7 Best Donut Makers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Donut Maker
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There are two ways which you can enjoy freshly made donuts. One of them is, wait for your favorite donut shop to open while the second one is to make donuts at home. From these two options, you would rather make donuts at home to save a lot of time and energy, right?

Homemade donuts are safer and healthier for you and your family. In order for you to make donuts at the comfort of your home, you need to invest in the best donut maker on the market. It brings the versatility of making all kinds of treats adding variety to your taste buds.

Donut makers are affordable, visually appealing, and easy to store, clean and use. If you are seeking to invest in one, here is a comprehensive buying guide and the 7 donut maker reviews to help you make the right decision.  

What to Check Before Buying Best Donut Maker?

How to Buy the Best Donut Maker
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1. Capacity

This is a major factor that you must consider when buying a donut maker. It addresses the point of how many donuts you need to make for a single batch. Some donut makers can make 12, 5, 7 or even 4 donuts at one go.

Depending on the size of your family, the number of people you need to serve or the purpose of baking donuts, you should pick a donut maker with a capacity that will match your needs.

2. Size

The number of donuts you need to make at once determines the perfect size of donut maker that you should buy. Additionally, you should also consider whether you have enough room to store the appliance when not in use.

Hence, if you have limited space for using and storing the donut maker, you should invest in one that comes in a smaller size and vice versa.

One more thing that should determine your perfect donut maker size is the number of features you need in a donut maker. Mini versions of donut makers have limited number of features. Therefore, if you need one with more features, you might have to invest in a large-sized donut maker.

3. Design and Aesthetics

You might be planning to place your donut maker on the counter or a drawer. For this reason, you might have to consider the color and shape it comes with and whether its look matches your kitchen décor. Additionally, invest in a donut maker that matches your taste.

4. Easy to Clean

Most donut makers feature non-stick surfaces and this implies that cleaning is easy and simple. Additionally, make sure that the donut maker you are about to buy will not require you to pop out donuts once they are ready, as this might take you more time to clean the appliance.

5. Easy to Use

A donut maker could at times need to be used on a daily basis. Therefore, you should buy a donut maker that is simple to use every day without giving you a hard time. Baking and removing donuts from the appliance should be hassle-free.

7 Best Donut Makers of 2021 Reviewed

Babycakes MT-61. Babycakes MT-6 (Best Versatile)
  • Versatile design makes it a multitasker
  • Power and ready lights for easy regulation
  • User friendly design for simple and easy use
  • Recipe booklet as an extra in the package
CucinaPro 220-062. CucinaPro 220-06 (Best Heat Distribution)
  • Enhanced heat distribution due to non-stick surface
  • High quality aluminum material makes it lightweight
  • Easy to clean and cook
Babycakes DNM-303. Babycakes DNM-30 (Best Small)
  • Small size and compact design
  • Illuminated power light for alerting when device is on
  • User-friendly design boosting hassle free use
  • Non-stick surface for easy to clean, dry and maintain
VonShelf 13/138US4. VonShelf 13/138US (Best Large)
  • Large capacity donut maker – 12 donuts
  • Ultra-fast heat up saves a lot of cooking time
  • Automatic temperature regulation
  • Ergonomic design- cool touch handle
Babycakes DN-95LZ5. Babycakes DN-95LZ (Best Looking)
  • Visually appealing design makes a good looking kitchen piece
  • Perfect for average-sized family – 6 donuts in a batch
  • Non-stick baking plates makes cleaning and cooking easy
  • Package comes with useful accessories
Brentwood TS-2506. Brentwood TS-250 (Best-Priced)
  • Competitive price without compromising quality
  • Two indicator lights making it user-friendly
  • Non-stick baking tray for easy cooking and cleaning
  • Vibrant pink color adds variety in the kitchen
Nostalgia JFD-1007. Nostalgia JFD-100 (Best Full-Sized Donut Maker)
  • Makes full size donuts
  • Non-stick coating makes it easy to clean
  • New and interesting recipes in the package

1. Babycakes MT-6 – Best Versatile

Babycakes MT-6
Photo: Babycakes

  • Capacity: 7 cupcakes, 7 donuts or 12 cake pops
  • Diameter: 10.3 Inches

Babycakes MT-6 is a donut maker that features a versatile design as it is a multitasker that will help you make any type of treat that kids love. This implies that you do not have to choose between making cake-pops, donuts or cupcakes. You can get all three treats within a short time.

The product also comes with power and ready lights that greatly help you with easy regulation. Hence, you will always know when the product is turned on/off. In addition, you will have an alert when the donuts are ready and this prevents overcooking.

Additionally, it comes with a user-friendly design that allows you to easily use it while still remaining safe. This is mainly facilitated by the latching handle, convenient cord wrap, and non-skid rubber feet.

Moreover, with this donut maker, you can choose to follow the regular old cake recipe or try out new recipes that are featured in the recipe booklet that comes with this package. The recipe booklet comes with new hints and suggestions that you will love.

This is the best donut maker on the market because its package includes 3 interchangeable non-stick baking plates which are easy to clean and allows you to bake various cakes giving you numerous treats.

However, you need to use a little more effort opening it up as it comes with a nifty handle.


  • Stable and convenient due to the non-skid feet
  • Perfect baking guidance from the recipe booklet
  • Indicates when donuts are ready preventing overcooking


  • Requires some effort opening it up
  • A little heavy

2. CucinaPro 220-06 – Best Heat-Distributing

CucinaPro 220-06
Photo: CucinaPro

  • Capacity: 7 donuts
  • Diameter: 11 inches

With the even heat distribution that comes with this donut maker, you get the capacity to cook 7 donuts all at once within a short period of time. This even heat distribution is mainly facilitated by the non-stick coating it features.

The product is made using high-quality aluminum material that facilitates instant heating and therefore, you do not have to wait long before the appliance starts heating.

Hence, this material saves you a lot of cooking time and also makes the product lightweight, making it easy to transport it from one point to another.

With the non-stick coating that comes with this donut maker, it becomes easier to remove pastries and also makes cleaning a breeze. Hence, you do not spend a lot of time cleaning and this makes it ideal for everyday use.

Nonetheless, you are advised to allow the donut maker to completely cool down prior to wiping it using a damp clothing.


  • Even heat distribution and fast heating
  • Easy to reach on and off switch
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Lightweight and portable due to aluminum material


  • Outer box could be damaged on arrival
  • Slightly expensive 

3. Babycakes DNM-30 – Best with Small Size

Babycakes DNM-30
Photo: Babycakes

  • Capacity: 4 donuts
  • Diameter: 6 inches

Babycakes DNM-30 is a mini donut maker that comes with a small size and compact design that allows you to cook 4 donuts at a go within a few minutes. The product can, therefore, fits in limited spaces and also enhances portability from one point to another.

It features an illuminated power light that automatically turns on once you plug in the appliance. This way, it lets you know that it is heating up. Once it gets to the optimum baking temperature, this donut maker has the light blinking off.

Babycakes DNM-30 is considered the best mini donut maker because it comes with a user-friendly design that boosts simple use and this makes breakfast fun and delicious. It comes with a convenient cord wrap, non-skid rubber feet, and a latching handle.

Moreover, this donut maker features non-stick baking plates that are always easy to clean, dry and maintain. Additionally, the non-stick surface allows you to simply and quickly remove the donuts once they are ready. 

You will love the space-saving design of this product, but its minimalistic design is ideal for use for a single person or a couple of people.


  • Space-saving design makes it highly portable and convenient for storage
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly affordable


  • Small capacity makes it unsuitable for large families

4. VonShelf 13/138US – Best Large Capacity Donut Maker

VonShelf 13/138US
Photo: VonShelf

  • Capacity: 12 donuts
  • Diameter: 12.9 inches

VonShelf 13/138US is a large capacity donut maker that is perfect for a large family or when you have friends over. It helps you bake 12 donuts at a go within a few minutes and this saves you a lot of time. The product brings a bakery right inside your kitchen.

Apart from baking 12 donuts in a single batch, this donut maker also cooks really fast because it heats up superfast. Therefore, you are not going to keep waiting around the kitchen with the ultra-fast heat up function that it comes with.

The reason why this is considered a top-rated donut maker is because it comes with reliable temperature control. It features an automatic temperature regulator which is a feature that makes sure that you will make perfect donuts every single time without any of them burning.

You will love the ergonomic design of this donut maker which is mainly seen through the cool to touch handle of the product. Hence, you do not have to worry about burns as your hands are safe when handling this donut maker.


  • Heats up super fast
  • Easy to use making it user-friendly
  • Makes 12 donuts in a few minutes
  • Automatic temperature regulation


  • Package does not feature any accessories
  • The bottom stays too hot even after baking

5. Babycakes DN-95LZ – Best Looking

Babycakes DN-95LZ
Photo: Babycakes

  • Capacity: 6 donuts
  • Diameter: 4.1 inches

Here is the best-looking donut maker on the maker as its yellow color polishes the look of your kitchen and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. The product brightens up your kitchen and makes the baking process more fun.

Babycakes DN-95LZ is the best donut maker for home as it helps you prepare 6 mini donuts that are perfect for an average-sized family. With 6 donuts in a batch, this appliance saves you a lot of time while preparing breakfast every morning.

Ever had your donuts stuck in the donut maker before? This will never happen with this donut maker as it comes with non-stick baking plates. Hence, this implies that your donuts will readily be removable after they are ready.

Additionally, cleaning the product will be a breeze with this nonstick surface.

You will love the fact that this donut maker comes with a lot of useful accessories in its package. Some of these accessories include: recipes, fork tool, and a wire rack. Therefore, it saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise use buying the extras for your kitchen.


  • Adds an elegant loom in your kitchen
  • Boosts health by making baked donuts as opposed to deep-frying
  • Easy to clean and remove baked donuts due to the nonstick surface
  • Useful accessories in the package


  • Cool-touch handle not included
  • A little heavy

6. Brentwood TS-250 – Best Price

Brentwood TS-250
Photo: Brentwood

  • Capacity: 7 donuts
  • Diameter: 9.6 inches

Brentwood TS-250 is the best-priced donut maker as it comes with a highly competitive price that anyone interested will afford. Moreover, in spite of featuring a pocket-friendly deal, it does not compromise price and this is why you should take advantage of the deal as stocks last.

The product is a user-friendly donut maker that does not leave you guessing on serious issues while cooking. To eliminate all the guesswork, this product features two indicator lights.

One of light alerts you when the product is powered on/off and the other light indicates when the appliance is ready for use. Hence, this ergonomic design makes it easy to use the appliance.  

The baking tray that comes with this donut maker features a nonstick surface that eliminates the hassle of popping out the donuts once they are ready. Additionally, this non-stick surface also ensures that you have an easy time cleaning the tray after use.

Brentwood TS-250 comes with a vibrant pink color that you will always love around the kitchen. It ensures that your kitchen more colorful as well as unique. Moreover, this color adds a variety of choice most especially for individuals who love this color.


  • Easy to clean and bake with a non-stick surface
  • Highly affordable and gives great value
  • Vibrant color is eye-catchy
  • Cool-touch handles keep you safe


  • Makes very small donuts for people who love full-size donuts
  • Has no locking lid

7. Nostalgia JFD-100 – Best Full-Sized Donut Maker

Nostalgia JFD-100
Photo: Nostalgia

  • Capacity: 7 donuts
  • Diameter: 4.2 inches

Nostalgia JFD-100 is the best full-size donut maker because it bakes 7 healthy huge sized donuts in a matter of minutes, making it ideal for an average-sized family. It saves you a lot of cooking time and helps you make different kinds of treats including cake pops, muffins, brownies, and donuts.

The product features a non-stick coating that allows you to easily clean it after every use. Additionally, with this surface, you can easily bake and not worry about popping out the donuts once they are ready as it easily releases them after baking.

The package comes with a lot of new and interesting recipes that help you bake all kinds of treats including brownies and muffins among others. Nonetheless, this is a premium quality donut maker and so you will have to pay a little more for it. However, its service is worth the investment.


  • Makes large donuts
  • Easy cleaning and cooking due to the nonstick surface
  • Package features new and interesting recipes
  • Saves a lot of cooking time


  • A little expensive


Donut makers feature different brands designs on the market while some of them are versatile. Therefore, such products have the capacity to prepare different kinds of treats, making them worth the investment.

Donut makers give you perfect value for your money because you can bake different donut types and this adds a variety to your taste buds. This ultimate guide and donut maker review have taken into consideration modern features, easy controls, and power while picking the above products.