7 Best Manual Meat Grinders of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Manual Meat Grinder

Most people will agree with us that irrespective of the potentially efficient electric meat grinders, the finest grinding is done with the best manual meat grinder. Right?

People grind meat at home to ensure that whatever food they are consuming is fresh. The processed meat that you find at a grocery store may not be as fresh and hygienic, and it will eventually affect your family’s health.

So, there is a dire need of a meat grinder so that you can grind your own meat. This manual meat grinder review is about all the features that you need to focus while picking the right model on the market.

What To Check Before Buying Best Manual Meat Grinder?

How to Buy the Best Manual Meat Grinder

Well, as we have mentioned earlier in this manual meat grinder review that these are simple appliances. They don’t have complex setting or any hard and fast specifications that will confuse the buyers.

In this section, we will share the tips on buying the best grinder. These will be helpful in giving you an insight on different aspect that will help you in making a decision:

1. Usability

The usability factor is directly related to your need, how much meat you want to grind on everyday basis, etc. These machines are available in different sizes.

While the manual models are not suggested for bulk meat grinding, they can do decently well for your everyday requirement.  

You will also have to check if there is enough space in your kitchen to accommodate a bulky machine or not. Most of these models are countertop friendly, and they sit at one place without shaking. These are compact yet diligent.

This will give firmness to the appliance. Also, such models are only recommended to those who grind their meat every day.

2. Material

You must have observed in the above recommendations that most of the products are available in a combination of plastic and stainless-steel material.

Well, there are other products that you will find in aluminum material. Well, the most recommended products are in combination of plastic and stainless steel.

They have plastic body and steel parts that not just ensure durability of the model but also make them lightweight and adjustable. In the list above, you can easily find various models in the best stainless-steel manual meat grinder.

3. Accessories & Attachments

It is an appliance with blades which means that it can potentially harm the user. However, the models that you can find these days are safer. The blades are available in fully-enclosed chamber which you cannot operate unless it is completely locked.

Also, there are meat pushers that prevent the fingers from getting too close to the blades. As far as accessories are concerned, there are meat grinders that come with grinder plates to give different texture of meat. They also vary in thickness.

You might have to make sausages that need thin meat however, the burgers need thicker meat grounds. With the accessories, you can grind the meat in different proportions. Mostly these machines only have 2 plates to give versatility in grinding.

4. Ease to Use & Clean

The usage of these models is very simple. There is no complex mechanism. You just have to put raw meat in the grinding opening and spin the crank with hand to grind the meat.

Since meat is used in the machine, there is a high rate of contamination if you don’t clean the grinder. Make sure that these appliances are dishwasher safe. Also, they don’t demand a lot of maintenance from the user. 

5. Price

Certainly, the manual grinders are a lot cheaper than the electric counterparts. Yet, you will find a lot of versatility in the prices. The prices could vary considering the quality of materials used in its construction or the number of accessories it brings along.

7 Best Manual Meat Grinders of 2021 Reviewed




Sodial Manual Meat Grinder

1. Sodial Manual Meat Grinder (Best Overall)

  • Plastic body and stainless-steel blades
  • Suction foot with a knob to lock
  • Comes with sausage stuffer funnel
  • Can be used for various purposes
Gideon Meat Grinder

2. Gideon Meat Grinder (Super-durable)

  • Plastic body with stainless-steel blades
  • Fully enclosed blades
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Highly-versatile product
LEM Products Hand Grinder

3. LEM Products Hand Grinder (Most Expensive)

  • All heavy-duty steel construction
  • Comes with 2 plates & 3 stuffing tubes
  • Wide opening on clamp
  • Extremely durable product
Useful Manual Meat Grinder

4. Useful Manual Meat Grinder (Superior-quality)

  • Plastic body with stainless-steel blades
  • Comes with 2-plates
  • Has suction bottom for steadiness
  • Suitable for mincing and pasta making
WXLAA Meat Grinder

5. WXLAA Meat Grinder (Most-affordable)

  • Made of aluminum alloy body with stainless-steel blades
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Can be used for varied purposes
LHS Manual Meat Grinder

6. LHS Manual Meat Grinder (Classic Design)

  • Plastic body with stainless-steel blades
  • Powerful suction base
  • Suitable for small households
  • Used for multiple purposes
Weston Realtree Grinder

7. Weston Realtree Grinder (Most-stable)

  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Comes with suction cup feet
  • Comes with grinding plates
  • Precision steel stuffing star

1. Sodial Manual Meat Grinder – Best-Top-rated

Sodial Manual Meat Grinder
Photo: Sodial 

This one is a fancy product from Sodial that is available in black and red color. If you keep the grinders on the shelf then this one will bring more elegance in your kitchen.

Anyways, the material used in the making is plastic and steel. You can rest assured that the steel will perform to the best of its capacity. Although, this one is not completely resistant to oxidization.

It has a powerful suction base with switch. You have to place the machine on non-wooden base and turn the knob on to fix the machine on the surface.

This is a versatile machine that can be used for grinding meat, stuffing sausages, or to grind vegetables and fruits. It also wonderfully works as a dough sharper.

You can attach it to the sausage stuffer and using the grinded meat, you can make amazing homemade sausages.


  • Has effective construction of body and blades
  • Comes with a powerful suction base
  • Effective in grinding various food items
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The steel might oxidize over time

2. Gideon Meat Grinder – Super-durable

Gideon Meat Grinder
Photo: Gideon

So, you are on a budget but need a quality manual meat grinder? Well, this is an ideal model to consider. The outer of the product is made of plastic material that does not stain and is very easy to clean.

The sharpness comes from stainless-steel blades, suitable for routine usage. The blades are completely rust-resistant and super sharp to effortless grind the meat.

You get two plates with this product that can be used for coarse grinding or thinner/finer grinding. The product is not only for meat grinding, but you can grind vegetables, fruits, and garlic as well.

Another amazing thing is that the grinder is extremely lightweight and portable. You can take it in the outdoor settings where you have your grill setup for barbecue. With a little help from your partner, you can grind meat and make delicious patties for your family.

It is dishwasher safe. The machine is good to operate, but it won’t be able to grind meat in bulk. It might break soon. Also, the grinder cannot handle bones.


  • Extremely lightweight and portable appliance
  • Comes with two plates for versatile grinding
  • Extremely sharp blades for effortless grinding
  • This product is dishwasher safe


  • The grinder will not be able to grind bones
  • It cannot handle large batches of meat

3. LEM Products Hand Grinder – Most Expensive

LEM Products Hand Grinder
Photo: LEM Products

So, this model is known for its robustness. You will have to spend a lot of money on this one, but it comes with an unparallel strength and quality.

So, the construction is done with heavy-duty stainless steel. It’s a good thing that stainless-steel material is used here. It always stays put from rusting and corrosion.

To make this model versatile, there are two plates in sizes 3/8 and 3/16 inches for coarse and fine grinding. You can use these plates however it suits you.

It has a set of 3 stuffing tubes in 1/2″, 3/4″, and 7/8” size. The blades are made of uncompromised quality. Also, due to the coating on the exterior, you will find cleaning the appliance pretty simple.

The wide-opening from the base allows mounting on any kind of kitchen countertop. It will firmly sit at its place. This product is not dishwasher safe, so you will have to manually clean it.


  • Has unparallel strength and diligence
  • Made to last for the longest time
  • Wide opening for easy mounting on the countertop
  • Comes with 3 stuffing tubes and 2 plates


  • This product is really expensive
  • It is not dishwasher safe

4. Useful Manual Meat Grinder – Superior-quality

Useful Manual Meat Grinder
Photo: Useful 

From the brand Useful, this is a wonderful model that you will highly appreciate. It has got classic features and gives you ease of grinding as you swivel the crank.

The construction is done with plastic material on the outside and stainless-steel blades. No doubt that the blade quality is quite superior. This machine can be used as a meat grinder, pasta maker, or a mincer.

It comes with 2-plates of different sizes to give you versatility in the meat consistency. It is small and quite lightweight for easy handling. You also get 2 sausage funnels. Other than that, the flat surface stand keeps the machine firm on the countertop.

However, this model is not as efficient with pasta making and mincing as it is with meat grinding. Also, it cannot handle volumes of meat for grinding.


  • Easy to grind meat in this machine
  • Made of quality materials
  • The blades don’t rust or corrode
  • Comes with 2-plates for versatile consistency


  • The machine cannot handle meat in bulk
  • Not as efficient in mincing and pasta making

5. WXLAA Meat Grinder – Most-affordable

WXLAA Meat Grinder
Photo: WXLAA

If you want a decent machine which is available on an affordable price, this is a suitable candidate. It has aluminum alloy body and stainless-steel blades to perform well.

This machine does not have any unique features. It can be used for basic grinding. The size is too small, so it won’t be able to produce a lot of meat quantity.

Since you have to attach it to the table using tools, make sure to clean it first and then do the fittings. Because of the attachments, it becomes difficult to take it off and clean again.


  • Available at highly affordable price
  • Very lightweight and suitable for small kitchens
  • Aluminum body is oxidization-free


  • Too small and cannot handle bulk meat
  • Difficult to clean as you have to unbolt the machine every time before cleaning

6. LHS Manual Meat Grinder – Best Classic

LHS Manual Meat Grinder
Photo: LHS

So, the LHS grinder is a good model with decent capacity. It can be used for three purposes such as meat grinding, as a cookie sharper, and sausage maker.

It has a plastic body and stainless-steel blades. The crank is a bit larger to give you more room for spinning and grinding effortlessly. This model is safe as the blades are completely enclosed.

There is a powerful suction base to keep it firm at its place. It also comes with a meat pusher to fast-track the grinding process. It is dishwash safe and have all the basic features.

You might have durability issues with this product as the plastic is not so great. Also, this one is not as efficient with sausage making.


  • Available with high-quality stainless-steel blades
  • Suitable for small households
  • Sturdy base through powerful suction
  • Highly safe with enclosed blades


  • Not satisfactory performance in sausage making
  • Plastic material is not so good

7. Weston Realtree Grinder – Most-stable

Weston Realtree Grinder
Photo: Weston

The Weston grinder is made of uncompromised material and has tin coating on the top to give it more durability. It is tiny due to which people always have second thought to buy it or not.

It comes with 4 suction cups to ensure study hold on the table. You can also permanently mount it with nuts and bolts.

It is a high-quality product for home usage that comes with 2 grinding plates and precision steel stuffing star. This product is quite suitable, but the quantity is too small. Also, the steel will need maintenance.


  • Fine overall quality of this product
  • Comes with 4 suction cups for sturdy grip
  • Comes with 2-grinding plates
  • You also get a precision steel stuffing star


  • The capacity of this model is too small
  • The steel will need maintenance

Manual vs Electric Meat Grinder

Manual VS Electric Meat Grinder

The scepticism between both kind of meat grinders is not unusual. People often find themselves struggling to which one to buy.

There is a fair share of advantages and disadvantages of the best hand crank meat grinders and the electric counterpart. Let’s take a comprehensive look on both the choices:

1. Manual Meat Grinder

After electric meat grinders have come into the picture, the demand of manual meat grinders has gone down potentially. These are traditional appliances and very few people like to opt it over electric version.

These are simple appliances. There is no motor and since these demands more stability, they weigh less than the electric versions.

On the bright side, there is no nasty motor noise when you grind the meat. Another good thing is that you can use it without electricity. On a busy morning when you want to grind meat for patties and electricity outlet is not working, this will come around as a saviour.

These appliances are petite and much cheaper than the electric versions. Therefore, these are a preferred choice for budget-buyers.


  • Cheaper than the electric meat grinders
  • Does not need electricity to operate
  • Quieter than electric products as there is no motor to make noise
  • Simple working mechanism of the machine


  • Not so helpful when you have to grind a lot of meat
  • Requires a lot of muscle for grinding the meat

2. Electric Meat Grinder

For some time now, people have preferred using electric meat grinders instead of the manual ones. The biggest pro is that it is a machine and will reduce manual efforts to the minimum.

Most people will consider it due to the convenience. These models come with extremely powerful motors which means that they can grind bones conveniently.

Some people don’t appreciate the consistency of grinded meat they get from the electric appliances. These are expensive and noisy. But yes, if you have to grind meat in bulk then this will be your escape.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Powerful motor can grind bones as well
  • Wonderfully grind meat in bulk


  • The motor usually makes a lot of noise
  • These machines are expensive than manual ones
  • Cannot work in absence of electricity

Buying Advice

The manual models do take their time and effort, but they are the traditional products. These appliances are compact, and you give you a perfect consistency of grinded meat.

Both the grinders are good in their own context. However, if you want to purchase a budget-friendly product then prefer the best manual meat grinder for home.


The best manual meat grinder is a wonderful appliance to have in your kitchen. It gives you a chance to grind meat at home where you can ensure the cleanliness of the food.

You want your children to eat fresh and hygienic food, so it is better to have a meat grinder home so that you don’t have to use processed meat or buy burgers from the market.

The aim of this manual meat grinder review was to help you in finding the right option as per your needs. We have given versatile models that are the most superior ones on the market. Hope this will help you in finding the right option.