7 Best Inground Pool Covers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Inground Pool Cover
Photo: Pool Mate

If you have an inground pool, then you must have an inground pool cover to protect it, especially during fall and winter.

These covers help in preventing dirt and debris from penetrating through. Some even inhibit algae growth by blocking the sun’s rays from passing through while others keep your pool warmed up.

Generally, all these are meant to keep your pool swim-ready.

However, there is quite a wide variety of them to choose from in the market, but this article covers the best inground pool covers so as to make it easier for you to pick the one that suits your needs.

What To Check Before Buying the Best Inground Pool Covers?

How to Buy the Best Inground Pool Cover
Photo: Blue Wave

1. Solid Vinyl vs. Mesh Inground Pool Cover

– Solid pool covers

Solid pool covers are usually more expensive and less durable than mesh covers, and they can hold water on top, which means that you must have a pump to clear it off to prevent the cover from sinking due to the weight and pressure exerted by this water.

On the bright side, these covers keep the water very clean throughout because they do not allow any dirt or debris to pass through, and are usually made of an opaque material that prevents light from going through and thus, prevents algae growth.  

Some solid pool covers are also used for heating such as Sun2Solar’s Blue 1200 Series. Named solar pool covers, these allow light and heat to pass through, then trap it inside so as to extend your swimming “season”.

– Mesh pool covers 

Mesh covers allow water and small dirt particles to pass through and this might cause your pool to become very dirty.

This means that you will have to do a lot of cleaning once you reopen your pool. They also allow light to pass through and thus, expect some algae growth.

On the bright side, you do not need a pump to drain the water above when it rains because it penetrates through the porous mesh.

These covers are also stronger and more durable than solid pool covers, with some being strong enough to hold up to 4000 pounds and are therefore very safe for kids and pets. However, this variety is usually very expensive.

Our Tip: If you have kids and pets at home, then safety is paramount and you must have a strong mesh pool cover like Blue Wave’s BWS315B. It’s better to clean your pool afterward than for them to drown accidentally.

However, if you prefer less cleaning after the cold season, you can buy both types and layer them to get the benefits of both.  

2. Size

Another important factor to consider is size. Of course, you must buy a fitting size and for this reason, ensure that you have your pool’s measurements (in feet) beforehand so that you get one that is suitable for your pool.

Another alternative would be to get a trimmable cover such as Blue Wave’s BWC564 so that you can cut it down to the size that you want.

3. Shape

Pools come in different shapes and so do pool covers. Therefore, before buying this product, ensure that it is in the shape and size that fits your pool.

If your pool is uniquely shaped, then you should look for a cover that is trimmable so that you customize its shape.

Alternatively, you can buy a square or rectangular cover that extends over the surface, so long as it covers every inch of the pool.

4. Climate

Some pool covers such as Robelle’s 353050R are ideal to use during winter while leaf net covers like Blue Wave’s BWC564 are most useful during fall to prevent leaves from falling through.

Solar pool covers are also good for the fall because they help warm up your pool, thereby extending your swimming “season”.   

7 Best Inground Pool Covers Reviewed




Pool Mate 351632RPM

1. Pool Mate 351632RPM (Best Budget)

  • Affordable
  • Opaque heavy-duty polyethylene construction
  • 5-foot overlap
  • Lightweight
Sun2Solar Blue 1200 Series

2. Sun2Solar Blue 1200 Series (Best Solar Cover)

  • Allows UV light to pass through for solar heating
  • Reduces evaporation by up to 95%
  • Round and rectangular shapes in different sizes
  • Vinyl material in blue and clear options
Yard Guard Green Mesh

3. Yard Guard Green Mesh (Best Mesh Design)

  • Brass anchors and stainless steel springs
  • Triple stitched on the perimeter and stress points
  • Rub strips
  • Rot, mildew and UV resistant
Blue Wave BWC564

4. Blue Wave BWC564 (Best Leaf Net Cover)

  • Woven polyethylene construction
  • 4-foot overlap
  • Trimmable
Robelle 353050R

5. Robelle 353050R (Best for Winter)

  • Solid heavy-duty polyethylene construction
  • High quality 8 x 8 scrim
  • 5-foot overlap
  • Multiple color and size options
Blue Wave BWS315B

6. Blue Wave BWS315B (Strong Design)

  • Stainless steel springs with brass anchoring
  • Mesh design with multi-seamed stitching
  • Holds up to 4000 pounds in weight

7. GLI MSC1632 (2-Ply Mesh)

  • 2-ply mesh construction
  • Brass screw type anchors with stainless steel springs
  • 4000-pound weight capacity
  • Includes a storage bag and installation tools

1. Pool Mate 351632RPM (Best Budget)

Pool Mate Heavy Duty Winter InGround Pool Cover

Photo: Pool Mate

  • Size: 16 × 32 feet
  • Material: Polyethylene

Affordability is a big factor to consider and if this is the case, Pool Mate’s winter pool cover comes at a very good price.

Despite its cost, this cover is very well-built, having a heavy-duty polyethylene construction that prevents UV rays from penetrating through, and this helps prevent algae growth.

In terms of use, the unit is meant to protect your pool during harsh winter conditions by blocking dirt and debris from penetrating through. However, it also prevents water and snow from melting through, which might result in puddle formation above the cover.

On size, this one measures 16 × 32 feet, although it is available in multiple sizes, which range from 12 × 24 feet to 30 × 60 feet. This ensures that you get at least a fitting size for your pool.

Regardless of the size, each of them is equipped with a 5-foot overlap designed to cover most copings for easy installation.

Other features include water tube loops, which are designed to be used with water tubes (sold separately) and a lightweight design for easy carrying in and out of storage and also for easy installation.


  • Affordable
  • Opaque heavy-duty polyethylene prevents algae growth
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 5-foot overlap for easy installation
  • Lightweight


  • Causes puddle formation above the cover
  • Does not warm the pool

2. Sun2Solar Blue 1200 Series (Best Solar)

Sun2Solar Blue 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Cover

Photo: Sun2Solar

  • Size: 16 × 36 feet
  • Material: Vinyl

If you would like to have a warmed pool without bearing any electricity costs, then this pool cover is the best option to consider. This is because it allows UV light to pass through for solar heating,

To achieve this, the cover features a bubble design that helps in capturing the sun’s heat while transferring it to the water below, then helps retain this heat by acting as a solar blanket at night or during the cold days.

Apart from heating, this cover is also designed to minimize water evaporation because it has a waterproof vinyl construction, which prevents vapor from passing through. This actually makes it very effective because it can prevent up to 95% of the pool water evaporation.

In terms of size, the product measures 16 × 36 feet, but it is available in multiple other sizes, ranging from 10 x 16 feet to 30 × 50 feet. This means that you can easily find a cover for any pool size.

Additionally, the vinyl can be trimmed so as to achieve a perfect fit, even for uniquely shaped pools.

Other features include the availability in an attractive blue or light/heat penetrating clear color and prevention of dirt and debris from entering contaminating the water below.


  • Allows UV light to pass through for heating the pool
  • Acts as a blanket, preventing heat loss
  • Minimizes water evaporation by up to 95%
  • Available in multiple sizes and can be trimmed for perfect fitting
  • Available in an attractive-blue and clear color options


  • Not strong enough to step on
  • Might get damaged quickly from continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays

3. Yard Guard Green Mesh (Best Inground Mesh)

Yard Guard Green Mesh Inground Pool Cover

Photo: Yard Guard

  • Size: 18 × 36 feet
  • Material: Mesh

Yard Guard’s Green Mesh is the top-rated inground pool cover and the best inground pool cover due to a number of reasons. 

For starters, the product has a brass anchoring system that is implanted into the concrete, on which dual stainless-steel springs are attached for supporting the entire mesh over the pool.

The actual mesh, which measures 18 × 36 feet in size, is made of a strong material that is designed to allow water to pass through but holds out any silt and debris so that your pool remains clean.

This mesh is triple stitched across the entire perimeter and stress points and is protected by rub strips for additional reinforcement and for protecting your pool’s surface.

On durability, the whole structure is resistant to UV and harsh pool water damage and is also resistant to rot and mildew formation, making it very hygienic to use. However, this piece is very expensive.


  • Brass anchoring system and dual stainless-steel springs for support
  • Porous mesh allows water to pass through but holds silt and debris
  • Triple stitched on the perimeter and stress point
  • Rub strips for reinforcement and protecting your pool’s surface
  • Resistant to UV, harsh pool water damage, rot, and mildew


  • Expensive
  • Does not heat the pool

4. Blue Wave BWC564 (Best Leaf Net)

Blue Wave Rectangular Leaf Net InGround Pool Cover

Photo: Blue Wave

  • Size: 20 × 40 feet
  • Material: Polyethylene

If you are looking to eliminate the mess caused by decaying leaves each fall, Blue Wave’s leaf net cover is the best product to consider.

Structurally, this leaf net has a woven polyethylene construction, and this makes it durable but still very lightweight. However, this also makes the unit a little bit weak, which means it cannot hold a lot of weight and thus, might not safe enough to protect your kids and pets from drowning.

For this reason, it is recommended to install the mesh over your winter cover, and this might add on some costs. On the bright side, this leaf net cover is relatively affordable and thus, installing it over your winter cover will not be very costly.

In terms of dimensions, this product comes as a 20 × 40 feet rectangular panel but is also available in other sizes that range from 12 × 20 feet to 30 × 50 feet. This gives you some options to choose from when looking for a perfect fit for your pool.

Apart from this, the leaf net features a 4-foot overlap, and is trimmable, allowing you to customize its fit, especially if you have a uniquely shaped pool.  


  • Made from durable woven polyethylene
  • Available in different rectangular sizes
  • Features a 4-foot overlap to fit most coping
  • Trimmable


  • Not strong enough to stand on
  • Does not warm the pool

5. Robelle 353050R (Best for Winter)

Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover

Photo: Robelle

  • Size: 30 × 50 feet
  • Material: Polyethylene

Robelle’s 353050R is designed to protect your pool during the winter season because it has a heavy-duty polyethylene construction. This prevents dirt and debris from penetrating through, thereby keeping your pool clean throughout the cold season.

Additionally, the polyethylene does not allow light to pass through, and this protects your pool from algae growth. However, since it is waterproof, melting snow and rain will form puddles above the cover, and this might cause some parts to have depressions.

In terms of size, the product measures 30 × 50 feet, which is very large, but it is available in a number of other sizes, which range from 12 × 24 feet to 30 × 60 feet. This leaves you with plenty of options to choose from.

The cover is also available in multiple colors, ranging from dull to brightly colored ones, and this gives you the option of choosing the one that looks good to your eyes.

Regardless of the size or color, each piece comes featuring a high quality 8 × 8-inch scrim, a 5-foot overlap and water bag loops every 4 feet that are designed to be used with water tubes, which are sold separately.


  • Solid heavy-duty polyethylene construction prevents dirt and debris from penetrating through
  • Does not allow light to pass through and thus, prevents algae growth
  • Available multiple colors and sizes
  • Features a 5-foot overlap for easy installation
  • High quality 8 × 8-inch scrim


  • Rain and snow may cause puddles above the cover
  • Does not heat the pool

6. Blue Wave BWS315B (Strongest)

Blue Wave Rectangular InGround Pool Safety Cover

Photo: Blue Wave

  • Size: 14 × 28 feet
  • Material: Mesh

For a safety pool cover, this product is quite expensive, but it is also one of the strongest and toughest covers that you will get.

This is because it has stainless steel hardware in the form of springs, which resist damage from the elements. These springs are hooked onto a drill and tamp style brass anchoring system, which permanently secures the anchors in concrete.

The springs and anchors then hold a mesh panel, which consists of multi-seamed stitching that prevents wear and tear while also ensuring safety. For reinforcement, this panel is equipped with wear strips on the underside, and this protects the entire panel from abrasion and fraying.

With this kind of construction, the cover acts as a filter, allowing water to penetrate through, but holding any debris from going in. Additionally, it can hold up to 4000 pounds in weight, which means that you and your entire family can stand on it without causing any breakage.

The benefit of this is that, apart from protecting the pool, this cover also protects your children and pets from drowning.


  • Stainless steel springs and a drill and tamp style brass anchoring system
  • Very strong and tough multi-seamed stitching (can hold up to 4000 pounds)
  • Wear strips reinforcement on the mesh’s underside
  • Allows water to pass through, preventing the formation of pools above the cover when it rains


  • Expensive
  • Does not heat the pool

7. GLI MSC1632 (2-Ply)

LI Rectangle Inground Pool Cover

Photo: GLI

  • Size: 16 × 32 feet
  • Material: Mesh

GLI’s rectangle pool cover is made of a 2-ply material that forms a porous mesh for allowing water to penetrate through. This keeps leaves and large debris from making your pool dirty and is especially useful in the fall when trees shed off their leaves.

Other than that, the product is similar to Yard Guard’s product above, featuring brass screw-type anchors that should be installed on the concrete deck, and stainless-steel springs for holding the cover to these anchors.

With this construction, the cover is ASTM rated and has a break strength of 4000 pounds, which means that once installed, it can protect your kids and pets from accidental drowning. In fact, you and your whole family can step on it, and it will still hold.

Other features include triple stitching on the perimeter and across all stress points, forest green in color, installation tools and a storage bag. The mesh is resistant to mildew, rot, UV and harsh pool chemicals, making it very durable.


  • Strong 2-ply porous mesh construction 
  • Brass screw-type anchors and stainless-steel springs for support
  • 4000-pound breaking strength
  • Resistant to rot, mildew, UV and harsh pool chemicals
  • Comes with a storage bag and installation tools


  • Cannot be trimmed
  • Does not warm the pool


As you can see, there is quite a large variety of inground pool covers.

We recommend Blue Wave’s BWS315B if you want a strong mesh cover and Sun2Solar’s Blue 1200 Series if you want to keep your pool heated and insulated.