10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Magnetic Screen Door
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Magnetics screen doors are used to create hands-free mesh doors, which allow air to pass through but trap annoying bugs, preventing them from gaining access to your house.

The screens have small strong magnets sewn into their seams to support automatic closing, once you, your kids, or your pets pass through them.

When choosing a magnetic screen, it’s always best to measure our door size first, then get one that fits those measurements. That’s because the screen is fitted along the door frame.

Read our top 10 magnetic screen door review to discover the best fit for your home.

Magnetic Screen Door Buying Guide

How to Buy the Best Magnetic Screen Door
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1. Magnetic Screen Door Size

Size is, perhaps, the topmost consideration when it comes to choosing a magnetic screen door.

The size of the screen you get needs to be compatible with the size of your door or doorframe. Hence, it is advisable to first measure your doorframe before buying the magnetic screen to ensure a perfect fit.

The standard door size ranges between 30-40 inches in width, and 80-85 inches in height. Some doors could be larger than this, and if yours falls outside these ranges, you can consider getting Magzo FG7280, which is best suited for large 72 by 80-inch doors.

2. Material

The material used to make your magnetic screen door is important in helping determine its strength and durability.

Fiberglass and polyester are the 2 most common materials used to make magnetic screen doors, besides the standard magnets present in all models.

These 2 materials are durable, lightweight, and strong. Fiberglass is notably more common, with 80% of the screens on our list featuring this material.

It is argued that fiberglass is stronger than polyester, but both should serve you with near equal reliability if all other factors remain constant.

3. Safety

The magnetic screen door you choose should uphold the highest standards of safety for human beings and even pets, who constitute all the traffic passing through it.

Your screen features a mesh created out of the main material. The mesh should be smooth, even, and tear-free to prevent exposure of sharp braids that may cause injury.

When buying the screen, ensure the seams terminating the mesh are sewn firmly or even reinforced.

4. Easy to Walk Through

The ease of walking through your magnetic screen door should be a top consideration when choosing the item.

Since your screen will have magnets, they should be the right number and have just the right strength to support hands-free entry and rapid sealing after passing through it.

All the models we reviewed promise hands-free entry, especially the Apalus BF003.

Therefore, the ease of walking through the magnetic screen will depend entirely on your comfort levels, but we don’t expect any significant discomfort when walking through them.

5. Ease of Installation

We all desire appliances and fittings that are easy to assemble and/or install. The easier it is to install your magnetic screen door, the faster you get it set up and ready for use.

Installing a magnetic screen door is relatively straightforward since it is designed for use on one section of the house, and that the door opening.

Most magnetic screen doors come with simple and clear installation guides, such as the Flux Phenom Reinforced or iGotTech SO-03-103.

6. Magnetic Screen Door Accessories

Magnetic screen doors may require some additional accessories, specially designed to aid in firm installations.

The most common accessories that come with magnetic screen doors include push pins for additional reinforcement, Velcro adhesives and tapes, and hook and loop tapes.

All these accessories are meant to add some value to your magnetic screen door, so go for one that offers a lot of these.

10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors Reviewed




Homitt HT-SD

1. Homitt HT-SD (Best Overall)

  • Fits standard 37×82-inch doors
  • Durable scratch-resistant fiberglass
  • 26 strong magnetic points
  • Weighted bottom for wind resistance
Magzo FG7280

2. Magzo FG7280 (Best for Large Doors)

  • Fits large 72 x 80-inch doors
  • Pet-friendly fiberglass mesh
  • Wind-proof sticker hasp design
  • Easy and fast assembly
Apalus BF003

3. Apalus BF003 (Best Hands-free Design)

  • Simple hands-free opening
  • Durable and windproof
  • Multifunction and versatile screen
  • Pet-friendly screen
iGotTech SO-03-103

4. iGotTech SO-03-103 (Most Affordable)

  • Pocket-friendly magnetic screen
  • Reinforced edges for durability
  • 26 powerful magnets
  • Simple video-based installation guide
Flux Phenom Reinforced

5. Flux Phenom Reinforced (Heavy-duty)

  • Heavy-duty synthetic mesh build
  • Strong metallic thumbtacks
  • Powerful 26-point magnets
  • Full assembly kit provided
Magzo FG3280

6. Magzo FG3280 (Supports Multi-application)

  • Supports multiple applications
  • Windproof hook and loop hasp
  • Strong fiberglass mesh
  • Powerful magnetic strips
Innotree Magnetic Screen Door

7. Innotree Magnetic Screen Door (With Superior Sealing)

  • Strong 32-point magnetic screen
  • Weighted bottom for wind resistance
  • High-quality polyester build
  • Easy and fast installation
Homearda HFSD8888

8. Homearda HFSD8888 (Flame-resistant Screen)

  • Flame-resistant magnetic screen
  • Gravity sticks for weighted bottom
  • Back privacy finish on mesh
  • Pocket-friendly screen
Sentry Screens IHLSMS2880BL

9. Sentry Screens IHLSMS2880BL (For Heavy Traffic)

  • Strong 60g fiberglass screen
  • 26 powerful 1600gs magnets
  • Durable reinforced screen edges
  • Easy to install
Hoobest Screen-01

10. Hoobest Screen-01 (Easy-installation)

  • Strong full-length fastener tape
  • 26 strong magnetic points
  • Supports heavy traffic
  • Efficient passage of fresh air

1. Homitt HT-SD – Best Overall

Homitt HT-SD
Photo: Homitt
  • Fits Door Size: 37 by 82 inches (also available in other sizes)
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Color: Black

Coming in first is Homitt HT-SD, the best overall magnetic screen door on our list. This screen is made of high-quality material that guarantees to keep out persistent pests and bugs.

This fiberglass mesh measures 39 inches by 83 inches and will fit doors and other standard openings of 37 inches by 82 inches.

The fiberglass material used to make this screen is heavy-duty and scratch-resistant, which makes it more durable than the standard polyester screens.

It features 26 strong magnetic points. Of these points, 6 sets create the magnetic seal, while 7 sets comprise the actual magnets. This strong magnetic power ensures the screen closes quicker without slamming.

Also, 4 sets (8 pieces) of gravity sticks have been added to the screen’s bottom to prevent it from being blown open by the wind. The weight helps with instant closing.

We do, however, note that the material used at the bottom sections of Homitt HT-SD could do with some additional reinforcement to help the screen withstand the stress occurring in that area.


  • Fits standard doors
  • High-quality and durable material
  • Strong magnets
  • Resists wind pressure


  • The bottom section of the screen could be stronger

2. Magzo FG7280 – Best for Large Doors

Magzo FG7280
Photo: Magzo
  • Fits Door Size: 72 by 80 inches
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Color: Grey

Magzo FG7280 is the best magnetic screen for large doors. This supersized screen is especially ideal for French-style doors that are wider than standard ones.

The heavy-duty fiberglass mesh measures 72 inches by 80 inches. If you have wide openings that have large doors, this is the screen for you.

It features a unique windproof sticker hasp design on the screen’s middle and bottom parts. This design ensures that even if the wind blows against the magnetic curtain, the screen door won’t be blown open.

This mesh is also pet-friendly. Your pets can go in and out of the house freely and the mesh will close itself. It saves you the time and effort of constantly getting up to let pets in and out.

Assembly is a breeze. It takes minutes to complete the process. The screen comes with an installation manual that’s simple to follow.

An issue we discovered in the Magzo FG7280 is that the adhesive on the Velcro is not very strong especially when exposed to heat. Further reinforcement may be required.


  • Fits large doors
  • Pet-friendly mesh
  • Wind-proof hasp
  • Easy to assemble


  • Velcro adhesive could be stronger

3. Apalus BF003 – Best Hands-free Magnetic Screen Door

Apalus BF003
Photo: Apalus
  • Fits Door Size: 34 by 82 inches
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black

Apalus BF003 is the best hands-free magnetic screen door on our list. This feature is especially great for your kids and pets, who expect to use the least effort to get the door open.

It is impressively easy to pull apart when passing through. This polyester screen opens and closes with minimal effort.

You’ll love the fact that this screen is also windproof and very durable. It effectively locks out insects, preventing them from passing at the same time you go through the door.

The screen is also multi-functional. This versatile unit is great for sliding doors, single doors, campers, RVs, and many more openings. 

It is very accommodating to pets. You no longer need to cut doggie doors or cat doors in your curtain. Pets will pass through this screen effortlessly.

An issue we noted with the Apalus BF003 is that its Velcro tape does not perform so well in high temperatures, and may fall off or require additional reinforcement.


  • Effortless hands-free opening
  • Windproof and durable screen
  • Multifunction magnet screen
  • Friendly to pets


  • Velcro tape may weaken in high temperatures

4. iGotTech SO-03-103 – Most Affordable

iGotTech SO-03-103
Photo: iGotTech
  • Fits Door Size: 34 by 82 inches
  • Material: Mesh
  • Color: Black

iGotTech SO-03-103 is the most affordable magnetic screen door on our list. This pocket-friendly screen is very reliable in keeping notorious bugs out of your house.

It features a tough mesh that fits doors of 34 inches by 82 inches. 26 powerful magnets have been sewn into the mesh’s reinforced edges to prevent breakage or the gaps that may allow bugs to access your house.

The entire frame of this mesh has been lined with a heavy-duty, reinforced hook and loop seal along its length. The reinforcement prevents the mesh from wearing along its edges, a common nightmare for many screen owners.

For ease of installation, this screen comes with a video tutorial, which is detailed and simplified to ensure you quickly get the entire unit setup fast and right.

A point of caution is to avoid installing iGotTech SO-03-103 on or next to metallic doors because its strong magnets may attach to such surfaces and make the screen ineffective.


  • Reasonably-priced screen
  • Strengthened edges
  • Powerful magnets for a firm closing
  • Easy to install


  • Not ideal for metallic doors or frames

5. Flux Phenom Reinforced – Heavy-duty

Flux Phenom Reinforced
Photo: Flux Phenom
  • Fits Door Size: 38 by 82 inches
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Color: Black

Flux Phenom Reinforced is famed for being a heavy-duty magnetic screen door, which is both durable and very reliable.

This screen comes with an upgraded synthetic mesh that performs excellently in keeping bugs away even in varying weather conditions. The mesh’s reliability comes from its higher thread count and reinforced edges.

It also comes with high-quality metallic black thumbtacks, and hook and loop adhesive strips that enhance secure attachment of the screen to your door frames.

The screen supports hassle-free entry and closure because its netting’s middle seam is lined with 26 powerful magnets and magnet strips. You can detach and fold this door for temporary storage whenever necessary.

Also, a full assembly kit is provided for simple and fast installation. A video tutorial has been included to support hassle-free installation.

An issue we noted with Flux Phenom Reinforced is the absence of weighting on its bottom section to help with full closure and wind resistance.


  • Heavy-duty build
  • Strong attachment to the frame
  • Powerful magnets
  • Easy to install


  • The bottom is not weighted

6. Magzo FG3280 – Multi-application

Magzo FG3280
Photo: Magzo
  • Fits Door Size: 32 by 80 inches (also available in other sizes)
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Color: Grey

Magzo FG3280 is a magnetic screen door built for use in a wide range of door types and different applications.

This reliable fiberglass screen can be used on many kinds of doors including sliding, French, entry, air-conditioned, home, bedroom, office, and balcony doors, among others.

It features a unique hook and loop hasp design that helps in consolidating both sections of the screen thus preventing the whole setup from being blown open by the wind.

Because of the screen high-density fiberglass material, annoying creatures and bugs will never gain access to your home. You will find it easy to go through the screen, hands-free. It is also pet-friendly.

The strong magnets of this screen door run along its middle, all the way to the bottom, for firm reattachment when the mesh is opened.

We, however, noted that in direct sunlight, Magzo FG3280 doesn’t perform so well because its adhesive is prone to failure due to constant exposure to heat.


  • Versatile multi-application screen
  • Wind-resistant design
  • High-quality material construction
  • Strong magnetic attachment


  • Velcro adhesive may fail in direct sunlight

7. Innotree Magnetic Screen Door – Superior Sealing

Innotree Magnetic Screen Door
Photo: Innotree
  • Fits Door Size: 39 by 82 inches
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black

Innotree Magnetic Screen Door stands out from the pack because of its superior sealing capacity, which guarantees firm closing every time the screen is opened.

This screen door boasts of having 32 magnetic pieces sewn into its upgraded design. The superior magnet count surpasses that of many other models in the market. This door closes 2-3 times faster than standard screens with fewer magnets.

To further ensure the screen closes rapidly and evenly every time it is opened, 2 extra sets of gravity sticks have been added at the bottom of the mesh.

The screen utilizes a heavy-duty polyester mesh, which is reliable and durable. The choice of material results in smaller grids than those found in rival products, thus offering even more security against bug entry.

Installation is easy. A full assembly kit and clear instructions have also been included. Sticking the Innotree Magnetic Screen Door Velcro on your door frame may slightly alter the appearance of the frame to the dislike of some.


  • High magnet count
  • Weighted bottom
  • High-quality build
  • Easy to install


  • Velcro may show on the door frame

8. Homearda HFSD8888 – Flame-resistant

Homearda HFSD8888
Photo: Homearda
  • Fits Door Size: 36 by 82 inches
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Color: Black

Homearda HFSD8888 positions itself as a flame-resistant magnetic screen door. It built using durable fiberglass that keeps your home and family safe all year round.

It features a renewed fiberglass mesh that is durable and reinforced further to minimize the rate of wear. The reinforced edges have 26 magnets sewn into them for fast door closing without slamming.

Extra gravity sticks have been added to prevent the door from being blown open by the wind. The weights also ensure the screen closes instantly after it is opened.

Its black fiberglass finish is great for providing some degree of privacy, while allowing fresh air to pass through freely, into the house.

This magnetic screen is reasonably priced, and one of the most affordable on our list. It also promises easy, tool-free installation.

A downside we discovered with the Homearda HFSD8888 is that its Velcro tapes are not the strongest, and further reinforcement may be required especially on an uneven frame.


  • Flame-resistant screen
  • Weighted bottom
  • Provides some little privacy
  • Reasonably priced


  • Velcro tape could be stronger

9. Sentry Screens IHLSMS2880BL – Best for Heavy Traffic

Sentry Screens IHLSMS2880BL
Photo: Sentry Screens
  • Fits Door Size: 28 by 80 inches
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Color: Black

Sentry Screens IHLSMS2880BL is a heavy-duty magnetic screen door build with premium material for superior performance, even in heavy human and pet traffic.

This screen door is made using 60g fiberglass, instead of the standard 30g polyester that is used on many magnet screens. It is heavy-duty build that makes this screen great for high human and pet traffic.

It features 26 magnets that boast of being 65% more effective because they have a flux strength of 1500gs are opposed to the regular 900gs. This superior strength ensures fast door closure, tighter sealing, and decent wind resistance.

Another feature that supports heavy traffic is the screen’s reinforced edges that not only prevent fraying but also ensure no bugs sneak through it. Installation is simple and straightforward.

The only thing we didn’t like about Sentry Screens IHLSMS2880BL is its relatively high price compared to rival screens.


  • Strong fiberglass screen
  • Powerful magnets
  • Reinforced edges for durability
  • Simple installation


  • Pricey

10. Hoobest Screen-01 – Easy to Install

Hoobest Screen-01
Photo: Hoobest
  • Fits Door Size: 34 by 82 inches
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Color: Black

Hoobest Screen-01 is a magnetic screen door built for ease of installation, alongside the many benefits it offers in keeping bugs out, and hands-free access.

This screen comes with a full-length strong fastener tape, which has been sewn into the mesh already, across the top and side edges, on each size. You also get additional push pins, which offer further reinforcement to ensure your installation lasts long even with heavy traffic.

Because the strong fastener tape is included, not tools are required for the installation process.

It offers 26 magnetics points, which include 14 strong magnets, and 12 magnetic strips. This magnetic strength ensures fast and firm closing regardless of the traffic.

The screen also ensures a constant supply of fresh air in your home while its black color offers some degree of privacy.

An issue we noted with Hoobest Screen-01 is that its Velcro adhesive tends to weaken when exposed to direct sunlight, hence not great for summer use without further reinforcement.


  • Easy to install
  • Strong magnetic points
  • Withstands heavy traffic
  • Allow free flow of fresh air


  • Velcro adhesive may weaken in direct sunlight


Our magnetic screen door review demonstrates the value these meshes offer to your home, in keeping out notorious bugs and pests while allowing the free flow of fresh air.

If you want the best magnetic screen door, choose Homitt HT-SD. It fits standard doors, features scratch-resistant fiberglass, and strong magnets.

For those with larger non-standard doors, Magzo FG7280 is the screen for you. iGotTech SO-03-103 is the ideal screen door for those on a budget.

And if your home has heavy traffic, we recommend Sentry Screens IHLSMS2880BL and Flux Phenom Reinforced screen doors.