10 Best HVLP Paint Sprayers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Hvlp Paint Sprayer
Photo: Earlex

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) paint sprayers work by displacing a high volume of paint at a low air pressure, which reduces atomization and thus, you get less overspray and less waste.

In the end, this type of sprayer results in a high paint material transfer efficiency, low emissions, economical usage due to reduced wastage and controlled spraying for better results on your panels.

That said, there are many varieties of these sprayers in the market and to help you in the selection process, this review looks at 10 of the best HVLP paint sprayers to consider buying.

What To Check Before Buying Best HVLP Paint Sprayer?

How to Buy the Best HVLP Paint Sprayer
Photo: HomeRight

1. Material Usage

HVLP Paint guns are designed to minimize paint wastage but not all are the same. A key factor that determines the material used as you spray is the nozzle size. The larger it is, the more the amount of paint that will flow out.

As such, it is important to get the right nozzle size for the particular job and required paint to minimize wastage. This is the selection criteria:

  • 0.8 mm: produces very fine paint mist and is ideal for fine synthetic polymers such as PVA.
  • 1.2 mm: creates a fine finish and is ideal for clear coats.
  • 1.4 mm: suitable for sealers, single-stage and low solid clear coats, and base coats. Basically, it’s an all-round tip.
  • 1.6 mm: ideal for sealers, enamels and medium to high viscosity paints.
  • 1.8 mm: suitable for primers and high viscosity paints.
  • 2.2-2.5 mm: ideal for resins and gel coats, but too wide for paint.

2. Paint Cup

As the name suggests, this component is the one that holds paint, and it can be in either a gravity feed or a suction feed orientation.

Selection should be based on personal preference because there is not much difference between the two performance-wise, although some people argue that gravity-feed guns cannot be used at certain angles.

Other than that, you need to check the size of this cup. Given in cubic centimeters (cc), this value indicates the volume of the cup and the larger it is, the better. This is because a big cup will hold more paint, which will give you more coverage with reduced interruptions for refills.

3. Coverage

As stated above, coverage is determined by the cup size and the larger it is, the more coverage you will get. Therefore, if you have a large surface to paint, for instance, a panel or wall, go for the sprayer with the largest container such as Wagner Spraytech’s 0529021.

4. Hose Length

For those units that come with a separate turbine that is not mounted on the gun, you have to check the length of the included hose because this part gives you the flexibility to move around the item you are painting.

Ultimately, the longer the hose length, the better. This will give you lots of room to move around your workpiece.

5. Pattern Control

In most painting projects, you will encounter wide and narrow objects that are best painted using horizontal and vertical spray patterns respectively.

Because of this, it is important to consider a spray gun with a pattern control knob or a rotating nozzle, which should give you a round pattern for more versatility.

6. Adjustable Spray

Apart from pattern control, having an adjustable spray is very handy because it lets you control the amount of fluid that is dispensed. This directly affects the area covered on every pass, as well as the intensity of the spray.

Therefore, this adjustment gives you more control over the painting process so that you can lay the coat exactly how you want.

7. Mobility

Lastly, mobility is vital because you should be able to move around the work area to get the job done. This is mostly determined by the hose length in which, the longer it is, the better.

Other features to look for include a handle on the turbine and a lightweight design for easy carrying

10 Best HVLP Paint Sprayer of 2021 Reviewed 




Neiko 31215A

1. Neiko 31215A (Best for the Money)

  • Affordable
  • Solid stainless-steel construction
  • 600cc paint cup
  • Spray pattern, air, and fluid control knobs
HomeRight C800766

2. HomeRight C800766 (Best for Home Use)

  • Simplistic design with few parts
  • 400-watt mounted turbine
  • 798cc paint cup
  • Flow control knob and adjustable air cap
Wagner Spraytech 0417005

3. Wagner Spraytech 0417005 (Adjustable)

  • 3-position pattern control air cap
  • Material flow adjustment knob
  • 1-quart (946cc) paint cup
  • 2-stage mounted turbine
Graco-Sharpe FX3000

4. Graco-Sharpe FX3000 (Has Large Pattern Size)

  • Large 12.5-inch pattern size
  • 600cc gravity-feed paint cup
  • Lightweight (1.11 pounds)
  • Wrench and cleaning brush included
Devilbiss 803558

5. Devilbiss 803558 (Easy-to-Clean)

  • Anodized internal passages and exterior
  • 900cc paint cup
  • Stainless steel parts
  • 1.3, 1.5 and 1.8mm air caps and fluid nozzles
Earlex HV5500

6. Earlex HV5500 (Semi-Pro Spray Gun)

  • 2-stage, 650-watt, 2.2 PSI turbine
  • 13-foot air hose
  • Paint flow control dial
  • Push-n-click spray pattern adjustment
Fuji 2203G

7. Fuji 2203G (Non-Bleed Gun)

  • Non-bleed gun
  • Adjustable pattern fan control
  • 2-stage, 5 PSI turbine with a 25-foot hose
  • Stainless-steel fluid passages
Fuji 2904-T70

8. Fuji 2904-T70 (Has Powerful Turbine)

  • 4-stage turbine with an output of 9 PSI
  • Non-bleed gun with a 1.3mm air cap
  • 1-quart (946cc) paint cup
  • Pattern control knob
TCP Global G7000

9. TCP Global G7000 (9-Piece Set)

  • 9-piece set
  • 3 air, fluid and pattern control knobs
  • 3 cups (two 1000cc and one 150cc)
Wagner Spraytech 0529021

10. Wagner Spraytech 0529021 (Large Cup Capacity)

  • Large 1420cc paint cup
  • 1.5-pound gun and cup
  • Includes a turbine, 2 nozzles, and an 11.5-foot hose
  • 3 control knobs

1. Neiko 31215A – Best for the Money

Neiko 31215A
Photo: Neiko

  • Paint Cup: 600cc
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds

If you are on a tight budget, Neiko’s 31215A is an affordable HVLP spray gun to consider. Despite this, the unit has a solid one-piece stainless steel construction that is rust-resistant and very durable.

Apart from the trigger, the sprayer is fitted with 3 control knobs: a spray pattern control valve, an air control valve for regulating the air pressure and a fluid control valve for controlling the amount of paint coming in from the gravity feed cup.

Other features include a 600cc aluminum cup, a 10 PSI working pressure, an air gauge, a multi-size wrench and a cleaning brush for easy maintenance. On the downside, you don’t get a hose or turbine in this set.


  • Affordable
  • Solid, rust-resistant stainless-steel construction
  • Spray pattern, air and fluid control valves
  • Includes a multi-size wrench, air gauge and cleaning brush as accessories


  • No hose and turbine

2. HomeRight C800766 – Best for Home Use

HomeRight C800766
Photo: HomeRight

  • Paint Cup: 798cc
  • Weight: 2.76 pounds

Owing to its simplified design with few parts, this paint gun is very easy to maintain, which makes it ideal for beginners in DIY projects around the home.

Additionally, the unit is easy to set up and can be used to spray a wide variety of paints such as enamels, primers, chalk type, latex, milk, and varnish among many others.

Power is provided via a 400-watt turbine that is mounted at the top, and you get a flow control knob on the trigger to regulate the output to suit the required coat. The air cap can also be adjusted to produce a horizontal, vertical or round spray.

You get a durable, corrosion-resistant brass tip and nozzle, a viscosity cup for measuring the paint’s thickness and a seal plus splash guard above the paint cup to prevent leaking.

The only issue is that this setup a bit bulky, which makes it a bit difficult to get into tight spaces. However, the piece is quite lightweight (2.76 pounds), which makes it easy to handle.


  • Simplified design with few parts that are easy to clean
  • Flow control knob for regulating paint output
  • Adjustable air cap for horizontal, vertical or round-shaped spray
  • Corrosion-resistant brass tip and nozzle


  • A bit bulky

3. Wagner Spraytech 0417005 – Adjustable

Wagner Spraytech 0417005
Photo: Wagner Spraytech

  • Paint Cup: 946cc
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds

Wagner Spraytech’s 0417005 is built to be as versatile as possible with its adjustable design, in which it has a material flow adjustment knob on the trigger to increase or decrease the paint output. This gives you the range to spray a small 0.5-inch to a wide 6-inch pattern.

Its air cap also rotates to change the spray shape to horizontal, vertical or round, depending on your project.

The tool is equipped with a large 1-quart paint cup (roughly 946cc) and a control finish nozzle that is ideal for use with light particle paints such as varnish and enamels to deliver a smooth finish.

More features include lock-n-go technology for easy setup, a small and compact 2-stage turbine that is attached to the gun and is easy-to-clean thanks to its simplistic design with few parts.

The only problem is that the mounted turbine makes the gun very bulky, which makes it a bit tricky to get into tight spaces.


  • Material flow adjustment knob for controlling the paint output
  • 3-position air cap for pattern control
  • Large 1-quart paint cup
  • Lock-n-go technology for easy setup


  • The attached turbine makes it very bulky

4. Graco-Sharpe FX3000 – Best with a Large Pattern Size

Graco-Sharpe FX3000
Photo: Sharpe

  • Paint Cup: 600cc
  • Weight: 1.11 pounds

If you are looking for a spray gun with wide coverage, Graco-Sharpe’s FX3000 is one of the best options to consider because it has a large pattern size that extends up to 12.5 inches. This ensures you complete your project much faster.

The unit comes with a 600cc gravity feed cup size and has a combined weight of 1.11 pounds, making it very lightweight for easy handling with little or no fatigue.

Other features include a 1mm nozzle that is ideal for spraying base and clear coats, a 1/4-inch air hose connector, a wrench and a cleaning brush for easy maintenance. However, no turbine is included, which means you require an external compressor to run the gun.  


  • Large 12.5-inch pattern size
  • Lightweight design for easy handling
  • Wrench and cleaning brush for easy maintenance


  • Turbine not included

5. Devilbiss 803558 – Easy-to-Clean

Devilbiss 803558
Photo: Devilbiss

  • Paint Cup: 900cc
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

Devilbiss’ 803558 is quite unique because it has high-grade stainless-steel parts that are very tough, and are anodized for easy cleaning. Even the internal passages are anodized, which improves wear resistance.

Other than that, this tool features an enhanced atomization technology for better paint delivery and includes precision machined 1.3, 1.5 and 1.8mm air caps and fluid nozzles for superior results in the application of different types of paint.

You also get a relatively large 900cc paint cup, air, and paint flow adjusting valves for better control, and an air gauge to ensure you supply the required 23 PSI.

However, no turbine is included, which means you need an external air compressor to power the gun.


  • Strong and durable stainless-steel parts
  • Anodized interior and exterior for easy cleaning
  • Enhanced atomization with precision-machined air caps and fluid nozzles
  • Large 900cc paint cup


  • No turbine

6. Earlex HV5500 – Semi-Pro

Earlex HV5500
Photo: Earlex

  • Paint Cup: 946cc
  • Hose Length: 13 feet
  • Weight: 12.2 pounds

This spray station from Earlex is one of the best HVLP spray guns for woodworking because it is a semi-pro spray gun that is designed for automotive enthusiasts and serious woodworking projects.

It also features a 2-stage, 650-watt turbine that produces 2.2 PSI of pressure, which is suitable for providing high-quality finishes when working on small to medium-sized finishes such as painting doors, furniture, decks, etc.

Connecting the two is a 13-foot air hose, which gives you some room to move around, and it coils up easily in the base of the turbine for neat storage after use.

More features include a flow control dial for adjusting the amount of paint coming through, a push-n-click spray pattern changing system for vertical, horizontal and round spraying, a large 1-quart (946cc) paint can and a carry handle for easy transportation.

On the downside, the gun is not coated with non-stick material for easy cleaning, but at least the cup is due to its Teflon coating.


  • Semi-pro gun with a 2-stage 2.2 PSI turbine for high-quality finishing
  • 13-foot air hose for movement allowance
  • Neat on-board hose storage
  • Flow control dial and spray changing patterns


  • Not coated for easy cleaning

7. Fuji 2203G – Non-Bleed

Fuji 2203G
Photo: Fuji Spray

  • Paint Cup: 400cc
  • Hose Length: 25 feet
  • Weight: 25.2 pounds

Fuji’s 2203G is a non-bleed HVLP paint sprayer that helps to prevent solvent flashing, which can be an issue if you want more time to apply a coat. It is fitted with a 1.3mm air cap and an adjustable pattern fan control that is conveniently located at the rear for easy access.

The gun comes complete with a 2-stage turbine, which generates up to 5 PSI, a 25-foot hose for easy mobility and a gun holder on the turbine for convenient placement when not in use.

Other features include a handy carrying handle on the turbine for easy portability to a new site and stainless-steel fluid passages that make it ideal for both water and solvent-based coatings while preventing needle tip wear.

However, this tool has a relatively small 400cc paint cup, which might require several refills as you work on your project.


  • The non-bleed design prevents solvent flashing
  • Rear-placed adjustable fan control for changing the spray pattern
  • Includes a 2-stage, 5 PSI turbine, and a long 25-foot hose
  • Stainless-steel fluid passages for water and solvent-based spraying


  • Small cup size

8. Fuji 2904-T70 – Best with a Powerful Turbine

Fuji 2904-T70
Photo: Fuji Spray

  • Paint Cup: 946cc
  • Hose Length: 25 feet
  • Weight: 23.6 pounds

Though very expensive, Fuji’s 2904-T70 is the top-rated HVLP paint sprayer in this review because it is a professional unit with a powerful 4-stage turbine that generates up to 9 PSI of pressure. This ensures less thinning of paints and is suitable for spraying all kinds of coats.

Other than that, the included T-70 spray gun features a pattern control knob that lets you easily adjust the spray fan pattern size from small to large, depending on your preference.

This gun is non-bleed, which means you can easily control the flow of air and paint to prevent solvent flashing.

More features include a large 1-quart paint cup (about 946cc), a standard 1.3mm air cap, noise reduction covers and a heat dissipation chamber on the turbine, and a long 25-foot hose for connecting the turbine to the gun, which gives you the flexibility to move around.

More Detailed: Fuji 2904-T70 Review


  • Powerful 4-stage turbine with an output of 9 PSI
  • Pattern control knob for adjusting the spray pattern
  • Non-bleed gun. Prevents solvent flashing
  • Large 1-quart paint cup reduces constant refilling


  • Expensive

9. TCP Global G7000 –Best- 9-Piece

TCP Global G7000
Photo: TCP Global

  • Paint Cup: 2 x 1000cc, 150cc
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds

Even though it does not come with a turbine, TCP Global’s G7000 is sold as a 9-piece set that includes 3 guns (1mm touch-up, 1.4mm topcoat, and 1.8mm primer guns), a locking air pressure regulator, a moisture filter, 3 cups (one 150cc and two 1000cc) and a cleaning kit.

Each of the 3 guns is equipped with control knobs for fluid flow, air pressure, and spray pattern adjustment, as well as 1/4-inch air inlets for connecting to an external turbine or compressor via a hose.

Other features include an operating pressure of 29-50 PSI and air consumption of 3.5-7.1 CFM.


  • 9-piece set with 3 guns, 3 cups, a cleaning kit, filter, and gauge
  • Fluid flow, air pressure, and spray pattern adjustment
  • Large 1000cc cups


  • No turbine in the set

10. Wagner Spraytech 0529021 – Large Cup Capacity

Wagner Spraytech 0529021
Photo: Wagner Spraytech

  • Paint Cup: 1420cc
  • Hose Length: 11.5 feet
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

Rounding up the list is Wagner Spraytech’s 0529021, and it has a large 1.5-quart (roughly 1420cc) paint cup that ensures minimal refills as you work on your projects. It can actually cover a 10 x 12-foot wall when full.

The sprayer comes with a turbine, which is housed in an X-boost power box that keeps the weight on the floor, leaving the gun and paint cup weighing only 1.5 pounds.

This turbine connects to the gun via an 11.5-foot hose for easy mobility and has a locking connection to ensure no disconnection.

You get two nozzles in the set, one for larger spraying jobs such as coating decks and walls, while the other is for detail finishing. Each of these feature knobs for air and fluid flow control, as well as spray pattern adjustment between horizontal, vertical and round shapes.

On the downside, no cleaning kit is included in the set and the hose is relatively short.


  • Large 1420cc cup with a coverage of 120 square feet
  • It comes with a turbine and two nozzles
  • Air, fluid, and spray pattern adjustment for controlled spraying


  • Relatively short hose
  • Lacks a cleaning kit


As you can see, there are some fine details about HVLP paint sprayers that you need to get right during the selection process.

That said, selection should be primarily based on your intended use because some of them are very professional but carry a hefty price tag, while others are recommended for home use. 

With all these options, having read through the buying guide above, you will have an easier time picking your best HVLP paint sprayer from the review section.