10 Best Molcajetes of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Molcajete
Photo: Fox Run

A molcajete is a Mexican traditional mortar. Its pestle is referred to as tejolote. Combined you can use the two to grind spices, herbs, nuts, seeds, or even prepare salsa or guacamole.

When choosing a molcajete, the tool’s material is a key consideration to make. Granite and lava rock molcajetes are popular for their durability, but you may also encounter some metallic ones.

Size and versatility also count, because most molcajetes are multipurpose.

In our top molcajete review, we present you with the leading Mexican-style stoneware tools and help you choose the ideal ones for your food preparation needs.

Things To Know Before Buying Molcajete

How to Buy the Best Molcajete
Photo: Imusa

1. Molcajete Material

When choosing a molcajete, the material is, arguably, the most important consideration you are going to make.

Because molcajetes are Mexican traditional stoneware tools, most people the ones made using granite or lava rock. These rocks have superior grinding capacities, are durable, are known to produce rich authentic flavors from herbs, nuts, and spices.

Stoneware molcajetes may need to be cured to reinforce their structures and enhance durability.

Occasionally, you may encounter metallic molcajete, which may be made using stainless steel because it is rust-free and durable.

2. Size of Molcajete

When considering the size of molcajetes we tend to focus on the mortar’s diameter and depth combination.

The wider and deeper the molcajete bowl, the higher its capacity, which may be ideal if you are making family-size foods such as guacamole or salsa.

From our review, Vasconia 5031764 a high-capacity molcajete that will accommodate many ingredients for grinding and other food preparations.

Small-sized molcajetes are sometimes preferred especially when there are space limitations on your counter, for instance.

3. Shape of Molcajete

Even though the shape of your molcajete does count from a functionality or appearance standpoint, you need not worry because these tools assume a universal design.

Most molcajete, in a bid to maintain their traditional Mexican identity, come in the form of a bowl (mortar) and pestle and try to retain the original design.

The shape may count more at the base of the molcajete bowl because it tends to come in different designs. Some bases are rounded, while others have legs that raise the bowl.

While you’re free to choose your desired shape, just ensure it does not interfere with the molcajete’s stability.

4. Versatile

While a molcajete is primarily meant to serve the purpose of a mortar and pestle, for grinding herbs, nuts, seed, spices, and many more ingredients, most of these tools have multiple uses for versatility.

A versatile molcajete is one that can be used for multiple applications including grinding and smashing of seeds, spices, herbs, and many more.

An even more versatile molcajete is one that can be used for serving the food it prepares, such as the Imusa MEXI-2013.

Also, some can be store non-food items such as medication pills.

5. Cleaning Options

We all desire tools that are easy to clean. When it comes to molcajetes, cleaning is generally easy.

While a molcajete is generally not dishwasher safe, you can simply handwash molcajetes, and then rinse. You can let it dry before the next use.

For coarse-textured molcajetes, cleaning them may involve some extra tools such as soft brushes, and some additional effort, but nothing one can’t handle.

6. Molcajete Weight

Weight is an important aspect of the molcajete that is often overlooked, but matters regardless.

People prefer stoneware of different weights and there is no universal molcajete weight that is considered the best. However, it’s important to get one that has a weight you can handle comfortably when using or cleaning.

Also, bear in mind the surface you will be placing your molcajete on. If the tool is very heavy, it could scratch some countertop.

10 Best Molcajetes of 2021 Reviewed




ChefSofi 8541981500

1. ChefSofi 8541981500 (Best Overall)

  • Enhanced grinding control
  • Decent 2-cup capacity
  • Extra anti-scratch protection
  • Stable and firm motor base
Vasconia 5031764

2. Vasconia 5031764 (Best Large)

  • Large 4-cup grinding capacity
  • Also ideal for serving foods
  • Smoothened interior surface
  • Hand washable for easy cleaning
Bekith Mortar and Pestle

3. Bekith Mortar and Pestle (Best Budget)

  • Pocket-friendly price
  • No residual tastes
  • Long-lasting stainless-steel build
  • Multipurpose molcajete
Umien 8541981594

4. Umien 8541981594 (Best Guacamole Molcajete)

  • Wide 8-inch mortar
  • Quality and stylish granite build
  • Easy hand-wash cleaning
  • Includes bonus avocado tool
Winco PMSB-56

5. Winco PMSB-56 (Best Multipurpose Molcajete Bowl)

  • Multipurpose molcajete bowl
  • Large diameter and capacity
  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Lightweight at 1.2 pounds
RSVP International GUAC-2

6. RSVP International GUAC-2 (Authentic Mexican Molcajete)

  • Traditional Mexican design
  • Superior grinding surface
  • Wide and spacious molcajete
  • Simplified curing instructions
Fox Run 3867

7. Fox Run 3867 (Heavy-duty Granite Build)

  • Heavy-duty granite build
  • Tejolote offers enhanced grinding
  • Multipurpose serving bowl
  • Artistic display set
Culinary Couture 8541981575

8. Culinary Couture 8541981575 (For Cooking Convenience)

  • Multiple convenience accessories
  • Versatile grinder and smasher
  • Elegant polished molcajete
  • No residual smell/taste retained
Imusa MEXI-2013

9. Imusa MEXI-2013 (For Grinding & Serving)

  • Ideal grinding and serving
  • Excellent essential oils extraction
  • No residue food tastes
  • Superior operating stability
Always-Quality Salsa Maker

10. Always-Quality Salsa Maker (Great for Salsa)

  • Ideal molcajete for salsa
  • Heavy-duty lava rock build
  • Produces authentic flavors
  • Attractive display set

1. ChefSofi 8541981500 – Best Overall

ChefSofi 8541981500
Photo: ChefSofi
  • Material: Granite
  • Size (Diameter): 6 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds

Coming in first is ChefSofi 8541981500, the best overall molcajete on our list. This Mexican mortar and pestle are durable, multi-purpose, and have protection against scratching.

This molcajete is a must-have traditional tool for the modern kitchen. Contrary to electric grinders, these pieces of stoneware give you superior control over the texture of the ingredient in your grinding for richer flavors.

It offers a 6-inch upper diameter, which is enough for you to add ingredients easily. The molcajete’s 2-cup capacity means you can grind a substantial amount of ingredients including nuts, ginger, garlic, and many more.

Also included with this top-rated molcajete is an anti-scratch protector to protect the stoneware and prolong its life. Its strong and stable base has non-skid feet for superior stability.

You get an e-book containing some Italian recipes you can try out with this molcajete. The only thing to complain about ChefSofi 8541981500 is its pricing, which we can’t put in the budget category, although you’ll be getting a lot of value for your money.


  • Superior grinding control
  • Decent capacity
  • Additional protection
  • Strong motor base


  • Pricey

2. Vasconia 5031764 – Best Large

Vasconia 5031764
Photo: Vasconia
  • Material: Granite
  • Size (Diameter): 7.9 inches
  • Weight: 7.05 pounds

Coming in second is Vasconia 5031764, the best large molcajete on our list. It is ideal for those who desire a lot of space for grinding, and for substantial ingredients’ preparation.

It offers a large 4-cup grinding capacity. You can grind numerous grains, spices, and herbs, as well as preparing salsa or guacamole for many servings. Also, when you use this for serving, it looks great on the table because it resembles a full-size bowl.

The molcajete features a smooth interior surface, which is optimized for efficient grinding while maintaining a classic and traditional design. Another thing to love about this molcajete is its wide opening diameter of 7.9 inches.

This molcajete has also proven easy to clean, simply hand wash it, and allow it to dry, and you’re all set for the next grinding activity.

Vasconia 5031764 is, however, one of the pricey models on our list, but its superior capacity does justify the price.


  • Large grinding capacity
  • Also used for serving
  • Optimal interior grinding surface
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey

3. Bekith Mortar and Pestle – Best Budget

Bekith Mortar and Pestle
Photo: Bekith
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size (Diameter): 3.9 inches
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds

Bekith Mortar and Pestle position themselves as the best budget molcajete. These affordable mortar and pestle are also unique because it is the only one made of stainless steel, on our list.

This molcajete is unlike any other on our list. It is made using food-grade 304 stainless steel, which does not contain any mercury, and won’t leave any residual task in your food.

Because this molcajete is made using stainless steel, you can be assured of its durability, especially because it is rustproof. It will serve you for as long as you need it.

The molcajete is also multipurpose. When you’re not using it to grind herbs and spices, you can use it as a storage container for medical pills.

Cleaning this molcajete is also easy. Simply hand-wash and rinse it thoroughly to ready it for next use.

A disappointing aspect of Bekith Mortar and Pestle is that it is a low-capacity molcajete considering its outer diameter of 3.9 inches only.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Does not leave residual tastes
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Multipurpose molcajete


  • Low grinding capacity

4. Umien 8541981594 – Best Guacamole Molcajete

Umien 8541981594
Photo: Umien
  • Material: Granite
  • Size (Diameter): 8 inches
  • Weight: 10.85 pounds

Umien 8541981594 is one of the best guacamole molcajetes you can buy today. This mortar and pestle set is wide and even has a bonus avocado tool for guacamole preparation.

This 8-inch Mexican mortar provides you with ample grinding space so that you can crush, mix, and mash your favorite spices, herbs and grain to create delicacies that range from guacamole to sauces, and salsa.

It is made using authentic granite, which is smoothed and beautifully patterned to complement the decor of your kitchen counter, and the table, in case you are using this bowl for serving.

Cleaning and maintenance are very easy with this molcajete. Simply hand-wash it immediately after use, and allow for drying.

As a bonus, you get an avocado tool, which makes this molcajete even more versatile by allowing easy preparation of nutritious avocado meals without messy peeling and slicing.

A slight inconvenience we noted in Umien 8541981594 is its weight of 10.85 pounds, which makes the molcajete significantly heavy especially if you shift it regularly in your kitchen.


  • Wide mortar
  • High-quality and stylish build
  • Easy to clean
  • Bonus avocado tool included


  • Weighty

5. Winco PMSB-56 – Best Multipurpose Molcajete Bowl

Winco PMSB-56
Photo: Winco
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size (Diameter): 8.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.

Winco PMSB-56 is a unique set and the best multipurpose molcajete on our list.

Even though traditional molcajetes are made of stoneware, this set delivers the same excellence and reliability in plastic build. You can use it for grinding, serving, storage, and even heating some of your favorite dishes. 

You will love the high capacity of this bowl. It has a wide 8.6-inch opening diameter and runs 4.5 inches deep to provide you with ample grinding and storage space. There is no limitation to the number of food preparation functions that this bowl can serve.

Because this molcajete is made of plastic, it can be used for heating foods in the microwave, a capability the typical molcajete lacks. Even more creative use of this bowl is serving snacks, or even storing rice.

Also, we did notice that because this bowl is plastic, it is lightweight at only 1.2 pounds, which makes for comfortable handling.

Unfortunately, the Winco PMSB-56 bowl does not come with a grinding tool to maximize its usefulness.


  • Multipurpose bowl
  • Large capacity
  • Can be used in microwave
  • Lightweight bowl


  • Grinding tool is not included

6. RSVP International GUAC-2 – Authentic Mexican Molcajete

RSVP International GUAC-2
Photo: RSVP International
  • Material: Lava Rock
  • Size (Diameter): 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.19 pounds

RSVP International GUAC-2 claims the bragging rights for authentic Mexican molcajete. It bears the original Mexican mortar and pestle identity.

Carved out of natural lava rock, this molcajete offers the ideal grinding surface for all your grains and spices, including the preparation of fresh guacamole.

It does not compromise on space either. The molcajete measures 8.5 inches in diameter, and 5 inches in depth, while its tejolote is also long and thick to offer superior grinding control, for a large amount of content. 

Because this is an authentic molcajete, you may need to perform some curing, a process that has been simplified by the information booklet provided with clear and simple steps.

Also, when the bowl is not in use, you can place it strategically in your kitchen as a classic artifact.

We did note, however, that cleaning the RSVP International GUAC-2 is not as easy as with the other molcajetes we’ve reviewed. You may need to scrub brush, and unscented detergent, when necessary.


  • Traditional Mexican build
  • Optimized grinding surface
  • Spacious molcajete
  • Clear curing instructions


  • Not the easiest to clean

7. Fox Run 3867 – Heavy-duty Granite

Fox Run 3867
Photo: Fox Run
  • Material: Granite
  • Size (Diameter): 8 inches
  • Weight: 10.79 pounds

Fox Run 3867 positions itself as a heavy-duty molcajete and tejolote set, which can handle lifetime intensive grinding.

This molcajete has been constructed using heavy-duty stone granite, which has been smoothened for a stylish and attractive look. You can pound on this mortar intensively and over an extended period, and it will not wear off or break.

A tejolote has been included to make the process of reducing herbs, grinding spice, preparing guacamole and salsa, simple and effective. The tejolote is equally heavy-duty and durable.

You can use the molcajete as a serving dish once the salsa and guacamole are fully prepared. Also, because the two-piece set is an authentic work of art, it makes doe a great display artifact when not in use. 

An issue we noted with the Fox Run 3867 the included tejolote, is rather short and, especially for those with big hands. Gripping it comfortably requires some extra effort.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Included tejolote for effective grinding
  • Also used for serving
  • Can be used for artistic display


  • The tejolote could be bigger

8. Culinary Couture 8541981575 – Best for Cooking Convenience

Culinary Couture 8541981575
Photo: Culinary Couture
  • Material: Granite
  • Size (Diameter): 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 7.25 pounds

Culinary Couture 8541981575 is a molcajete build to provide superior cooking convenience, especially with the numerous extra accessories offered with this set.

Cooking is a breeze when using this molcajete. It comes with handy additional accessories, including a silicone scrapper for efficient food extraction, and a silicone mat for placing under the bowl to prevent countertop scratching.

This granite Mexican mortar and pestle set supports grinding, crushing, mashing, and mixing your choice of spices, herbs, or grains. With it, you can create flavor-rich herbs, spices, salsa, sauce, and spreads.

The set bears and elegant design, which includes a dark polished granite molcajete for rustic elegance. This design promises to elevate your kitchen’s style and décor.

Because this granite motor is non-porous, you are guaranteed that it won’t retain any residual smell or taste. You get unaltered flavors for every use.

An issue some may find limiting with the Culinary Couture 8541981575 is its limited capacity of 2 cups.


  • Enhanced cooking convenience
  • Supports multiple functions
  • Elegant and stylish
  • Does not retain smell or taste


  • Low capacity

9. Imusa MEXI-2013 – Best for Grinding and Serving

Imusa MEXI-2013
Photo: Imusa
  • Material: Granite
  • Size (Diameter): 6 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds

Imusa MEXI-2013 is a granite molcajete that you can use to both grind and serve food right from the kitchen to the table, in the same bowl.

This molcajete is the ideal size for preparing a party-size serving of guacamole, which also allows mixing and serving in the same bowl. Simply transfer the bowl from the kitchen to the table and party away.

Because the mortar and pestle are made using genuine natural granite, they perform excellently in extracting essential oils from spices and herbs that are both fresh and dried.

Also, the non-porous nature of granite means that the molcajete will not absorb the oils it helps extract, which ensures that flavor is retained in the food and not the tool.

It is not too weighty, and it rests firmly on the table even as you pound away on the ingredients you’re preparing. It is very stable when in use.

Because of the course interior of Imusa MEXI-2013, you may require a soft brush and some extra effort to clean it.


  • Great bowl for serving
  • Excellent oils extraction
  • Does not retain food tastes
  • Superior stability when grinding


  • Not the easiest to clean

10. Always-Quality Salsa Maker – Best for Salsa

Always-Quality Salsa Maker
Photo: Always-Quality
  • Material: Lava Rock
  • Size (Diameter): 8 inches

Always-Quality Salsa Maker is a great molcajete for preparing and serving salsa, a popular and flavor-rich Mexican dish.

The molcajete mortar is wide, at 8 inches in diameter, to accommodate a decent amount of salsa without ruining its composition. It is 5 inches high and has a stable base that supports constant pounding and multiple hand movements.

Made using volcanic rock, this molcajete and its accompanying tejolote have a true Mexican identity, and are durable, for lifetime reliability.

Also, the lava rock used on this molcajete contributes to producing a special authentic taste from your food every time you use it for preparation.

You can display it and show off a true Mexican classic to your family and friends. It makes for a great artifact to have in your kitchen.

Because this is a salsa molcajete, some may find the interior texture of Always-Quality Salsa Maker a bit too smooth for intensive grinding.


  • Suited for salsa preparation
  • Heavy-duty and durable volcanic rock
  • Produces rich authentic tastes
  • Great display piece


  • Not the best grinding texture


Our top molcajete review shows the essence of having this stoneware in your kitchen, to mash, grind, and smash your favorite nuts, herbs, and spices.

If you’re looking for the best of them all, pick ChefSofi 8541981500. It is a heavy-duty, multipurpose molcajete with anti-scratch protection for durability.

For those looking for a large-capacity molcajete, Vasconia 5031764 is the ideal choice for you. It accommodates large quantities.

If you want a pocket-friendly and high-quality molcajete, you can’t go wrong with Bekith Mortar and Pestle. It is also the only one made of stainless steel for those who prefer metallic molcajetes.