10 Best Lay-Z-Spa Accessories For Inflatable Hot Tubs!

Over the years Lay-Z-Spa by Bestway has dominated the market with their superior engineering and patented pumps and filters.

Lay-Z-Spa Accessories For Above Ground Inflatable
Lay-Z-Spa Accessories For Above Ground Inflatable Spas!

We all know that Lay Z Spa offers a solid hot tub experience.

But, to fully enjoy the hot tub life you need some “must-have” Lay-Z-Spa accessories made for the Bestway range of spas.

Basic Lay-Z-Spa Accessories

The basic Lay-Z-Spa accessories are filters, Chlorine tablets and floaters. These are the basic accessories to help you enjoy clean and fresh water all year round.

  • Chlorine tablet or granules
  • Floaters to distribute chlorine safely
  • Filters to reduce discolouring

The trick with these Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs is to keep them topped up with chlorine and filter any particles in the water that might cause algae and yellowing of the water.

If you are not testing your hot tub water then it will go beyond the point of no return and you will have to empty over 1000 litres because it has gone a funky colour and smells stagnant.

  • Replace the filter every week
  • Use a floater and never granules
  • Place a 20g tablet in each floater x 40g weekly
  • Use tests strips for PH & chlorine
  • Always leave the filter on after use

1) Chlorine

Lay-Z-Spa Chlorine Levels & Testing strips
Lay-Z-Spa Chlorine Levels & Testing strips

You can spend a fortune on chlorine and the many testing strips available on the web. We have used the Clearwater package and spent over £30/40 on it and all we ended up using was the chlorine.

Chlorine: As long as you keep the chlorine topped up your water will last many months.

The chlorine we use comes in tablet form and costs around £23 for 50 x 20gram tablets. These are perfect for a floater and require one in each that will last a few days before they reduce to nothing.

Granules are bad for hot tubs, especially if you’re using an above ground hot tub.

These Lay-Z-Spas are made out of plastic/rubber and will burn if chlorine granules sit at the bottom of your spa.

We used chlorine granules and tablets for a few months without a floater then realised the water level dropped drastically overnight because of a burn hole.

  • ONLY use tablet and NOT granules
  • 2 or 3 20g tablets a week will keep your spa water clean and fresh
  • Avoid granules due to chlorine burn on these rubber spas

2) Lay-Z-Spa Filters

Lay-Z-Spa Filters and Floaters!
Lay-Z-Spa Filters and Floaters!

Filters should be changed every week and can be cleaned and re-used, we clean ours and put them in the dishwasher/washing machine and they come out good as new.

You can purchase a pack of three for around £14.

Replacing the filter is key for crystal clear water, over six hours you are filtering thousands of litres of water through this small filter.

  • Replace on a weekly basis
  • Filters can be cleaned and re-used
  • Shop Lay-Z-Spa filters

3) Lay-Z-Spa Floaters

Floaters are a basic accessory for the Lay-Z-Spa models because you should not be using granules. We use two floaters with one 20gram tablet in each.

We replace them weekly or whenever they have dispersed. You should receive a floater with your Lay-Z-Spa, but you can add two chlorine 20g tablets to each floater.

  • Use two floaters with a 20g chlorine tablet in each
  • Every Lay-Z-Spa should come with its floater

This is an end to the basic accessories for the perfect spa experience.

If you keep an eye on your spa and replace and test then you will enjoy a clean experience all year round.

Other Useful Lay-Z-Spa Accessories

Lay-Z-Spa Cup Holders, Head Rests and Floating LED Lights!
Lay-Z-Spa Cup Holders, Head Rests and Floating LED Lights

This section of the best Lay-Z-Spa accessories reveals the more comfortable accessories that will make your hot tub stand out. This section will cover padded mats, headrests, cup holders and covers to help you enjoy your Lay-Z-Spa in style.

  • Headrests
  • Cup & Food holders
  • LED lights
  • Padded mats
  • Canopies and Gazebos

1) Lay-Z-Spa Headrests

If you have ever sat in a Lay-Z-Spa and you’re taller than 6 feet then you will discover that after an hour of sitting with your head tilted in the back position your neck will start to feel tight.

A headrest that neatly holds your head and neck in a more comfortable position will make your hot tub experience much more comfortable.

2) Lay-Z-Spa Cup & Food Holders

We all like a drink or a snack in the spa, but holding a drink or plate of food can become tedious and might even end up in your spa water.

With a food and plate holder, if you have a drink or a nibble in the water you can comfortably relax without relying on someone to pass you your drink or nibbles.

They really are convenient and totally adds to the experience especially in the evening when entertaining.

3) Extra Padded Matts

All hot tubs from Lay-Z-Spa have a padded floor so if your placing your hot tub on decking or a patio you will not feel the grooves under your feet.

But, over time this padding will reduce, so adding your own padded matt under your hot tub before inflating will give you a layer of extra protection.

4) Lay-Z-Spa Covers & Canopies

If you would like more privacy when enjoying your Lay-Z-Spa then there are many canopies and covers for you to choose from.

Some hot tub canopies made by Bestway costs upwards of £100 but fit snugly around your Lay-Z-Spa.

If you are looking for a cheaper option then we would recommend a gazebo that fits over your spa with curtains for privacy.

5) Lay-Z-Spa LED Lights

LED lights have come a long way in the last few years with Lay-Z-Spa offering their own LED floaters that are bright and colourful.

We use strip lighting for our hot tub but there are many more versions of LED floaters available from Amazon and other online retailers.

  • LED floaters are great for evening entertainment
  • Underwater LED lights are also great when the sun goes down

6) Lay-Z-Spa Cleaning Accessories

Lay-Z-Spa have recently released their own branded net and cleaning mitten.

The mitten is good for cleaning all over the hot tub but the net is a great way to remove bigger debris or anything to big for the filter to suckup.

  • Use the net to scoop larger debris too big for the pump
  • The mitten is a great way to clean inside and outside of the hot tub
  • The net does have a thread for a longer pole

7) Lay-Z-Spa Surrounds & Seating

Surrounds are a great way to improve the spa experience because you can sit around the hot tub and spend time with the family without getting in.

The seating surrounds can be inflated exactly the same way as the hot tub.

Just connect the outlet and inflate, they are very sturdy even though they have been air-filled.

The surrounds come in three different heights so make sure you have measured the height you require before ordering.


Keeping your Lay-Z-Spa in tip-top condition is key to having clean, fresh and clear water!

If you are not using chlorine then your spa water will spoil and become a smelly goop.

If you’re using the filter, chlorine and following our advice on these many Lay-Z-Spa accessories then you will have a spa you can enjoy all year round day and night.

Happy Hot tubbing 😉

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