5 Best Frozen Hamburger Patties of 2021 Tested & Reviewed

Best Frozen Hamburger Patties

The best frozen hamburger patties are made of fresh beef from organically bred cows and comes with safety certification.

But for that, it is essential for the buyer to make a careful purchase because products are available from the cows that are bred with chemical hormones to look healthy and ready for harvest.

Meat of such cows is toxic and can cause various diseases such as cancer. So, you should be very careful while picking the right product.

Here in this review, we suggest you the finest patties that are healthy and completely made of organic meat.

Advantages of Frozen Hamburger Patties

Frozen VS Homemade Hamburger Patties

While many people will disagree with buying frozen patties, we would say that they are better than making them at home. How? Let’s see the reasons:

1. Save Time & Efforts

The homemade patties require a lot of efforts and a special burger press which you may not conventionally have at home.

Or, if you don’t want to use the meat press then you probably have to mash the raw meat with your hands.

On the contrary, with the frozen patties, there is no such hassle of mashing the meat and adding veggies and flavors to it. You just get everything ready which saves the time and efforts.

Also, this way, the kitchen counter doesn’t get messed up, making a new task for you to finish as soon as you are done making patties.

2. Minimum Food Wastage

While preparing patties at home, you have to gather a lot of ingredients. For the ones that are making patties for the first time, there is a massive risk of food wastage in bulk.

Even if you end up with a perfect batch of patties, there will always be surplus supplies available in the kitchen.

Well, on the alternative side, the patties are ready to be fried and consumed and since there is no requirement of any additional ingredients to be added in it, you don’t waste any food in this case.

3. Flavors are Already There in the Hamburger

With the best pre-made hamburger patties, you only need the dressings and the sauce because the meat in the patty is already flavored. Some of these also retain the smoky taste and smell to give you better experience.

However, with the homemade patties, you will have to deal with multiple ingredients. To add flavor and taste to it, you will have to use additional ingredients which will not only cost a lot but also not be of much use after single usage.

Buying Advice: Well, the difference is quite evident as there are various benefits of using frozen patties over handmade ones.

No doubt you get the satisfaction of sanitization and usage of healthy ingredients in the patties that you make at home, but it will complexify the task to a great extent.

What To Check Before Buying Frozen Hamburger Patties?

How to Buy Best Frozen Hamburger Patties
Photo: Caliamary

Next in the frozen hamburger patties review, we will see some great tips on finding the best batch of frozen patties in the market.

1. Where the Meat Came From

This is an obvious fact that eating burgers is not the healthiest food choice that we make. However, things can go worse if you are unaware of the place from where the meat is coming from.

It is important to be informed and make a healthy choice. For this reason, the first significant thing is to know where the cows are bred. It is best to pick a brand that source the meat from the organic farms where the cows are treated in the most humanly way possible.

The worst choice to make here is the CAFO-bred cows which stands for Confined Animal Feeding Operations. Such cows are never given their natural diet but served hormone infused meals that make them appear healthy so that they can be harvested soon.

The chemicals don’t leave the meat, and it is eventually consumed by us. You can very well imagine the threats that such meat can pose to one’s body.

2. How the Cows were Fed?

The meat will be so much more beneficial if it is made from the naturally and organically bred cows where no artificial hormones are used to make them appear healthy.

Patties that are made from the meat of chemical-feeding cows often leads to life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Therefore, it is essential to buy the best frozen hamburger patties that has label of being organic or grass-fed. This is for your own safety.

These labels guarantee that no antibiotics or artificial hormones are used to promote cow growth.

3. How the Hamburgers were Prepared?

The best frozen hamburger brands never hide anything from the users. All the ingredients and other relevant details are mentioned on the package.

You first need to read all the ingredients from the package and check for the percentage of beef present in the patty. If it is not too much then it is probably comprised of extenders, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

What you really need from the patty is pure meat and minimal synthetic chemicals. Also, it is essential to find out how the patties were frozen.

The best ones have to be flash frozen soon after the harvest and processing. This way, the meat stays fresh and retain its nutritional value.

4. Manufacturing Date

Well, fresh food always tastes better and this is the simple mantra for scrumptious tasting patties. Also, such food has better nutritional content and value.

That is why, you are highly suggested checking the manufacturing date mentioned on the label.

Also, make sure of packing the freshest packaging as it will be better in serving good taste and great nutritional qualities.

How to Cook Frozen Hamburger Patties

How to Cook Frozen Hamburger Patties
Photo: Mount Pleasant Grass Fed Beef Co.

After making the purchase, you will need to know how to cook the patties. Mentioned below is the detailed approach:

Things you need

All the ingredients will be the same for every approach whether you cook them on a grill or a frying pan.

Cooking Using Frying Pan – Instructions

  1. For hygiene purpose, make sure to wash the hands before touching any food item.
  2. Take the frozen patties out of the freezer. You don’t have to worry about de-freezing them if you take them out a couple of hours before cooking.
  3. Heat the frying pan on medium heat and place the patties on it once it is warm enough.
  4. Flip them over now and then to make sure even cooking of the patties.
  5. Once they start to look juicy, you can then season them and add spices of your choice.
  6. Turn off the heat and take them out on a plate while you prepare the buns with salad and other dressing sauces.
  7. Now, place the patty in between and serve hot.

Note: Patties might tend to stick on the pan. Be extra careful for that and keep the heat on a specific temperature.

Cooking Using Grill – Instructions

  1. Take out the patties from refrigerator to avoid defrosting process later.
  2. Now, it’s time to preheat the skillet to medium temperature. Take at least 5 of heating before the next step.
  3. On the heated skillet, place the patties that can come in constant contact with the heat and allow them to sit for at least 6 minutes. Look out for the burns.
  4. Use a spatula to flip-over the patties. Make sure not to use the fork in this process or else the patty will release its juice which keeps it fresh.
  5. In order to ensure even cooking, insert meat thermometer in the middle of the patty and check for the temperature. The thermometer should read up to 160 degrees F on both sides.  
  6. Now, remove the patties and plate them on the paper towel to soak the extra fats dispersing off the patty.
  7. Place them inside the buns along with the salad and dressings and serve hot.

5 Best Frozen Hamburger Patties Reviewed

Western Grassfed Beef Frozen Hamburger Patties1. Western Grassfed Beef Frozen Patties (Best Overall)
  • Organic with high nutritional value
  • Low on fats
  • Gluten-free
  • Available in multiple sized packs
Mount Pleasant Grass Fed Beef Frozen Hamburger Patties2. Mount Pleasant Grass Fed Beef Frozen Hamburger Patties (100% Organic Beef)
  • 100% organic beef
  • Available in multiple packs
  • Does not cause obesity
  • Very juicy
Glenmark Frozen Hamburger Patties3. Glenmark Frozen Hamburger Patties (USDA-approved)
  • USDA-approved
  • 100% angus meat
  • 6 patties in a pack
  • Flash frozen
GreensGreensbury Market Frozen Pattiesbury Market Organic Frozen Hamburger Patties4. Greenbury Market Frozen Patties (Large Quantity)
  • 40 patties in a pack
  • Comes with natural juices and flavors
  • Grass-fed cow meat
  • USDA certified
Jemm Deluxe Frozen Hamburger Patties5. Jemm Deluxe Frozen Hamburger Patties (With Seasonings)
  • Comes with delicious seasonings
  • Suitable for grill and frying pan cooking
  • Suitable for large families
  • Amazing taste

1. Western Grassfed Beef Frozen Hamburger Patties (Best Overall)

Western Grassfed Beef Frozen Hamburger Patties

Photo: Western Grassfed Beef

The Western Grassfed patties are the best overall patties made organically and comes with high nutritional value. These are most suitable for quick dinners in the backyards where you cook the patties on a grill.

The harvested cows in making of the meat are all organically fed in their natural habitat. They roam free and eat naturally grown grass so that they stay absolutely healthy and thus the meat taken out of them is equally beneficial.

No antibiotics or hormones are used for the growth of the cows and make them harvest ready. These patties are certified by Paleo Foundation for authentic meat used that is completely safe in usage. The patties are also gluten-free.

These are 85% lean ground beef and only 15% fat. This one is a really great deal for the health-conscious people as well.

Another interesting thing is that in the pack or 12 or 16, they have made mini packs of 4 patties so that you can use as many as you like and store the rest without hampering the entire packing.

While everything else with the patty is right, but it does lack some taste and seasoning that you will have to do separately.


  • Made from grass-fed cows
  • Slim and lean patties
  • Less on fat
  • Available in two different packs


  • Lacks in seasoning and taste

2. Mount Pleasant Grass Fed Beef Hamburger Patties (Best Organic)

Mount Pleasant Grass Fed Beef Frozen Hamburger Patties

Photo: Mount Pleasant Grass Fed Beef Co.

So, the Mount Pleasant beef frozen hamburger patties are made from organically fed cows. Thus, these are among the safest patties that you will find online.

The taste and flavors are undoubtedly the best and to make your purchase extra resourceful, different packings are available with 12, 24, and 36 patties. This depends on the amount of consumption in your house.

The brand takes full responsibility that the harvested cows are free roaming and grass-fed ones and that there is no kind of hormone used to enhance the growth of the cows.

Such toxic meat can cause a lot of human problems once when consumed, starting with obesity and leading up to cancer.

Just like the homemade ones, the patties are extremely juicy and filled with lip-smacking flavors. However, you might just find it a little extra greasy. Also, if you compare the cost with the others, you will find it a bit pricey.


  • Organic beef with no extender fillings
  • 100% organic meat
  • Juicy and flavoured
  • Available in different packs


  • Little extra greasy

3. Glenmark Frozen Hamburger Patties (USDA Approved)

Glenmark Frozen Hamburger Patties

Photo: Glenmark 

Glenmark Angus makes high-quality frozen hamburger patties with fresh taste. The patties are USDA approved. These are made with 100% Angus meat which is guaranteed for safety and quality.

This is one of the most affordable products also if compared with other products. The patty does not include any fillers. Also, the patties are flash-frozen instantly after harvest to lock the flavors inside.

The package comprises 1/3-pound patties, 6 in number that are sufficient for your whole family for a weekend breakfast. 

While the company take all the responsibility of the patties being organic, there is no information given on the label on how the cows are fed.


  • USDA approved
  • Great quality
  • Stays juicy for the longest time
  • Instantly frozen


  • About cows feeding, no information is mentioned on the label

4. Greensbury Market Frozen Patties (Large Quantity)

Greensbury Market Organic Frozen Hamburger Patties

Photo: Greensbury Market

First, it is important to know that this product is has 40 patties in it which could or could not be suitable to your needs. We personally recommend it to large families or the ones that make hamburgers quite often at home.

However, the good news is that every patty is packed individually, so you don’t lose the nutritional value of others as you refrigerate them.

The meat comes from Blackhills farm which is an organic farm and the meat produced from there is USDA certified. They don’t use any hormones or additives.

The meat is flash frozen so that it can retain the natural juice and flavors. The content of fats is however more in these patties. But if you are not really worried about that then you will surely like these patties a lot.


  • 40 patties in one pack
  • USDA Certified
  • Great in taste
  • Made from grass-fed cows  


  • Have high fat content

5. Jemm Deluxe Frozen Hamburger Patties (With Seasonings)

Jemm Deluxe Frozen Hamburger Patties

Photo: Jemm

Jemm hamburger patties comes with seasonings like onion powder, salt, monosodium, spices, soy protein, soybean oil, etc. These patties can be easily made on a frying pan or a grill.

The box contains 16 patties which make it suitable for medium to large families. Also, they are flash freeze so that their natural taste and flavors can be retained.

The flavors are then slowly released as you cook the patties. They are great in taste and possess all the great flavors for an unforgettable experience.

The ingredients used in the making of the product are beef, water, textured soy flour, etc. 

While everything else is mentioned here, they haven’t stated anything about how the cows have been fed.


  • Comes with amazing seasoning
  • Suitable for frying pan and grill cooking
  • great taste and flavor
  • Pack is suitable for medium to large families


  • No information is available on how the harvested cows were fed


As we end the frozen hamburger patties review, we would like to say that while there are various brands offering these products, you should be very careful as you choose.

Our best recommendation from the lot is Western Grassfed Beef frozen patties. It is a great product for all since there is no chemical and toxic ingredient used in the making.

Another great product on the list is Mount Pleasant Grass Fed Beef frozen hamburger patties which is organic as well and safe for consumption.