7 Best Macerator Toilets of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Macerator Toilet
Photo: Saniflo

Conventional toilets rely on gravity to get rid of the waste or direct it to the drain pipes that lead to the sewerage line. But in some cases, these conventional systems might not work for you, and it is in such instances that finding the best macerator toilet becomes a priority.

The macerator toilets are unconventional toilet types that make use of a macerator that grinds down the refuse into a liquid and a pump that flushes it upwards to the drain pipe.

These types of toilets come with many benefits with key among them being they save you money as you do not need to install new piping, they are flexible as they can be installed anywhere and most are more eco-friendly since they are typically built to use less water.

The only drawback with these toilets is that they can be harder to get as they are not as common as the conventional types. However, here we help make finding one effortless with top 10 macerator toilet reviews and a handy buying guide.

What To Check Before Buying Macerator Toilet?

How to Buy the Best Macerator Toilet
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To make sure you get the best macerating toilet, here are the most important things to consider when choosing.

1. Types of Bowl: Elongated or Round

One of the first and most important things to consider when trying to find the perfect macerator toilet for your home or establishment is the bowl type. And here you will generally need to choose between the elongated and round bowls.

Here the choice will often boil down to your specific preferences because while some people prefer a more traditional elongated style, others find the round types perfect.

With that said, it is important to note that the elongated types tend to take up more room and might not be ideal for those with smaller bathrooms. However, these bowls are also more comfortable.

Round bowls, on the other hand, will take relatively less room, which makes them more space-saving, but they are relatively less comfortable.

2. Max. Depth of Operation

In many instances, the macerator toilet will be installed below the elevation of the sewer line, and hence before choosing one you need to make sure that it can flush upwards to the level of the plumbing line for an effective drain.

The maximum depth of operation is what will tell you how low from the sewer line you can install the toilet. And the deeper the macerator toilet can work, the better, as it means you can comfortably use it even in your basement.

While different toilets will come with different maximum depths of operation, you should aim to get something with upward of 15-feet depth of operation as you will be able to use it from almost anywhere.

3. Supported Distance

The supported distance is another important factor that you need to take into account when shopping for the best up flush toilet.

The refuse will not only have to go up from the toilet but also across a pipe before it gets to the sewerage system, and hence the pump has to be powerful enough to cover both distances.

For the supported distance, look for something that supports a horizontal distance of at least 150-feet.

4. Comfort

Like any other toilet type, your macerator toilet needs to be comfortable to work well for you. And when it comes to comfort, there are several things that you will need to take into account.

These things include the shape of the bowl and the material used to make it. For the shape, elongated bowls will typically be more comfortable than the round ones. However, a larger round bowl can still be quite comfortable.

And when it comes to the material, something made with a smooth and sleek surface will always be the most comfortable.

5. Macerating Pump

The macerating pump plays one of the most crucial roles in a macerator toilet which is to direct the refuse to the sewerage line and is hence a crucial element that you should never overlook.

When choosing a macerator toilet, it is vital to make sure that you pick something with a highly efficient macerating pump to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Look for something with a powerful pump that runs on at least 1/2-horsepower motor like Saniflo Two-piece SaniPlus. Also, make sure that the pump has sturdy seals like the stainless steel ones as they are more robust and durable. And if the macerating pump is super quiet, the better.

6. Water Consumption

Even if you live in a place with unlimited water supply, you still need to check how much of it you use because the higher the consumption the more you pay.

And because the toilet is one of those places that you can use up a lot of water, you need to be keen on the water consumption of the macerator toilet you choose.

Most manufacturers will typically indicate the number of gallons that their macerator toilet uses per flush, and the smaller this number is, the better.

A macerator toilet that uses around 1.6 gallons per flush is often good enough, but if you can get a model that uses even less like the Liberty AscentII-RSW that will only use 1.28 and still works well, it will be an even better buy.

7. Installation

Although the macerator toilets are often easier to install than the conventional gravity ones, the ease of installation will still vary from one model to the other. Hence, before you buy one, you need to make sure that the installation will be easy enough for you.

A macerator toilet that comes with some comprehensive and easy to follow instructions and the required hardware will give you an easier time, and even inexperienced homeowners will not have any difficulties mounting it.

Also, note that with these toilets, there are two types of installation which are the standard and behind the wall installation.

Standard installation is the easier of the two, and it entails simply placing the toilet on the floor and hooking the maceration chamber with the back of the toilet using a short drain line.

Behind the wall, macerators will take more effort to install as they are the kind that will have the maceration unit behind the wall for better aesthetics, and here you will need a longer pipe extension to connect the toilet and macerator.

7 Best Macerator Toilets Reviewed




Saniflo 081-083-005

1. Saniflo 081-083-005 (Best Overall)

  • Super quiet operation
  • Hardened stainless steel blade
  • Efficient macerator handles both waste and toilet paper easily
  • More conventional look
Jabsco 37010

2. Jabsco 37010 (Best Budget)

  • More budget-friendly
  • Comfortable baked enamel seat
  • Durable stainless steel shaft
  • Backflow preventer
Liberty AscentII-RSW

3. Liberty AscentII-RSW (Best Round Design)

  • Space-saving round bowl design
  • Powerful 25-foot vertical pump
  • Efficient 1.28 GPF system
  • Relatively quieter operation
Saniflo SaniPLUS

4. Saniflo SaniPLUS (Easy to Install)

  • Effortless installation
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • High macerator blades rotation speed
  • Variety of sanitary fixtures supported
Saniflo Two-piece SaniPlus

5. Saniflo Two-piece SaniPlus (Quiet & Convenient Operation)

  • Quieter operation
  • Convenient and easy installation
  • Drains sink and other sanitary fixtures effectively
Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW

6. Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW (Efficient & Reliable)

  • Efficient 1.2 GPF flushing
  • Up to 25-feet operating depth
  • Reliable RazorCut technology
  • Removable service panel
  • Toilet seat included
Saniflo Sanibest Pro

7. Saniflo Sanibest Pro (Premium Pick)

  • Premium-quality design and materials
  • Comes as a complete kit with everything you need
  • More durable sealed motor
  • Works for different sanitary fixtures

1. Saniflo 081-083-005 – Best Overall

Saniflo 081-083-005
Photo: Saniflo
  • Power: 1/2 HP                        
  • Type of Bowl: Round
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Maximum Depth: 15 ft.

Saniflo is one of the industry leaders when it comes to the manufacturer of both macerator and conventional toilets. And this fact alone should be enough to convince you to try out one of their products. 

However, there are still many other things that make their model 081-083-005 macerator toilet our best overall pick. Key among them is the fact that this is a relatively quieter macerator toilet, which ensures that you will not have to deal with annoying noise every time someone uses it.

These other things include the fact that this macerator toilet will only use 1.28 gallons per flush, which is one of the best water efficiency on our list.

This round toilet also takes up relatively less space in the bathroom, and its 1/2-horsepower motor has more than enough power to allow for a maximum operating depth of 15-feet.

With this powerful pump and the highly durable stainless steel blades, you can always be confident of efficient maceration. And this macerator will be effective on both human waste and toilet papers.

Some of the connectors that come with this macerator toilet are not compatible with some US-style plumbing. But in case the connectors do not work for your situation, you can easily get the right ones at your local hardware store for a few bucks.


  • Relatively quieter operation
  • Powerful enough motor
  • Uses up less water per flush
  • Highly durable blades
  • More effective macerator


  • Some of the connectors are not ideal for US plumbing

2. Jabsco 37010 – Best Budget

Jabsco 37010
Photo: Jabsco
  • Power: 12 V DC                                
  • Type of Bowl: Elongated
  • Maximum Depth: 4 ft.

You do not always have to spend a fortune to get a good macerator toilet as the Jabsco 37010 proves there are many top quality and inexpensive models out there.

Besides being the cheapest macerator toilet on our list, this model still has quite a lot to offer. This starts with a more spacious and comfortable toilet bowl design.

This toilet operates on a 12-volt DC motor, which means that it will work for almost any home as it does not draw a lot of power. It has been made in a convenient and more hygienic fully enclosed designed and with a stainless steel shaft for durability.

Also, you will never have to worry about backflows when using this macerator toilet as it has an effective built-in backflow preventer. And despite the smaller price tag, it still has a 4-feet operating depth that might still not be as good as others on our list but is still okay for most users.

Because there is no manual override, this macerator toilet can be a little inconvenient in case of a blackout. However, if you live in an area that is prone to power outages, you can easily solve this problem by replacing the electric pump with a Jabsco manual one. Also, the noise is typical of most budget macerator toilets, and should hence not be a deal-breaker.


  • Relatively more affordable
  • Durable metal shaft
  • Fully enclosed design
  • Zero backflow


  • No manual override
  • Can be quite noisy

3. Liberty AscentII-RSW – Best Round

Liberty AscentII-RSW
Photo: Liberty
  • Power: 1/2 HP                        
  • Type of Bowl: Round
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Maximum Depth: 25 ft.

For those that prefer a good old round bowl when it comes to shopping for the best upflush toilet, the AscentII-RSW is as good as it gets.

Besides the shape, this macerator toilet runs on a powerful 1/2-horsepower motor. But what many users will love most about it is the impressive maximum operating depth as it can pump waste from up to an amazing 25-feet depth.

This toilet only uses around 1.28 gallons for every flush, which is quite efficient, and besides being powerful and efficient, it also offers quieter operation.

Because there is a built-in valve for preventing backflows, you will never have to worry about water or waste backflow. And to crown it all, the installation will be a breeze given that it will also come with some highly detailed and easy to follow installation instructions.

Although the round bowls is a little in the smaller side, it is still quite comfortable. Hence, for this model, the bowl shape seems to have more pros than drawbacks.


  • Round shape takes up less room
  • More powerful and quieter pump
  • Uses relatively less water per flush
  • Comes with detailed instructions for easy installation
  • Built-in backflow preventer


  • Relatively smaller bowl

4. Saniflo SaniPLUS – Easy to Install Complete kit

Saniflo SaniPLUS
Photo: Saniflo
  • Power: 15 Amps                                 
  • Type of Bowl: Elongated
  • Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Maximum Depth: 12 ft.

You cannot go wrong with Saniflo as they have some of the best toilets out there, and for those looking for a macerator toilet that will give them the easiest time when it comes to installing, their SaniPlus is perfect.

Besides being super easy to install, it will come as a complete kit with everything you will need to install and use it, and hence ensuring you do not have to spend an extra buck once you buy it.

Also, its 15-amp system will deliver blade rotation speeds of up to 3600 RPM which will ensure fast and efficient maceration.

Versatility is at the heart of the design as this macerator system will be useful for discharging the wastewater from other sanitary fixtures like the urinal, bidet and hand basin, which makes it very useful to have in your bathroom. It will operate with relatively less noise when compared to many other macerator toilets out there.

While some users might find the toilet seat a little wobbly as it may not tighten down completely, this is a super easy issue to fix by using a good washer when screwing it down.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Complete kit with everything you need for installation and use
  • Faster blade rotation for increased efficiency
  • Supports different sanitary fixtures
  • Quieter operation


  • Toilet seat can be a little wobbly

5. Saniflo Two-piece SaniPlus – Quiet and Convenient Operation

Saniflo Two-piece SaniPlus
Photo: Saniflo
  • Power: 1/2 HP                        
  • Type of Bowl: Elongated
  • Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Maximum Depth: 15 ft.

If you hate noisy macerator toilets, this two-piece SaniPlus system by Saniflo will be a good buy for you as the macerator is one of the quietest that you can get anywhere.

The convenient design allows you to install without having to break down your bathroom or do any complicated plumbing. And the installation process is quite straightforward as anyone can do it quickly and easily.

The elongated bowl is designed to ensure maximum user comfort, and it is spacious enough for anyone to use the toilet.

With this toilet in your bathroom, you will never have to worry about finding waste drainage for other fixtures in the bathroom as it can drain everything from a sink to a tub effectively.

Being the second priciest item on our list, this macerator toilet might be a little out of reach for the budget shoppers, but for a top-quality Saniflo model, it is worth every buck.


  • Relatively quieter operation
  • Convenient design and easy installation
  • Also works for other sanitary fixtures
  • Comfortable elongated bowl shape


  • A little pricier

6. Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW – Efficient and Reliable

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW
Photo: Liberty Pumps
  • Power: 1/2 HP                        
  • Type of Bowl: Elongated
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Maximum Depth: 25 ft.

Efficiency and reliability are at the heart of the AscentiII-ESW from Liberty Pumps and are some of the things that make this one of the best macerating toilet systems out there.

The efficiency comes from the powerful 1/2-horsepower motor that works with the advanced RazorCut technology to ensure you get excellent waste maceration consistently. Also, the fact that this toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush helps make it even more efficient.

Its 25-feet maximum maceration depth is one of the best on our list, and it will ensure you can use it in almost any basement. The fact that it comes with a toilet seat is a good addition as it means you will not need to buy one separately.

Users will also love the removable service panel as it allows for easy access to the cutting area for faster and more effortless maintenance.

While this macerator might be a little noisier than expected, it still does not make as much noise as the cheaper, low-quality models.


  • Uses 1.28 gallons per flush only
  • Deeper maximum operating depth
  • Advanced and efficient maceration
  • Comes with a toilet seat
  • Quick access to the cutting area for easy maintenance


  • A little noisier than expected

7. Saniflo Sanibest Pro – Premium Quality High-End

Saniflo Sanibest Pro
Photo: Saniflo
  • Type of Bowl: Elongated
  • Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Maximum Depth: 18 ft.

The premium-quality Saniflo Sanibest Pro is built with heavy-duty components and material to ensure you get great service for a long time. And the design includes a sealed pump motor to ensure even more durability.

Because this is a complete macerator kit, you will not need to buy anything else to use it, which means you do not have to spend any more money before you can use it.

The fact that it can be used to discharge waste from almost any sanitary fixture in the bathroom also helps to cement its position as one of the best macerating toilets out there.

Noise is the most significant shortcoming for this macerator as it can be quite loud when in operation, but give its top quality design, this is still not a significant enough shortcoming to be the deal-breaker.


  • Heavy-duty parts and design
  • Durable sealed motor
  • Complete macerator kit
  • Discharges waste from different sanitary fixtures


  • Can be quite loud

How to Properly Install a Macerating Toilet? Step-by-Step

How to Install a Macerating Toilet

While our macerator toilet reviews and buying guide above will help you find a good model for your home, you still need to install it properly to get the best service from it.

Although the actual installation will depend on the specific model that you have and you hence have to follow manufacturer instructions, here is a breakdown of the generic steps involved in the installation for most of these toilets.

Step 1: Prepare What You Will Need

The first step is to prepare everything that you will need for the installation.

This will require you to ascertain that your macerator has all the necessary hardware, and you should also ensure that you can easily access the vents, water supply, GFI breaker, and toilet water supply.

Step 2: Connect Discharge Pipe

The next step is to disconnect the discharge pipe, and here you need to be keen when doing things as you have to ensure that you only use 45 or 90-degree turns.

And once the discharge pipe is in place, you need to check whether it is venting correctly.

Step 3: Connect Tank to Water Supply

With the discharge pipe in place, you can now proceed to connect the water tank to your water supply.

Doing this ensures that the toilet will be able to remove the waste properly.

Step 4: Plug Pump into GFI Outlet

Once the tank is connected to the water, you should plug in the macerator pump into the GFI outlet.

Note that some models will require batteries, which makes it important to do preparation on the first step and ensure you have the required batteries.

Step 5: Vent Macerator Pump

Finally, the last step is to vent the macerator pump as this ensures that air can actively move through the system with no hindrance.

And as you are finishing up, it is also important to check all the pipes again to make sure that everything is connected properly and securely.


A macerator toilet makes it possible to place a toilet in areas where you never thought possible, and with our top 10 reviews above, it should now be easy to find one.

From these reviews, the Saniflo 081-083-005 is our best overall and top recommendation as it is highly efficient given that it can handle both waste and toilet paper, it operates more quietly and has a more conventional appearance.

But, if you are looking for something more affordable that still works well and is fairly easy to use, go for the Jabsco 37010.