The Best Decking Oils That Preserves and Protects

Decking oils are there to make your decking look good, but more importantly, decking oils preserve your timber, making it long-lasting and resilient to the elements.

We know that the best decking oils will keep your decking from twisting, splitting and rotting, it is the most important part of any DIY decking project.

Best Decking Oils For A More Natural look!
Decking Oils For A More Natural look

Using these great decking oils will also help reduce maintenance while keeping your decking looking good all year. With the priority aspect to seal your decking boards against damp and moisture retention.

All Decking Oils/Stains Are:

  1. Anti-slip
  2. weather resistant
  3. Contains algaecide
  4. Guards against UV rays
  5. Suitable for softwoods and hardwood decking
  6. Does not crack & peel when walked on

The Best Decking Oils

Using the best decking oils will produce better results when prolonging the life of your decking board and frames.

Because some decking oil brands use inferior ingredients, they tend to fade at a much quicker rate. Some oils and stains start flaking away when the weather changes or is exposed to the suns UV rays.

It pays to invest and purchase a decking oil that’s higher quality and will last the test of time!

Wezaggle Team!

1) Osmo Decking Oil (Best Pick)

The Osmo Decking Oil
The Osmo Decking Oil

For a superb natural finish then Osmo decking oil is rated the best all-round decking for 2020. It protects against dirt, UV rays, moisture and brings out the natural grain to boards and accessories such as rails, steps and spindles.

Our own experience is excellent; we use Osmo decking oil on every new or old restoration contract we undertake. With the only downside to this oil is their price range.

The Osmo Decking Oil Colour Selection
The Osmo Decking Oil Colour Selection

You will have to pay over £50 for this premium product. But! If you’re going to invest the time and money into a decking project, then only the best decking oil will do.

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2) Ronseal Ultimate Decking Oil

Ronseal Ultimate Protection
No1 Ronseal Ultimate Protection

The Ronseal decking oil provides your boards with the best overall protection compared to many leading alternatives. It comes in many colours and lasts twice as long compared to other decking oil brands.

If you want the best decking oil, then stain them with Ronseal because you will experience protection and low maintenance all year round.

Apart from the excellent coverage and quality stain, we were just as impressed with the way Ronseal makes your boards look natural even when the product had dried.

If your looking for a natural wood colour such as Teak, dark/light oak, and natural stain; then the Ronseal Ultimate Performance is the perfect product for your decking project.

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3) Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain

Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain
No2 Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain

The Cuprinol brand is generally our first choice among paints and stains for the garden area, but not this time! Although it is still a great choice of different colours compared to the Ronseal brand, it just does not stand up to the test of time.

It covers excellent and offers a wide array of colours but tends to dull after a few years of weathering quicker than the first brand of decking oils.

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The Types Of Decking Treatments

With many decking oils available on the web or in your local DIY store, it pays to use an oil that’s right for your boards.

If you have new hard/softwood boards, then all the oils and stains featured in this article will work wonders and finish your project perfectly.

For older boards, then we would only recommend Ronseal because it soaks deep and will make your decking boards last longer! But, always make sure you have followed our guide to restoring your decking boards.

Decking Stains

Seem the most popular type of decking preserve but not always the best option!

If your decking boards are new and have never been varnished/stained before then, we would suggest decking oils.

But if you’re looking to top up protection or change the appearance of your older boards, then stains are the next best thing to using oils.

Decking Board Sealers

This type of wood protection will cover the outside of your boards and will seal your decking boards against water and the elements.

This option is less attractive because it will not show off the grain of the wood, which can be more appealing depending on the types of boards you have installed.

Decking Board Oils

The most undiscovered protector, generally people will cover their boards in stains and nonslip paints. But, using the best decking oils will make your boards stand out much better.

Oiling your boards bring out the grain and give your timber a more natural look.

Oil is absorbed deep into the boards, making them water-resistant and much better protected against all weather, especially in the UK.

What To Use When Oiling Decking Boards

The Application Options
The Application Options

There are a lot of gimmicks sold in local DIY stores in recent years.

If you’re looking for advice from an experienced decking installer, then we highly recommend you use an excellent natural brush.

Yes, it may take longer to cover the boards, but you will end up with a far better finish. Sprays, rollers and sponge devices will make your work look sloppy because you will get pools of product between the groves.

Oiling New Decking Boards

Decking Restored!
Decking Restored!

When you oil or stain your new decking boards for the first time, you must always:

  1. Clean any debris and sawdust
  2. Make sure all screw heads are below the surface
  3. Let your hardwood decking boards lay for a few days
  4. Softwood decking boards are ready to be treated straight away
  5. Let both hardwood and softwood boards dry out before oiling

These are straightforward tips to follow, but, if you treat decking boards when they are wet or even damp, they will not absorb the oils! When you have followed the simple advice above, then take your time and do not carry the whole tin of decking oil around with you, because mistakes happen.

Decant some into a jam jar or smaller container and dip your brush in making sure you do not drip any oil. Plan your method and oil every board individual until you move onto the next one.

Decking Oils FAQ’S

How often should I oil my decking?

Initially, you should oil your decking board 3 or 4 times. Once you have given your decking boards their initial oil, we recommend every autumn to keep them looking new.

Can I oil old decking boards?

Yes, once you have sanded and cleaned the boards, they will be ready for oiling. Make sure you apply 2 to 4 times on timber raw boards.

Can you use oil on both hardwood and softwood decking?

Yes, oils are great for both hardwood and softwood decking boards although hardwood boards will need a few coats initially because the timber is more compressed than softwood making it harder for the oil to absorb.

Should I oil the underneath of the boards?

If this is possible without unscrewing the decking boards then yes, this should have been done before the installation of the decking boards. But, if your restoring a decking project then you could unscrew the boards and oil the underneath. This will preserve them more making them last longer.

Can I use a roller to apply decking oil?

Yes, a roller will cover the decking at a quicker rate when compared to a brush. Although be sure not to let the oil puddle in the groves on the top of your decking boards.

Think You Have Found The Best Decking Oil?

Have you found the perfect decking oil not mentioned in this article?

We want to hear about it! Let us know your brand of decking oil you’re using and share any photographs, for other readers of Wezaggle.

4 thoughts on “The Best Decking Oils That Preserves and Protects”

  1. I have just had new decking boards installed on my old decking frame! The other boards have become rotten after about 6 years! The decking become rotten because of the pool chlorine I believe! Will the decking oils you have mentioned in this article waterproof against chlorine? Thanks

    • Hey Ziggy,

      Yes, these decking oils will protect the boards against chlorine in the water! They are great at sealing the boards and making them totally waterproof. If the boards are going to be wet for longer periods I would suggest applying these oils on a monthly basis.

      You should also seal the underside of the boards. This is because they can rot from underneath upwards.

  2. I use to just use a floor varnish for my decking boards but they deteriorated very quickly. I have now oiled them with Ronseal after following your guide on restoring old decking boards. I would like to thank the advice and recommendation I received from Wezaggle!


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