10 Best Digital Pool Water Testers in 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Digital Pool Water Testers
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Having a pool installed on your property seems so enchanting. However, it comes with several additional installation and maintenance costs. To keep tabs on the pool water quality, you will need the best digital pool water tester.   

Exposed water can serve as a house to bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. Certainly, taking a dip in your pool is the best thing to do in summers, but you don’t want to be present in contaminated water.  

Therefore, you need a water tester that can help you know the water quality and eventually protect you from various allergies and infections.

What To Check Before Buying Digital Pool Water Tester?

How to Buy the Best Digital Pool Water Testers
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1. Testing Features

For the most well-balanced pool, you need to focus on a couple of testing features while selecting the best electronic pool tester.

Here is a quick cheat sheet to ensure that the chemical levels stay within the suitable range:

  • pH Level: 7.2 – 7.6
  • Alkalinity: 80 – 120 ppm
  • Free Available Chlorine: 1 – 3 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 180 – 220 ppm
  • Bromine: 3 – 5 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid: 30 – 50 ppm

The digital pool water testers are more accurate than other methods. Also, they are easy to read as the water test levels are displayed on the LCD screen.

You need to select a product that gives you maximum testing features. Let’s take a look at each of these features in detail:

– pH Testing 

Water with a high pH level can cause breathing problems and allergies. It is significant to check the water’s pH level to keep the pool usable and sanitized for swimming. The Alkalinity test also measures the water’s ability to prevent pH fluctuations.

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– Chlorine Testing 

Chlorine water is highly demeaning to the skin. You need to keep the chlorine content in check. It should not be more than 3 ppm.

Anything more than that can cause skin irritation and also leaves a pungent smell in the water.

– Cyanuric Acid

The cyanuric test kit measures the water’s level of conditioners and stabilizers. The component is found in the commercially available chlorine.

It is essential to maintain the CYA level of the pool to prevent the destruction of chlorine because of the sunlight.

– Calcium Hardness

The hardness test determines if the pool water is hard or soft. If there is a high level of calcium, the pool will have scaling issues, near the heating elements or close to the pool pump. It also harms the eyes of the swimmers.

At the same time, if the water inside the pool is too soft, it will probably corrode the metal installed in the pool. Therefore, you need to check the calcium hardness of water and treat it accordingly.

The La Motte 2056 gives you maximum testing features with highest accuracy.

2. Accuracy

The whole purpose of buying a digital pool water tester is to get the most accurate results.

You need to invest in a machine that helps in evaluating different water cleanliness features with maximum accuracy. It should be able to provide accurate pH level, chlorine, and hardness.

3. Ease of Use

The last thing that any buyer would want is to stress up on the device’s usability. You should always look for a model that is easy to understand and operate.

There are some complex devices out there. However, you can also find some of the easy ones that clearly displays different testing results on the screen within minutes.

If you don’t want the hassle of matching the colors from a chart to understand the accuracy level, then try the AquaChek NP207 as it is the easiest digital pool water tester on the list.

4. Auto Off & Hold Function

Thanks to the innovative digital pool water testers, you can now have the feature of auto-off that prevent battery loss. When the device is not used for 10 minutes, it automatically turns off to conserve batteries.

The hold function freezes the test results for some time for the user to see. The HM Digital TDS-4 is an innovative product with auto-off and hold function.    

10 Best Digital Pool Water Testers Reviewed




La Motte 2056

1. La Motte 2056 (Best Overall)

  • Comes with 7 test features
  • Uses liquid reagents
  • Comes with a photometer
  • Gives 144 individual tests
HM Digital TDS-EZ

2. HM Digital TDS-EZ (Best Inexpensive)

  • Most inexpensive
  • 10-minutes instant results
  • Very durable

3. pHin PHRTL19FL (Best for the Money)

  • Fully innovative & app supported
  • Suitable for all water types
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Continuous water testing
Apera Instruments A1209

4. Apera Instruments A1209 (Best for pH Testing)

  • Comes with ± 0.1 pH accuracy
  • Auto calibration with buffer recognition
  • Up to 2000 hours continuous operation
  • Comes in a rugged storage case
eSeasonGear SALT-3050

5. eSeasonGear SALT-3050 (Best for Salinity Testing)

  • Dedicated for salinity check
  • Easy application
  • Comes with hold mode
Hone Forest HFTDS-M7

6. Hone Forest HFTDS-M7 (With Moneyback Guarantee)

  • Comes with 90-day moneyback guarantee
  • Premium quality titanium alloy probe
  • Highly affordable
  • Long 3-year warranty
AquaChek NP207

7. AquaChek NP207 (Easy to Use)

  • Has most convenient usage
  • Spontaneous 15-second reading
  • Large LCD screen
Solaxx MET01A

8. Solaxx MET01A (Multipurpose)

  • Suitable for pools, spa, ponds, aquariums
  • 1-point quick calibration
  • Rugged water-resistant housing
  • Comes with LED indicator light
HM Digital TDS-4

9. HM Digital TDS-4 (With Advanced Microprocessor Technology)

  • Comes with advanced microprocessor technology
  • Sleek design
  • Extremely affordable
VivoSun pH and TDS Meter Combo

10. VivoSun pH and TDS Meter Combo (Pack of 2)

  • pH and TDS tester combo
  • 4 display modes
  • Comes with lock feature
  • Exceptional battery performance

1. Best Overall: La Motte 2056

La Motte 2056

Photo: La Motte

La Motte 2056 is one of the most rewarding and the best overall pool testers on the market that comes with 7 individual agents to test the water against chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid.

You get liquid agents for all kinds of testing. All the different agents are clearly marked on their bottles to help you recognise the right agent for a specific use. Furthermore, the ease of usability and accuracy are other strengths of this product.

This kit can be used to conduct 144 individual tests. You just have to take pool water in the test tube and add 5 drops of the agent to check for a specific factor. Place the test tube inside the photometer, and it will display the results.

The reagents are available in high quantity, and you can also order them individually for continual usage. The only drawback with this model is that its storage box is rather flimsy. It could have been of better quality.


  • Highly accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Refills available
  • Reagents available in high quantity


  • The storage box could have been better

2. Best Inexpensive: HM Digital TDS-EZ

HM Digital TDS-EZ

Photo: HM Digital

  • Power Source: 2 x 1.5V

The HM Digital TDS-EZ is the best inexpensive digital pool water tester with dependable results. This product has TDS-EZ meters that are pre-calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. There is a TDS chart sticker on the back that explains the TDS values. You can recalibrate the meters using a screwdriver.

The device comes with advanced microprocessor technology for more efficient and accurate results. It displays the result on the large LCD screen on the device in minutes.

The hold feature allows you to take the test and review the results afterwards. Also, there is an auto shut-off feature that saves the battery from exhausting.

This model gives a measurement range of 0 – 9990 ppm, with 0 being the cleanest water and 9990 being the dirtiest. Furthermore, you will find the machine extremely durable as it is constructed with robust plastic material.

The drawback of this model is its complex usability. You will have to understand the functioning carefully. Also, it will need frequent calibration to maintain its accuracy.


  • Most affordable
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Hold function
  • Durable


  • Difficult to understand
  • Requires frequent calibration

3. Best for the Money: pHin PHRTL19FL


Photo: pHin

  • Power Source: 1 x Lithium Metal

The pHin PHRTL19FL is the best value of money for a couple of reasons. First of all, this is the most innovative tester that you can install inside the pool and connect with an app to test the water. The device will automatically read about the pH level, salinity, temperature, chlorine level, bromine, and water hardness.

Secondly, this model is suitable to continuously keep tabs on the water and generate reports about its changing chemical levels. It also suggests to the user when the water needs cleansing.

The changing environment and temperature bring changes to the water. This device determines if the changes are permanent or temporary and recommend solutions accordingly.

This fully functional machine is suitable for all water types, including soft water, hard water, chlorine-rich water, and saltwater. Another fantastic thing about this model is the lifetime warranty. If at any point your device stops working, you can get a replacement product.

This pool water tester is the best one on the list. However, its high price might disappoint some of the buyers.


  • Most innovative and app supported
  • Compatible with all kinds of water
  • Determine the changes of water
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Very expensive

4. Best for pH Testing: Apera Instruments A1209

Apera Instruments A1209

Photo: Apera Instruments

  • Power Source: 4 x AAA

If your only motive is to check the pool water’s pH level, then there is no better machine than the Apera Instruments A1209. The device comes with ± 0.1 pH accuracy and backed by Apera quality pH sensors with low impedance. You will get the most correct pH results every time.

There are other impressive qualities of the model, like auto-calibration with buffer recognition and auto temperature compensation, to work perfectly in the different water temperature range. Also, there is an auto-recognition feature to hold the test result as you take it out of the water.

Furthermore, you can use the machine in continuity for up to 2000 hours. There is also a low battery alarm that indicates when the battery is running low. It is powered with 4 AAA batteries that last for a long time.

You get the tester in a rugged storage case. The concern with the model is the glass bulb probe, as it is extremely fragile and susceptible to damage.


  • Best for pH testing
  • Auto calibration
  • Comes with low battery alarm
  • Comes with a storage case


  • Glass bulb probe is very fragile

5. Best for Salinity Testing: eSeasonGear SALT-3050

eSeasonGear SALT-3050

Photo: eSeasonGear

  • Power Source: 3 x LR44

The eSeasonGear SALT-3050 is an ideal tester for water salinity. The device is pre-calibrated at 3000 ppm salt to determine the salinity level. Also, there is a built-in salt conversion factor for automatic calibration.

You can use this model in different water temperatures due to the built-in ATC (automatic temperature compensation) sensor. It can effectively work in 0 – 55 degrees C temperature.

This is simple and easy to use device. You get the instruction manual to understand its working. There are only three tabs to use that make it really convenient in operation.

The hold function can be used to save the test results. The drawback of this model is that there is no auto-off function. The batteries get exhausted too soon.


  • Very useful to check water salinity
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Suitable for different water temperatures


  • Does not have an auto-off function

6. Best with Moneyback Guarantee: Hone Forest HFTDS-M7

Hone Forest HFTDS-M7

Photo: Hone Forest

The Hone Forest HFTDS-M7 is for the buyers who want to make the safest purchase as this model comes with a 90-day moneyback guarantee. Also, there is a 3-year warranty with this product, so your purchase is completely safe.

The pool water tester is suitable to be used in different water temperatures. The best thing is the premium quality titanium alloy probe that won’t get damaged even under the most critical circumstances.

Plus, with the large backlit LCD screen, you can get to know about the accurate water test results clearly and precisely. Furthermore, there is an auto-lock function to make your life easier.

The device is quite affordable. However, the drawback is that there is no auto shut-off function that could have saved a lot of battery. Also, it does not tell about the water’s pH level.


  • Extremely safe purchase
  • Durable quality probe
  • Suitable for different temperature ranges


  • No auto shut-off feature
  • Does not tell about water’s pH level

7. Easy to Use: AquaChek NP207

AquaChek NP207

Photo: AquaChek

  • Power Source: 2 x AA

If you are tired of using complex water testers and matching colors to determine the pool water’s quality, try the AquaChek NP207, as it is the easiest pool tester on the market.

The product uses test strips to determine chlorine, bromine, pH, and alkalinity components in the water. You just have to dip the strip in pool water and then place it inside the device to see results in 15-seconds.

The large LCD screen gives all the clarity about pool water quality. This lightweight and water-resistant machine is very responsive and gives accurate results.

The device needs 2 x AA batteries to operate. The shortcoming of this model is that there is no hold/lock feature. Also, it only works with the TruTest Digital test strips. This means that you will only have to buy these particular strips in order to use the device.


  • Very simple to use
  • Large LCD to display results
  • Spontaneous results


  • No auto hold or lock function
  • Only compatible with TruTest strips

8. Multipurpose: Solaxx MET01A

Solaxx MET01A

Photo: Solaxx

  • Power Source: 2 x AAA

The Solaxx MET01A is a multipurpose pool water tester, compatible with pools, spas, ponds, aquariums, etc. You can check the pH, chlorine level, TDS, salt, ORP, and temperature of the water.

This highly functional and easy to use model is equipped with a large LCD screen to display the results. There is a rugged, water-resistant body that will last for the longest time. You just have to change the batteries for this model to serve you for years.

The 1-point instant calibration makes your job really simple. Furthermore, this device has an LED indicator that blinks when the water is absolutely safe for swimming. It is one of the best features of this model.

Something that you may not like about this product is the high cost. Also, there is no auto shut-off function that could have helped to save the batteries.


  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Large display


  • High price
  • No auto shut-off feature

9. Advanced Microprocessor Technology: HM Digital TDS-4

HM Digital TDS-4

Photo: HM Digital

  • Power Source: 2 x Alkaline

The HM Digital TDS-4 comes with advanced microprocessor technology, making it one of the most dependable products on the list. It instantly checks for all the impurities in the water, including the total dissolved solids, like salt, metal, or minerals.

The easy to use device gives results in 10-minutes. It has a sleek body and a small profile that you can easily carry in your pocket.

This model is a great tool to access drinking water quality as well. It tells if the water is drinkable or not. Plus, you get advice about filter change.

Also, you will find this product extremely affordable and functional. It has a hold function and auto shut-off mechanism to help save the batteries. Regrettably, you don’t get a temperature reading in this model.


  • Comes with advanced microprocessor technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Sleek body
  • Suitable for evaluating drinkable water


  • Does not give temperature readings

10. Best 2-in-1: VivoSun pH and TDS Meter Combo

VivoSun pH and TDS Meter Combo

Photo: VivoSun

  • Power Source: 2 x 1.5V

The VivoSun pH and TDS Meter Combo is available in a pack of 2 testers, individually dedicated to testing the pH and TDS level of the water. Since these are two different devices, you can use them for varied purposes at home, like checking the pool water or drinkable water.

The product is very simple to operate, you just have to dip it inside the water, and after 9-minutes, it will display the results. There are 4 display modes, and you can access them using the shift button on the device.

Furthermore, there is a lock feature that helps in locking the results for a while. Plus, the 9-minute auto turn-off feature will increase battery performance. You can use this machine for 500-hours.

The drawbacks to this model are that the glass probe is very fragile and this model is not pre-calibrated. You will have to manually calibrate it.


  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Long battery life
  • Lock feature


  • Not pre-calibrated
  • Glass probe is fragile


As we conclude the digital pool water tester review, we would like to give you a rundown on the best-recommended products on the market.

The La Motte 2056 is the best overall recommendation as this product also offers 7 testing features and has highly accurate results.

Other than that, the pHin PHRTL19FL is the most innovative and app supported water tester with complete reports shown on your phone. It gives you continuous water testing.