7 Best Faucet Water Filters of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Faucet Water Filter
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The typical tap water in most places may look clean but the truth of the matter is that it is full of contaminants that can be detrimental to the health of your family.

Faucet water filters are the types that are meant to fit directly onto your tap. With the best faucet water filter, you will be getting safe filtered water without trace minerals and many other unwanted materials without spending a lot of money.

To help ensure you get one that will offer these and many other benefits, here we highlight some important things to know about these filters, and also provide reviews of 7 top-rated faucet water filters for recommendations.

What to Check Before Buying Best Faucet Water Filters?

How to Buy the Best Faucet Water Filter
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When it comes to choosing a good faucet water filter, you will need to consider the following important things to ensure you make the right choice.

1. Compatibility

For any faucet water filter to be useful for you, it will first need to fit your tap. Luckily the best ones are often designed to be compatible with various faucet types and sizes.

However, it is important to note that sometimes you will need to buy faucet adapters and other things like extensions hoses to make a filter more usable with your faucet. Luckily, many top models like Culligan FM-15A will come with adapter for all sink nozzles which makes them an excellent buy.

Besides fitting your faucet, it will also be important to consider the size of the filter when it comes to compatibility. The main reason for this is to ensure that it will not look awkward or comical on your faucet.

2. Your Needs

Your particular needs should always come first when it comes to choosing a faucet water filter. You need to consider things like the amount of water you want to filter every day, and the types and number of contaminants you want to remove.

Also, the style of the filter and its finish should suit your particular tastes and preferences to ensure that you get maximum satisfaction from having it.

3. Direct Flow or Side Offset Flow Faucet Water Filter

As faucet water filters continue to become a standard fixture in most homes, manufacturers are always coming up with different styles and types to suit different consumer needs.

However, most will often fall into two broad categories which are direct flow and side offset flow faucet water filters.

Direct Flow Thru

As the name implies, these are the types of faucet water filters designed to attach to the end of the faucet and extend out from it. They provide great water quality and are also quite affordable.

However, they have a small surface area, and so they will not filter out particles that are as small as what the side offset filters do, and they will also require more regular replacement.

Side Offset Flow Thru

Side offsets are the most popular faucet water purification filters. The main reason for its popularity is that it allows you to use a larger filter since it is not directly under or in line with the faucet.

The larger filter cartridges will not only last longer but also filter the water more thoroughly when compared to the direct flow types.

These filters are easy to install, and activating them is also straightforward. However, these water filters are more expensive than the direct flow types, and will add more weight to the faucet which can cause stress in some instances.

4. Carbon or Reverse Osmosis Faucet Water Filter

Carbon Filters

If you have one of the common carafe type water filters, then you already have some experience with carbon filters. Carbon filters work by absorbing water and then trapping the impurities before allowing the clean water to pass through.

These filters are effective in removing a wide range of contaminants such as pesticides and even lead depending on the type. Also, they are more affordable and convenient than the reverse osmosis filters.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis filters feature an ultra-thin membrane that is often made of acetate. With these filters, water is passed through the membrane under high pressure and it squeezes out more contaminants than most other types including the carbon filters.

However, these filters are often pricier and bulkier which is why they are installed under the sink. Besides changing their filters regularly, you will also need to replace the membrane after at least every two years.

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5. Material

The best faucet water filters are ones that feature a mostly metal construction as they are the most durable ones.

As a general rule, the metal filters will grip the faucet tighter and are also know to filter much better and with fewer leaks if any.

The type of metal used to make the faucet and the finish also matter. Make sure that the metal is not known to produce any toxins to ensure water safety. For the finish, it is all about finding a material that at least matches your faucet and complements other fixtures and appliances.

6. Filter Cartridge

Because filter cartridges are what will do the actual filtration and removal of contaminants, it is important to know about them before going out to buy a faucet water filter.

The heavy-duty cartridges that will remove various substances from the water are the best choice as they are durable and provide better quality drinking water.

Filter cartridges will also have a limited lifespan which the manufacturer will indicate in the form of gallons that they can filter before replacement or the number of months you can use them.

A filter cartridge that filters the most amount of water  before requiring replacement like the 1,500-gallon capacity one on the New Wave Enviro 796515300000 is often the best.

But, it is important to respect the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations to avoid drinking contaminated water.

7. Ease of Installation

Nobody wants to spend several hours installing something as simple as a faucet water filter. Also, you do not want to have to pay someone to do it, and so it is always important to choose one that is easy to install.

Luckily, most faucet water filters are super easy to install, and you will often not even need to use any tool during the installation.

Those that come with everything that you need in the box are often the most convenient and easiest to install. Some simple instructions can also be very useful.

7 Best Faucet Water Filters of 2021 Reviewed




Pur FM-3700

1. Pur FM-3700 (Best Overall)

  • 100 gallons filtration capacity
  • Simple one-click installation
  • Highly efficient filtration cartridges
  • Sleek, attention-grabbing finish
Culligan FM-15A

2. Culligan FM-15A (Best Budget)

  • 200 gallon filtration capacity
  • More budget-friendly
  • Simple diverter tab for quick switch to regular tap water
  • Easy, no-tool installation
  • Will fit all standard sink nozzles
New Wave Enviro 796515300000

3. New Wave Enviro 796515300000 (High Capacity & Efficient Filtration)

  • Higher 1,500 gallons filtration capacity
  • Efficient 10-stage filtration
  • Filters to EPA minimum levels
  • Easy to install and mountable under the sink
Brita COMINHKR063772

4. Brita COMINHKR063772 (Best for Small Families)

  • 100 gallons filtration capacity
  • Perfect size and capacity for small families
  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • Handy filter change reminders included
  • Quick and effortless one-click filter replacement
Jetery Faucet Water Filter

5. Jetery Faucet Water Filter (Long-Lasting & Efficient)

  • 320 gallons filtration capacity
  • Relatively long-lasting filtration
  • Higher flow rate
  • Sleek and elegant design

6. DuPont WFFM350XCH (Top Notch Technology & Functionality)

  • 200 gallon filtration capacity
  • Convenient electronic display technology
  • High-performing filtration system
  • Attaches to most standard faucets it minutes
Pur New FM-4000B

7. Pur New FM-4000B (Small but Reliable)

  • 100 gallons filtration capacity
  • Smaller in size but with reliable filtration system
  • 360-degree swivel for easy installation
  • Simple one-click installation

1. Pur FM-3700 – Best Overall

Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter

Ease of use and reliability are two of the most outstanding attributes of the Pur FM-3700 and also what make it our best overall faucet water filter.

The ease of use stems from the simple one-click installation that requires no tools, and the 360-degree swivel that allows it to fit most sinks well.

For reliability, it uses some high-quality filter cartridges that are designed to filter out 70 different contaminants and up to 96% mercury and 99% lead to ensure you will get clean and safe water.

This faucet water filter will fit all standard faucets, and it also features a sleek and elegant finish to ensure it will look fantastic in your kitchen.

And you will not have to guess when to change the filters as there is a convenient LED filter status indicator.

The lever switch mechanism seems more fragile than what many users expect but with a little extra care, it should last for the lifetime of this water filter.


  • Easy to use and reliable
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Sleek and elegant finish
  • LED filter status indicator
  • Fits all standard faucets


  • More fragile lever switch mechanism

2. Culligan FM-15A – Best Budget

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Water Filter

Culligan FM-15A is an advanced faucet water filter that is designed to remove contaminants like chlorine, lead, atrazine, and lindane. It will operate at wide pressure and temperature ranges of between 30-100 PSI and 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.

It has a filter capacity of 200 gallons, and it should be at least two months before you need to change the filter cartridges which might not be the longest compared to others on our list but still good enough.

The water flow rate of 0.5 GPM at 60 PSI should be adequate for most users, and every drop that you get will be free of bad taste and odor.

There is also a simple diverter tab on this filter that makes it easy to switch to regular tap water from the filtered water when you want to.

Installing the filter and cartridges is also quite easy, and you will not need any tools for this. You will get adapters to fit all standard sink nozzles in the package.

This Culligan filter is the cheapest on our faucet water filter review, and so you can also be confident of getting great value for money.

Although the filters can be a little hectic to replace, things should get easier as you do it more and more as it only takes some getting used to.

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  • Relatively more affordable
  • Allows for a quick switch to regular tap water
  • Removes bad taste and odor
  • Adapters included for all standard sink nozzles
  • Accommodates wide pressure/temperature range


  • Filters can be quite hectic to replace

3. New Wave Enviro 796515300000 – High Capacity and Efficient Filtration

New Wave Enviro Faucet Water Filter

With a filter capacity of 1,500 gallons, this New Wave faucet water filter will provide a small family of 4 with clean water for up to one year which is quite impressive.

Since it has the highest capacity on our faucet water filter review, it is the best choice for those that hate changing filter cartridges regularly.

Besides the obvious convenience that comes with the high filter capacity, this faucet water filter also uses an advanced 10-stage filtration system to provide cleaner and safer water.

The filtration system will remove most of the major contaminants and get them to the EPA minimum levels while still maintaining the desirable minerals like magnesium and potassium.

Another thing that makes this one of the best faucet water filters for kitchens is how easily it attaches to your kitchen faucet. It is also mountable under the sink as all you will need is the conversion kit that the company sells separately.

When compared to other models in our review, this faucet water filter is relatively pricey but for a 1,500 capacity filtration system it is worth it.


  • High filter capacity
  • 10-stage filtration system
  • Quick faucet attachment
  • Reduces contaminants to below EPA requirements


  • A little pricey

4. Brita COMINHKR063772 – Best for Small Families

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter

This Brita faucet water filter is the second priciest on our list and the relatively higher price tag is because it is a convenient and high-performing product.

According to the manufacturer, it has a filter capacity of up to 100 gallons or 4 months which makes it perfect for small families.

It comes with a convenient filter change indicator to ensure that you will know when to replace the cartridges. Changing the filter is also a simple one-click process to ensure it gives you an even easier time.

It allows for a quick switch between filtered and unfiltered water which is always convenient as you will not always need to use filtered water.

The space-efficient design is a great feature as it means that the filter will take up little space below the faucet, and installation is also straightforward as you will not need any tools.

While the plastic connection is not as good as other like the metal and rubber ones, it should still hold well enough and last long.


  • Ideal capacity for a small family
  • Convenient filter change indicator
  • Quick switch between filtered and unfiltered water
  • Simple no-tools installation
  • Easy one-click filter replacement


  • Plastic connection seems poorly made

5. Jetery Faucet Water Filter – Long-Lasting and Efficient

Jetery Faucet Water Filter

Looks always matter when it comes to buying any kitchen faucet, but it should be the least of your worries with this Jetery water filter as it comes in an elegant design that will complement any decor.

The top-rated faucet water filter is made from BPA-free and food grade materials to ensure that it does not contaminate your water.

For the filtration, it uses a highly absorptive carbon filter to ensure that it can absorb most contaminants, colors, and odors for excellent water quality and taste. Despite the efficient filtration, it still maintains a good water flow rate of 0.53 GPM.

The practical 2-stage switch is also a great addition to this water filter as it makes it quick and easy to switch from filtered to unfiltered water and back.

This water filter will deliver a cartridge filter life of 320 gallons or up to 6 months which is quite good when compared to others out there, and it is also the second most affordable product on our list.

Because the design does not seem very well-thought-out, the installation can be a little hectic. However, with a little patience and if you follow the instruction you should be okay.


  • Relatively longer filtration life
  • Higher flow rate
  • Convenient 2-stage switch
  • Sleek and decor-complementing finish
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Installation can be a little frustrating

6. DuPont WFFM350XCH – Top Notch Technology and Functionality

DuPont Electric Metered Faucet Water Filter

The electronic display is one of the key elements that will draw most people to this faucet water filter. It is easy-to-read and uses a lifetime battery to make it easier to tell how much water you have used and when to change the filter cartridges.

But, the filtration system is also highly efficient, and it will help to get rid of most contaminants like sediments, asbestos, lead, mercury, and chlorine.

With this filter on your faucet, you will always get better tasting and smelling water with improved clarity.

Also, it has a sleek chrome finish that will complement any decor, and there is a handy water flow selector that lets you choose whether to use filtered or unfiltered water.

The only notable con with this faucet water filter is that it does not filter hot water. However, this is not a unique shortcoming because most filters in its class and even many other more expensive ones also do not filter hot water.


  • Convenient and easy-to-read display
  • Highly effective filtration system
  • Improves both odor and taste
  • Water flow selector included
  • Quick and easy filter replacement


  • Will not filter hot water

7. Pur New FM-4000B – Small but Reliable

Pur New FM-4000B Faucet Water Filter

Pur makes some of the best sink water filters and they have plenty of models to pick from in the market. Their FM-4000B is another perfect option for a small family as it has a filter capacity of 100 gallons or up to 3 months.

It is made with MineralClear that channels the water over characteristic minerals to deliver clean and fresh water with a refreshing taste.

You can use this faucet water filter with almost any sink thanks to the 360-degree swivel that will allow it to fit most sinks.

With the built-in electronic filter life indicator, you can easily tell when you need to replace the filter to ensure you will never consume unfiltered water.

This water filter also looks amazing thanks to the stainless steel finish that will complement almost any kitchen décor. The one-click installation will make installing it and filter replacement quick and easy.

Although the body is made from a thinner plastic material, for its price it will still last long enough.


  • Reliable MineralClear filtration channels
  • Built-in electronic filter life indicator
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Easy and convenient one-click installation
  • Elegant stainless steel finish


  • Uses thinner plastic material

How to Install a Faucet Water Filter?

How to Install a Faucet Water Filter
Photo: Pur

Even with the best tap water filter, you will still need to install it correctly to get its many benefits.

Luckily, most are easy to install and you will not need any special tools. Besides the hardware that comes with the particular faucet water filter, you will probably only need an adjustable wrench and Teflon tape. 

Here is how to install the filter in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Remove Faucet Aerator

The first step is to remove the faucet’s aerator. But before doing this it will be a good idea to shut off the hot and cold water valves just to be sure no water will come out when working. In most cases, you should be able to remove the aerator by hand, but if it is too tight you should use the adjustable wrench.

Step 2: Clean Threads

Depending on the water source and the age of your faucet, there is likely to be some buildup on the threads at the end of the faucet. You need to clean them using some vinegar.

Step 3: Ready the Parts

Once the threads are free of residue and buildup and dry, the next step is to ready the parts that you will need. Here you will have to take out all the parts that came with the filter from the package and lay them in the counter.

Check the faucet threads to determine whether you will need an adapter to install the filter and if that is the case you can easily get one at your local store if the package does not include one.

Step 4: Attach Filter

Once you ascertain you have all the parts that you need, you can now attach the filter to the faucet. In most cases, this is all about twisting it in place. And after the mounting collar is in place you can then insert the cartridge to finish the installation.

Step 5: Activate the Cartridge

The last step is to activate or flush the cartridge, and all you need to do here is to allow the water to run for 5-10 minutes before tasting it. It is an important step that you should not skip as it helps to remove excess carbon. Also, check for leaks and if there are none, the filter is ready for use.

How to Care and Maintain the Faucet Water Filter?

Like all other fixtures in your kitchen, the faucet water filter will also require care and maintenance to ensure it lasts long and produces clean and safe water.

Most modern faucet water filters will not require much maintenance but here are a few things that you should do.

  • If you use a filter with a filter change sensor, make sure that you respect the indication and change the filter cartridges appropriately.
  • For filters without a filter change sensor mark the date of the last filter change and use the capacity indicator to determine when to change the filters again.
  • Use a clean rag and vinegar or lime juice to clean any limescale deposits that might build up on your filter.
  • As you are replacing the filters, make sure to clean all the elements of the system and ensure you do not use any harsh cleaning agents to avoid adding harmful toxins.
  • Remember to monitor the faucet water filter and the water quality keenly to determine whether the filter needs cleaning and if it is working correctly.


With our detailed guide above and review, you should now have an easy time finding the best faucet water filter to make your water cleaner and safer.

And while each water filter in our reviews will be ideal for a different kind of user, the Pur FM-3700 is our best overall product as it strikes a perfect balance between the price, filtration capacity and overall filtration efficiency.