7 Best Faucet Mount Water Filters of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Faucet Mount Water Filter
Photo: Culligan

Faucet mount water filters are one of the most useful fixtures to have in your kitchen as they will help to make tap water cleaner and safer for your family.

With the best faucet mount water filters, you also get to save a lot of cash in the long run since you will not have to buy bottled water or incur medical expenses due to waterborne diseases.

In a nutshell, these water filters will help remove trace minerals and many other unwanted materials from your water like fluoride and chlorine. And this, in turn, helps to ensure you get great tasting water with no bad odors.

However, you need to make sure that you choose a high-quality and effective faucet mount water filter to get these benefits. But, this should not be a problem as below we show you how with our buying guide and faucet mount water filter reviews below.

What to Check Before Buying Best Faucet Mount Water Filters?

How to Buy the Best Faucet Mount Water Filter
Photo: Pur

Although there are many things to watch out for when choosing a faucet mount water filter, the following 5 are the most important ones.

1. Compatibility

Any water filter that you buy should be compatible with your particular faucet for it to be of any use for you.

Look at the threads on the end of the faucet to determine if the filter is compatible. The good news is that most manufacturers will make their water filter to be usable with almost any kitchen faucet.

While some water filters like Pur FM-3500B and DuPont WFFM350XCH will have a universal fit, others will require special adapters to work with your faucet and some manufacturers will provide them in the package. And so you will need to choose what you find most convenient for you.

The size of the filter also matters as you do not want something that will look awkward on your faucet even if it fits perfectly.

2. Material

Material determines the durability of the water filter and also its performance. When it comes to the material, you will need to consider both the case and filter.

For the case, most faucet water mount filters are plastic but there are different kinds of plastic used. Heavy-gauge plastic is the best, but it is also important to make sure that it is BPA-free and does not contain any other contaminants.

Different water filters will also have different finishes with stainless steel and chrome being the most common ones, and here you should go for something that complements your decor and other fixtures.

3. Reliability

Reliability is a broad term that can mean different things to different people. However, the effectiveness of filtration is one of the best ways to measure reliability. And here the most reliable water filters are those that can filter out as many contaminants as possible.

Top-rated faucet water filter will filter out up to 70 different contaminants and at least 95% of mercury and lead which makes them more reliable.

Filter capacity is also another great way of measuring the reliability of a water filter, and the higher the capacity the more reliable the filter will be as it will filter more gallons of water before requiring a filter cartridge replacement.

4. Brand

Like with any other product, there are particular brands that have become industry leaders in the manufacture and distribution of faucet mount water filters.

Some of these brands have been in business for many decades and have invested a lot in research and product development to ensure they make the best performing faucet mount water filters.

Although there are many good brands to buy from some highly reputable ones are Pur, Culligan, and DuPont. And you will always be better off buying from them instead of the smaller and less known startups.

5. Ease of Installation

A faucet mount water filter should be easy to install to ensure you can do it on your own without any external help.

Those that have a one-click installation like Pur FM-9400B and many others on our reviews above and come with some precise and easy to understand instructions are the most convenient and easiest to install.

An easy to install water filter is also one that will not require you to use any special tools.

7 Best Faucet Mount Water Filters of 2021 Reviewed




Pur RF-3375

1. Pur RF-3375 (Best Value)

  • 100 gallons filtration capacity
  • Great value for money
  • Filters out more than 70 contaminants
  • Easier and faster filter change
Culligan FM-15A

2. Culligan FM-15A (For Higher Filtration Capacity & Flow Rate)

  • 200 gallons filtration capacity
  • Faster  flow rate and higher filtration capacity
  • Handy diverter tab for when you need regular tap water
  • Easy, no-tools required installation
Pur FM-9400B

3. Pur FM-9400B (Space-Saving & Efficient)

  • 100 gallons filtration capacity
  • Smaller and space-saving design
  • Efficient 3-stage filtration
  • Simple one-click installation

4. DuPont WFFM350XCH (High-Performing with Electronic Display)

  • 200 gallons filtration capacity
  • Highly useful electronic display
  • High performing filtration system
  • Will attach easily to most faucets
Pur FM-3333B

5. Pur FM-3333B (Convenient Filter from Trustworthy Brand)

  • 100 gallons filtration capacity
  • Convenient design with filter life indicator
  • Easy one-click installation
  • Highly effective at improving water taste and odor
Pur FM-2000BV1

6. Pur FM-2000BV1 (Easy to Install & Highly effective)

  • 100 gallons filtration capacity
  • Effortless one-click installation
  • Filters out 72 contaminants effectively
  • Handy built-in filter life indicator
Pur FM-3500B

7. Pur FM-3500B (For Consistently Crisp & Refreshing Water)

  • 100 gallons filtration capacity
  • Filters water over natural minerals for a refreshing taste
  • Handy built LED filter change indicator
  • Works with all standard faucets

1. Pur RF-3375 – Best Overall

Pur RF-3375 Faucet Mount Replacement Water Filter
Photo: Pur

For a set of two faucet water mount replacement filters, this is one of the best values that you can get anywhere. And this is even more so given that it is a product from Pur which is a highly reputable brand.

These filters have been certified to reduce more than 70 contaminants and up to 99% lead so that you always get cleaner and great-tasting water.

Each of the filters will filter up to 100 gallons of water and serve you for between 2 and 3 months before you have to replace it.

The replacement is quite straightforward, and you will not need to use any special tools. Also, you do not have to guess when it is time to replace the filter as it has an indicator for this.

Although the filters will be a little longer for those that have low faucets and will have a relatively slower rate, they make up for this by being affordable and by producing great water quality.


  • Relatively more affordable
  • Superior water filtration
  • Great tasting water
  • Easy to change filters
  • Includes a filter life indicator


  • A little longer for low faucets
  • Slower flow rate

2. Culligan FM-15A – For a Higher Filtration Capacity and Flow Rate

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Water Filter
Photo: Culligan

The 0.5 GPM (at 60 PSI) flow rate that you get Culligan FM-15A is quite good when compared with others in our list and in the market. Many users will not even notice any significant change in flow rate when using this water filter.

Also, with a capability to filter up to 200 gallons of water, this model has one of the highest filtration capacities on our faucet mount water filter review.

Because sometimes you will not need to filtered water, there is a simple diverter tab that makes it easy to switch to regular tap water.

Both the faucet filter and the cartridge are quick and easy to install, and you will not need to use any tool which is quite convenient.

You can use this Culligan faucet mount water filter on almost any sink nozzle as it comes with the mounting adapters, and it can work under wide temperature and pressure ranges.

Being the second most affordable product on our list, you will also not need to spend a lot of cash to get it. Although filter replacement takes a little more effort, it will be at least 2 months before you need to do it.

More Detailed: Culligan FM-15A Review


  • High flow rate and filtration capacity
  • Easy switch to unfiltered water
  • Wide pressure and temperature range
  • Adapters included for all standard sink nozzles
  • Fast no-tool mounting


  • Filter replacement takes a little more effort

3. Pur FM-9400B – Space-Saving and Efficient

Pur 3-Stage FM-9400B Horizontal Faucet Mount Water Filter
Photo: Pur

A space-saving design combined with a highly efficient 3-stage filtration system, are the highlights of the Pur FM-9400B. With the space-saving design, the faucet mount water filter will not take up a lot of room in your sink or weigh-down your faucet.

The 3-stage filtration will get rid of most contaminants and ensure you always get refreshing water with no bad odors.

There is also a built-in electronic filter life indicator that will make it easy to tell when you need to change the filter which should be after 2-3 months or after filtering 100 gallons.

One-click installation means that installing it will take little effort and time, and you will also not need to use any special tools.

Another feature that many users will love about this faucet mount water filter is that you can easily switch to unfiltered water at the simple flip of a switch.

However, most of the adapters are made from plastic which makes them less durable. But they will still work well and with no leaks, and in most instances, they will last for the lifetime of the water filter. And for its price, the plastic adapters should not be a big concern.


  • Space-saving design
  • Highly effective 3-stage filtration
  • Easy one-click installation
  • Built-in filter life indicator


  • Indicator battery not replaceable
  • Less durable plastic adapters

4. DuPont WFFM350XCH – High-Performing

DuPont Electric Metered Faucet Water Filter
Photo: DuPont

Measuring filter life is made super easy with the easy-to-read electronic display on this DuPont faucet water filter, and so you can easily tell when you need to replace the filter to ensure you never take unfiltered water.

It uses an ultra-performance filtration system that will ensure that you not only get clean water but will also be better tasting and with no bad odors.

Besides filtering the water efficiently, this faucet water filter is also designed for convenience and durability. It comes with some metal adapters that will make it easy to mount on most standard faucets.

There is also a water flow rate selector that makes it possible to switch from filtered to unfiltered water, and the filter has a capacity of 200 gallons which is quite good.

Despite the filter having a relatively slower flow rate, it should still be good enough for those that do not require a lot of filtered water. The higher price tag is also a reflection of its superior quality and effectiveness.


  • Easy-to-read electronic display
  • Highly effective filtration
  • Attaches to most standard faucets
  • Durable metal adapters
  • Lifetime battery


  • Slower flow rate
  • Relatively pricier

5. Pur FM-3333B – Best Convenient from a Trustworthy Brand

Pur FM-3333 Classic Vertical Faucet Mount Water Filter
Photo: Pur

Pur FM-3333 makes it easy to enjoy filtered water straight from your kitchen faucet as the one-click installation ensures quick and effortless installation.

Also, it is a highly convenient water filter that comes with a built-in filter life indicator to ensure that you can easily tell when you need to replace the filter. And the filter should serve you for 2 to 3 months and filter up to 100 gallons.

Besides making your water cleaner and safer, this faucet mount water filter will also improve its taste, clarity, and odor.

Because Pur is one of the best faucet mount water filter brands, you can also buy with confidence that you are buying a top-notch product.

The mostly plastic construction might seem a little flimsy and is obviously not as durable as metal, but this water filter is built to the highest standards, and so you can be sure it will outlive most others.


  • Convenient built-in filter life indicator
  • Improves water taste and clarity
  • Attaches to most faucet types
  • Simple one-click installation


  • Mostly plastic construction makes it feel a little flimsy

6. Pur FM-2000BV1 – An Easy to Install

Pur FM-2000B Faucet Mount Water Filter
Photo: Pur

A basic vertical faucet mount water filter like the Pur FM2000BV1 makes filtration a quicker and simpler process. And it will also ensure that the water flow rate is not significantly affected.

The simple one-click installation makes mounting it on your faucet fast and straightforward. Like most other Pur water filters, it comes with all the necessary parts and hardware.

Although it also features a mostly plastic construction, it is a top brand product that is well-built and highly durable.

The built-in filter life indicator makes it easier to plan for filter changes or make orders well in advance to ensure you will always have filtered water. And it should be at least 2 months or 100 gallons of water filtered before you need a filter replacement.

Pur FM2000B uses some relatively pricier replacement filters, but given the quality of water that you get and convenience, it does not hurt to spend a few extra bucks on filters.


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Convenient filter life indicator
  • Well-built and highly durable
  • Convenient vertical mount
  • Great tasting and smelling water


  • Pricier replacement filters

7. Pur FM-3500B – For Consistently Crisp and Refreshing Water

Pur Black/Chrome Advanced Vertical Faucet Mount Water Filter
Photo: Pur

By filtering the water over a Mineral Core, this Pur faucet mount water filter ensures that you will always get great tasting and refreshing water. And besides getting rid of harmful contaminants, it will also improve the water’s taste and odor significantly.

Because it has been designed to filter out at least 61 contaminants, this filter will make your water much safer than what you get from many others.

A built-in filter life indicator makes it easy to keep track of your filter so that you will always know when it needs replacement. Hence, you will not have to guess when the filter has cleaned its maximum capacity of 100 gallons.

Mounting this water filter is quick and easy thanks to the one-click installation which also makes it convenient to remove when you need more sink space. Apart from being easy to install, the faucet mount filter will fit perfectly on most sinks thanks to the 360-degree swivel.

This Pur water filter is the priciest item in our faucet mount water filter review, but the extra cost stems from the high-quality construction and effective filtration. Also the weaker stream is typical of most effective faucet mount water filters.


  • MineralClear filters deliver Crisp and refreshing water
  • Convenient LED indicator
  • Quick one-click installation with no tools
  • 360-degree swivel to fit well in most sinks


  • A little high-priced
  • Weaker filtered water stream


A good faucet water mount filter is a must-have to ensure that your tap water is clean and safe for use.

You can be confident that there is at least one water filter in our top 7 reviews above that will work well for you. However, the Pur RF-3375 seems to have a slight edge as it is the cheapest option and provides superior water filtration and taste.