T080HP, there is hardly any job that is too big for you. This 7-1/4-inch blade with 80 teeth will cut through both hard and softwood with ease.

The 2.2 kerf on this saw is thin enough to ensure you will end up with a smooth finish and with minimal material waste. With the lower hook angle, this blade will deliver an improved cut surface and increase the feed pressure required.

Besides circular saw, this blade will be perfect for use on a wide variety of other saw types like the table saw, miter saw, chop saw, and hand saws.

While the finish that you get with this blade could still be a little smoother to minimize the need for sanding, for the price, it is as good as it gets.


  • Highly durable material
  • Works well for a variety of saw types
  • Smooth finish with little waste
  • Excellent cut surface quality
  • Cuts both hard and softwoods


  • Cuts both hard and softwoods

9. Oshlun SBW-055036 – High-Speed Trimming

Oshlun SBW-055036

Photo: Oshlun

  • Diameter: 5-1/2 inches                       
  • Teeth: 36
  • Material: Carbide
  • Arbor Size: 5/8 inch

There is hardly any circular saw out there that will be too fast for the Oshlun SBW-055036 as it can accommodate a maximum speed of up to an impressive 11,000 RPM. This blade is built for faster and easier cutting as it will include a 2.2 mm kerf.

With the aggressive hook angle, cutting will be easier as this blade can get into the workpiece with minimal resistance. Also, besides plywood, it will cut both soft and hardwoods effortlessly.

This circular saw blade is effective at extending the battery life on a cordless circular saw. But the superior cut quality that comes with the precision-ground carbide tips is probably what will impress woodworkers most.

There is still a small tear-out when using this blade, which should not be a concern as there is hardly any blade out there that eliminates them completely. Better yet, the surface you get still requires little to no sanding.


  • Accommodates super high blade speeds
  • Cuts a wide variety of wood types
  • Faster and easier cutting
  • Helps extend battery life
  • Superior cut quality


  • Small tear-outs

10. Rockwell RW9282 – Small, Thin and Durable

Rockwell RW9282

Photo: Rockwell

  • Diameter: 4-1/2 inches
  • Teeth: 60
  • Material: High-speed steel
  • Arbor Size: 3/8 inch

Rockwell RW9282 us a small and thin 4-1/2-inch blade that will cut fast and smoothly. The cutting speed and smooth cut quality are thanks to the 60-tooth orientation and relatively thinner kerf.

Because this blade is high-speed steel, you can be confident it will be tough and highly durable for long service life. You can use it to cut everything from wood to plastic and aluminum, and hence making it ideal for general purpose use in the workshop.

The size of the blade will ensure that it will cause minimal strain on your circular saw and ensure the battery lasts longer if you are using a cordless model. Better yet, this blade will also withstand up to 10,000 RPM to allow for high-speed cutting.

Given the thinness of this blade, it can wobble a little but not enough to affect the cut accuracy and quality. Also, when cutting harder pieces, it can be a little slow, but it still gets the job done.


  • Fast, smooth cutting
  • Highly durable material
  • Cuts various other material besides wood
  • Causes less tool strain
  • Withstands high RPMs


  • Wobbles a little
  • Can be slow when cutting harder woods


With the best circular saw blade for plywood, you can be sure that cutting plywood will be a breeze for you if you use this wood material for most of your projects.

There is a blade for almost any circular saw type and model out there on our list. However, the Diablo D1060X top-rated is out the best overall model thanks to the durable material and coatings and the ultra-thin kerf.

But if you are looking for the smaller and more affordable 4-1/2-inch blades, the Porter-Cable 12057 will be a better option for you.