10 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Gutter Cleaning Tool
Photo: The Water Rocket

Gutters need cleaning from time to time, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With the right gutter-cleaning tools, your job gets easier and your roofing looks decent and drains perfectly.

Gutter cleaning tools come in many forms and sizes. You have the simple scoops and the telescoping poles for both water and wind blowers, as well as other unique designs to choose from.

In this gutter cleaning tools review, you’ll discover the market’s top offers and additionally get a hands-on guide that shows you how to make the right choice.

What To Check Before Buying Gutter Cleaning Tools?

How to Buy The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools
Photo: The Gutter Tool

1. Design of Gutter Cleaning Tool

This is obviously the first issue to consider because it will determine what you’re going to get in the end. There are so many different types of gutter cleaning tools out there, and they range from a simple scoop to pull-thongs that come with a rope, to plastic and metal poles.

Some of the poles connect to a water source for flushing out the gutters while other poles connect to a blower to blow out the debris from your gutters. You’ll also find other non-standard designs, so you need to check and find what works best for you and your home.

2. Gutter Cleaning Tool Materials

Most gutter cleaning tools are either plastic or metal. The simple ones are usually made of plastic and this makes them lightweight and therefore, easier to use. Plastic is, however, not as durable as metal, so this is often their weak spot.

On the other hand, most of the metal gutter cleaners are poles for water spraying and they are usually made from aluminum, which helps to keep them lightweight and more user friendly.

3. Height & Reach of Gutter Cleaning Tool

Here’s another important issue because what works on a bungalow might not work on a 2nd-story gutter. How tall is your gutter and do you need to use a ladder or not?

By answering the foregoing questions, you’ll be able to know the exact tool length that will work best for you. Also, consider how much engagement you want. Do you prefer as little movements as possible or are you happier jumping on and off while repositioning your ladder?

4. Ease of Use

Some tools like the Water Rocket 9200 gutter cleaning tool are so easy to use and equally perform their jobs very efficiently. You should note, however, that all the gutter cleaning tools are not that way.

The Amerimax 8300 gutter cleaner, for instance , is very cheap and easy to use. But it will make you exert the most effort than the other offers on this list. So, make your choice accordingly.

5. Gutter Cleaning Tool Weight

As with tools of all types, the more lightweight it is, the better. That’s why the plastic cleaners here are very popular because they hardly weigh a thing.

Even those made of metal should do well with most folks. You may only need to check the weight if you’ve got issues handling heavier stuff. Else, they should be fine.

6. Versatility

Also keep in mind that the more uses you can find for the tool, make it more valuable to you.

Some blower extensions for instance, work well for vacuuming, while the water rocket will both clean your gutters and your drainage, or any pipe for that matter.

7. Quality & Warranty

Finally, keep in mind that some brands stand out for making quality products.

So, while their products may cost a little more, it often offers you more value and may come with a longer warranty coverage as well. In the end, though, the final decision is all yours.

10 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools Reviewed




Gutter Getter 00-612

1. Gutter Getter 00-612 (Best Overall)

  • Five-piece gutter cleaning set
  • Telescoping handle offers convenience
  • Easy to understand and use design
  • Features strong and durable materials
Amerimax 8300

2. Amerimax 8300 (Best Budget)

  • Lowest-priced gutter cleaning tool
  • Simple and easy design
  • Durable plastic construction
  • A versatile tool for multiple uses
Toro 51667

3. Toro 51667 (Best Blower)

  • An 8-piece Toro blower cleaning kit
  • Offers a telescoping design to reach heights
  • Comes with 5x 20.6-inch extension tubes
  • Backed by Toro’s 2-year warranty
Orbit 58543

4. Orbit 58543 (Best Telescoping)

  • Telescopes from 40 to 70 inches
  • Water jet gutter cleaner
  • Its nozzle rotates up to 180°
  • The head also adjusts in four positions
Gutter Sense GSGT

5. Gutter Sense GSGT (Best Tongs)

  • Features a clever tong design
  • Effective gutter cleaning tool
  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • Reaches up to 2-story heights
The Gutter Tool

6. The Gutter Tool (Best Scooper)

  • Tough plastic scooping cleaner
  • Ergonomically designed for convenience
  • Hangs easily when you need your hands
  • Rugged and durable material
Vacmaster V2GK

7. Vacmaster V2GK (Blower Tool)

  • Vacuum/blower gutter-cleaning kit
  • Works perfectly with Vacmaster systems
  • Includes an angled tip for efficiency
  • Provides up to 44 inches extra length
Worx WA4094

8. Worx WA4094 (11-Foot Blower)

  • A 9-piece gutter cleaning set
  • Can reach 11 feet without a ladder
  • Compatible with most blowers
  • Comes with adapters for select brands
Water Rocket 9200

9. Water Rocket 9200 (Unique Tool)

  • Unique gutter-cleaning rocket design
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Comes at a very low and attractive price
  • Cleans both gutters and inside pipes
Melnor 65059

10. Melnor 65059 (Cleaning Pole)

  • Extendable pole with a Quick-Connect adapter
  • Extends from 40 to 72 inches to fit your purpose
  • Includes a 360° rotating spray head
  • Backed by a 7-year manufacturer warranty

1. Best Overall: Gutter Getter 00-612

Gutter Getter 00-612

Photo: Gutter Getter

This Gutter Getter 00-612 is an impressive package of a scoop and a rake with an extension handle, allowing you to rake and scoop gutter debris up to 42 inches wide from one ladder position. It also comes at a very low price and this makes it our overall best gutter cleaning tools package.

There are three pole pieces, so you can select a pole length that’s best for you. You can also use the rake with its handle if you don’t need an extension. Then when you rake the debris, you scoop it with the included plastic scoop and toss it. A very simple and efficient method.

It’s a very simple system that’s guaranteed to work with all types of gutters and although you’ll still need a ladder to work with it, it saves you time and reduces the total ladder moves per session because of the rake’s telescoping pole.


  • A five-piece gutter cleaning set
  • Features a telescoping handle for convenience
  • Easy to understand and use design
  • Made from strong and durable materials


  • You’ll still need a ladder despite the extension

2. Best Budget: Amerimax 8300

Amerimax 8300

Photo: Amerimax Home Products

Amerimax offers the 8300 gutter scoop here as a very low-priced tool to help keep your gutters clean. It’s a simple plastic scoop, but it can work wonders in the right hands.

As the lowest-priced cleaning tool, it’s additionally our top pick for budget offers and perfect for those who want the best quality at a good price.

Simply use it to scoop leaves and dirt out of your gutter and dump them wherever you want. It’s made from durable polypropylene and features an extended tongue to help you reach under gutter supports more easily.

Using it, however, means you’ll either have to move your ladder a lot or get a long-handled rake. Still, it’s a versatile tool and it comes with markings, making it additionally useful for other tasks.


  • Comes at the lowest price on this list
  • A simple and easy-to-use gutter scoop
  • Features a durable plastic construction
  • Versatile tool can be used for other household tasks


  • The handle can’t fit on a pole
  • You need a rake

3. Best Blower: Toro 51667

Toro 51667

Photo: Toro

If you are one of those with a height phobia and you would rather take care of your gutter standing on the ground, then check out this Toro 51667 offer.

Designed to fit most Toro vacuums and blowers, as well as others with the 20.6-inch specs, this package makes it easy to reach and blow debris from one story heights while standing firmly on the floor.

The 8-piece package includes extension pieces and a curved piece for the tip to make your job easier. They are made from plastic, are lightweight at just 3.5 pounds, and Toro backs the package with 2-year warranty coverage.

If your house is higher than a bungalow, however, then this package will be too short. So, you’ll need to find alternatives.


  • An 8-piece blower cleaning kit
  • Telescoping design needs no ladder
  • Features five 20.6-inch extension tubes
  • Backed by Toro’s 2-year warranty


  • Reaches a maximum of 1 story heights

4. Best Telescoping Pole: Orbit 58543

Orbit 58543

Photo: Orbit​

Here’s the best telescopic gutter cleaning tool on this list and that’s for many good reasons. First, it can extend from 40 to 70 inches, so you can comfortably do your thing.

Secondly, it’s made from lightweight aluminum, making it easy to handle. Then, it features a 4-position angling head, which lets you set the perfect water angle. Plus, the nozzle can rotate up to 360°.

It also comes with a non-slip grip and a water-flow adjuster, so you don’t need to head back to the faucet each time to need to make an adjustment.

The only issue here is that water jets are not as efficient as blowers for gutter cleaning. Plus, you also need to have a good water supply with good pressure for the best results. Else, this is an impressive tool everyone will enjoy using.


  • Adjustable from 40 to 70 inches
  • Easy-to-use water jet gutter cleaner
  • Its nozzle rotates up to 180°
  • The head also adjusts in four positions


  • It’s not as efficient as a blower cleaner

5. Best Tongs: Gutter Sense GSGT

Gutter Sense GSGT

Photo: Gutter Sense

Featuring a unique tong design, this cleaning tool is simple but effective. The idea is to attach to a pole and then use it to pick up leaves just like you would use tongs to pick up leafy salads.

To do this, it includes a rope that’s connected to both tongs, allowing them to spread wide up to 14 inches before you can pull the rope to pick up whatever is there.

This rope is also long enough to reach up to a 2-story height, making it versatile for all types of homes.

Its one downside, however, is that you’ll need to provide a fitting pole to get the job done. That aside, it remains one of the best gutter cleaners in the market.


  • Features a clever tong design
  • Simple but effective gutter cleaning tool
  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • Effective up to 2-story heights


  • It doesn’t include a pole

6. Best Scooping: The Gutter Tool

The Gutter Tool

Photo: The Gutter Tool

This scooper from the Gutter Tool is another simple but well-thought cleaning tool. Designed to fit on poles, it can easily handle up to 20-ft spans with repositioning your ladder.

Another nice feature is you can easily hang it on your ladder when you need your hands to take care of stuff.

The Gutter Tool uses an ergonomic design to make it easy and natural to use, then makes it as well with a rugged contractor-grade material to guarantee its durability. Its only issue is you’ll have to supply a pole for it.


  • Simple scooping spoon design
  • Ergonomic features for convenience
  • Hangs easily on the ladder when you need your hands
  • Made from a rugged and durable material


  • You need an additional pole to work with it

7. Best 2.5-Inch Blower: Vacmaster V2GK

Vacmaster V2GK

Photo: Vacmaster

If you’ve got a Vacmaster or similar 2.5-inch system, then here’s one gutter cleaning tool you may want to take a closer look at.

Made from plastic materials, the four pieces can fit together to create an extension that’s 44 inches long and has an angled tip, making it easier to reach out and blow away your gutter debris.

Another good thing about this pack is you can also use it for vacuuming on special occasions, as the different shaped pieces let you get creative.

For cons, they are fixed 2.5-inch pieces and so, won’t work with smaller or larger sizes. But if they can fit yours, then great.


  • Vacuum or blower kit for easy gutter cleaning
  • Works perfectly with Vacmaster systems
  • Includes an angled tip for easier reach
  • Extendable length up to 44 inches


  • Will only fit 2.5-inch hoses

8. Best 11-Foot Blower Kit: Worx WA4094

Worx WA4094

Photo: Worx

The Worx WA4094 comes as a 9-piece set to make it one of the best long reach gutter cleaning tools at an 11-foot total height.

It features a universal fit that makes it compatible with Worx and most other blowers. It additionally comes with an adapter for both the Trivac and Turbine Fusion brand blowers.

Assembly is easy and you just have to twist the tubes together till you get the length you want.

Although it’s a great blower extension, it’s still relatively expensive because you can find similar but cheaper offers. However, Worx is a top brand, so you should expect only the best.


  • A 9-piece gutter cleaning set
  • Reaches up to 11 feet without a ladder
  • Compatible with most blowers
  • Includes adapters for select brands


  • It’s a relatively costly kit

9. Unique Gutter Cleaning Tool: Water Rocket 9200

Water Rocket 9200

Photo: The Water Rocket

This Water Rocket 9200 uses a unique and impressive technology to offer you one of the best gutter cleaning tools in the market.

Simply connect it to a water hose and it turns into a water rocket with a 1200 PSI pressure that sends it speeding through your gutter, while the single jet in front clears the way.

In addition to gutter cleaning, you can easily use it to clean pipes and even clear clogged ones. It’s very easy to install and use, so, it’s very user-friendly.

You will need to make sure you’ve got a good water source with good pressure to get the best out of this. Still, it’s an amazing invention and it even comes at a very attractive price.


  • Unique gutter-cleaning technology
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Comes at a very low and attractive price
  • Works on gutters and pipes


  • You need a water source with good pressure

10. Best with Quick-Connect Adapter: Melnor 65059

Melnor 65059

Photo: Melnor

For those who prefer to flush their gutters with water, Melnor also offers a gutter cleaning pole and it even comes with a Quick-Connect adapter, perfect for lovers of the connector.

It features a 360° pivoting head and is adjustable from 40 to 72 inches, making it a flexible and user-friendly water pole.

Melnor also makes it from aluminum, so it’s more durable than most plastic options while remaining lightweight and reliable.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a good water source. Else, it’s a top-quality product and Melnor backs it with solid 7-year warranty coverage.


  • Extendable gutter-spray pole with a Quick-Connect adapter
  • Extends from 40 to 72 inches to fit your purpose
  • Includes a 360° rotating spray head
  • Made from durable aluminum


  • You need a high-pressure water source


We’ve reached the end of this gutter cleaning tools review and you’ve seen the top offers out there, from the blowers to the sprayers, rakes to scoops.

For a simple choice though, we recommend the Gutter Getter 00-612 tool, which  is our overall best offer with a 5-piece set, telescoping handle, and durable materials.

Those on a budget will appreciate the simple but practical Amerimax 8300 scoop, made from durable plastic, and offered at a very low price.

And if you like extra-ordinary stuff, then you could try this Water Rocket 9300 cleaning tool. An exciting and high-powered approach to gutter and pipe maintenance.