10 Best Cotton Candy Machines of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Cotton Candy Machine

Kids are fond of cotton candy. You can see the light in their eyes when you take them out, and they see colorful cotton candies being made. If you want to bring the fun home then all you need is the best cotton candy machine.

The equipment is available for domestic or commercial use. One can make purchase based on their need. There are a handful of other things that can be considered during the purchase.

Well, this cotton candy machine review will cover all the aspects that you need to know and help you in finding the right machine. Read on to find more!

What to Check Before Buying Best Cotton Candy Machine?

How to Buy the Best Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton candy is enjoyed by people of all ages. These are delicious sugary delights that people like to buy when they go out. Not many people bother to buy the best cotton candy maker for home but in actual, it is a fantastic purchase.

If you think that these are complex machines then no, this isn’t. The best home cotton candy machine is a delightful thing to purchase for home usage. There are also commercial variants that you will find in our list.

The commercial models can also be purchased by the people that like to host parties at home with kids. This machine can be highly useful for such buyers.

1. Home or Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

So, the best cotton candy makers for kids are available in two main types. You can purchase a commercial product or simply for home usage. Certainly, there is a lot of difference between both the types, given the level of usage.

For Home Usage

The best mini cotton candy machine which is specifically for home usage is small. It has a small motor and a tiny bowl where the candy is made.

You need sugar and paper cones for making cotton candy. The operation is simple that after some teaching, even your kids can make candy for themselves.

The cotton candy machines are economical in price and pretty affordable. The making is done with plastic material. You will find these machines pretty helpful to keep your kids occupied on the weekends.

Since these are lightweight, you can also take them along to the picnic with you and enjoy scrumptious cotton candies with your family.

For Commercial Use

For commercial use, you need more durable machines. The best commercial cotton candy machine is the one that has a strong engine and a multi-quart bowl so that the candy making process is improved and speedy.

These machines share rich features. That is why the cost of the commercial machines is a lot more than a house-usable model. The quantity of output is also a lot more than the counterpart.

You can find a lock-down feature so that you can carry it anywhere with you. These machines are mostly sized in a standard size so that they securely can fit inside the cotton candy cart.

This way, you can also exhibit your stall of cotton candy and also maintain the warm temperature that is required by the machine.

2. Bowl

The bowl of a cotton candy machine tells a lot about its robustness and durability. Most of the commercial machines come with stainless-steel bowls. The bowl is able to maintain the temperature that is required for quick making of the candy floss.

The stainless-steel bowls are durable and does not react to the water usage or oxidize because of the outdoor environment abuse.

The bowls used in the home usable machines are however different. They are mostly made of plastic material and are not as durable as the commercial ones.

3. Speed

Most of the top-rated cotton candy machines generates an output of 2 – 4 servings per minute. This means that you can make a candy floss in a matter of seconds.

The commercial machines have powerful motors, and they have the potential to generate speedy results. Home usable machines on the other hand are slower but since these are made for limited member, you can excuse the slow speed for the delicious candy floss at home.

4. Accessories

Now, there are some products that come with a lot of accessories. You should look for a bubble top that helps in creating a rim around the machine’s top.

It helps in preventing the cotton candy from flying out and creating the shape with the help of cones. If you are a beginner and looking for a machine for beginner’s level then make sure it comes with the raw material and a recipe book as well.

5. Easy to Clean

To maintain the hygiene, it is essential to keep the machine clean. The bowl is one of the things that you have to wash properly, like any other utensil.

There are some machines to come with dishwasher-safe bowls. Well, in that case, you will not have to struggle for washing.

However, if such is not the case then the washing should be easy and convenient anyways.

10 Best Cotton Candy Machines of 2021 Reviewed

Clevr Cotton Candy Machine1. Clevr Cotton Candy Machine (High Speed)
  • Commercial machine with 2 – 4 Servings per min
  • 20.5” stainless steel bowl
  • Have high output
  • Easy to clean
Vivo CANDY-V002B2. Vivo CANDY-V002B (Most Expensive)
  • Commercial machine with 2 – 3 Servings per min
  • 20” stainless steel bowl
  • Comes with a moving cart
  • 1-year warranty
Bella 135723. Bella 13572 (Standard Machine for Home Usage)
  • Home usage machine
  • Metal bowl
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
Vivo CANDY-V0014. Vivo CANDY-V001 (Cost-friendly Commercial Machine)
  • Commercial machine with 2 – 3 Servings per min
  • 20” stainless steel bowl
  • 1030W motor
  • 1-year warranty
The Candery Cotton Candy Machine5. The Candery Cotton Candy Machine (Colourful)
  • Home usage machine
  • Makes hard candy
  • Comes with 10 cones
  • Comes with quality assurance
Nostalgia PCM8056. Nostalgia PCM805 (Most Expensive for Home Usage)
  • Home usage machine
  • Retro design
  • Comes with a clear rim guard
  • Easy cleaning
Cotton Candy Express 6007CCE7. Cotton Candy Express 6007CCE (Small Size)
  • For home usage
  • Comes with 3 sugar packs
  • 50 paper cones
  • Make high-quality cotton candies
Olde Midway CON-COT-SP20008. Olde Midway CON-COT-SP2000 (Highly-priced)
  • Commercial machine with 2 Servings per min
  • 950W heating element
  • Multiple accessories
  • Comes with a cart
Nostalgia PCM805RETRORED9. Nostalgia PCM805RETRORED (Most-affordable)
  • Home usable machine
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Clear rim guard
  • Easy to clean
Great Northern 631010. Great Northern 6310 (Quiet Performance)
  • Commercial machine with 2 Servings per min
  • 20.5” stainless steel bowl
  • Quiet performance
  • Easy to clean

1. Clevr Cotton Candy Machine – Best with High Speed

Clevr Cotton Candy Machine
Photo: Clevr

So, this cotton candy machine is used for commercial purposes. It is a durable and performance-rich model. You can find it in three colors such as red, pink, and blue.

With 20.5” stainless steel bowl, the machine is quite robust in nature. It operates on 1080W power and has a belt driven high-performance motor.

The speed is simply impeccable as it generates 2 – 4 servings/minute. This shows that the machine has good performance and will be able to prove beneficial for commercial use.

If you are worried about the cleaning then rest assured because this model can be cleaned easily. Though, it is not dishwasher friendly.

It comes with 3-bin storage drawer, a stainless-steel scoop and an extra motor drive belt. Also, the machine has a safety device that can prevent injuries. The high cost of the machine might act as a setback in the purchase.


  • Very easy to operate the machine
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • The machine has a safety device
  • Impeccable speed, better than the counterparts


  • Comes with a huge price tag
  • This product is not dishwasher safe

2. Vivo CANDY-V002B – Most Expensive

Vivo CANDY-V002B
Photo: Vivo

If you don’t mind spending a little extra on a commercial cotton candy making machine then this product from Vivo is an excellent choice.

This model comes with 20” stainless steel bowl. It operates on 1030W power and generates an output of 2 – 3 servings in a minute.

Just like the previous model, this one comes with a bowl, a sugar scoop and a cash drawer. It is beautifully installed on a cart with two long wheels and two legs to rest the cart for making cotton candies.

Something that you might not like in this model is that according to the cost, the warranty of 1 year is too little. Plus, there are not a lot of color choices.


  • High-grade commercial cotton candy machine
  • Operates on high power of 1030W
  • Give 2 – 3 servings per minute
  • Highly potential machine that comes with a cart


  • Warranty of a year is too less compared with the cost
  • There are very few color choices

3. Bella 13572 – Standard for Home Usage

Bella 13572
Photo: Bella

This one is a standard model that can be used at home. Starting from the working mechanism to the performance of the product, everything about it is too basic.

There is a simple metal bowl on the top that comes covered with a glass lid. The bowl is dishwasher safe, so you will not have to worry about cleaning it manually.

There is an on/off button on the base of the machine. As soon as you turn the machine on, the bowl warms up and spin to make cotton candy. There is no unique and fancy feature in this machine. Considering the functions, the cost of the candy machine seems high.


  • Simple working mechanism of the machine
  • Metal bowl and body
  • Dishwasher safe bowl to prevent manual cleaning
  • Can be used by novices


  • The features don’t justify the price of the machine
  • There is no unique feature in this machine

4. Vivo CANDY-V001 – Best Cost-friendly Commercial

Vivo CANDY-V001
Photo: Vivo

For the buyers of a commercial size model, there are amazing options available on the market. Just like the previous Vivo model discussed, this one also has the same and excellent features.

It works on a power of 1030W and has great performance. The stainless steel 20” bowl is suitable for speedy performance. You can make 2 – 3 servings per minute.

For quick and efficient cleaning, you can simply disassemble the bowl and wash it manually. This model is not dishwasher safe. It is easy to use and maintain. Unfortunately, you don’t get a lot of accessories with this product.


  • Quick and efficient in performance
  • 2 – 3 servings per minute
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Comes with excellent features


  • It does not come with a lot of accessories
  • This model is not dishwasher safe

5. The Candery Cotton Candy Machine – Colourful

The Candery Cotton Candy Machine
Photo: The Candery

This one is by far the cutest looking candy making machine available on the market. Due to its appearance, it is a hit among buyers. This is a simple home usable machine.

It comes with a simple on/off button to use the machine. The best part is that accessories that you get with this mode. The package includes 10 candy cones and a sugar scoop.

This is a lightweight and a quiet machine. Also, it is pretty versatile in nature. The USP of the machine is its looks which are quite popular among kids. They love having this machine around.

The quality of the product is good however, the performance is a little slow. It is a decent model on the market.


  • Come with 10 candy cones and a sugar scoop
  • Lightweight and quiet machine
  • Good overall quality of the machine
  • The cutest looking machine on the market


  • The performance of the machine is a little slow

6. Nostalgia PCM805 – Most Expensive for Home Usage

Nostalgia PCM805
Photo: Nostalgia

For the buyers of a home usage cotton candy machine, this is a suitable model. However, you might have to spend a little more for this product. It comes in a retro design.

This machine is also among the best hard candy cotton candy makers that ensure great performance. The operation is pretty simple as you can warm up the bowl and add sugar in it for making candy floss.

There is a unique extractor head that allow you to make cotton candies in a traditional style. The clear rim guard helps in preventing the cotton candy from flying out.

The accessories that you get with this product are 2 cones and a sugar scoop with 1 extractor head. To ensure that the machine stands firmly, there are suction cups on feet. One thing that you might not approve is that there is no warranty with this product.


  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Have suction feet to hold the machine firmly
  • Extractor head does not let the cotton candy out
  • Great for making hard candy


  • Does not comes with any warranty
  • The most expensive model for home usage

7. Cotton Candy Express 6007CCE – Best in Small Size

Cotton Candy Express 6007CCE
Photo: Cotton Candy Express

The models made for home usage are pretty cute in appearance. This one is a small cotton candy machine which will make delectable cotton candies for you.

It is an all-inclusive cotton candy kit that comes with 3 sugar packs and 50 paper cones so that as soon as you get the machine, you can start making candy floss at home.

There is a simple on/off button which makes the mechanism pretty easy. Unfortunately, there is no rim guard to prevent candy floss from coming out. Also, the performance of this model is pretty slow. The features of this machine do not justify its high-cost.


  • Really cute in looks
  • Suitable for the kitchens with lesser space
  • It is a cotton candy kit with various accessories


  • The performance is not too speedy
  • There is no rim guard to prevent cotton candy from coming out
  • The features don’t justify the high cost

8. Olde Midway CON-COT-SP2000 – Highly-priced

Olde Midway CON-COT-SP2000
Photo: Olde Midway

The Olde Midway cotton candy machine will demand a large cost, but it is an excellent machine that can be used for commercial purpose.

The bowl is made of stainless-steel material which tells about the durability of this machine. The machine process on 950W power and generates an output of 2 servings per minute.

After turning on the machine, wait for 2 – 4 minutes and then pour sugar inside the bowl to make cotton candies. It comes with 3 bin storage drawers, 2 extra motor belts and a scoop.

It comes with a cart however; this model does not have any warranty.


  • Stainless-steel bowl for more durability
  • Comes with a moving cart
  • Generate 2 servings per minute
  • Comes with multiple accessories


  • This model does not come with a warranty
  • It is pretty expensive product

9. Nostalgia PCM805RETRORED – Most-affordable

Nostalgia PCM805RETRORED
Photo: Nostalgia

Honestly, this product from Nostalgia is better than a standard home usable machine. It is not the cheapest cotton candy machine but suitably priced model. The machine can be used with hard candy for cotton candy making.

The machines come in a decent size. The working mechanism is pretty simple. It comes with an on/off button that helps in the working of the machine. You can disassemble the machine, so that cleaning can be done easily.

The rim guard prevent cotton candy from flying out. The retro design is quite appealing. On the downside, you will see that there are very limited accessories with this product. Other than that, this model is worth every penny spent.


  • Available in a decent size
  • This model is suitably priced
  • Comes with a transparent rim guard
  • The working mechanism of the machine is pretty simple


  • This model does not come with a lot of accessories

10. Great Northern 6310 – Best with Quiet Performance

Great Northern 6310
Photo: Great Northern

We would like to conclude our list with this fantastic commercial model from Great Northern. It has got all the essential features of a high-performing machine.

The 20” stainless-steel bowl is not just made of high-quality, but it is pretty durable as well. The machine works on 1000W power and has amazing performance of generating 2 servings each minute.

The best thing about this machine is that it is quiet and does not make any noise while making cotton candies. Something that you might not like about this model is that it does not come with a cart. Also, the heavy-weight makes it difficult to carry the machine.


  • Have superior-performance of the machine
  • 20” stainless-steel bowl is pretty durable
  • Generate 2 servings in one minute
  • Quiet in operation and does not cause noise


  • Weight of the machine is high
  • This model does not come with a cart

How To Use Cotton Candy Machine?

Making cotton candy at home is the easiest thing that you can do to engage your kids at home during vacations or on weekends. The cotton candy making technique is pretty simple. There are three things that you must have for the process:

  • A cotton candy machine
  • Flavoured sugar
  • Cones

All the three things are mandatory.

You can start by adding the flavored sugar inside the bowl of the machine or middle of the cotton candy maker. For spreading the sugar evenly throughout the bowl, make sure to twist the spinner head.

Then, once you see the sugar evenly scattered inside the bowl, turn on the heat and start the motor. The revolving bowl will create cotton candy, and you will have to grab it using a cone. That is why the cone is extremely important.

You can find organic colors available on the market that are safe for consumption. To make colorful cotton candies, make sure to add some color with the sugar inside the bowl.

This way, you will be able to make tasty and beautiful cotton candy at home, just like the one you buy from the store.


The best cotton candy machine is the one that comes with all the powerful features like a strong motor, a durable and non-corrosive bowl, an easy operation, etc.

Whether you want to buy a commercial machine or the home machine, it will depend on your need and purpose of purchase. We have listed a fair share of items in both the types to provide you with maximum help.

We hope that the cotton candy machine review is useful for you, and you will find the best machine. Furthermore, we highly encourage our readers to first take a look at the buying guide before commencing the purchase.