10 Best Green Teas of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Green Tea
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Taking green tea has been associated with several health benefits. For instance, green tea acts as a stimulant that aids in fat burning to boost the weight loss process. 

Secondly, green tea also contains antioxidants that play a great role in boosting the immune system. Additionally, it helps in reducing cancer like prostate and breast cancers. 

What is more, green tea contains caffeine that improves the brain function and keeps you active. This, therefore, enhances the moods and improves the memory. 

But, because there are all kinds of green teas out there, here we help you narrow down your options with top 10 green tea reviews and a comprehensive buying guide.

What To Check Before Buying Best Green Tea? 

How to Buy the Best Green Tea
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Here are a few important factors to consider when shopping for good green tea.

1. Brewed or Bottled 

Do you need a brewed or bottle type of green tea?

The brewed types of green tea need to be steeped for some minutes. Some can take up to four minutes depending on whether it is a loose-leaf or bagged tea. 

Again, the brewed green teas can be taken hot or over ice. They need to be brewed at lower temperatures of 160-degrees F to 180-degrees F. 

On the other hand, the bottled type of green tea doesn’t need to be brewed since it comes ready to drink. This type of green tea is also very healthy thanks to the high level of polyphenols and antioxidants. 

They are, therefore, ideal for warding off different diseases including cancer. 

2. Ingredients 

It is also vital to check out for the ingredients included in the green tea to buy. For a healthy drink, you need to check for green tea that contains healthy ingredients. 

Consider a unit that has non-GMO ingredients plus additional flavorful ingredients like jasmine flowers and lemon peel like Yogi Green Tea.

For the caffeine level, consider a pick that will suit your need for caffeine. There are green teas with high, low or no caffeine. 

You also need to go for the healthiest green tea that has no gluten and artificial additives. 

Such a type of green tea will provide myriad health benefits including enhancing the weight loss process. 

3. Safety

The best green tea for health needs to be safe and free from unwanted ingredients. 

To begin with, consider green tea that has been made from non-GMO ingredients. Such a unit is free from calorie, gluten, and artificial contents. 

Also, you need to consider the best organic green tea since they are healthy and tastier.

4. Caffeine Level

With green teas having different levels of caffeine, you need to check out for the best pick that will suit your taste and preference. 

When you prefer the caffeine-free green tea, check for units that are free of caffeine. 

Besides this, when you need higher caffeine content, you need to check out for green tea that has like 60-70 mg of caffeine in every tea bag. 

5. Flavor 

Green teas have been made in different flavors to choose from. Some common flavors include Asian pear harmony, ginger with matcha, Moroccan mint, and jasmine blossom among others. 

Despite the numerous flavors, you need to go for your favorite flavor that will bring out a great taste in every cup. 

10 Best Green Tea of 2021 Reviewed




Bigelow Tea Green Tea

1. Bigelow Tea Green Tea (Best Value)

  • Total of 240 tea bags
  • Decaffeinated green tea, lemon peel, and soy lecithin ingredients 
  • Good value per count
  • Lower in caffeine plus calorie-free, and gluten-free
Yogi Green Tea

2. Yogi Green Tea (Best for Dieting)

  • Total of 96 tea bags
  • Green tea, lemongrass, and peppermint ingredients 
  • Supports most diet plans
  • Completely organic and non-GMO
Cha4Tea Green Tea

3. Cha4Tea Green Tea (Best for Pod Brewers)

  • 36 single pods
  • Perfect for single-serve pod brewers
  • 100% natural green tea ingredients 
  • Low caffeine plus free of gluten, sweetener, and high in antioxidant
Tazo Green Tea

4. Tazo Green Tea (Fine & Fresh-Tasting with More Caffeine)

  • 120 tea bags
  • Refreshing taste
  • Ingredients include green tea, lemon grass, and spearmint
  • A high content of caffeine
Lipton Thomaswi Green Tea

5. Lipton Thomaswi Green Tea (Naturally Light Taste)

  • 40 tea bags
  • Natural fresh and light taste
  • Young rainforest alliance tea leaves ingredients 
  • Provides high level of caffeine
Harney & Sons 35403 Green Tea

6. Harney & Sons 35403 (With a Delightful Aroma)

  • 20 tea bags
  • Delightfully pleasant aroma 
  • Contains green tea, marigold petals, and orange oil
  • High caffeine level
Numi Organic Tea Green Tea

7. Numi Organic Tea Green Tea (Full-Bodied Organic)

  • 18 non-GMO tea bags
  • Premium organic gunpowder green tea
  • Full-bodies flavor
  • Every tea bag contains medium level of caffeine
Smith Green Tea

8. Smith Green Tea (Low Caffeine with a Nice Scent)

  • 15 tea bags
  • Scented green tea ingredient 
  • Low caffeine level
  • Full leaf tea
The Republic of Tea Green Tea

9. The Republic of Tea Green Tea (Unbleached & Beautifully Hued)

  • 50 natural unbleached tea bags
  • China green tea leaves ingredient 
  • Medium level of caffeine
  • Smooth and refreshing flavor
Stash Tea 79290 Green Tea

10. Stash Tea 79290 (Superior Quality Japanese Style Tea)

  • 100 count tea bags
  • Non-GMO Japanese green tea  
  • Medium level of caffeine

1. Bigelow Tea Green Tea – Best Value

Bigelow Tea Green Tea
Photo: Bigelow Tea

  • Ingredients: Decaffeinated green tea, lemon peel, and soy lecithin
  • Caffeine Level: Low
  • Package: 240 tea bags 

Bigelow Tea is a quality green tea that has been made from decaffeinated green tea. Additionally, it also contains soy lecithin for natural flavor and lemon peel.

The pack of 6 each containing up to 40-counts in each pack provides you with 240 tea bags which means it has the lowest cost per count on our list and will hence give you the best value for money.

The healthy green tea with delicate taste has been packed with essential antioxidants, which bring about the delicious taste. What is more, the green tea is lower in caffeine plus calorie-free, and gluten-free.

You can take it hot or iced cold tea plus you can choose to sweeten or take it plain. Also, the green tea is a low in caffeine

On the downside, with the lemon taste, some users may find it a has a bitter aftertaste, but this only takes a little getting used to.


  • Made from healthy and natural ingredient
  • Source of essential antioxidants
  • Gluten-free and contains zero calories
  • Can be served hot or cold 


  • Bitter aftertaste

2. Yogi Green Tea – Best for Dieting

Yogi Green Tea
Photo: Yogi

  • Ingredients: Green tea, lemongrass, and peppermint
  • Caffeine Level: High
  • Package: 96 tea bags 

For a flavorful taste, Yogi combines lemongrass and peppermint with both fennel and licorice that brings out that natural herbal blend. The super antioxidant green tea provides essential antioxidants plus aid in reducing the free-radicals, and it is hence very handy when on a diet.

Second, to this, the green tea contains 35 mg high level of caffeine with the gluten for a healthy drink. This Non-GMO organic green tea provides several benefits including support of healthy cleansing. This is because of the burdock root and dandelion contents.

The green tea should be taken hot and needs to be steep for 7 minutes. The pack of 6 provides you with a total of 96 tea bags.

Unfortunately, Yogi is the most expensive green tea on our list. With both dandelion and burdock roots for the herbal blend, some users will not like the herbal taste.


  • Great for reducing free-radicals
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Highly rich in antioxidants
  • Supports healthy cleansing


  • Most expensive unit
  • Herbal taste takes some getting used to

3. Cha4Tea Green Tea – Best for Pod Brewers

Cha4Tea Green Tea
Photo: Cha4Tea

  • Ingredient: 100% natural green tea
  • Caffeine Level: Low
  • Package: 36 single pods 

Made from the highest quality of 100% natural green tea, Cha4Tea is a healthy and delicious green tea that provides a refreshing and soothing taste. If you have a Keurig pod brewer, these pods will be perfect as they will allow you to get refreshing green tea at the press of a button.

For folks who don’t love highly caffeinated green tea, this is a low caffeine unit. It is free of gluten, sweetener, and high in antioxidant. Because of the antioxidant effect, it is very effective for reducing the free-radicals.

More interestingly, this unit provides you with a total of 36 single pods. Compatible with Keurig 2.0, you will find it perfect for most K-cup brewers.

This product only contains green tea as an ingredient, so it doesn’t offer a wide range of health benefits as you would get from addition of herbs. But, for those looking for pure green tea it is perfect.


  • 100% green tea
  • Compatible with Keurig 2.0
  • Provides a soothing and refreshing taste 
  • High antioxidant and gluten-free


  • Fewer ingredients

4. Tazo Green Tea – Fine and Fresh-Tasting with More Caffeine

Tazo Green Tea
Photo: Tazo

  • Ingredients: Green tea, lemongrass, and spearmint
  • Caffeine Level: High
  • Package: 120 tea bags 

Due to the harmonious blend of green tea plus spearmint and lemongrass, Tazo brings out a bright flavor that will energize you every day. The light green tea is harvested from Zhejiang mountains and with little sweeter included, you will find it tasty.

Apart from this, the green tea has a high content of caffeine. The hand-picked green tea has a fine and fresh-tasting value. Again, it is free from glutens plus non-GMO for a healthy drink.

The good news is that the green tea provides more tea bags in the pack for long-term use. Each of the six-packs provides 20 tea bags, which sums to 120 pieces.

In just three minutes, the green tea will be fully steeped for a great taste since the non-organic green tea isn’t bitter.

However, Tazo is a relatively pricier green tea option. However, great quality does not come cheap and so the extra bucks are a small price to pay for fine quality green tea.


  • Have a bright flavor to energize everyday
  • A high content of caffeine
  • Does not live any bitter aftertaste
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free 


  • A pricier option 

5. Lipton Thomaswi Green Tea – Naturally Light Taste

Lipton Thomaswi Green Tea
Photo: Lipton

  • Ingredients: Young rainforest alliance tea leaves
  • Caffeine Level: High
  • Package: 40 tea bags 

The fresh, non-bitter, and delightfully light nature of Lipton Thomaswi makes it a very delicious green tea. Made from young rainforest alliance tea leaves, it is 100% natural. Since it is the most affordable unit, it is a pick that will suit your budget.

What is more, the green tea suited for users who like the high level of caffeine. In every tea bag, it provides high level of caffeine. Again, the natural tasting green tea doesn’t contain gluten. It is good for reducing free radicals thanks to the high antioxidant level.

With a total of 40 tea bags in the pack at the affordable price, it is the best loose-leaf green tea. Moreover, this pure green tea for a healthy drink.

Unfortunately, Lipton Thomaswi provides a fewer number of tea bags, which demands that you should get another one sooner. With green tea leaves as the only ingredient, it offers limited health benefits.


  • Cost-effective and 100% natural
  • High level of caffeine
  • Pure green tea for healthy drink
  • High antioxidant level 


  • No other ingredients
  • Fewer tea bags

6. Harney & Sons 35403 – Clear Tea with a Delightful Aroma

Harney & Sons 35403 Green Tea
Photo: Harney & Sons

  • Ingredients: Green tea, marigold petals, and orange oil
  • Caffeine Level: High
  • Package: 20 tea bags 

When you love the citron flavored tea, Harney & Sons 35403 is the pick for you. The green tea provides a delicious citron taste thus, a selection for first-timers. Made from the highest quality of steamed Chinese green tea, natural orange oil, and marigold petals, it is very flavorful and healthy.

The brewing time of the tea takes less than 3 minutes, which makes it excellent for quick tea preparation plus has a higher caffeine level.

A total of 20 tea bags is what you get in the pack. Each sachet has a content of 40g, which provides great effectiveness and taste in every cup. 

With Harney & Sons 35403, you will have to replace the pack sooner because it only provides 20 sachets but if you are not a heavy green tea drinker this should not be a problem.


  • Very flavorful and healthy green tea
  • Provides delicious citron taste
  • Suitable for first-timer green tea users
  • Quick to brew in three minutes 


  • Only 20 sachets in the pack

7. Numi Organic Tea Green Tea – Full-Bodied Organic

Numi Organic Tea Green Tea
Photo: Numi Organic Tea

  • Ingredients: Premium organic gunpowder green tea, real fruits, and jasmine flowers
  • Caffeine Level: Medium 
  • Package: 18 non-GMO tea bags 

For the lovers of organic green tea, Numi Organic Tea is 100% organic product made from premium organic gunpowder full-leaf. Secondly, the green tea has been blended with real fruits, and jasmine flowers, which makes it have a flavorful taste.

The bagged green tea provides a medium level of caffeine. Because of this, it is a favorite selection for individuals who don’t prefer higher caffeine.

Providing you with 18 non-GMO tea bags, you get a great taste of your favorite tea every day. The pack of three features both limited edition and original version colors to choose from.

Once steeped, the green tea provides a well-rounded and full-bodied flavor.

That said, Numi Organic Tea, provides fewer tea bags in the pack means that it won’t last long but since the price per count is still quite affordable you can always buy more packs.


  • Purely natural and healthy
  • Organic green tea with nice flavorful 
  • Provides medium level of caffeine
  • Offers well-round and full-bodied flavor


  • Only have 18 tea bags

8. Smith Green Tea – Low Caffeine with a Nice Scent

Smith Green Tea
Photo: Smith Optics

  • Ingredients: Scented green tea
  • Caffeine Level: Low
  • Package: 15 tea bags

Smith Green Tea is a healthy and flavorful green tea made from scented green tea and with a lower caffeine content to ensure it also suits the caffeine-sensitive individuals. It is pronounced with a floral scent plus flavor that has a green-yellow color.

What is more, the green tea has been packed in roomy and relaxed fit sachets that bring about full leaf expansion thus, you get a full flavor. The content of caffeine is lower, making it a pick for folks who don’t need higher caffeine.

That said, the full leaf green tea pack provides you with 15 tea bags for a healthy drink. Each bag contains up to 37g contents for a better concentration.

However, this green has a relatively higher price per count, but this should and there are fewer bags in the pack but the rich flavor and taste make up for these minor drawbacks.


  • Provides floral flavor with green-yellow color
  • Healthy and flavorful
  • Have roomy sachets for full expansion
  • Provides better concentration in every tea bag 


  • Higher price per count
  • Fewer tea bags

9. The Republic of Tea Green Tea – Unbleached and Beautifully Hued

The Republic of Tea Green Tea
Photo: The Republic of Tea

  • Ingredients: China green tea leaves
  • Caffeine Level: Medium
  • Package: 50 tea bags 

The Republic of Tea is known for its incredible health benefits plus smooth flavor, which makes it a selection for many. The main ingredient in the unbleached green tea is China green tea leaves.

Steeping the green tea takes a maximum of 4 minutes. The green tea can be taken over ice or hot. In every tea bag, you get medium level of caffeine.

More interestingly, in the pack, you get 50 natural unbleached tea bags. It will, therefore, serve for quite long for a healthy drink every day. That said, the green tea provides a true essence of spirit and harmony.

The only notable drawback with this green tea is that it can be hard to get at your local specialty grocery store. But, nothing is lost here as you can easily order online.  


  • Offers smooth flavor and nice scent 
  • Provides incredible health benefits
  • Steeps in just four minutes 
  • Good when taken when both hot or cold


  • Not widely available in local grocery stores

10. Stash Tea 79290 – Superior Quality Japanese Style Green Te

Stash Tea 79290 Green Tea
Photo: Stash 

  • Ingredients: Non-GMO Japanese green tea
  • Caffeine level: Medium
  • Package: 100 tea bags 

Containing a non-GMO Japanese green tea ingredient, this is a healthy and effective green tea that provides more health benefits. Stash Tea 79290 is available in different flavors including ginger peach with Matcha, Moroccan Mint, and decaf premium green among others.

Secondly, the bright green tea brings out the herbaceous flavor of green tea in every cup. It provides a medium level of caffeine in every tea bag. This green tea offers a fresh taste and in just about 3 minutes, you will fully steep it.

The 100 count tea bags provide you with every day fresh taste in your cup of tea. Moreover, the green tea comes either bagged or loose leaf teas to choose from.

For those that like strong tea with lost of caffeine this is not it but if you are looking for flavorful green tea this will be perfect.


  • Offers more health benefits
  • Available in different flavors
  • Fresh taste in every cup
  • Provides just the right dose of caffeine 


  • Not a very strong tea

Different Types of Green Tea

Different Types of Green Tea
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1. Japanese Green Teas 

There are four main types of Japanese green teas that include Sencha green tea, genmaicha green tea, matcha green tea, and gyokuro green tea. 

Sencha Green Tea 

This is the most known green tea that is harvested and steamed immediately to produce a slightly savory flavor. 

The green tea has different steaming durations. For instance, the traditional steaming will last 30-60 seconds. 

Moreover, the green tea has a sweet grassy flavor with pine and melon hints. The lightly steamed green tea has a yellow color with a sweet and vibrant flavor. 

Genmaicha Green Tea

This is a type of green with the rich full-bodied feel and a toasty flavor. It is a budget-friendly pick that suits most users. 

Also, the green tea has hearty flavors; thus a selection for the rich coffee lovers. 

Matcha Green Tea 

This is a powder-based green tea that is made by grinding the full green leaves. It has a delightfully creamy look since it has been whisked with hot water and traditional bamboo. 

Before being ground, the leaves are harvested and dried. Because of the powder form, it is mainly consumed as a latte where it is blended with frothed milk.

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Unlike other green teas, gyokuro is shade-grown leaves green tea. The plants need to be covered for 3-6 weeks before being processed. 

It is a healthy green tea since the shade enhances the chlorophyll production plus other nutrients. Again, the shade also produces flavorful tea that has a creamy body. 

Lastly, it has a savory flavor that is compared to that is seaweed and balanced by the sweet finish. 

2. Chinese Green Teas

With the Japanese green teas, it contains two main types that include gunpowder green tea and Longjing also known as dragon well. 

Gunpowder Green Tea 

The gunpowder tea is known for its smoky, bold flavor. The leaves resemble small balls with bullet shapes. 

Even though some gunpowder green teas are rolled by machines, for the best quality green teas, they are hand-rolled. 

The green tea was first discovered in China under the Tang Dynasty. Besides China, the green tea is also produced in Taiwan and Sri Lanka. 

Longjing (Dragon Well)

This is the highest quality green tea that comes from China. Due to the high quality, it is also the costliest green tea. 

Harvested and roasted by hand, it brings out a nutty sweet flavor, which is why most users describe it as having hints of sweet pea, asparagus, and chestnut. 

That said, the green tea is perfect for both ice and hot tea flavors thanks to the rich and refreshing taste. 

The leaves are light yellow or pale green in colors plus have a fuzz of fine layer. 

3. Flavored Green Teas 

For the flavored types of green tea, we have the Jasmine green tea that has a delicate, sweet taste of jasmine flowers. It also has the rich flavor of green roasted teas. 

The flowers of the green tea are removed in the final product plus mainly used for scenting. For maximum flavor, it can be flavored up to nine times. 

The green tea is harvested and dried then rolled to make tiny pearls or balls.  


Green tea packs a myriad of heath benefits and if you are looking for a good one there is something for you in our top 10 green tea reviews above.

From these reviews, the Bigelow Tea Green Tea offers the best value per count and is hence our best overall model, and many drinkers will also love that it has all natural ingredients and nice flavors.

But, if you prefer something with more caffeine and a smooth, fresh flavor, go for the Tazo Green Tea.