6 Best Drill Press Tables of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Drill Press Table

A drill press table is a handy tool attached on top of a press to provide a working area for all your drilling process.

The reason a separate table may be necessary is that most of the tables offered with presses are too small, or not sturdy enough to support intensive loads and drilling processes.

A good drill press table will come with a fence for repetitive, precise, and custom drilling. It should also have clamping options and additional features such as T-slots for attachment of more tools.

To help you choose the ideal model for your woodworking and other drilling projects, dive into our comprehensive top 6 drill press table review and buying guide.

What To Check Before Buying Drill Press Table?

How to Buy the Best Drill Press Table
Photo: woodworkingtalk.com

1. Size

The size of your drill press table matters a great deal because it determines the usable area you will be placing your workpieces for drilling.

If you’re working with large stocks, such as wide wooden boards, then a big table will be most ideal. Many of the tables we reviewed have a width in the range of 10 to 24 inches, and a length of 20 to 30 inches.

Sizes in these ranges will cater for most of your professional and home drilling projects. There are smaller tables, however, that are great for basic drilling projects. 

2. Surface

The surface of your drill press table affects the performance and efficiency of the entire drilling process. The surface is where all your workpieces rest while you drill into them.

MDF is the most common top surface used on drill press tables. It is preferred because its smoothness is superior to that of many other materials. It can combine smoothness with flatness to achieve a uniform surface, which enhances precision drilling.

Some drill press table models we reviewed have aluminum surfaces, which is also great for its even flatness and durability.

3. Fence

A fence is an additional tool you attach to the drill press table to make it more functional and versatile. It enables you to clamp workpieces at different angles for repetitive, accurate, and custom drilling.

Many of the drill press tables in the market come equipped with a fence, while very few don’t have it. If yours has a fence, ensure it is made of a durable material such as aluminum.

Your fence should also have a mechanism, such as knobs, to lock it on the table’s T-tracks firmly.

If your table does not come with a fence, you can it separately, but ensure it is compatible with the table you are using.

4. T-tracks & T-slots

T-tracks and T-slots are perpendicular tools inserted in slots carved out of your drill press table. The tracks and slots run from one side of the table to the opposite one.

It is standard for a table to have two T-tracks, especially for fence attachments. You can also attach other tools such as clamps, feather boards, and stops.

Your table does not necessarily need to have T-tracks. Any slots that support the attachment of other tools will serve the same purpose.

5. Hold-Down Clamps

Hold-down clamps help to firmly hold your workpiece on the drill press table so that you can execute the drilling with precision and accuracy.

Most of the drill tables in the market will come with hold-down clamps, which work by gliding along the T-tracks, in either direction. This motion helps you achieve your desired adjustments.

6. Versatility

The versatility of your drill press table will depend on many factors, but mostly on its build quality, and the number of accessories it can accommodate.

A versatile table will have a fence and accompanying T-tracks to allow attachment of additional tools when the fence is not in use.

Versatility is also achieved by extra features, such as drawers on a floor-standing drill press, and a quick attachment system for easy mounting and unmounting of the table from the press.

6 Best Drill Press Tables of 2021 Reviewed 




MLCS 9778

1. MLCS 9778 (Best Replacement Table)

  • Large 20 x 30-inch surface area
  • Improved fence design provides more press handle clearance
  • Fence stop block supports repetitive cutting
  • Table inserts to accommodate sanding drums
Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1

2. Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 (Easy-to-use)

  • 2 hold-down clamps to provide a firm grip on the workpiece
  • 2 reinforced, bolted and embedded T-racks
  • Durable laser-engraved fence
  • 16 x 23-inch MDF core with microdot laminate for enhanced grip
Fulton PW1014

3. Fulton PW1014 (Heavy-duty)

  • Superior 1-3/8 thickness to resist warping
  • Laminated top and bottom to maintain table flatness
  • Easy to clean using household cleaners
  • Has a circular cut-out for dropping drum sands
MLCS 9765

4. MLCS 9765 (With Universal Mounting)

  • Universal mounting system supports many drill press platters
  • 12 x 14-inch surface area to support drill press precision
  • T-tracks for mounted accessories
  • The adjustable fence provides maximum holding power
Woodstock D4033

5. Woodstock D4033 (With Firm Support)

  • 3-inch-high fence offers superior work support
  • 2 T-slots provide quick and secure support
  • Universal table clamps support firm tool attachments
  • A square insert for through-drilling
Proxxon 27100

6. Proxxon 27100 (For Precision Drilling)

  • Performs precision drilling, grinding, milling, etc.
  • Compatible with multiple drill press and drills stand models
  • Comes with clamping accessories for tools attachment
  • Surface-treated aluminum for durability

1. MLCS 9778 – Best Replacement

MLCS 9778

Photo: MLCS

  • Table Size: 20 x 30 inches
  • Thickness: 7/8 inches
  • Materials: MDF, Melamine

If you’re looking for a replacement drill press table for superior and reliable performance, you can’t go wrong with the MLCS 9778.

This drill press is remarkable on so many fronts. It is big, measuring 20 inches by 30 inches, which is one of the largest surface areas we have recorded. It provides you with adequate working space.

Furthermore, it boasts of an improved fence design, which allows more handle clearance without the need to move the fence.

A fence-mounted stop block helps to make repetitive cuts. This table includes an insert that accommodates sanding drums. The fence is also adjustable for more holding power.

We did note, however, that the MLCS 9778 is offered in a lavender color, which may not appeal to all buyers.


  • Large surface area for more workspace
  • Improved fence design with more handle clearance
  • Fence stop block for repetitive cuts
  • Table inserts for sanding drums


  • Lavender color may not appeal to all

2. Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 – Easy-to-use

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1

Photo: Woodpeckers

  • Table Size: 16 x 23 inches
  • Thickness: 1 inch
  • Materials: MDF

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 excels as an easy-to-use drill press table because of its robust and intuitive features that simplify the tool’s operation.

To simplify the mounting of wood and other object on the table, it has 2 hold-down clamps, which hold objects firmly in place for precision drilling.

This table comes with 2 double-wide T-tracks, which are embedded and bolted in place underneath it. The tracks have laser-engraved marking for long-lasting clarity and durability.

It also comes with a laser-engraved fence face, which has a center scale for ease of observation and accuracy enhancement.

The table’s surface measures 16 inches by 23 inches and is made of an MDF core, which has a microdot laminate for better grip of pressurized workpieces. This table is designed to support 12-inch and larger drill presses.

Just like the previous table, the Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 is also pricey compared to other models.


  • Has 2 hold-down clamps for firm workpiece grip
  • 2 reinforced T-racks for accurate fence adjustment
  • Laser-engraved fence for clarity and durability
  • Large MDF core with microdot laminate for enhanced grip


  • Pricey

3. Fulton PW1014 – Heavy-duty

Fulton PW1014

Photo: Fulton

  • Table Size: 15 x 24 inches
  • Thickness: 1-3/8 inches
  • Materials: Steel

Fulton PW1014 is the best heavy-duty drill press table on our list. Its sturdy construction enables is to support heavy loads effortlessly.

This table is superior to all the rests in its thickness of 1-3/8 inches, which also makes it the densest to handle heavy and intensive drilling projects.

You don’t have to worry about warping when it comes to this table. It is laminated both on its top and bottom, ensuring that it remains flat and warp-free.

The top lamination of this table is smooth to facilitate easy positioning of the stock you will be drilling. Lamination also makes it easy to clean using the usual household cleaners.

A unique feature you won’t find on another press table is a circular cut-out, which is approximately 1-inch deep to provide room for dropping drum sand below the table’s top surface.

The only major issue with this table is that the aluminum tracks are not pre-assembled you will have to do the assembly yourself.


  • The superior thickness for warp-resistance
  • Laminated top and bottom to maintain flatness
  • Easy to clean using household cleaners
  • Has a circular cut-out for dropping drum sands


  • Aluminum tracks are not pre-assembled

4. MLCS 9765 – Drill Press Table with Universal Mounting

MLCS 9765

Photo: MLCS

  • Table Size: 12 x 24 inches
  • Thickness: 7/8 inch
  • Materials: MDF, Melamine

MLCS 9765 is a drill press table whose universal mounting allows it to work with drill press platters of any shape or size.

This board measures 12 inches by 24 inches and has a 7/8-inch thickness to add a great degree of precision and versatility to your drill press.

To help you mount additional tools on your drill press table, it comes with T-tracks for track-mounted accessories.

An adjustable fence is included to provide maximum holding power. This table also includes a removable insert, which is drillable or sanding drums of any size.

We did note, however, that the MLCS 9765 clamps, which come with this table do not mount universally to all presses you some mounting modifications may be necessary depending on your drill press.


  • Has a universal mounting system
  • Adequate surface area to support drill press precision
  • T-tracks to support mounted accessories
  • The adjustable fence provides maximum table holding power


  • Universal clamps are not the most effective

5. Woodstock D4033 – Drill Press Table with Firm Support

Woodstock D4033

Photo: Shop Fox

  • Table Size: 11-7/8 x 23-3/4 inches
  • Thickness: 3 inches
  • Materials: MDF

Woodstock D4033 is a drill press table you will love for the firm support it provides, primarily from its well-built fence.

It’s fence measures 3 inches in height and combined with a stop block, they assist your drill press to achieve greater support and increased precision.

This table has solid T-slots that provide quick and secure setup of the fence and additional tools.

Two universal table clamps come included with the table to help you mount it firmly on many standard drill presses.

It also has a square block insert, which allows you to drill through, past the table.

An issue we noted with the Woodstock D4033 is that it lacks a cutout to accommodate the drill press chuck.


  • High fence for greater press support
  • T-slots for quick and secure setups
  • Universal table clamps for firm tool mounting
  • Square insert for drilling through the table


  • Lacks a drill press chuck cutout

6. Proxxon 27100 – Drill Press Table for Precision Drilling

Proxxon 27100

Photo: Proxxon

  • Table Size: 1-13/16 x 5-9/32 inches
  • Thickness: 1-11/16 inches
  • Materials: Aluminum

Proxxon 27100 is a table designed for precision drilling, milling, grinding and boring.

Although this table was originally designed for use with Proxxon tools, it is compatible with many other drill presses and drill stands.

It comes equipped with many clamping accessories which help to simplify attachment of the tool to other equipment such as drill presses, and vices.

The rigidity and durability of this table are enhanced by its surface-treated aluminum construction. Also, this tool has 3 longitudinal T-slots, which increase the clamping options for versatility.

Its spindle is covered to protect the tool from dirt. A notable drawback of this tool is its size, which many professionals may find smaller compared to rival drill press table.


  • Designed for precision drilling, milling, and boring
  • Compatible with many drill presses and stands
  • Has clamping accessories for tool attachment
  • Rigid and durable construction


  • Size may be too small


Having explored everything there is to know about drill press tables, including the top models and their features, you’re all set to go out and shop for one.

Remember the table will be the primary working area when using a drill press. Thus, factors such as size and surface are important to consider. The larger the table, the more working space it offers.

Additional tools such as fences and T-tracks are important in making the table fully functional, and for boosting its versatility.

Our top 6 drill press table review and buying guide are a handy companion to help you choose the best model for your drill press.