Meal Management Bag Buying Guide 2021: 10 Best Picks Reviewed

Best Meal Management Bags

A meal management bag is an insulated portable box that is used to keep meals, snacks, and other homemade meals fresh & healthy. It is commonly used when going to the gym, work, picnics, or camping.

The bags come in a wide variety of different sizes, build qualities, insulation times, etc. We have simplified all these for you in the review below so that you can have an easier time picking the best meal management bag. Take a look!

6 Important Things To Look At Before Buying Your Meal Management Bag

How to Buy the Best Meal Management Bags
Photo: Bear KompleX

1) Size & Style

With size, you need to strike the perfect balance between having enough space and portability. Of course, a bag that carries a lot of food is good, but it needs to be easy to carry. Therefore, you should put your intended use as the first consideration.

For the gym, you don’t need a big meal bag. Only carry the essentials, plus water and protein shakes.

On the other hand, if you want to go for a picnic with a large group of friends or family, your bag should be large enough to hold lots of meals. The ideal one would be Isolator Fitness’ meal box.

As for style, we usually consider the color, whereby dark ones like black and navy blue look more professional. They are ideal for the work environment. On the other hand, bright-colored bags are better suited for fitness or travel.

2) Material

Meal management bags are built using different materials, and this has a direct impact on durability. For instance, 1680D PVC is extremely tough, making lunch boxes like MDMP’s piece to be very durable.

That said, you should also look at the internal lining, which should offer maximum insulation, as well as leakproof performance. On top of that, it should be non-toxic as there might be contact with food in case of leaks.

The best material that fits this description is PEVA, which is a non-chlorinated type of vinyl.

3) Included Components

Some bags come as empty shells to allow you to use the containers you prefer. Others are shipped fully packed with everything you need.

Generally, the fully packed units are better because they have containers and shakers that fit perfectly inside. The ideal example is ThinkFit’s lunch box.

That said, if you have your components, you don’t need a bag containing them as this will cost you more. It would be more economical to look for an empty lunch box that will fit your containers, shaker cups, and ice packs.

4) Insulation

Different meal management bags have varying insulation technologies. They usually consist of a leakproof lining and a thick foam.

The best way to determine which box has the best insulation system is by looking at how long it keeps food cool.

Some keep the temperatures low for up to 10 hours, while others take it up to 16 hours. The longer the duration, the better.

It would also be a good idea to get a bag with at least 2 ice packs as they will keep the interior cooler and your meals fresher for longer. For this, be sure to check out Bear KompleX’s lunch bag.

5) Handles & Straps

Handles and shoulder straps are standard across most meal bags. With handles, the only difference is the grip and size.

Some have a soft silicone grip to give you a good hold, while others simply have a flat fabric webbing. The former is better. In some cases, the handle is designed for car seatbelts, which would be ideal for road trips.

As for straps, the best ones should be padded to put less strain on your shoulder. They should also be highly adjustable and with durable metal hardware on the ends for attaching to the bag.

6) Ease of Cleaning

With the ease-of-cleaning factor, you should consider the bag and the included components.

Most bags are not machine washable, but if you get one that is, perfect. However, for the included components, ensure they are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

10 Best Meal Management Bags – Reviewed

Let’s take a look at 10 best meal management bags in 2021:

1) Best Overall: ThinkFit Lunch Box

ThinkFit Lunch Box
Photo: ThinkFit

  • No. of Containers: 6

ThinkFit’s lunch box takes the top spot because it gives you everything you need for meal management. This includes 6 portion control food containers with tight-sealing lids, a shaker cup, a 7-day pill dispenser, and 2 reusable ice packs to keep the environment inside as cold as possible.

That said, the shaker cup is innovative designed with 3 storage compartments, which allow you to load proteins and pre-workout in the bottom. You can add these to the main compartment when ready, then use its stainless-steel whisk for complete mixing.

The 6 lunchbox containers are built using heavy-duty BPA-free plastic that is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe.

Double insulated walls help to keep the meals hot or cold in either of the 3 compartments, while heavy-duty YKK zippers seal the openings firmly. However, the containers are quite small, with the largest one having a 2.5-cup (20-oz) capacity.


  • 6 BPA-free plastic containers
  • Innovatively designed shaker cup
  • Double insulated bag walls
  • Heavy-duty YKK zippers


  • Small containers

2) Best Inexpensive: Mier MP032-01

Mier MP032-01
Photo: Mier
  • Capacity: 373.5 oz.
  • No. of Containers: 0
  • Material: PEVA, PU, Fabric

The MP032-01 has affordability as its biggest advantage but is still well-built for the job. For instance, it features thick insulation with a food-grade PEVA liner that retains warmth or coldness for hours.

This lining is heat welded on the seams to protect against leaks to the outside. You have the option of using a shoulder strap or a silicone handle to carry the bag, all of which are comfortable to hold.

That said, the lunch box features 2 compartments, with the upper U-opening section being ideal for holding non-seeping food like snacks. On the other hand, the lower section is perfect for drinks, water, and other foods that might leak.

You don’t get any containers or shaker cups, though. These must be bought separately.


  • Affordable
  • Thick inner insulation
  • Food-grade PEVA liner
  • Comfortable shoulder strap and silicone handle


  • Does not include containers or shaker cups

3) Best Multiple Meal: Isolator Fitness Meal Box

Isolator Fitness Meal Box
Photo: Isolator Fitness
  • No. of Containers: 12
  • Material: Polyester
  • Insulation Time: 12 – 16 hrs.

As the best multiple meal lunch box, this bag comes with 12 containers in different sizes that can be split to give up to 6 meals. The main compartment has 4 insulated zippered pockets. You also get 2 mesh pockets outside, a small upper mesh pocket, and a side shaker mesh pocket for better organization.

3 leak-proof ice packs are included to keep the temperatures low inside. Coupled with its fully insulated design, this can keep food cold for 12 – 16 hrs.

A removable padded shoulder strap is included for comfortable carrying. Overall, the bag is durably built in the US using American-made YKK zippers and sturdy stitching. These are backed by a lifetime warranty, which should assure you of their quality.

The only problem is the bag’s price. It is quite expensive.


  • Includes 12 containers for 6 meals
  • 4 insulated zippered pockets
  • Keeps food cold for a long 12 to 16-hr period
  • Removable padded shoulder strap


  • Expensive

4) Most Durable: MDMP Lunch Bag

MDMP Lunch Bag
Photo: MDMP
  • No. of Containers: 3
  • Material: PVC, PEVA
  • Insulation Time: Up to 10 hrs.

With its woven 1680D PVC construction, MDMP’s lunch bag has a rugged exterior that withstands wear-and-tear with ease. This is enhanced with a reinforced bottom to keep the base intact for a long time.

You also get high-quality YKK zippers, metal buckle attachments, and a sturdy, well-tailored carrying strap. This construction is backed by a lifetime guarantee, where you can get a full refund if you’re not happy with the bag.

A food-grade 22-oz shaker is included, and it features built-in storage (3 cups) for holding supplements, protein powder, and vitamins.

On the inside, insulation is provided by a PEVA lining plus 6mm of polyethylene foam. However, this keeps the interior cold for up to 10 hrs., which is a relatively short time compared to 16 hrs. in some bags.


  • Rugged 1680D PVC construction
  • Reinforced bottom
  • High-quality YKK zippers
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Multiple compartment shaker


  • Relatively short insulation time

5) Best for Fitness: Fit & Fresh Lunch Box

Fit & Fresh Lunch Box
Photo: Fit & Fresh
  • No. of Containers: 6
  • Material: Polyester, PEVA

Working out requires a high intake of proteins. As the best lunch bag for fitness, this piece includes a patented shaker bottle with a unique JAXX agitator. This helps to mix protein powder with drinks easily without clumping so that you can have smooth shakes after exercising.

What’s more, the lunch box comes with everything you need for fitness purposes. Four 2-cup and two 1-cup containers are included for portion control. You also get a vitamin case and an ice pack to keep the meals fresh.

The containers have tight-fitting, leak-proof lids to prevent messy leaks. Additionally, they are microwave-safe for easy reheating, and top-rack dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning.

One disadvantage, though, is that a single ice pack might not be enough to keep the interior cool for a long time. Some customers complain that the ice melts too quickly.


  • Patented shaker bottle with a unique JAXX agitator
  • Includes a vitamin case and 6 containers
  • Leak-proof lid containers
  • Microwave and dishwasher-safe containers


  • The single ice pack is not enough

6) Best for Road Trips: Evolutionize Lunch Bag

Evolutionize Lunch Bag

Photo: Evolutionize

  • No. of Containers: 3
  • Material: Fabric, PEVA

If you like packing lunch for road trips, Evolutionize’s meal box is the best bag to use. It features a seatbelt webbing handle and strap that makes it easy to secure your food to the car’s seat.

What’s more, the unit has 3 independently accessible insulated compartments for organizing your meals, fruits, supplements, etc. This ensures temperatures are kept low as you access other pockets while on the trip.

In total, you can insulate up to 4 meals. That said, 3 full-sized meal-prep containers and a large, non-toxic ice pack are included. You can fit an additional fourth container on the upper compartment to complete the 4 meals.

On the downside, no shaker cups are included. You can fit up to 2 of them, though, on one of the compartments.


  • Seatbelt webbing handle and strap
  • 3 independently accessible insulated compartments
  • 3 full-sized meal-prep containers
  • Large, non-toxic ice pack


  • Lacks a shaker cup

7) Best Insulated: Bear KompleX Lunch Bag

Bear KompleX Lunch Bag

Photo: Bear KompleX

  • No. of Containers: 3
  • Material: Nylon
  • Insulation Time: 12 – 16 hrs.

The combination of a fully insulated design and 2 ice packs give Bear KompleX’s lunch bag the ability to keep your food cold for 12 – 16 hours, which is very impressive. That said, 4 of the 6 compartments are fully insulated, which gives you a lot of cold space inside.

Aside from that, the bag is built using 1000D nylon for maximum durability. An adjustable padded shoulder strap is included for easy carrying, and there is the option of a soft-grip handle.

You also get a set of 3 dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe plastic containers that have easy locking/unlocking lids and a free recipe e-book so that you can make quick, healthy meals to pack.

The bag is backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee that assures you of a refund in case you are not satisfied. On the downside, no shaker cup is included.


  • Fully insulated design with 2 ice packs
  • Keeps food cold for 12 – 16 hours
  • Durable 1000D nylon construction
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Free recipe e-book


  • No shaker cup

8. Portable: Versal Lunch Box

Versal Lunch Box

Photo: Versal

  • No. of Containers: 3
  • Material: Polyester, PEVA

Versal’s lunch box has a unique design that is built upwards instead of outwards. This minimizes bulk without reducing the storage space inside, giving you an easily portable and practical lunch box.

Another benefit of this design is that it makes the bag one of the best workout lunch boxes as it is very easy to carry to and from the gym.

A 3-layered construction ensures effective insulation of 3 separate compartments. It consists of a thick PEVA lining, an EPA foam interior, and a sturdy 840D polyester exterior.

The outer layer is sturdily held together using double stitches, while ultra-tough SBS zippers keep the openings firmly shut.

2 ice packs are included to keep the interior cool, but there is no shaker cup. You have to buy this separately for carrying protein shakes to the gym.


  • Non-bulky upward construction
  • Thick PEVA lining
  • Sturdy 840D polyester construction
  • Ultra-tough SBS zippers


  • Lacks a shaker cup

9. Multi-Pocket: Rockland Guard Lunch Box

Rockland Guard Lunch Box

Photo: Rockland Guard

  • No. of Containers: 0

This lunch box is endowed with multiple pockets to help you organize your food and other items. The main compartment is large enough to fit up to 3 containers.

On the sides are mesh pockets for carrying your phone, keys, papers, and the like. You can fit two standard-sized water bottles on the back pocket, while snacks or a fourth container go to the upper pocket. That said, there is a mesh pocket in the upper compartment to carry accessories like spoons and forks.

Despite having all these slots, the bag is easy to carry using its top handle or the removable and adjustable shoulder strap. You can use it for work, school, picnics, camping, for the gym, or on the go.

Before this, though, you have to buy the food containers because none is included.


  • 5 pockets plus an inner mesh compartment
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Suitable for different applications


  • No containers

10. High Quality: Fitpacker Meal Bag

Fitpacker Meal Bag

Photo: Fitpacker

  • No. of Containers: 0
  • Material: Polyester, Nylon

Fitpacker’s meal bag is characterized by a premium quality construction that consists of a 600D polyester exterior and a high-grade nylon inner lining. This creates the perfect combination of ultimate insulation and durability.

The unit features an adjustable bottle holder on the side that fits all kinds of water bottles, including the wide 32 oz. type. There’s also a mesh pocket for carrying your phone, snacks, keys, supplements, and other small items.

YKK zippers are fitted on the pockets for smooth open/close operations, while a carabiner hoop on the rear side allows you to attach extra gear that won’t fit inside. You also get a carrying handle and a removable & adjustable shoulder strap.

However, no containers are included. Also, you don’t get a shaker cup.


  • Tough 600D polyester exterior
  • High-grade nylon inner lining
  • Adjustable bottle holder
  • Smooth YKK zippers
  • Carabiner hoop


  • No containers or a shaker cup


As you can see, our best meal prep bag is ThinkFit’s lunch box due to its complete set. It gives you 6 portion-control containers and an innovative shaker cup with 3 compartments. Additionally, the bag is built using double insulated walls and has heavy-duty YKK zippers.

If you have a large family, you need to pack in lots of meals and the best bag suited for this is Isolator Fitness’ meal box. It has 4 insulated zippered pockets that fit the 12 containers it comes with for 6 meals.

For fitness, though, Fit & Fresh’s lunch box makes more sense due to its patented shaker bottle with a JAXX agitator. This component helps to make smooth protein shakes to renew your body with the required nutrients before and after working out.