7 Best Cordless Framing Nailers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Cordless Framing Nailer
Photo: Bostitch

Cordless framing nailers offer two major advantages. The first is portability, while the second is freedom from air compressors.

The idea of owning a cordless framing nailer is a great one because it lets you carry out more jobs than would have been possible with a pneumatic nailer.

However, many manufacturers design their cordless nailers using different technologies, which creates a range of offers in the market, making it a bit harder to choose.

This cordless framing nailers review helps you make the right choice by looking at the top offers and letting you know what to look out for.

What To Check Before Buying Cordless Framing Nailers?

How to Buy the Best Cordless Framing Nailers
Photo: Metabo HPT

1. Cordless Framing Nailer Power

Power is an important consideration because it determines how well you can do your work. This includes the maximum size of nails you can drive with the gun, as well as how long a single charge will last you.

All cordless framing nailers are battery-powered and nearly all of those batteries are lithium-ion. The next issue is voltage, as they can range from 7 to 20 Volts, although you can find tools with a higher-voltage design.

While a higher voltage can increase a nailer’s driving force, what determines battery duration, however, is a combination of its voltage and storage capacity, usually given in Amp-hours or Ah. The higher the Ah rating, the longer it will last.

2. Magazine Capacity of Cordless Framing Nailer

This is another important issue because it determines how conveniently you can do your work. A larger magazine lets you work for a longer period before needing a reload and this can be time-saving.

But the capacity is determined by the type of nail heads, which can be: clipped heads, offset heads, or fully-round heads. Another factor that determines magazine capacity is the nailer’s angle.

3. Nail Angle

You’ll find four major angles when it comes to framing guns and they are 21°, 28°, 30°, and 34°. The important thing to note here is that if you buy a 21° nail gun, then it will only accept 21° nails, and the same goes for all the other types.

The major reason for these angles, however, is the ability to stack nails. 21° nailers such as the DeWalt DCN21PLB have the least capacity at a 50-nail average, but they are powerful and good for working in tight spaces.

28° framing nailers such as the Bostitch BCF28WWM1 can handle more nails but they are also heavier, a trade-off you’ll have to consider. Then, the 30° and 34° nailers can hold the most nails, usually over a hundred. But they are the heaviest.

4. Nail Sizes

Nail sizes can range from 0.5 up to 3.5 inches, and each nail gun comes with a rating of the nail types it can handle.

It’s left for you here to know the type of work you intend to do and then find a suitable nailer.

5. Handle Design of Cordless Framing Nailer

Nail guns are relatively heavy tools, so handle design is important for your comfort and convenience, while working with the nailer of your choice.

An ergonomically designed handle will let you work for longer periods while minimizing joint aches and other inconveniences.

6. Cordless Framing Nailer Safety Features

Nail guns are dangerous tools, so safety features are important as well. While different guns can offer different features for safety, the most popular safety feature you’ll find is the choice between sequential and bump firing.

Sequential firing is the safest. It makes sure you press the gun’s tip against a hard object first before pressing the trigger to fire.

Bump firing is faster, as it lets you press the trigger first and then fire off nails by simply pressing the gun’s tip on the board, over and over (bumping).

7. Portability of Cordless Framing Nailer

The weight difference between the heaviest and lightest cordless framing nailers is about 2 to 3 pounds on average.

The most lightweight models weigh about seven pounds, while the heavier ones reach up to 10 pounds. If weight is an issue for you, then you may want to consider going for the lighter guns.

7 Best Cordless Framing Nailers Reviewed




DeWalt DCN692B

1. DeWalt DCN692B (Best Overall)

  • Powerful & durable brushless motor
  • Dual-speed motor design
  • Offers bump & sequential modes
  • 3-year warranty
Bostitch BCF30PTB

2. Bostitch BCF30PTB (Best Budget)

  • Low cost
  • 2-speed brushless motor
  • Drives nails up to 3.5 inches
  • Offers sequential & bump firing
Paslode 905600

3. Paslode 905600 (Best Runtime)

  • Up to 9,000 nails per charge
  • Compact at just 7.2 pounds
  • Easy & tool-less depth adjustment
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
Metabo HPT NT1850DE

4. Metabo HPT NT1850DE (Best Package)

  • Comes with many accessories
  • 3-Ah battery drives 1,650 nails
  • Holds up to 100 nails
  • A lifetime warranty
Metabo HPT NR1890DR

5. Metabo HPT NR1890DR (Powerful Nailer)

  • Uses up to 3.5-inch nails
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • 18-Volt & 3-Ah battery
  • A lifetime warranty
Bostitch BCF28WWM1

6. Bostitch BCF28WWM1 (Dual Speed)

  • Up to 3.5-inch nails
  • 2-speed brushless motor
  • With a battery, charger, & bag
  • 3-year warranty coverage

7. DeWalt DCN21PLB (21 Degree Nailer)

  • 21-degree cordless nailer
  • Powerful dual-speed motor
  • A 49-nail aluminum magazine
  • Easy & tool-less depth adjustment

1. Best Overall: DeWalt DCN692B

DeWalt DCN692B

Photo: DeWalt

  • Power: 20 volts
  • Magazine Capacity: 55 nails
  • Nail Size: 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds

DeWalt makes great power tools and the company proves their capability again with this DeWalt DCN692B framing nailer, which combines a dual-speed brushless motor design with a 55-nail magazine to make it our overall best offer on this list.

These nails can reach 3.5 inches and they are not a problem for this unit. The dual-speed lets you choose what’s best for the job at hand easily. Plus you can also switch between sequential and bump nailing with ease.

For power, it’s a 20-Volt unit and DeWalt includes a 4.0-Ah battery to deliver the most power you can ask for. The entire unit is then backed by the company’s 3-year warranty to provide peace of mind.

Its major issue, however, is the price. But remember that DeWalt is a popular brand with countless satisfied customers the world over and that being one of the best battery operated framing nailers makes this unit worth its price.


  • Features a modern and durable brushless motor
  • Offers bump and sequential modes
  • The magazine will hold up to 55 nails
  • It comes with DeWalt’s 3-year warranty


  • It’s not cheap but it’s worth it

2. Best Budget: Bostitch BCF30PTB

Bostitch BCF30PTB

Photo: Bostitch

  • Power: 20 Volts
  • Nail Size: 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.1 pounds

With the lowest-priced offer on this list, Bostitch offers a powerful 30° cordless framing nailer here that handles up to 3.5-inch nails.

It gets its driving power from a brushless motor with a 2-speed design and it accepts both clipped and fully rounded-head nails to make it a versatile performer and one of the market’s best cordless framing nailers.

Other nice features include a release lever for jams, an ergonomic design, a modest weight at just 8.1 pounds, and tool-free selection between its bump and sequential firing modes.

What it lacks is a battery, because this offer is for the bare tool. It comes with a 3-year warranty backing though and will handle up to 800 nails per charge when running on a 4.0 Ah battery.


  • Low-cost cordless framing nailer
  • Features a 2-speed brushless motor
  • Includes a stall release lever
  • Backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty


  • It doesn’t come with a battery

3. Best Runtime: Paslode 905600

Paslode 905600

Photo: Paslode

  • Power: 7 Volts
  • Nail Size: 2-3.25 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 pounds

This Paslode 905600 framing nailer uses a fuel cell combined with its battery, which lets it drive up to 9,000 nails per charge. It also allows it to work in cold temperatures down to 14°F.

Its unique design uses the battery power to run the mechanics in the gun and to deliver fuel from the cell into the chamber. This fuel is then ignited by a spark plug each time you press the trigger, and the resulting motion drives your nail.

An additional advantage of its unique design is its lightweight, as it’s also the lightest cordless nailer on this list at just 7.2 pounds.

You’ll have to concern yourself with steadily having to buy fuel cells, because this unit won work without one. Asides from that, Paslode backs it with a 5-year coverage to make it one of the best battery powered framing nail guns still.


  • Drives up to 9,000 nails per charge
  • Lightweight design weighs just 7.2 pounds
  • Toolless and easy-to-adjust nail depth
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty coverage


  • It needs a fuel cell to work

4. Best Package: Metabo HPT NT1850DE

Metabo HPT NT1850DE

Photo: Metabo HPT

  • Power: 18 Volts, 3 Ah
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 nails
  • Nail Size: 5/8 to 2 inches
  • Weight: 7.3 pounds

Hitachi Power Tools is now Metabo HPT, but they come with the same top quality. Here, you get a full cordless framing nailer package, complete with a battery, charger, safety glasses, and a contractor bag.

This Metabo HPT nailer is an 18-gauge tool, designed to hold up to 100 nails ranging from 5/8-inch to 2 inches in length. This makes it a compact nailer and one of the lightest in the market.

It comes with a unique air spring system, which is powered by a brushless motor and produces fast shooting speeds with no ramp up time. It’s also energy-saving, as one full charge of the included 3.0-Ah lithium battery will last for up to 1,650 nails.

The only issue is that it’s not for heavy-duty jobs with larger nails. So as long as you can manage with 2-inch and shorter nails, then it’s a great offer.


  • The package includes a battery, bag, & glasses
  • It can drive up to 1,650 nails per full charge
  • Large magazine holds up to 100 nails
  • Backed by Metabo’s lifetime warranty


  • Can’t handle longer than 2-inch nails

5. Most Powerful: Metabo HPT NR1890DR

Metabo HPT NR1890DR

Photo: Metabo HPT

  • Power: 18 Volts, 3.0 Ah
  • Nail Size: 2 to 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.1 pounds

This Metabo NR1890DR is an 18-Volt powerful and top-rated cordless framing nailer, designed for tough jobs that need big nails. It can handle nail lengths from 2 inches up to 3.5 inches and is powered by a brushless motor.

You can use it to drive up to two nails per second and its battery can drive up to 400 nails per full charge using Metabo’s unique Air-Spring drive.

Further highlights include a toolless nail-depth adjustment and easy transition between sequential and bump-firing modes. Then there a pivoting hook that makes it easy to hand it almost anywhere, when you need a break.

Where you may find issues is weight, as it’s a 10-pound nailer. This offer is only just for the bare tool, but it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Powerful cordless nailer for up to 3.5-inch nails
  • Features a modern brushless motor
  • Runs on 18 Volts with a 3-Ah lithium battery
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from Metabo HPT


  • It’s a relatively heavy cordless nailer
  • The offer is for only the nailer

6. Dual-speed: Bostitch BCF28WWM1

Bostitch BCF28WWM1

Photo: Bostitch

  • Power: 20 Volts
  • Magazine Capacity: 55 nails
  • Nail Size: 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.1 pounds

Bostitch offers its dual-speed 28° nailer here, designed to handle up to 55 nails with lengths up to 3.5 inches, and that includes fully round-headed ones. It’s powered by a brushless motor for durability and only weighs 8.1 pounds.

The package includes a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, rated at 4.1 Ah, which combines with the system’s 20 Volts to deliver sufficient and durable power for your work.

Only let-down here is the 3-year warranty, which pales in comparison with similar brands. Else, it’s one of the best cordless framing nail guns out there.


  • Powered by a dual-speed brushless motor
  • Accepts up to 3.5-inch nails in 28° collation
  • Package includes a battery, charger, and bag
  • Loads up to 55 round-head nails


  • Other brands offer longer warranties

7. 21 Degree: DeWalt DCN21PLB


Photo: DeWalt

  • Power: 20 Volts
  • Magazine Capacity: 49 nails
  • Nail Size: 3.25 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 pounds

This DeWalt DCN21PLB cordless framing nailer is a top choice for those who prefer a flexible 21-degree tool.

This means it shoots plastic-collated nails and can handle up to 49 at a go. The motor is brushless and offers a 2-speed selection, plus you can precisely adjust the nail’s depth without a tool.

DeWalt also includes a toolless selector for easy switching between bump and sequential-firing modes. And there’s a release lever to easily unjam the machine when it jams.

But although it’s a great framing nailer, it’s relatively heavy at over 10 pounds and this offer lacks a battery.


  • 21-degree cordless framing nailer
  • Features a dual-speed motor
  • 49-nail capacity aluminum magazine
  • Easy nail-depth adjustment


  • This package doesn’t include a battery
  • It’s relatively heavy


We’ve reached the end of this cordless framing nailers review and you should hopefully be excited by now. Having learned what to look out for, now is your turn to choose.

For a quick and reliable choice, we recommend our overall best selection, the DeWalt DCN692B framing nailer, with its 55-nail capacity, 8-pound weight, and 3-year warranty.

If you’re on a budget, then we recommend the Bostitch BCF30PTB nailer, with its 800 nails per charge performance and attractively-low price.

But if you need a lightweight machine, then we recommend the Metabo HPT NT1850DE cordless framing nailer. It drives up to 1,650 2-inch nails per charge, loads up to 100 in its magazine, and comes with a lifetime warranty.