10 Best Drill Bits of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Drill Bit
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One certain thing, whether you are a DIY hobbyist, professional woodworker, or contractor that deals with power drills a lot, is that you need to have the best drill bits in your tools arsenal.

Drill bits are vital for drilling into different materials from wood and metals to plastics, stones, and concrete, which means they will be useful for a wide variety of professions.

The good news is that there are all kinds of drill bits out there, and you only need to know which ones will work for your particular projects. Here we review 10 best-rated drill bits and explain a few important points to keep in mind when shopping.

What To Check Before Buying Drill Bits?

How to Buy the Best Drill Bit

Here are some of the important things that you need to consider when shopping for the best drill bit set.

1. Drill Bit Type

The first and perhaps most important factor that you will need to consider when shopping for drill bits is the application.

And this is because drill bits are made for different uses. For example a drill bit made for wood will not be very useful for drilling concrete.

Here is a breakdown of the different drill types based on their applications.

– For Concrete

Concrete is one of the hardest materials that you can drill into. Hence, when shopping for drill bits for drilling in concrete, you need to make sure that they are up to the task and are also hard enough.

For drilling concrete, you will need the specialized masonry drill bits like the DeWalt DW5207. These drill bits have a steel body and will typically be carbide tipped to ensure they are strong and durable enough to drill through concrete.

Besides concrete, masonry drill bits are also ideal for drilling through other tough materials like bricks, blocks and stones.

– For Wood

Drill bits for wood are some of the most common ones in the market, and so you can be sure that there are plenty of option to pick from when shopping for a set.

In most cases, they are made from a high speed steel and will have either a titanium or black oxide coating to make them even tougher for drilling through even the harder wood types.

Wood drill bits like Black & Decker 15557 will also have larger and better flutes to make it easy to remove chips, and to ensure they can drill without clogging.

When it comes to the shape, any drill bit with flat wood, twist or even the auger bits will be ideal for drilling through wood. What you choose will depend on the shape of the hole you want.

– For Metal

Like concrete, metal is a tough material that will require a tough drill bit to drill through it.

The best metal drill bits are often those made from cobalt like Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit. Cobalt is a tough material that can drill through almost any kind of metal with ease.

Unlike drill bits for wood that have a sharp tip, the metal drill bits have a flatter and blunt tip as it is more effective on the harder surface.

But, it is important to always make sure that you lubricate the metal adequately when drilling to ensure the heat generated from friction does not damage the bit.

2. Drill Bit Material

The material used to make the drill bits also matters as it determines whether it will be hard enough for the intended applications and also determines its durability. Here, the most common material options are.

– Low and High Carbon Steel

Low and high carbon steel are some of the most common drill bit materials. The low carbon drill bits are softer and tend to be more affordable, but they will not stay sharp very long. Hence, they will be typically used for drilling wood only.

High carbon steel drill bits, on the other hand, are more durable and can cut both wood and metal with ease, which makes them a little more popular than the low carbon steel types.


High speed steel is perhaps the most preferred drill bit material, and it will often be the core material for the black oxide and titanium-coated drill bits.

The HSS drill bits are also made from carbon steel, but with vanadium or chrome also added on to make them even tougher and to allow them to be used for high speed drilling.

These drill bits also have a higher heat-resistant and will be perfect for drilling both metals and hardwoods.

– Titanium

Titanium drill bits are often just high speed steel bits with a titanium coating. These bits will produce less friction and are typically tougher than the regular HSS bits.

Many users also love the fact that they maintain the sharp edge much longer. Titanium drill bits like DeWalt DW1361 work best when drilling non-ferrous metals, PVC, fiberglass and wood.

– Cobalt

Cobalt drill bits are still a type of high speed steel, but with more cobalt in its composition. This allows them to stay harder even when drilling at higher temperatures.

But, these bits tend to be more brittle than the regular HSS ones. However, they are perfect when drilling hard materials like stainless steel and aluminum as they will also dissipate heat faster.

– Zirconium Coating

The zirconium coated drill bits are famous for their golden color.

For these drill bits, zirconium nitride is used to coat hard but brittle steel material to make the bits harder and allow them to withstand relatively higher temperatures.

3. Drill Bit Shank

A drill bit shank is the end that will fit into your drill, where it is then secured by the chuck. Hence, as you shop for a high-quality drill bit, you will need to keep the shank in mind to ensure what you get can work with the tool you have.

Besides ensuring that the shank will be ideal for your tool, it should help improve the overall performance of the bit. For example, the no-spin shanks on the DeWalt DW1354 help ensure that your bits will not slip when drilling.

Also, make sure the shank size does not exceed the size of the chuck on your drill and the shape should be appropriate. A round shank makes it easy to center the bit on the chuck accurately, while the hex shank will allow the drill to grip the bit more securely.

10 Best Drill Bits of 2021 Reviewed




Black & Decker 15-110 HSS

1. Black & Decker 15-110 HSS (Best Overall)

  • 10-piece set with most common bits
  • Durable high speed material
  • No-skate tip
  • Handy bit bar
DeWalt DW1361

2. DeWalt DW1361 (Best Value)

  • Great value 21-piece set
  • Titanium pilot point
  • No-spin shanks
  • Tapered web design
Black & Decker 15557

3. Black & Decker 15557 (Best Brand)

  • Top brand drill bits
  • Excellent drill bit set composition
  • Great price tag
  • Bit bar included
DeWalt DW1354

4. DeWalt DW1354 (Best Rated)

  • High-rated titanium bits
  • On contact start
  • No-spin shanks
  • Tapered web design
DeWalt DW5207

5. DeWalt DW5207 (Best for Masonry Jobs)

  • Tough enough for masonry jobs
  • Four flute design
  • 3 shank flats
  • Electric and cordless hammer drills compatible
Irwin Industrial Tools 60136

6. Irwin Industrial Tools 60136 (Best for Multipurpose Use)

  • Ideal for multiple uses
  • High heat and wear resistance
  • 118-degree point
  • Case and bit bar included
Bosch TI9IM

7. Bosch TI9IM (Best Impact)

  • Great for use with high impact drivers/drills
  • No-skate tips
  • Versatile set composition
  • Protective titanium coating
Neiko 10193A

8. Neiko 10193A (Durable & Versatile HSS Drill Bits)

  • Durable high-speed steel core
  • 135-degree split point tip
  • 2-flute design
  • Universal tri-flatted shank
  • Engraved sizes
Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit

9. Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit (High-Temperature)

  • Withstands up to up to 1,100 °F
  • Thick web design
  • Hardened surface
  • Full shank and jobber length options
DeWalt DW1606

10. DeWalt DW1606 (Precise & Easy to Use)

  • 135-degree split point
  • Parabolic flute design
  • 31-degree helix
  • Black oxide coated

1. Black & Decker 15-110 HSS – Best Overall

Black & Decker 15-110 HSS

Photo: Black & Decker

  • Quantity: 10-piece                          
  • Material: High speed steel
  • Size Range: 1/16 – 1/4-inch
  • Application: Drilling wood, plastic and metal

The solid high speed steel material that makes the Black & Decker 15-110 HSS strong and highly durable drill bits, and the fact that they are from one of the best drill bits brands, are what makes this out the best overall option.

The 10-piece set is also made with all DIYers and even professional users in mind as it will include all the commonly used bits. Most users will hardly need any other bit besides the 10 no matter what they are doing.

Because these are tough and versatile drill bits, you can use them to cut plastics, wood and metal. And you can be sure of more accurate holes as they will not slip when starting your cut. Better yet, for a 10-piece set, the price is also quite good.

These drill bits seems to go blunt a little too fast or at least faster than many others on our drill bit review. However, for their price, this should not be a dealbreaker as they will still offer long enough service life, and you can easily re-sharpen them.


  • Solid and durable material
  • Easy to keep organizes
  • Starts with no slips
  • Drills a wide variety of materials
  • Good value for a 10-piece


  • They go blunt a little too fast

2. DeWalt DW1361 – Best Value

DeWalt DW1361

Photo: DeWalt

  • Quantity: 21-piece              
  • Material: Titanium
  • Size Range: 1/6 – 1/2-Inch
  • Application: Drilling non-ferrous metal, wood, plastic

For a 21-piece drill bit set, the DeWalt DW1361 is quite affordable, and hence it will provide one of the best value for cash on our drill bit review.

Despite being more affordable, these drill bits will still maintain the superior build quality that DeWalt is known for. They have a titanium pilot point that will ensure a longer service life and also delivers a clean and accurate hole.

The no-spin shanks are a great addition to the drill bits as they will ensure the bits will not slip when drilling for the best hole quality. There is a clip latch to ensure you get a more secure closing.

With the tapered web, you will get great durability to prevent breakage. You will also never have to worry about organizing and storing the bits as they come with a tough carry case.

Although these drill bits seem to have a small amount of flex, and this is more so the smaller and thinner ones, it is still not too bad, and they will not snap.


  • Good value for money
  • Longer bit life
  • Zero bit slippage when drilling
  • Reduced breaking
  • Tough plastic case


  • Small amount of flex

3. Black & Decker 15557 – Best Drill Bit Brand

Black & Decker 15557

Photo: Black & Decker

  • Quantity: 10-piece
  • Material: High speed steel
  • Size Range: 1/16 – 1/4-inch
  • Application: Drilling wood, plastic and metal

Black & Decker 15557 is for you if you are looking for high-end drill bit set from a leading brand. Besides being top brand drill bits, they are also fairly well-built with a high speed steel material.

These are perfect bits for drilling wood, plastic and metal, and should be able to drill many other soft materials.

Also, besides the 10-piece set providing more hole size options, it will include the most commonly used drill bit sizes in the set to ensure you end up with more useful bits for your projects.

Organizing the drill bits should be more effortless as you will get a bit bar, which also makes it easy to store your bits in the pocket, toolbox or drawer.

While these are not the best quality drill bits and will probably not last as long as others on our list, for their price, it is hard to get anything better.


  • Well-built drill bits from a top brand
  • Comes at a more budget friendly price tag
  • Easy to organize with the bit bar
  • Includes the most commonly used bits


  • Not the best quality

4. DeWalt DW1354 – Best Rated Drill Bit

DeWalt DW1354

Photo: DeWalt

  • Quantity: 14-piece                     
  • Material: Titanium
  • Size Range: 1/6 – 1/2-Inch
  • Application: Drilling non-ferrous metal, wood, plastic

Being one of the best-rated drill bits on our list, you can be confident that the DeWalt DW1354 has all you need for your different drilling projects. And the drill bits will come in the most commonly used sizes.

But, what makes these drill bits amazing is the heavy-duty duty titanium pilot points, which besides ensuring a long service life allow the bits to cut on contact for cleaner holes.

With the no-spin shanks, you can be confident of getting better drilling results as the bits will not slip, while the tapered web ensures durability by minimizing breakage. Many users will love that these bits come in a durable carry case to make them easy to organize.

The case seems to have lots of sharp and dangerous edges when you get it, but this is something easy to fix as you only need to sand or file them down for a nice, smooth finish.


  • Long service life
  • Delivers cleaner holes
  • Bits do not slip when drilling
  • Reduced breaking thanks to tapered web design
  • Set includes most commonly used bits


  • Lots of sharp edges on the case

5. DeWalt DW5207 – Best Masonry Drill Bit Set

DeWalt DW5207

Photo: DeWalt

  • Quantity: 7-piece               
  • Material: Carbide
  • Size Range: 3/16 – 1/2-inch
  • Application: Drilling holes in concrete, blocks, brick, block and masonry

DeWalt makes their model DW5207 with a carbide material to be as tough as possible, which is what makes them some of the best concrete drill bits out there. With the rock carbide tip, they can drill through concrete, rocks or bricks with ease.

Also, the rock carbide tip maximizes the surface contact to ensure you get a longer bit of life, which saves you money as you will not need to buy more anytime soon as the 7 you get will work for several projects.

Overall, they make drilling both faster and more efficient with the 4-flute design. They work well with both cordless and electric hammer drills, which allows you to use them on most drills out there.

A bit slipping on the chunk is eliminated by the three flats on the shank. These are generally easy to use bits that will ensure even newbies have an easy time drilling.

A better carry case would have been nice to make the bits easy to store and organize. But, you can still get a better one separately for a few bucks.


  • Drills masonry and concrete with ease
  • Fast and more efficient drilling
  • Zero bit slipping in chuck
  • Longer bit life
  • Works with a wide variety of drills


  • Wanting case quality

6. Irwin Industrial Tools 60136 – Best Multipurpose

Irwin Industrial Tools 60136

Photo: Irwin Tools

  • Quantity: 13-piece                  
  • Material: High speed steel
  • Size Range: 1/16 – 1/4-inch    
  • Application: Drilling wood, plastic and metal

The 13-piece Irwin Industrial Tools 60136 comes as a complete line of drill bits, which includes various sizes from 1/16 to 1/4-inch, and hence making these buts ideal for various purposes.

Also, these are solid high speed steel bits that will cut through wood, metal, plastic and various other materials, which makes them highly versatile, and hence great to have on your tool box.

The choice of material makes these drill bits more resistant to wear and also allows them to withstand high heat for extended usage. The 118-degre tip allows for more accurate drilling as it will not skid when starting a cut. Also, these bits come sharp and ready for immediate use, which ensure more drilling precision.

Storing your drill bits should not take a lot of effort because besides the solid case, they will also come with a bit bar.

For some users, a couple larger drill bits would have been great to have in the set. However, for typical DIY projects and also most woodworking jobs, 1/4-inch is often as large as you will need.


  • Ideal for multiple uses
  • More durable and heat resistant
  • Highly accurate drilling
  • Bits come sharp enough and ready for use
  • Easy to organize on the bit bar


  • Should have more larger diameter bits

7. Bosch TI9IM – Best Impact Drill Bits

Bosch TI9IM

Photo: Bosch

  • Quantity: 9-piece                   
  • Material: Titanium
  • Size Range: 1/16 – 3/8-inch    
  • Application: Drilling heavy and light gauge metal, high carbon steel, and hardwoods

Bosch TI9IM will not disappoint you if you are looking for high-quality drill bits for use with your high-torque impact drills and drivers. Also, these are impact-rated drill bits designed to offer a long service life.

The bits will have a titanium coating that will be very effective at minimizing friction, and hence keeping the heat down when drilling.

Precision is guaranteed when drilling as these bits will make use of a long flute design, while their no skate tips ensures you get more accurate starts as they will not slip when starting.

Also, this 9-piece drill bit set will have a versatile composition with both light and heavy-gauge bits for a wide variety of drilling projects.

Although these drill bits will not come with a carry case, the provided packaging still does a good job to string them, and it is also quite durable. Furthermore, you can always get an aftermarket drill bit storage case for a few bucks.


  • Perfect for high impact drills
  • Less friction and heat generation
  • Set includes both heavy and light gauge bits
  • Highly effective material removal
  • Impact-rated and highly durable


  • Does not come with a carry case

8. Neiko 10193A – Durable and Versatile HSS

Neiko 10193A

Photo: Neiko

  • Quantity: 3-piece
  • Material: High speed steel with titanium coating
  • Size Range: 1/8 – 3/4-inch
  • Application: Drilling holes in plastic, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and many other sheet metals

Neiko 10193A is built for anyone looking for durability and versatility in their drill bit set. Durability stems from the use of high speed steel for the core and titanium coating for added strength.

For versatility, you get 3 drill bits that will provide a combined 28 hole size options. Also, the tough material allows you to use these drill bits on a wide variety of materials from wood and plastic to metals like copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

The tips have a 135-degree split point that will not only ensure you get higher drilling speed, but also has self-centering and is effective at preventing walking. There is a universal tri-flatted shank on each bit that will allow it to fit drill securely and also eliminates slips.

Chips will be easy to clear when drilling thanks to the 2-flute design that will ensure particles can escape easily to prevent clogging. And you can easily tell the hole sizes as they are clearly engraved on the bits.

Although there are only 3 pieces in the set, they are still ideal for making a wide variety of holes sizes, and should hence not be a concern. Also, they might not be the best for high speed drilling, but if you go slowly, you will get excellent holes.


  • Highly durable material and versatile design
  • Fast cutting and self-centering tip
  • Easy and faster chip clearing
  • Secure and slip-free chuck feet
  • Engraved sizes for easy identification


  • Few drill bits in the set
  • Not the best for high speed drilling

9. Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit – High-Temperature Drill Bit

Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit

Photo: Bosch

  • Quantity: 1-piece
  • Material: Cobalt         
  • Size: 1/16-inch
  • Application: Drilling light-gauge metals, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel high-carbon steel, titanium, and ally steel

If you are looking for a tougher drill bit that can handle more demanding applications with ease, the Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit will be a perfect buy. The highly durable cobalt material allows it to withstand temperatures up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods.

Besides the cobalt material, the thick and rigid web design adds some stability to the bit during tough applications to ensure it can handle drilling harder materials well.

Because the surface is hardened, this drill bit will penetrate the tough abrasive materials with ease. And to help you get the right one for the job, you get to choose between full shank and jobber length options.

Another element that many users will love about this drill tip is that it has the 135-degree split point that will start drilling on contact with no skating or walking.

For just one bit, this one is a little on the pricier side. However, for a tough cobalt drill bit that can withstand high temperatures like this one, you can be sure it will be worth it.


  • Built to withstand higher temperatures
  • More stable for tougher applications
  • Penetrates tougher abrasive materials with ease
  • Comes in both full length and jobber options
  • Tip does not skate when drilling


  • A bit pricey for a single bit

10. DeWalt DW1606 – Precise and Easy to Use

DeWalt DW1606

Photo: DeWalt

  • Quantity: 1-piece
  • Material: High speed steel with black oxide coating
  • Size Range: 1/4-inch
  • Application: Drilling wood and metal

DeWalt makes the DW1606 for woodworkers and DIYers looking for a highly precise 1/4-inch drill bit. It has a 135-degree split point that will start drilling on contact, which prevents walking to ensure more precision.

Also, this drill bit has a simpler design, and you can easily fix it on your drill, which means it will be easy to use even for the beginners.

The parabolic flute design will ensure improved chip ejection in both wood and metal. Because the helix is 31 degrees, there will also be no over aggressiveness, which is normally the case with true flutes.

Although this is a high speed steel drill bit, it has a black oxide coating that will help ensure you get excellent wear resistance for an even longer drill bit lifespan.

For just one drill bit, this one seems quite pricey, and this is more so given that you can get even a 10-piece for less than its price tag. But, the extra bucks are for its superior quality and precision.


  • Drills on contact to ensure precision
  • Simple to us design
  • Greater wear resistance
  • Improved chip ejection


  • Pricier for a one drill bit


Whether you want to drill metal, wood, plastic or even other materials like concrete and brick, you need to have the best drill bits to get the job done fast and ensure high precision.

But, no matter what you are drilling, there is something for you on our list above. That said, the Black & Decker 15-110 HSS takes our best overall spot as these are great value and well-built bits from a top brand.

However, the tougher DeWalt DW5207 will be more ideal if you are looking for masonry bits for drilling concrete and other masonry materials, while the DeWalt DW1361 provides the best value for money.