7 Best Freestanding Tubs of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Freestanding Tub
Photo: Maykke

One of the biggest disadvantages of the bathtub is the installation space that it needs. Indeed, most bathtubs are alcove style which means that you need 3 wall sides to install it in your bathroom.

This isn’t always the most convenient thing to do, especially if you have space in your bathroom and can afford to install it anywhere you want. Luckily, the freestanding bathtub is here to solve this problem.

Indeed, this special type of bathtub is made in such a way that it looks great anywhere you look at it. So, even if you install it in the middle of your bathroom, it will not compromise its looks.

Without any further ado, let’s check our freestanding tub review below to find a quality model for your bathroom.

What To Check Before Buying Best Freestanding Tub?

How to Buy a Freestanding Tub
Photo: Empava

1. Size

The size is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a freestanding tub. This is because your freestanding tub cannot be bigger than your installation space.

Therefore, you need to measure your installation space to ensure that your freestanding tub will fit.

In most cases, the freestanding tub is generally bigger in length and in width when compared to an alcove style bathtub.

So, if you have the space to accommodate a big tub, and you have people on the plus side will be using it, then go for the biggest freestanding tub that you can buy. If you’re of average height, then any freestanding tub measuring at least 58 inches in length will be fine.

2. Style and Design

The freestanding tub comes in different styles and design. Here are a few of the most common ones.

Single-ended: The single-ended freestanding tub is an old design. It is flat on one side and curved on the other.

The rounded edge provides nice support for your feet while the flat end is normally where you will install your drain and water faucets.

Single slipper: Similar to the single-ended tub above, the single slipper has one end for lounging and the other for installing your water system.

Unlike the single-ended, the single slipper freestanding bathtub has more sleek curves and more aesthetically pleasing.

Double ended and double slipper: Those freestanding tubs normally have an equal size edge, so you can lounge anywhere you want. Additionally, the water system like your faucet is installed at the center of the double ended and double slipper bathtub.Clawfoot: The clawfoot freestanding tub has a contemporary design and tries to mimic bathtubs that you would find in the old days. A great example of this is the Maykke XDA1412001 which we highly recommend. The main advantage of this bathtub is that it is easy to clean since the base of the tub does not come in contact with the ground.It is also more elevated when compared to other models so if you like a tall bathtub, this is the freestanding tub design to get.

3. Material

The material using the build construction of the freestanding tub will dictate how long and durable it is. It is also directly linked to the price that you will pay.

For example, a freestanding bathtub made from porcelain will be significantly more expensive than one made from acrylic.

Acrylic is still a decent material used in the construction of some of the best freestanding tubs on the market. Additionally, most manufacturers usually use fiberglass over or under the acrylic coat to boost its durability.

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4. Overflow

The overflow drain is normally found at the top of the freestanding bathtub. This slit is there so as to prevent the bathtub from overflowing in case you forget to close your water faucet. Make sure that your model of choice comes with an overflow drain for peace of mind and ease-of-use.

Additionally, ensure that the material used for the overflow drain will not corrode when it comes in contact with water.

5. Easy to install

The freestanding bathtub has a good reputation of being extremely easy to install, especially by beginners. If you do not have any experience installing a bathtub before, you will have no problem installing the freestanding bathtub.

Keep an eye out for any fixtures like a water faucet, hoses, and other installation accessories that you get with your purchase.

7 Best Freestanding Tubs of 2021 Reviewed




Empava EMPV-FT1518

1. Empava EMPV-FT1518 (Affordable & Good Value)

  • Affordable and value for money
  • Easy to install in a small bathroom
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • 3-years manufacturer warranty
Maykke XDA1412001

2. Maykke XDA1412001 (Durable & Long-lasting)

  • Made from an 8-layer acrylic. Very durable
  • Easy to install and easy to move
  • It can accommodate a tall person
  • Easy to level to uneven floors
American Standard 2764014M202.011

3. American Standard 2764014M202.011 (Comfortable)

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • You get a water faucet and hose included

4. AKDY AZ-F274 (Superior Water Capacity)

  • Big water capacity of 95 gallons
  • Double-walled design for superior insulation
  • Competitively priced
Maykke XDA1421001

5. Maykke XDA1421001 (Modern & Stylish)

  • Modern and stylish
  • Long bathtub measuring 78.8 inches
  • The overflow drain will not corrode

6. AKDY AZ270 (Easy to Install by Beginners)

  • Easy to install by beginners
  • Relatively affordable. Good value
  • Modern oval design
WoodBridge BTA-1515

7. WoodBridge BTA-1515 (Small & Compact)

  • Small and compact form factor
  • High-gloss surface. Easy to clean
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

1. Empava EMPV-FT1518 – Affordable and Good Value

Empava Luxury Freestanding Tub
Photo: Empava

  • Capacity: 58.11 gallons
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 66.9 inches x 31.5 inches x 26.8 inches

Freestanding bathtubs are generally expensive shower accessories. Therefore, not many people can afford them. This is specifically a problem that the Empava freestanding tub is here to solve. Indeed, this model is much more affordable when compared to the rest of the competition.

However, a lower price does not necessarily mean bad quality. This model is still beefed up and made from a high-grade acrylic and fiberglass that are both very durable and long-lasting.

With its length of 66.9 inches and width of 31.5 inches, this model is definitely not the biggest that you will find in this review. However, if you have a small bathroom and require a small freestanding tub, this model is an excellent choice.

Also, it has been designed and manufactured in the USA where there is strict quality control. To make it an even better offer, you get no less than 3-years warranty with this freestanding bathtub.

The caveats we note with this tub is that the overflow drain may start to rust over time as it is not corrosion resistant. Also, the installation is a little more difficult when compared to other models.


  • More cost-effective when compared to the competition
  • Small and compact form factor
  • Durable and long-lasting. Made from acrylic and fiberglass
  • 3-years warranty from the manufacturer


  • The overflow drain is not corrosion resistant
  • A bit more difficult to install

2. Maykke XDA1412001 – Durable and Long-lasting

Maykke Mona Traditional Acrylic Freestanding Tub
Photo: Maykke

  • Capacity: 58.12 gallons
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 70.9 inches x 29.5 inches x 30.7 inches

The Maykke Mona is a traditional-looking bathtub that comes with a metal clawfoot. What separates this model apart from the competition is its multilayer of polyethylene resin, fiberglass, and acrylic build construction that makes it extremely durable. Technically, this freestanding tub can last a lifetime.

Also, this freestanding tub is ideal for tall people as it measures an impressive 70.9 inches in length. Any tall person will feel comfortable in this bathtub. One another outstanding feature of this tub is its polished surface that is very easy to clean. You only need a dry piece of microfiber cloth to clean it.

This model is definitely not the best freestanding tub in terms of water capacity with its 58.12 gallons, but it is still reasonable. It will have no problem fully immersing a person of average size in water.

The only problems are that does not have an overflow hole to evaluate any excess water. Therefore, you should not forget to close the water faucet when using this bathtub or it will easily overflow. You also only get 1-year warranty with this tub. It could have been longer.


  • 8-layer acrylic material. Very durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to install and easy to move around thanks to its clawfoot design
  • Long length of 70.9 inches. It can accommodate a tall person easily
  • Leveling feet to adjust the tub to uneven floors


  • Does not have an overflow hole
  • The ​1-year warranty could have been longer

3. American Standard 2764014M202.011 –  Comfortable Freestanding Bathtub

American Standard 2764014M202.011 Freestanding Tub
Photo: American Standard

  • Capacity: 58 gallons
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 66 inches x 32 inches x 23 inches

The Cadet by American Standard is a freestanding tub that you will find in many bathrooms. Due to the design of this double slipper tub, you can lounge on both sides of it which makes it very comfortable to use. Of course, the plumbing installation comes at the center.

Talking about installation, you get a full installation kit with this purchase, which includes the hose as well as the brushed aluminum faucet which makes up for its fairly high price.

When it comes to the build construction, you have nothing to worry about as this unit is made from a high-grade acrylic that is mixed with fiberglass for even more durability. Moreover, the acrylic and fiberglass mixture give this freestanding tub a glossy look which makes it aesthetically pleasing.

The only negative points we have for this model is its high price. It also does not have an overflow drain hole which can be a security hazard if you forget to close the water faucet.

But other than those, this freestanding tub is one of the most comfortable freestanding tubs on the market. It will be able to provide an unforgettable bath experience to anyone regardless of height or size.


  • You can lounge on both sides. Comfortable to use.
  • High-gloss surface. Easy to clean
  • Easy to use by anyone
  • Comes with all installation accessories, including the hose and the water faucet


  • There is no overflow drain
  • The price. It is an expensive freestanding tub

4. AKDY AZ-F274 – Superior Water Capacity

AKDY AZ-F274 Freestanding Tub
Photo: AKDY

  • Capacity: 95 gallons
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 70.9 inches x 31.5 inches x 30.7 inches

AKDY is not a new player in the bathtub industry. In fact, this company makes some of the best tubs on the market. But what really makes this tub superior to others is its high-water capacity of 95 gallons. This is the highest capacity that you will find in this review.

In terms of build construction quality, this current model is no different as it is built from a high-grade multilayer acrylic that is durable and long-lasting.

Additionally, the multilayer acrylic provides insulation to the water thus helping it preserves the water temperature for a longer period of time. What we like about this model is that you get all the installation accessories, including fitting with this purchase.

So, if you need a bathtub that can hold a lot of water, then we seriously recommend that you consider this model from AKDY.


  • The very high-water capacity of 95 gallons
  • Relatively affordable. Value for money
  • Double-walled design. Provides insulation for water and durable
  • The long length of 70.9 inches. Excellent for tall people


  • Only one-year manufacturer warranty

5. Maykke XDA1421001 – Modern and Stylish

Maykke Modern Unique Freestanding Tub
Photo: Maykke

  • Capacity: 66.04 gallons
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 78.8 inches x 31.5 inches x 40.2 inches

When compared to other freestanding tubs on the market, the Maykke is very different. But, different in a good way as this freestanding tub looks more like a piece of art than a bathtub. It has a protruded head area that not only makes it look modern and stylish, but will allow you to lounge comfortably as well.

Also, the feet of this bathtub is leveling so you will be able to adjust it to your floor even if it is an even. There is an overflow drain at the top for safety. This overflow drain is made from a corrosion-free metal, so it will be long-lasting.

But what makes this model perhaps the best freestanding soaking tub in this entire review is its very long length of 78.8 inches. With such a high length, it will be able to accommodate a very tall person with ease.

Moreover, there is flexibility in this freestanding tub as you can purchase it in 2 different sizes. A model that measures 78.8 inches and another that measures 67 inches depending on your need. The only problem we have with this model is its price, which is a little more expensive than the rest of the competition.


  • Gorgeous looking bathtub. Very modern and artsy
  • A very long bathtub is measuring 78.8 inches. Ideal for tall people
  • Overflow drain made from a corrosion-free material


  • The price. It is on the expensive side

6. AKDY AZ270 – Easy to Install by Beginners

AKDY Oval Soaking Freestanding Tub
Photo: AKDY

  • Capacity: 66 gallons
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 70 inches x 35.5 inches x 33 inches

This freestanding tub from AKDY is another relatively affordable offering from the company. But what makes this model stand out is its ease-of-use and ease of installation. 

Indeed, you will have no problem installing this bathtub in your bathroom if you are an absolute beginner. Of course, you get all installation accessories out of the box.

Another noteworthy feature of this freestanding tub is the oval shape that makes it more comfortable for those who are on the plus side in terms of size.

Also, the long length of 70 inches means that it can accommodate fairly tall people with ease.

The only caveats we have is that the manufacturer offers an only a 1-year warranty on this freestanding tub. We would have preferred more. Also, the water capacity of 66 gallons is pretty average.

However, this model from AKDY still remains a top-rated freestanding tub based on its price, durability, and modern design.


  • Includes all fittings for an easy installation by beginners
  • Relatively affordable. Value for money
  • Modern oval design. Able to accommodate large people with ease
  • The long length of 70 inches. Good for tall people


  • Average water capacity of 66 gallons
  • You get only 1-year manufacturer warranty

7. WoodBridge BTA-1515 – Small and Compact

WoodBridge BTA-1515 Acrylic Freestanding Tub
Photo: WoodBridge

  • Capacity: 60 gallons
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 67 inches x 29 inches x 28 inches

Not everybody needs a big freestanding tub. This is where models like this WoodBridge freestanding tub comes into action. This unit has only a water capacity of 60 gallons and measures 67 inches in length. It is smaller than other models in this review and does not need a big installation space.

However, those values are still pretty decent especially if it will be used by a person of average height.

What we like about this model is that it is made from a double-walled acrylic that acts as an insulator and prevents the water inside the tub from losing temperature easily. It also makes the bathtub more durable and long-lasting as well.

In order to prevent the tub from overflowing, there is an overflow drain at the top that is made from a corrosion resistant metal.

Additionally, the manufacturer offers you no less than the 5-year warranty on this purchase, so you have nothing to lose with this unit. If you don’t need a big unit then this model from WoodBridge is definitely one of the best acrylic freestanding tubs on the market.

The only issue with this model is that it takes a long time to fully drain the tub.


  • Small and compact. Does not need a big installation space
  • Made from a double-walled acrylic for installation and durability
  • High-gloss surface. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty


  • ​Takes a long time to drain


After reading this ​freestanding tub review, you should have a better understanding of what type of bathtub belongs in your bathroom.

As we have seen, models like the AKDY AZ270 is very beginner friendly and easy to install. If you have never owned a freestanding tub before, this is a great model to get started with.

For those who need a large capacity bathtub, then the AKDY AZ-F274 is an excellent choice. It easily immerses a person of any size because of its big water capacity.