7 Best Dado Blade Sets of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Dado Blade Set

A dado blade set is an actual necessity for any woodworker. It comes in handy when making cuts as its various blades give you the capacity to achieve the right depth and width. You, however, need to pick the best dado blade set for accurate and perfect results.

The tool is unique because it can make cuts of different widths and depths in wood, which greatly aids when designing patterns or making joints on any woodworking project.   

In case you are searching for a functional dado blade set for an upcoming project, here are a comprehensive buying guide and 7 dado blade set reviews to help you make an informed choice.  

What To Check Before Best Dado Blade Sets?

How to Buy the Best Dado Blade Set

Following are these features that you need to look out for when making your choice.

1. Types of Dado Blades

Dado blades can be categorized into two major types namely stacked and wobble blades.

Stacked Dado Blades

These are the dado blades that are mostly preferred by professional woodworkers because they offer precision and they are much safer to use. Additionally, they have two circular blades attached with anywhere between 18 and 40 teeth on each.

In between the two primary blades, you will find chipper blades with only a few teeth that might or might not be fully circular. These chipper blades are designed to hollow out the groove section between the precise cuts generated by the pair of primary blades.

Hence, these chipper blades do not require high levels of precision.  

Wobble Dado Blades

These are the blades with just a single circular blade which is mainly mounted on its axle in such a manner that it can wobble back and forth between a particular set of angles, which along the cut hollows out the full groove horizontal width.

Therefore, the steeper the wobble angle, which you can adjust on wobble blades, the wider the cut. This implies that wobble blades make relatively inaccurate cuts and for this reason, they should be avoided when handling serious woodworking projects.

2. Size

Dado blades feature different sizes but most of them are 6 or 8 inches. The most common size is the 8 inches because it makes deeper grooves as compared to the 6-inch blade. Additionally, the number of teeth should be a major consideration when buying a dado blade.

Some blades have 42 teeth and such models offer smoother cuts with higher precision as compared to dado blades with fewer teeth. Moreover, the number of teeth on chipper blades determines the cut center coarseness, although this is not very critical when it comes to proper joining.   

3. Compatibility

Here is another major consideration when buying a dado blade set. You must make sure that your preferred blade size must be compatible with the saw.

Generally, portable bench saws and circular saws can only use 6-inch dado blades. This is because they are not powerful enough to work with 8-inch dado blades safely.

Contractor saws, on the other hand, can safely operate 6 and 8-inch dado blades. However, you must not usefully circular, stacked 8-inch blades with full plate with contactor saws because they are heavier than blades that have non-circular chippers.

Cabinet saws can operate with almost any dado blade set because it comes with wide compatibility.

4. Insert Plates

This should also be considered when buying a dado blade set. It is the part that houses the slot through which blades protrude on the saw. Standard saw blade inserts are very narrow to use with stacked dado blades.

Therefore, you might be required to buy an insert plate, whose groove size matches your dado blade set width. Consequently, this implies that you will be required to have an extra insert plate for each arbor or width of the groove and dado blade, which you plan to use.

Common Joints with Dado Blades

The Dado Joint

The dado joint is a slot cut into the material surface. The cut is perpendicular to the grain and this is what makes the difference between a groove and a dado.

The Rabbet

The rabbet joint is a groove or recess cut at the workpiece’s edge and when viewed in cross-section, this joint is double-sided. The joint is open to the end or edge of the material surface which is being worked on.

The Finger Joint

This one is also known as the comb joint and is created by making rectangular cuts into two wood pieces, which are later glued together. When done properly, this joint is stronger when compared to lap and butt joints. You can use it to add to the aesthetics of a finished project.

The Tenon

Here is a joint that is inserted into a rectangular or square hole which is made into a corresponding material piece of the project. 

The tenon is cut to perfectly fit the mortise hole. In most cases, they incorporate which can neatly sit into place after the joint fully gets into the mortise hole.

7 Best Dado Blade Sets of 2021 Reviewed

DeWalt DW76701. DeWalt DW7670 (Best All-Round)
  • All-round dado blade set giving both features and value
  • 24 teeth for smooth cuts
  • Stainless steel shim for fine width adjustments
  • Heavy duty storage case that prevent product against damage
Oshlun SDS-08422. Oshlun SDS-0842 (Best for Smooth Dado Cuts)
  • 42 teeth provide smooth dado cuts
  • Full-body chippers minimize vibrations
  • C-4 micro grain tungsten carbide tips
Irwin Tools 18118653. Irwin Tools 1811865 (Best for Cutting Metals)
  • 12-tooth blades that cut through metal 
  • Oversized carbide blades that can be resharpened
  • 3 oval shaped chippers for smooth cuts
  • Shims and spacers for creating grooves
Freud SD208S4. Freud SD208S (Best Professional)
  • Professional grade package for commercial settings
  • 12 teeth and 2 wing chippers makes you work faster
  • Rugged blades feature TiCo carbide construction
Forrest DK082445. Forrest DK08244 (Best High-End) 
  • High-end dado blade set offers accuracy and perfection 
  • Negative face hook reduces wood splintering
  • 6 wing shaped chippers for making cuts with bottoms
Mibro 4163816. Mibro 416381 (Best Budget)
  • Competitively priced for people running a budget
  • Versatile design makes different cuts
  • Carbide tooth blades and chippers
  • Five 2-wing chippers, and 7 metal shims
Freud SD5087. Freud SD508 (Best Durable)
  • Superior durability withstands the test of time 
  • Fast adjustment capacity enhances cut widths
  • 6 chippers hollow out the cut
  • Storage case for enhanced portability

1. DeWalt DW7670 – Best All-Round Dado Blade

DeWalt DW7670
Photo: DeWalt

  • Size: 8-inch
  • Number of Teeth: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8-inch

DeWalt DW7670 is the best dado blade because it is all-round, implying that it gives you a combination of value and features altogether. The product has been manufactured by a renowned brand and it lives up to their quality reputation. The dado blade comes with 24 teeth on the outer blades and so you can be sure that it produces excellently smooth cuts with no chances of splintering.

The 4-tooth winged chippers ensure that weight is kept off the blade set and so it is compatible with any 10-inch table saw.DeWalt DW7670 features a set of stainless steel shims that simplify the width adjustments of the cut as well as enhancing the precision of the cut widths. You will love the heavy-duty storage case that comes with this product that plays a great role in protecting the blades against damage and chipped teeth. This product is great, but it is heavyweight hence, you need to handle it with care.


  • Smooth and precise cuts – 4 tooth chipper
  • Satisfaction guarantee – 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Heavy-duty shim set for durability and top-notch performance
  • Easy to set up and use – ergonomic design


  • A little expensive
  • Heavy-weight, hence requires care when handling

2. Oshlun SDS-0842 – Best for Smooth Dado Cuts

Oshlun SDS-0842
Photo: Oshlun

  • Size: 8-inch
  • Number of Teeth: 42
  • Arbor: 5/8-inch

Oshlun SDS-0842 is a reliable dado blade set that will give you smooth dado cuts which range from 1/4 to 29/32 inches, due to the impressive 42 teeth it features on the blades. The product is ideal for woodworkers who are looking for a premium cut at a pocket-friendly deal. Chippers on the dado blade feature a full body and this aids in minimizing vibrations. They are also easy to set up as compared to wing-style chippers.

This is a top-rated dado blade because it comes with C-4 micro grain tungsten carbide tips, which remain sharp for a long time. Besides helping you eliminate splintering and tearing out, the product makes small score marks on the outer edges. However, due to the many pieces, it features, this dado blade is quite heavy and so it requires some effort to move around with it.


  • Smooth cuts –high tooth count
  • Portable – full-color storage case
  • Easy to set up and minimal vibrations – full-body chippers
  • Offers fine adjustments – shim set


  • Heavy-weight but the storage case makes it easy to move around with it

3. Irwin Tools 1811865 – Best for Cutting Metals

Irwin Tools 1811865
Photo: Irwin Tools

  • Size: 8-inch
  • Number of Teeth: 12
  • Arbor: 5/8-inch

Here is the ideal dado blade set for cutting metals and a wide range of woods as well. It effectively cuts through metallic roofing sheets and better still, the precision of the 12-tooth blades it comes with will not chip the paint surrounding the area being cut.

The product is the best dado blade because it features oversized carbide blades which allow you to resharpen them to ensure that they are fresh for a long time. Additionally, the blades feature a non-stick coating which simplifies the sawdust cleaning process.

This dado blade set features 3 oval-shaped chippers where each one of them has 4 teeth that excellently generate smooth-bottomed cuts.

Moreover, the dado blade comes with shims and spacers which give it the capacity to create grooves which range from 1/4 to 7/8 inches width. The 8-inch diameter, on the other hand, makes sure that woodcuts will be deep enough for joining any wood pieces.

However, when using this product, you will require protective gear including a dust mask and eyewear because it spits out a considerable amount of splinters and wood dust.


  • Works on both metal and wood
  • Non-stick coating is heat resistant alleviating heat build-up when cutting metal
  • You can resharpen the carbide blades it comes with
  • Does not interfere with paint when cutting metal


  • Produces more wood dust and so you need protective gear
  • A little expensive

4. Freud SD208S – Best Professional Dado Blade Set

Freud SD208S
Photo: Freud

  • Size: 8-inch
  • Number of Teeth: 12
  • Arbor: 5/8-inch

Freud SD208S is a professional grade package of dado blade set that every woodworker will love using because it is designed for standard joints and making tongue and groove cuts. Hence, it allows you to perform various tasks, making it ideal for commercial settings. The product comes with 12 teeth and 2 wing chippers, implying that you get the chance to work faster and make the tongue and groove joints with greater efficiency and more speed. Due to its strong construction, this dado blade has the capacity to work on other joints.

This is a product that comes with rugged blades which are specifically designed using Freud’s proprietary TiCo carbide material. The material is a metal alloy that is also reinforced to withstand high heat levels and also to maintain its sharp edges for a prolonged period. Additionally, this dado blade set easily makes clean square shoulders and edges and flat bottoms grooves that range from 1/4 to 13/16 inches in 1/16 inches increments and splinter-free cuts. In rare cases, however, you might notice that the outer blades might create lines in your cuts.


  • Durable construction – TiCo Carbide material
  • Precise adjustment – shim set
  • Anti-kickback design
  • Compatible with all wood types and laminates


  • Rarely, outer blades might create lines in your cuts
  • The chart is so small and crowded

5. Forrest DK08244 – Best High-End Dado Blade Set

Forrest DK08244
Photo: Forrest

  • Size: 8-inch
  • Number of Teeth: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8-inch

Here is one of the best high-end dado blade sets on the market because the amount of money you spend on it is worth the value you get when perfect and accurate grooves are all you can accept in terms of quality. Forrest DK08244 has 24 teeth which help it to make nearly no marks on groove cross-cut faces. The negative face hook, on the other hand, plays a major role in reducing the wood splintering probability when dealing with delicate hardwoods.

There are 6 wing-shaped chippers that create cuts with bottoms, which are as smooth as the sanded ones. In return, this minimizes the time spent on finishing the cuts once the dado is done. Due to the rigidity of the blades, you end up getting extremely precise cut widths, which you can use your hands to tension during construction and which you can also be straightened multiple times during the process of manufacturing. With the heavy-duty design it comes with, this dado blade set is heavier than normal, but this greatly helps to maintain maximum stability, giving you the best cut.


  • Professional grade blades as they are very rigid
  • Minimizes chances of splintering delicate wood- negative face hook
  • Produces clean cuts – 24 teeth


  • Expensive but worth the price
  • Heavy-weight but this enhances stability

6. Mibro 416381 – Best Budget Dado Blade Set

Mibro 416381
Photo: Mibro

  • Size: 8-inch
  • Number of Teeth: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8-inch

The Mibro 416381 dado blade set is a budget-friendly product that you can buy when you do not have much to spend but requires a high-quality product. It features a pocket-friendly deal to enhance affordability, but the quality and durability are not compromised.

Apart from being affordable, this dado blade set is versatile in the sense that it can make different cuts from fillets to rabbits to dadoes to grooves. The product cuts precise and smooth grooves with square shoulders, flat bottoms, and clean edges. 

There are carbide tooth blades and chippers that come in this set, which feature negative hook angles to create flat bottom grooves that are both virtually splinter-free and smooth.

The set has two 8 inches outer blades, five 2-wing chippers, and 7 metal shims to enhance adjustments. Additionally, the slot widths range from 1/4 to 13/16 inches in 1/16 increments.

However, you must be very keen when using the product because it features very sharp spacers, which can cut your fingers.


  • High durable carbide-tipped blades and chippers
  • Very accurate and precise cuts – 7 metal shims
  • Competitively priced to enhance affordability
  • Compact case boosts convenient storage and easy transportation


  • Thin spacers are very sharp and so require care when handling
  • Occasionally, it can leave uneven grooves from the blades at the center

7. Freud SD508 – Best Durable Dado Blade Set

Freud SD508
Photo: Freud

  • Size: 8-inch
  • Number of Teeth: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8-inch

This is the product that comes with superior durability, implying that it will not wear down over time while giving professional woodworkers high precision. The durability is enhanced by the high-density blend of titanium cobalt, which is extremely durable. The reason why this is the best dado blade set is that it comes with a fast adjustment capacity which is mainly facilitated by the adjustment that comes with the package. Additionally, the shim set it comes with facilitates fine adjustments for cut widths.

This dado blade set comes with 6 chippers that help you to hollow out the cut while their winged style minimizes the overall weight of the dado blade which facilitates its compatibility with almost any contractor saw. For you to move around with it easily, the set comes with a storage case that facilitated portability. However, the case is relatively flimsy and allows the carbide blades to knock each other as you go.


  • Smooth cuts without ridges
  • Superior durability – high-density TiCo construction
  • High adjustable – width adjustment knob


  • Relatively expensive but worth the price
  • The design of the storage bag could be better


Here are the dado blade sets that will surely make a great addition to your toolset. From each of the dado blade sets reviews above, you can determine which one will best suit your needs and budget. 

All of them feature high quality and durability. Spot the best and make your order today.