10 Best Inline Water Filters of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Inline Water Filter
Photo: Woder

Inline water filters are fitted into existing water lines to filter the water that goes through them.

These filters will remove or reduce chlorine taste and odor from water. It also removes sediments, heavy metals, fluorides, rust, and even lead.

They are commonly used on water supply lines for refrigerators and icemakers, and under-sink tap and faucet lines.

When choosing an inline water filter, connector size, filter capacity or life, and flow rate are some key factors to consider.

Dive into our inline water filter review to discover the leading models in offering these key features.

What To Check Before Buying Inline Water Filter?

How to Buy the Best Inline Water Filter

1. Filtration Capacity

Inline water filters are often rated by their filtration capacity, which translates to the amount of water in gallons that can pass through it before needing replacement.

When choosing an inline water filter, going for a high-capacity one is recommended, because it will not limit your filtration needs.

From our review, Watts 43000140 has the highest filtration capacity of 20,000 gallons. You can get this one for even some commercial applications like coffee making.

2. Lifespan of Inline Water Filter

Lifespan is another feature to look out for in inline water filters. Filters are rated to last for different periods before requiring replacement, as a maintenance practice.

Lifespans tend to be an alternative to filtration capacity. For instance, a filter can be rated for a 10,000-gallon capacity, or a 3-month lifespan, which even is reached first.

The longer the lifespan of your inline water filter, the longer you can use it reliably. Woder WD-10K is the filter that excels in this category with a lifespan of 36 months.

3. Flow Rate

Flow rate is another important consideration to make when choosing an inline water filter. It is the measure of how many gallons of water the filter can dispense within 1 minute (GPM).

High flow rates are good when you need a constant supply of water delivered fast, especially with intensive usage, an area where PureWater Filters PWF-IFK excels.

The ideal flow rate will depend on many factors. You should consider whether your inline water filter requires a pressure regulator to support its flow rate, or whether the flow rate will support all your water delivery demands.

4. Inline Water Filter Certification

Inline water filters are supposed to undergo certain certifications that qualify them to filter out certain contaminants such as chlorine and fluorides.

The most common and important certification for inline water filters includes SF/ANSI Standard 42 for the Reduction of Aesthetic Chlorine.

Another critical standard is SF/ANSI 372 Lead-Free. The more the certifications your inline filter has, the safer and more effective it is in filtering your water, especially that meant for drinking.

You should avoid water filters that have no certifications conducted on them.

5. Installation Process

We all desire accessories and appliances that are easy to install. Ease of installation is especially important for inline water filters because they pass water across them and inconveniences such as leaks have to be avoided.

Luckily, many inline filters are easy to install, especially if they come with standard connectors, such as the most common 1/4-inch one.

Other water filters, such as the Culligan IC-EZ-1 excel in ease of installation with their simplified twisting mechanism.

6. Replacement

When choosing an inline water filter, you may encounter either a completely new unit or a replacement one.

While many inline water filters are created for first use, you can pick up a replacement one, such as Filtrete 3US-PF01, to replace and existing one.

Regardless of what kind of filter you choose, all models require replacement after some time. Consider picking one with a long lifespan to reduce the frequency of replacement and possibly save some money.

10 Best Inline Water Filters Reviewed




Woder WD-10K

1. Woder WD-10K (Best Overall)

  • Removes 99.9% of contaminants
  • Fits standard water supply tubing
  • Long filter life
  • High flow rate
Omnipure K2533JJ

2. Omnipure K2533JJ (Best Budget)

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Chlorine taste/odor reducer
  • Versatile multi-use filter
  • Easy, hassle-free installation
Dupont WFPF13003B

3. Dupont WFPF13003B (Best for Whole-House)

  • Whole-house filtration system
  • High 15,000-gallon filter capacity
  • Reliable rust and sediment remover
  • Protects household appliances
Camco 40043

4. Camco 40043 (Best for RVs)

  • Effective 20-micron sediment filter
  • Fits on most standard hoses
  • Reliable KDF antibacterial protection
  • Flexible hose protection
Filtrete 3US-PF01

5. Filtrete 3US-PF01 (Best Replacement Filter)

  • Reliable under-sink replacement filter
  • Multi-contaminant remover
  • Optimal 0.5 GPM faucet flow rate
  • Simple twist-on installation
PureWater Filters PWF-IFK

6. PureWater Filters PWF-IFK (Fastest Flow Rate)

  • Fast 50 GPM flow rate
  • Chlorine odor and taste remover
  • Long 15-foot water line
  • Complete assembly kit
Aqua Crest AQU-RV2

7. Aqua Crest AQU-RV2 (Great for Gardening)

  • Heavy-duty GAC and KDF filter
  • Effective contaminant remover
  • Strengthened protective housing
  • 2-piece value pack
Watts 43000140

8. Watts 43000140 (Highest Capacity)

  • High 20,000-gallon filter capacity
  • Versatile multi-application filter
  • Effective KDF filter
  • Works on standard water lines
Culligan IC-EZ-1

9. Culligan IC-EZ-1 (Easy-installation)

  • Easy twist-on installation
  • Multi-contaminant filter
  • Long 12-month filter life
  • Optimized for fridges and ice makers
Lasco 37-1821

10. Lasco 37-1821 (For Chlorine Taste Reduction)

  • Effective chlorine taste/odor filter
  • Removes multiple contaminants
  • Compact 2×10-inch size
  • Standard 1/4-inch fittings

1. Woder WD-10K – Best Overall

Woder WD-10K
Photo: Woder
  • Filter Capacity: 10,000 gallons
  • Filter Life: 36 months
  • Flow Rate: 3 GPM
  • Connector Size: 1/4-inch

Starting us off is Woder WD-10K, the best overall inline water filer. This high-quality filter boasts of a solid build, long life, and fast flow rate. 

It is capable of eliminating 99.9% of contaminants from water while preserving essential minerals that are important for the body.

This filter connects to existing water lines using its JG 1/4-inch connections. It is designed to fit all 1/4-inch plastic flex tubing, including the flex copper tubes used in ice maker and refrigerator water supplies.

Because this is a new filter and not a replacement one, it will last for a minimum of 36 months or 10,000 gallons, which is enough healthy water supply for your home over a long period.

Another impressive feature of this filter is its fast flow rate of 3 gallons per minute at 65 PSI pressure. It delivers clean water as fast as you need it.

The only thing to complain about in Woder WD-10K is its high price, which makes it the most expensive filter on our list.


  • Effective contaminant remover
  • Fits standard flex tubing
  • Long filter life
  • High flow rate


  • Expensive

2. Omnipure K2533JJ – Best Budget

Omnipure K2533JJ
Photo: Omnipure
  • Filter Capacity: 1,500 gallons
  • Filter Life: 12 months
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM
  • Connector Size: 1/4-inch

Coming in a close second is Omnipure K2533JJ, the best budget inline water filter. This filter is not only affordable but is capable of outliving most of the premium filters available today.

It is ideal for reducing the taste of chlorine in water, alongside common odors that degrade water quality. You can use the filter in ice makers, drinking fountains, refrigerators, and beverage equipment. It is also possible to combine this filter with other water purification systems.

Because this filter comes with a built-in 1/4-inch quick-connect compression fitting, installation is super easy and will not require any special tools or a costly professional service.

An issue we did not like with the Omnipure K2533JJ is that it has a service life of 1,500 gallons, which may be considered a low capacity for some applications such as intensive home uses.


  • Affordable filter
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • Multi-application filter
  • Easy to install


  • Low gallon filter capacity

3. Dupont WFPF13003B – Best Whole-House

Dupont WFPF13003B
Photo: Dupont
  • Micron Rating: 10
  • Filter Capacity: 15,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 5 GPM
  • Connector Size: 3/4-inch

Dupont WFPF13003B is the best whole-house inline water filter on our list. It is also great for office use.

It boasts of top-of-the-range specs and performance, including a filter capacity of 15,000 gallons, and a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, which is more than enough for home utilization or even in small office settings.

The filtration system comes with a universal 500 Series Poly Block cartridge, which is an excellent remover of common water sediments such as silt and rust.

You can rely on this filter to prolong the life of common household appliances, which utilize or process water regularly. To connect the filter, it comes with 3/4-inch outlets and inlets.

We did note, however, that some fittings required for use before installing Dupont WFPF13003B, such as a pressure regulator, are not included with this filter.


  • Superior filtration system
  • High filter capacity
  • Effective rust and sediment remover
  • Protects household appliances


  • Some required fittings are not included

4. Camco 40043 – Best for RVs

Camco 40043
Photo: Camco
  • Micron Rating: 20
  • Filter Capacity: 500 gallons
  • Filter Life: 3 months
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM

Camco 40043 positions itself as the best inline water filter for RVs. It is the ideal companion for outdoor activities, especially when camping with your RV.

This granular activated carbon filter is effective in reducing bad taste, chlorine, sediments, and odors. You can attach this filter to any standard water hose and it will help produce clean drinking water.

It boasts of having a 20-micron sediment filter, which will eliminate many kinds of sediments exceeding this size.

When the filter is not in use, it relies on premium KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) formulation to provide protection against harmful bacteria.

Included with this filter is a flexible hose protector, which is effective in reducing strain on connections, while effectively minimizing kinking.

An issue we found disappointing about Camco 40043 is its low filter capacity of 500 gallons, which may be limited for some applications.


  • Effective sediment remover
  • Attaches to standard hoses
  • Reliable antibacterial protection
  • Reduces hose kinking


  • Low filter capacity

5. Filtrete 3US-PF01 – Best Replacement

Filtrete 3US-PF01
Photo: Filtrete
  • Micron Rating: 0.5
  • Filter Capacity: 2,000 gallons
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM
  • Connector Size: 1/4-inch

Filtrete 3US-PF01 is the best replacement inline water filter on our list. It is great for under sink water filtration.

This filter promises to deliver cleaner and better tasking water conveniently right from your tap. It will reduce microbial cysts, odor, and chlorine taste. The filter is also effective at removing soil, rust, sand, and sediment from water.

As for filter life, this one promises to deliver reliable service for 6 months. Installation is easy because it comes with standard 1/4-inch connectors, and can be installed or replaced by a simple twist.

It also does a good job of maintaining a constant flow rate through the faucet, at 0.5 gallons per minute, which is the optimal tap rate.

Some may find the Filtrete 3US-PF01’s filter capacity of 2,000 gallons to be in the lower range.


  • Reliable replacement filter
  • Removes multiple contaminants
  • Optimal flow rate for faucets
  • Simple to install


  • Filter capacity could be higher

6. PureWater Filters PWF-IFK – Fastest Flow Rate

PureWater Filters PWF-IFK
Photo: PureWater Filters
  • Filter Capacity: 1,500 gallons
  • Filter Life: 12 months
  • Flow Rate: 50 GPM
  • Connector Size: 1/4-inch

PureWater Filters PWF-IFK is a water filter that stands out from the pack because of its incredibly fast flow rate.

This filter has a flow rate of 50 gallons per minute, which is the highest we have recorded, and no other filter on our list comes even close to matching it.

You can rely on this filter to produce better-tasting water at record speeds with its fast flow rate. It has been certified for chlorine taste and odor reduction.

Another feature we loved about this filter is the 15-foot 1/4-inch water line that is included with the tool. You also get a shutoff valve, and 2 1/4-inch quick-connect water line adapters, and an assembly kit.

We, however, did not like the fact that PureWater Filters PWF-IFK is rated for a service life of 1,500 gallons, a capacity some may find too small for some applications.


  • Fast flow rate
  • Reduces chlorine odor and taste
  • Long waterline included
  • Full assembly kit


  • Low capacity service life

7. Aqua Crest AQU-RV2 – Best for Gardening

Aqua Crest AQU-RV2
Photo: Aqua Crest
  • Micron Rating: 20
  • Filter Life: 3 months

Aqua Crest AQU-RV2 stands out for being a great inline water filter for gardening applications. It utilizes advanced granular activated carbon (GAC), KDF, and fluorine remover for superior filtration.

With its micron rating of 20, this filter will effectively eliminate heavy metals, chlorine, sediments, rust, fluoride, and other contaminants for healthy filtered water.

This filter features a food-grade plastic housing that has been strengthened for additional safety and heavy-duty performance, especially for intensive applications such as gardening and RV use.

Because of the filter’s effective fluorine removal, it will protect your teeth, bones, and digestive system, through the clean water you drink.

It comes in a pack of 2, so you’re getting a lot of value for your money as these filters support diverse applications including.

An issue we did not like about the Aqua Crest AQU-RV2 filter is its short life span of 3 months.


  • High-performance filter
  • Eliminates most contaminants
  • Strengthened housing for protection
  • Good value for money


  • Short filter life

8. Watts 43000140 – Highest Capacity

Watts 43000140
Photo: Watts
  • Filter Capacity: 20,000 gallons
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM
  • Connector Size: 1/4-inch

Watts 43000140 is a unique water filter because of its high capacity. The filter can handle up to 20,000 gallons of water, or 6 months, before requiring replacement.

The high-capacity attribute of this filter makes it ideal for use on commercial applications such as coffee makers, water coolers, water fountains, and recreation uses such as camping, RVs, and boats.

You can count on the filter to effectively reduce chlorine, contaminants, odor, sediment, and other particulates that alter the quality and taste of water.

It fits perfectly on standard 1/4-inch water supply lines and will connect effortlessly on existing plumbing. Hence, it offers maintenance-free service, with inspection and possible replacement every 6 months.

For efficient filtration, it uses a 10-inch inline KDF filter. Two 1/4-inch brass connectors have been included for ease of connectivity to water lines.

An issue we found disappointing about Watts 43000140 is that it is meant for cold water use only.


  • High filter capacity
  • Supports diverse applications
  • Reduces chlorine and other contaminants
  • Fits standard water supplies


  • Works with cold water only

9. Culligan IC-EZ-1 – Easy to Install

Culligan IC-EZ-1
Photo: Culligan
  • Filter Capacity: 3,000 gallons
  • Filter Life: 12 months
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM
  • Connector Size: 1/4-inch

Culligan IC-EZ-1 is an inline water filter that stands out from the pack because of its ease and simplicity of installation.

It is a replacement filter cartridge that comes with quick connect fittings that require simple on/off twisting for installation of removal.

This filter cartridge is rated and certified for reducing particulates class III, chlorine reduction, odor and bad taste removal from water.

We were also impressed by the filter’s durability. It has a life of 12 months and is capable of filtering up to 3,000 gallons of water, which is sufficient for normal home consumption over extended periods.

The filter works great with refrigerator and icemaker water supply lines, especially when you consider their ease of replacement.

An issue we noted with Culligan IC-EZ-1 is that it is not the most compact and placing it behind the fridge can cause a strain on the available space.


  • Easy to install
  • Filters multiple contaminants
  • Long filter life
  • Ideal for fridges and ice makers


  • Not the most compact filter

10. Lasco 37-1821 – Best for Chlorine Taste Reduction

Lasco 37-1821
Photo: Lasco
  • Filter Capacity: 2,500 gallons
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM
  • Connector Size: 1/4-inch

Lasco 37-1821 is an inline water filter, which excels in the removal of chlorine taste and odor from water.

This filter has been tested and certified by the ANSI/NSF International standard 42 for chlorine taste and odor reduction in water. It is a great tool for filtering drinking water.

Besides chlorine, this filter is also effective in removing water sediments, odors, trihalomethanes (THMs), and water haziness/cloudiness.

We liked the fact that this filter is very compact. It measures 2 inches by 10 inches, allowing it to fit even in tiny spaces, especially if you want an inconspicuous installation at home, for instance.

As for installation, the process is easy and straightforward. The filter comes with a 1/4-inch compression connection for easy installation.

An issue we found slightly limiting is that Lasco 37-1821 is recommended for cold water applications only.


  • Certified for chlorine taste removal
  • Removes sediments and other contaminants
  • Compact size
  • Supports easy installation


  • Supports cold water uses only


Our inline water filters review shows how important these installations are on water lines. They purify and remove contaminants such as chlorine and sediments from water.

If you’re looking for the best of them all, get Woder WD-10K. It has a long lifespan and high filtration capacity. The filter also has a decent flow rate.

For those on a budget, Omnipure K2533JJ is an affordable inline water filter that has a decent life span.

If you’re an outdoor person, grab Camco 40043, which is our pick for the best inline water filter for RVs.