10 Best Meat Slicers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Meat Slicer
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Slicing meat with a knife is great but nothing beats a meat slicer. Especially when it comes to beautifully and efficiently cutting meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables.

Meat slicers make your job easier when you need to slice large amounts of meat. As well as being versatile and producing same-sized slices every time, you are also free to make the slices as thin as you want.

In this meat slicers review, you’ll learn all the important features of a meat slicer that you need to keep an eye on when making your choice. You also get a list of the top slicers in the market to help narrow down your search.

What To Check Before Buying Best Meat Slicer?

How to Buy the Best Meat Slicer
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Meat slicers have evolved over time, so there are specifics that you need to understand and watch out for when making a choice.

The​y are as follows:

1. Electric vs. Manual vs. Automatic Meat Slicers

Manual slicers require that you move the blade by hand up and down to slice a piece of meat. This is a labor-intensive method, but it does offer a high degree of emotional reward. Manual slicers are going out of fashion anyway, but there are people who just love them.

Every electric meat slicer has a motor-driven blade which makes cuts the meat that you push towards it. Asides from this, some slicers have an extra motor or mechanism that moves the food carriage automatically left and right. This type is an automatic meat slicer.

All you need to do is attach your piece of meat or food, and it goes on and on, turning the entire thing into slices. This kind of slicer is great for large production runs, but it’s overkill for an average kitchen.

2. Belt vs. Gear Driven

Another factor to consider is the slicer’s drive system, and they are either belt or gear driven. Most of the models you’ll find are belt-driven, although each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of a belt-driven slicer is that they have a simpler mechanism and are cheaper to keep up because you can easily change out a belt.

Gear-driven slicers, however, are more powerful than belt-driven models, but the cost can get really high if there’s ever a problem with the gear drive.

3. Blade Type & Size

There are two main types of meat slicer blades that you’ll find, and they are the serrated and the smooth blades. None is better than the other but they each have their advantages, as you can see below.

  • Smooth Edge Blades. These work well for lean meats and vegetables. They can make very thin cuts with ease, but find it more difficult to cut denser meats. An example is the Vervor 10-inch commercial meat slicer.
  • Serrated Edge Blades. A serrated blade makes cutting denser meats and bread easier. This is especially important if you have to slice a large amount of meat and need to work as quickly as possible.

Your slicer can come with any of these two blades, and you’ll need to learn to manage whichever blade you’ve got. You can also get a second blade of the other type from the one you’ve got so that you can always be ready.

4. Power

This refers to the size of the motor that’s driving the blade. Obviously, a more powerful motor will turn the blade faster and cut through different food types more easily.

You should look for a minimum of 130 Watts of motor power, so you can easily process most types of food. If you plan to process harder cheeses or frozen meats, however, then you may want to consider a higher-powered slicer.

You should also consider a higher-powered slicer if you plan to do lots of slicing at a time. This is necessary to prevent the motor from overheating and needing cool-down periods.

5. Safety

A meat slicer is a very dangerous machine, so you need extra care when you are using it. You also need to make sure that the slicer you are buying comes with safety features for your own sake.

These include a safety guard for the blade, non-slip feet, a safety lock to prevent the blade from spinning, and any other helpful safety features that you may fancy.

While you need to make sure that these safety features are available on the slicers, please do not rely on them alone because meat slicer blades are very dangerous. I repeat. Meat slicers are very dangerous machines.

6. Extras & Accessories

A meat slicer can hardly work alone, so you need to consider the other items that you’ll need to get to complete your meat slicing package.

These include a sanitizing spray, lubricating oil, safety or cut-resistant gloves, and a sharpening attachment if your slicer doesn’t come with one.

10 Best Meat Slicers of 2021 Reviewed




BesWood 250

1. BesWood 250 (Best Overall)

  • Top-quality meat slicer
  • Largest blade on this list
  • With blade sharpener
  • 1-year warranty
Continental Electric PS77711

2. Continental Electric PS77711 (Best for Home Use)

  • Compact & nice
  • Attractively priced slicer
  • Lightweight at just 10 pounds
  • Longest, 2-year warranty
Nesco FS-250

3. Nesco FS-250 (Affordable Stainless Steel Slicer)

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Attractive price
  • Powerful 180-Watt motor
  • Includes a 1-year warranty
Arksen A-048

4. Arksen A-048 (Compact 7.5-Inch Design)

  • Compact & cute design
  • Features stainless steel parts
  • Adjustable cutting thickness
  • Comes at a great price
Valley Sportsman

5. Valley Sportsman (8.7-Inch Heavy-duty Slicer)

  • Modern and stylish
  • Powerful 180-Watt motor
  • Large blade for heavy work
  • Includes a 1-year warranty
Chef's Choice 632

6. Chef’s Choice 632 (With Gravity Tilting)

  • Compact German meat slicer
  • Can tilt to 30° for easier cuts
  • Features child safety
  • Comes with a 7-inch blade
Cuisinart FS-75

7. Cuisinart FS-75 (Most Stylish)

  • Modern & stylish design
  • 130 Watts electric power
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes at an attractive price
Vevor 10-Inch Commercial Foot & Meat Slicer

8. Vevor 10-Inch (Commercial Grade)

  • All metal construction
  • Great for commercial use
  • Includes a blade guard
  • Extra-powerful 240 Watts motor
Maxi-Matic EMT-503B

9. Maxi-Matic EMT-503B (Modern Design)

  • Modern & trendy design
  • Comes at a very low price
  • Powerful 130-Watt motor
Della 048-GM-48179

10. Della 048-GM-48179 (Commercial 8.7-Inch Slicer)

  • Powerful 180-Watt motor
  • Produces commercial performance
  • Automatic blade sharpener

1. BesWood 250 – Best Overall

BesWood BesWood250 10-Inch Meat Slicer
Photo: BesWood

  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Power: 240 Watts
  • Slicing Thickness: 1-12 mm (0.5 inch)

The BesWood250 is a great meat slicer with all the features you can ever need. This includes a 240-Watt motor and its 10-inch blade to do all your slicing with ease.

To keep noise and vibrations to a minimum, it features a V-belt drive and additionally includes skid-proof rubber feet for improved working safety.

The body is from aluminum while the blade is a chromium-plated carbon steel. An included sharpening attachment guarantees to always keep it sharp.

This package comes with an instruction manual, a cleaning brush, and a food-grade machine oil to help keep up your investment. What you get here is simply the best meat slicer for home use, but that’s as long as you are willing to pay its relatively high price.

Further technical details include a 170 mm (6.7 inches) maximum cutting height, a 210 mm (8.25 inches) maximum cutting length, and 282 revolutions of the blade per minute.


  • Powerful 240 Watts motor drives the carbon steel blade
  • Its 10-inch blade is the largest in this review
  • Includes skid-free feet
  • The package comes with a blade sharpener attachment
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty & 30-day money back guarantee


  • It’s a relatively costly meat slicer

2. Continental Electric PS77711 – Best For Home Use

Continental Electric PS77711 Stainless Steel Meat Slicer
Photo: Continental Electric

  • Blade Diameter: 7.5 inches
  • Power: 150 Watts

For the best meat slicer under $100, check out this offer from Continental Electric. It’s a compact and stylish meat slicer with a rather small but effective 7.5-inch diameter blade.

Although its 7.5-inch diameter is the smallest advisable diameter, coupled with its low 150-Watt power delivery, the blade features a serrated edge to help boost its cutting power.

With its 16.8 x 10.8 x 12 inches dimensions, it’s a compact appliance, and you can easily move it from place to place as well because of its 10-pound lightweight.

What some people may not like here is that many parts like the food press, carriage, and the internal gears are plastic. This naturally makes them less durable than those made from metal.

On the other hand, these are the features that help make it a very affordable and popular slicer. Plus it comes with a 2-year warranty, the longest in this review.


  • Very compact and stylish meat slicer for the home
  • ​Comes at a very attractive price
  • Very lightweight at just 10 pounds
  • ​Features a 7.5-inch serrated stainless steel blade
  • ​Longest warranty on this list (2 years)​


  • Its power output is comparably low
  • ​Features plastic parts and gears

3. Nesco FS-250 – Affordable

Nesco FS-250 Stainless Steel Meat Slicer
Photo: Nesco

  • Blade Diameter: 8.7 inches
  • Power: 180 Watts
  • Slicing Thickness: 1-14 mm (0.56 inch)

Featuring a 180-Watt powerhouse, Nesco’s FS-250 comes from durable materials to create an affordable meat slicer with a long service life. The food carriage and the blade are both made from stainless steel, with other parts made from die-cast aluminum.

This top-rated meat slicer comes with most of the features that you’ll find in the top of the line slicers. It features a large 8.7-inch wide blade with serrated edges to maximize its cutting force.

Speaking of cutting power, the FS-250 also offers one of the widest cutting widths up to 0.56 inch or 14 mm, and you can, of course, adjust it with the highest precision.

What it misses though, is a blade guard, a sharpening attachment, and a gauge plate. Serrated blades also make rough cuts in soft items.

Still, you can always use it with a relatively high safety level, although there’s still a risk.


  • Powerful 180-Watt motor slices food items with ease
  • Stainless steel construction at an attractive price
  • ​Hardened ​blade stays sharp for long
  • It’s backed by a 1-year warranty


  • There is no blade guard or safety system
  • Its serrated blade can make rough cuts in soft items

4. Arksen A-048 – Best Compact 7.5-Inch

Arksen Premium Stainless Steel Meat Slicer
Photo: Arksen

  • Blade Diameter: 7.5 inches
  • Power: 180 Watts
  • Slicing Thickness: 1 to 15.8 mm (0.62 inch)

If you are on a budget, then here’s an offer that can make your day. It’s very attractively priced, but still offers impressive features in its compact design to make it an attractive buy.

Beginning with its 7.5-inch serrated blade, this maximizes its cutting power and makes cutting frozen meats and cheeses easy. Further, features include its suction feet for stability and a numerical knob for setting its cutting thickness. Every part of this slicer is well-made and looks good.

Although the blade is stainless steel, some parts like the meat holder are plastic and this raises some concerns about durability.

You’ll also need a wrench to remove the blade. Plus, there’s no safety blade guard.

You should note, however, that this slicer is for home use and so, it will definitely not meet up to most commercial standards. On the other hand, it’s a pleasure to have in any home kitchen, especially for its price.


  • Compact design fits into the smallest spaces
  • Its blade is from stainless steel
  • You can adjust its cutting thickness up to 15.8 mm
  • A perfect offer for those on a budget


  • There’s no blade guard for safety
  • You need a wrench to remove the blade
  • It features plastic parts

5. Valley Sportsman – Best 8.7-Inch Heavy-duty

Valley Sportsman Electric Food & Meat Slicer
Photo: Valley Sportsman

  • Blade Diameter: 8.7 inches
  • Power: 180 Watts
  • Slicing Thickness: 1-14 mm (0.56 inch)

The Valley Sportsman meat slicer offers you a different experience from standard-looking slicers, and it’s also one of the best meat slicers under $200. If you are the type that loves stylish appliances in your kitchen, then here’s an opportunity to get one.

Asides from looks, it features a tough stainless steel blade with a serrated edge and comes with a width-setting knob to choose between 1 to 14-mm (0.56 inch) slice thicknesses.

Unlike commercial meat slicers anyway, you’ll find plastic parts on this slicer and that includes the holder on the meat carriage and its gear parts. There’s also no blade guard.

Surely, this is not a slicer you would choose for its efficiency or high-quality. Rather, it’s one of the best meat slicers for its sleek looks. Valley Sportsman offers a 1-year warranty on it, so no worries.


  • The modern and stylish design looks good
  • Features a large stainless steel serrated blade for heavy jobs
  • Powered by a 180-Watts motor
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty


  • It has many plastic parts
  • There’s no blade guard or sharpening attachment

6. Chef’s Choice 632 – Food & Meat Slicer with Gravity Tilting

Chef's Choice 632 VariTilt Food & Meat Slicer
Photo: Chef’s Choice

  • Blade Diameter: 7 inches
  • Power: 100 Watts
  • Slicing Thickness: 1 to 15 mm (0.6 inch)

If you are a fan of German engineering, then you might like this slicer. It comes with enough unique features to make it one of the best food slicers out there.

It features a uniquely serrated stainless steel blade and allows you to tilt the food carriage up to 30 degrees, so you can gravity-feed it food items like bread and vegetables.

Other interesting features are its child-proof safety switch and the included collection tray to gather sliced pieces.

Being the costliest slicer here, the price is something you may need to think about. Its motor is also just 100 Watts. However, Chef’s Choice backs it with a 1-year warranty.


  • Can tilt up to 30 degrees for loaves of bread & vegetables
  • Features a 7-inch serrated stainless steel blade
  • Includes a child-proof safety switch
  • Sturdy and nice-looking German design


  • Its motor power is only 100 Watts
  • It’s the costliest meat slicer in this review

7. Cuisinart FS-75 – Most Stylish

Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Meat Slicer
Photo: Cuisinart

  • Blade Diameter: 7.5 inches
  • Power: 130 Watts
  • Slicing Thickness: 1-13 mm ( 0.5 inch)

Cuisinart is a well-known name in the home appliances market. And this FS-75 slicer here offers you Cuisinart’s take on the best electric meat slicer for your kitchen.

It combines plastic parts with a stainless steel carriage and 7.5-inch blade, all built around a die-cast aluminum housing. Then there are non-slip feet for improved working safety and adjustable slicing width up to 0.5 inch.

This slicer comes in Cuisinart’s stylish design, offering you a functional and dependable meat slicer in a hip and modern fashion.

The motor is just 130 Watts strong, but the serrated blade makes sure that it can handle most items, including frozen meat. Cuisinart backs it with a 1-year parts warranty and 5 years limited warranty on the motor.


  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble blade
  • Stylishly designed to fit most modern kitchens
  • Die-cast aluminum housing & stainless steel carriage
  • Offered at a very attractive price
  • 1-year parts warranty & 5-year motor warranty


  • Features some plastic parts

8. Vevor 10-Inch – Commercial Grade

Vevor 10-Inch Commercial Foot & Meat Slicer
Photo: Vevor

  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Power: 240 Watts
  • Slicing Thickness: 1-17 mm (7 inches)

Vevor makes you an offer for an all-metal meat slicer here. Powered by an impressive 240-Watt motor and all the other bells and whistles you can expect from the best meat slicers.

Its powerful motor drives a large 10-inch blade with completely smooth edges. This gives you enough cutting power to slice through most meats, cheeses and other food items cleanly without tearing things apart as serrated blades do.

You also get a blade guard for improved safety, a water-proof On-Off switch, and a sharpening attachment to easily keep the blade sharp.

For disadvantages, the lots of metal parts make it a heavier and more difficult slicer to carry around. Its high price is also something else here, but you need to remember that quality has a price.


  • All-metal construction for long life & commercial use
  • Features a blade guard
  • Comes with a sharpening attachment
  • Comes with a smooth blade for smooth cuts


  • ​Its heavy because it’s all-metal
  • It’s not cheap but it’s worth its price

9. Maxi-Matic EMT-503B – Modern-looking

Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum EMT-503B Electric Meat Slicer
Photo: Maxi-Matic

  • Blade Diameter: 7.5 inches
  • Power: 130 Watts
  • Slicing Thickness: 1 to 13 mm (0.5 inch)

The Elite Platinum EMT-503B is a cute and compact meat slicer for your kitchen countertop in a modern design that easily fits into most modern kitchens.

It comes with a 130-Watt motor, which powers a 7.5-inch serrated stainless steel blade to give enough cutting power for most food items.

You get an adjustable thickness dial, which allows you to select any thickness between 1 and 13 mm, plus sturdy non-slip feet to improve safety while working.

This is also one of the cheapest meat slicers on this list. So, if you’re on a budget and need something affordable but still highly efficient, then this could be for you.


  • Modern and nice-looking slicer
  • ​One of the most affordable meat slicers​
  • Powered by a 130-Watt motor
  • Made from rustproof die-cast aluminum


  • There’s no blade guard
  • It includes plastic parts

10. Della 048-GM-48179 –Best for Commercial 8.7-Inch

Della 8.7-Inch Commercial Meat Slicer
Photo: Della

  • Blade Diameter: 8.7 inches
  • Power: 180 Watts
  • Slicing Thickness: 1-15.8 mm (0.62 inch)

Della makes good meat slicers and this one comes with everything you need for a home kitchen and for commercial use. It’s made from stainless steel and other durable materials to withstand the abuses of commercial use, and you can also get it in a 10-inch version.

Powered by a 180-Watt motor, this unit can easily slice through most meats, cheeses, and veggies. It also features a serrated blade, which increases its cutting power but produces lesser-clean cuts.

Another issue with this slicer is the lack of a blade guard and this makes it less safe to work with.

On the plus side, the blade has an integrated sharpener, which helps to keep it steadily at an ideal sharpness.

Della guarantees that it meets or exceeds CE, CSA, and ETL standards and backs it with a 1-year warranty.


  • Powerful 180-Watt motor delivers commercial performance
  • Stainless steel blade is reliable and durable
  • Comes with an integrated & automatic blade sharpener
  • Made from durable materials


  • There’s no safety blade guard
  • It comes with a serrated blade

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I Clean my Meat Slicer?

A: The most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning your slicer is safety, so it’s advisable to wear cut-resistant gloves to protect your fingers. Also read the user manual first and avoid using metal scrubbers to clean the slicer.

Start by setting the blade’s thickness to zero, then wipe both sides of the blade using a pad and while it’s in motion. Then turn off the slicer and slowly remove the different parts to wash, including the product tray, center plate, e.t.c.

You are free to either remove the blade or to wash it in place, using a soapy solution or a degreaser spray. Wipe dry after cleaning and sanitize the entire appliance using a slicer sanitizing spray, then allow to air dry. Also, lubricate the sliding rods using a spray lubricant.

Q: How often Do I clean my Meat Slicer?

A: This depends on how often you use the slice. You should always wipe the slicer before changing meats, cheeses, or other foodstuffs. It’s also recommended cleaning it every 4 hours if it’s in constant use and to clean it after use each day.

Q: How do I sharpen a Meat Slicer Blade?

A: You’ll need to have sharpening stones installed on your slicer if you want to sharpen them in a simple and safe way. Some slicers come with sharpening-stone attachments while others will need you to install them by yourself.

Note that the type of attachment you can install depends on your meat slicer’s design, so it’s important that you read its instruction manual before you begin. Your slicer can also have an automatic sharpener, in which case there’s nothing else for you to do here.

Once you’ve got the whetstone attachment settled, follow these steps to sharpen your meat slicer.

Step 1: Wear protective goggles and cut-proof gloves for your own protection.

Step 2: Turn off the slicer and clean it. Unscrew its blade cover, clean it and clean the blade as well. Use soft-cloth and a mild detergent in warm water. Then dry and lubricate the blade.

Step 3: Consult the slicer’s manual about positioning the blade for sharpening. If you are using an external stone, then you may have to get a little creative.

Step 4: Once your stones are properly fixed in place, turn on the machine and let it spin for about a minute. Check its sharpness with a piece of paper and keep repeating this step until the blade’s sharpness satisfies you.

Step 5: As soon as the blades are sharp, turn off the slicer, unplug it, and clean the blade once again, then apply some rubbing alcohol or disinfectant. Once dry, assemble the slicer, and it’s ready.


We’ve reached the end of this best meat slicers review, and you’ve seen the different offers out there and their different qualities, sizes, and prices.

For a simple pick of the best overall meat slicer, the BesWood 250 is the recommended unit with its large 10-inch blade, sharpener, and ​sturdy construction.

If you’re on a budget, then the Continental Electric PS77711 is the best recommendation. It features a low price, 150 Watts of power, and a 2-year warranty.

Else, style lovers will find the Cuisinart FS-75 very attractive with its unique styling, attractive price, and 1-year warranty.