10 Best Nail Pullers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Nail Puller
Photo: Crescent

A nail puller comes handy in woodworking tasks, somewhere or the else. With the best nail puller, you get a reliable, and powerful performance product to conveniently remove nails, without impacting the underlying surface.

Nail pullers are available in a variety of shapes. Also, there are manual models as well as air-powered or pneumatic pullers to make your task super simple.

They vary in sizes and materials. Therefore, it is established that you are going to get tons of options online in the niche.

This review will guide you through the tips of making a suitable purchase and some top recommendations for quick buying.

Things To Check Before Buying Nail Puller

How to Buy the Best Nail Puller

1. Nail Puller Removing Power

Technically, it all comes down to the nail removing power considering that this is the only task of a nail puller. Some pullers have the ability to dig inside the wood and remove nails that are embedded below the surface.

At the same time, others will work above the surface where the nail’s head is in clear sight and you don’t have to draw the puller deep inside the wood.

You should always keep in mind that as the length of the puller increases, the demand for more power diminishes. It will demand less force from the user to get the nail loose. The best in the game will be the Vaughan & Bushnell 4320 nail puller given its 14-inches length will come handy in reducing the user’s applied force.

Some people will try hitting the nail puller with a hammer to yank the nail out, but this will react badly on the puller itself and will call for needless damage to the tool and underlying surface.

The best nail removal tool is the one that does its work neatly, without hampering the wood beneath.

2. Compactness

In nutshell, compactness is for the users that works in confined spaces and with the nails that give you plenty of clearance.

The compact ones are lightweight and can go as low as 8-inches. However, an ideal size will be 10-inches, just like in Stanley FMHT55008 nail puller. It reliably fits small spaces and give precise penetration.  

The compact models are available in two varieties. There are plier nail pullers to remove from top-down.

This way, they will not need horizontal clearance. Another variety is lever-style which will require a lot of horizontal clearance but will require an inch or two in height to work.

3. Nail Puller Handle

The handle is just as significant as the mouth of the nail puller. Most accidents happen because of clumsy handles. You should focus on single-piece nail pullers in which the handle and the face are made if one-piece material.

The chances of breakage are lot less in this case. At the same time, handles must be comfortable to hold so that they don’t tire your hands.

If you are investing in plier nail pullers then make sure the handle bars have rubber cover on top. This will keep your hands at ease while operating the puller. 

4. Durability

The factor of durability depends on the material. Most of the nail pullers are available in steel material. Manufacturers make sure to harden the steel or forge it to prevent rusting and corrosion. Steel has an unnervingly low tolerance in different conditions.

If the tool is exposed to moisture or outdoor abuse, it will start to rust in no time. That is why, it is mandatory to forge steel and harden it to increase its durability. Other than steel, die-cast aluminum and titanium is also extremely rigid and durable materials.

Another factor that will make a tool more durable is if the puller has one-piece construction. Since there is no intrusion in between, no matter how aggressively you use, it will not break into pieces.

10 Best Nail Pullers of 2021 Reviewed




Crescent NP11

1. Crescent NP11 (Best Overall)

  • Roll bars for low-effort action
  • Exceptional flexibility and ease of use
  • Durable construction
  • Black oxide finish
Estwing PC210G

2. Estwing PC210G (Best Budget)

  • Most economically priced
  • Extremely lightweight (0.4 pound)
  • Durable construction
  • Non-slip cushioned grip
Air Locker AP700

3. Air Locker AP700 (Best Pneumatic)

  • Multipurpose nail puller
  • Excessive strength and performance
  • Easy to operate
  • No recoil
Stanley FMHT55008

4. Stanley FMHT55008 (Best Small)

  • 10 in overall length
  • Flat striking face
  • Heat treated for durability
  • Comes with precision penetration
Vaughan & Bushnell 4320

5. Vaughan & Bushnell 4320 (Best Large)

  • 14 in large length
  • Compact and thin body
  • Chrome finish
  • Less damage to wood
Shark 21-2028

6. Shark 21-2028 (Best Heavy-Duty)

  • Heavy-duty hardened alloy steel construction
  • Lightweight product (0.85 pound)
  • Suitably priced
Estwing DEP12

7. Estwing DEP12 (Best Pry Bar with Wedge Claw)

  • Comes with wedge claw
  • High leverage design
  • One-piece construction
  • Affordably priced
Stiletto TICLW12

8. Stiletto TICLW12 (Less Recoil Shock)

  • Titanium construction for less recoil shock
  • Amazing prying power
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Accuracy and performance
DeWalt DWHT55524

9. DeWalt DWHT55524 (High Brand Value)

  • High brand value
  • iBeam shaft
  • Extra-wide strike surface
  • Cause minimum wood damage
Dead on Tools EX9CL

10. Dead on Tools EX9CL (Classic DIY Puller)

  • Rigid construction
  • Comes with a circular saw wrench
  • Small length suitable for tight spaces

1. Crescent NP11 – Best Overall

Crescent NP11

Photo: Crescent

  • Bar Length: 11 inches
  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Weight: 1 pound

What makes this model the best overall nail puller is its roll bars that demand low-effort action while pulling the nails. Thankfully, with this feature, people with limited upper body strength will be able to take the nails out of wood with utmost ease.

This is a highly functional plier puller to extract nails from front or back of the wood with professional finish. Unlike other products, no damage will come to the underlying surface.

Not to forget the amazing flexibility to extract nails from differently aligned surfaces and ease to use in confined spaces as well makes it one of the highly considered product for purchase. 

The forged steel mouth has black oxide finish to completely resist corrosion. Certainly, the material makes it extremely durable as well.

The design includes a parallel-running bar handle with rubber coating on the top. Well, even if you have a lot of work to deal with the puller, it will not cause hand fatigue. 

At an amazing price, this is a perfectly suitable product for professionals as well as DIYers. What might discourage some buyers is the lack of warranty. However, with such amazing durability, trust us, you won’t be needing it at the first place.


  • Minimum hand strength required
  • Great flexibility
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Comfortable handles
  • Suitable for professionals and DIYers


  • Lacks in warranty

2. Estwing PC210G – Best Budget

Estwing PC210G

Photo: Estwing

  • Bar Length: 9 inches
  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Weight: 0.4 pound

The Estwing PC210G is for the budget-buyers as it does not lack in major features while making the product available to you at the most economical price.

This is a pry bar with an overall length of 9-inches. Being a claw nail puller, it will be able to get into confined spaces and pull out the nails for you. Also, you can take out headless nails as well with maximum ease. Being precision thin in profile, getting it to smaller places will be more than easy.

Also, the overall weight of 0.4-pounds will make sure that you don’t have to suffer hand fatigue at all. To make it ergonomic and slip-resistant, there is a non-slip cushioned grip that equally contributes in keeping the hand at ease. On top of that, it won’t accidentally slip-away from your hand either.

As far as durability is concerned, it comes from a single-piece forged steel construction that won’t just react to the outdoor abuse but also maintain its strength. Just one thing that will disappoint the buyers that the puller might damage the wood beneath.


  • Available on best budget
  • Suitable for confined places
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Uncompromised strength


  • Might damage the wood beneath

3. Air Locker AP700 – Best Pneumati

Air Locker AP700

Photo: Air Locker

  • Material: Die Cast Aluminum
  • Weight: 2.35 pound

For all those who are searching for the best pneumatic nail puller, this is an outstanding option. Being pneumatic, the puller works on air pressure and perform with great precision and power. The performance comes from 1/4-inch thread NPT air inlet.

One of the most fantastic things is that this is a multi-functional product that can be used as a nail puller, and a professional air punch nailer as well.

This machine actively eliminates 10 – 20-gauge nails and proves it metal amongst the competitors. Another interesting thing about this product is its finish and the fact that it does not damage the wood at all. You can use this machine on hardwood as well as softwood to remove nails.

The construction of this model is done with die-cast aluminum. Therefore, you don’t have to fear rusting or corrosion troubles. Furthermore, the rubberized ergonomic grip will simplify using the machine with maximum comfort. Also, you will not experience recoil problem.

The only drawback is that its body might cause trouble in reaching the confined spaces. Other than that, this is a perfect product to buy.


  • Best among pneumatic models
  • Great strength and power
  • No corrosion and rusting
  • Does not damage the wood


  • Does not fit in confined spaces

4. Stanley FMHT55008 – Best Small Nail Puller

Stanley FMHT55008

Photo: Stanley

  • Bar Length: 10 inches
  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Weight: 0.78 pound

If your requirement is of the best small nail puller then refer this one from Stanley with an overall bar length of 10-inches. The product is claw shaped and qualifies all the checkpoints to fit in smaller spaces for nail removal.

This model is surprisingly well in removing headless nails due to the flat striking face that helps in reaching deeply embedded nails in the wood. Also, for precise penetration, this one is designed with polished flat surface and beveled claw.

To ensure extremely strength and durability of the product, it is constructed with forged high-carbon spring steel. You must understand that the steel will not oxidize even in the worst circumstances.

Well, with genuine pricing and generous warranty, this model will certainly win a million hearts. However, due to the limited length, you might have to use a bit more of physical strength for removing nails. Also, this claw nail puller won’t be able to draw different sized nails because of the non-flexible face.


  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Great strength
  • Generous warranty
  • Genuinely priced


  • Won’t remove differently sized nails
  • Will require force from the user

5. Vaughan & Bushnell 4320 – Best Large Nail Puller

Vaughan & Bushnell 4320

Photo: Vaughan & Bushnell

  • Bar Length: 14 inches
  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Weight: 2.44 pound

If your specific needs are centred to a large nail puller then this one with 14-inches bar length will be extremely suitable. First, it will leverage more strength and diminish the need of excessive applied strength.

The traditional product has a claw shape and compact body. Interestingly, it will be useful in all kinds of work fields, small and large. The application is vertical so unless you have less length-wise space to spare, this product will be able to do the job in small spaces as well.

The flat claw design is highly suitable to offer neat finish. You will not end up ruining the surface beneath as this model takes care of it wonderfully.

Speaking of the durability, well, the forged steel construction and chrome finish does a pretty good job in preventing all possible chances of rusting and corrosion. Also, the strength of this tool makes it suitable for multiple surfaces including, softwood and hardwood.

The matter of concern with it is poor grip. You might feel fatigue after prolong usage as the handle is not ergonomic and nor does it have comfortable rubber fitting on top.


  • Large length for convenience of use
  • Thin body
  • Offer neat finish
  • Extremely durable


  • Handle is not too comfortable

6. Shark 21-2028 – Best Heavy-Duty

Shark 21-2028

Photo: Shark

  • Bar Length: 11 inches
  • Material: Hardened Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 0.85 pound

For some people, durability of the product is a non-negotiable factor while selecting a nail puller. If you are one of those then consider this heavy-duty model made of hardened alloy steel.

To increase the strength and durability of the product, an advanced tempering method is followed in the drop forged construction. This also helps in preventing chipping and bending of the tool.

The lightweight design is extremely suitable to draw out the most embedded nails in the wood. Also, the handle decently contributes in leveraging more power to fill inside the wood and pick on the headless nails as well. This model is great in performance at an affordable price.

Speaking of the drawbacks, it lacks on the warranty and due to no rubberized or other coating on the handle, you may feel discomfort on holding for a long time.  


  • Exceptional strength
  • Does not chip or bend
  • Lightweight design
  • Gets deep inside wood to pick on all kinds of nails


  • No warranty
  • Uncomfortable handle

7. Estwing DEP12 – Best Pry Bar with Wedge Claw

Estwing DEP12

Photo: Estwing

  • Bar Length: 12 inches
  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Weight: 1.21 pound

Unlike its sibling the Estwing PC210G nail puller, the DEP12 comes with a wedge claw that ruthlessly gets inside the wood to extract the deepest nails, with or without head.

Its tendency to work so efficiently makes it hit among pro workers whether they are carpenters, wood demolition crew, roofers, framers, tradesmen, or serious DIYers. This tool will be perfect for windows and door trims or moldings and baseboards.

The high-leverage design due to rounded head and added torque demands less force from the user. To increase its strength, there is one-piece construction from forged steel. Also, this affordably-priced model is exceptionally suitable for small to large spaces.

What you may not like is its handling of the wood which can be a bit messy. It might damage the underlying wood with its remorseless work action.


  • Wedge claw design for deeply embedded nails
  • Suitable for pro workers
  • High in strength
  • Decently priced


  • Might damage the wood beneath

8. Stiletto TICLW12 – Less Recoil Shock

Stiletto TICLW12

Photo: Stiletto

  • Bar Length: 12 inches
  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 0.53 pound

The titanium construction of this product ensures less recoil shock that people working with steel nail pullers often experience. This is a uniquely designed and perfectly suitable model for those with limited hand strength as the length of 12-inches and lightweight will help in performing the task well, without demanding a lot from the user.

With enhanced prying power, you can expect great accuracy and performance from this model. The handle conveniently leverages required power to make your task simpler.

Another great thing about this model is the comfortable handle which favors prolonged usage of the tool, without causing discomfort in the hand.

No wonder this product is a great purchase but its high-cost might restrict some potential buyers.


  • Less recoil-shock
  • Enhanced prying power
  • Lightweight
  • Does not demand a lot from the user


  • Highly priced

9. DeWalt DWHT55524 – High Brand Value Nail Puller

DeWalt DWHT55524

Photo: DeWalt

  • Bar Length: 10 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 0.71 pounds

DeWalt is among the most trusted names on the market when it comes to tools and accessories. If you are truly brand cautious then this is a suitable model for purchase.

Its technical features include 10-inches bar that feature iBeam shaft for added strength, without adding more weight to it. Even if the nail is deep inside the wood, this puller will get deep inside and expose the nail’s head which piercing it out from the wood.

It has extra-wide strike surface that increases the accuracy to get the nail come out conveniently. In the digging process, the pointed penetration of the tool also contributes effectively. Even with the stringent work, this model will cause minimum damage to the wood.

The concerning part is that steel is not hardened and you might have to work extra in maintaining it to prevent corrosion.


  • High brand value
  • Comes with added strength
  • Highly accurate
  • Causes minimal damage to wood


  • Require extra maintenance

10. Dead on Tools EX9CL – Classic DIY Nail Puller

Dead on Tools EX9CL

Photo: Dead on Tools

  • Bar Length: 10-5/8 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds

This is a classic nail puller in 10-5/8-inches overall length to support usage in confining spaces. One of the best things about this model is the superior strength that comes from high-quality steel construction.

The features of this model are ordinary and thus it is more suitable for hobbyists and DIYers who don’t have hardcore work to attend.

The puller is able to draw the nails that are on the surface. It can give you a great start to get indulged more in woodworking.

Another great thing about this model is the circular saw wrench on the other end of the handle which will help through various other woodworking applications.

This is a standard product but it does have a downside which will be the uncomfortable handle. You won’t be able to take work from the puller for long hours.


  • Exceptional strength
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Comes with a circular saw wrench


  • Uncomfortable handle

How To Use A Nail Puller?

How To Use A Nail Puller
Photo: carpentry-tips-and-tricks.com

A nail puller must have a handle to offer great finish while working. Here is the process of using a nail puller:

Step 1 – Positioning

The jaw’s position is the first and extremely important step to follow while pulling out the nails. It should be positioned on either side of the nail head but at least a millimetre away to offer some grabbing space underneath to knock them out.

It is important to note that the further the jaws are from the nail, it will claim more damage to the wood. Since you have to hit the jaw into the wood, make sure to appropriately place it on the pivot point. Only then you should pivot the jaw and base heel and push them together.

Step 2 – Hammering in the Wood

The handle’s motion in up and down, either over the sleeve of the shank or inside it to knock the jaw inside the wood, exactly under the nail head in order to grip the nail’s shaft.

It will take a few hits to insert the jaws in the wood. Make sure to securely hold the puller with the other hand to prevent slipping. Also, watch out for your fingers while using a sliding handle as it is usually heavy and you might get into an accident.

Step 3 – Pulling out the Nail

As you realize the jaws are gripping the nail, extend the handle for some extra leverage and pivot the puller on its base heel to tighten the jaw’s grip.

The longer nails don’t come out in the first attempt and thus you have to reposition the jaws around the shaft and then pull again. This way, you will be able to take out the headless nails as well.  


Among all the ten recommendations discussed in this nail puller review, the best overall model is the Crescent NP11 nail puller with an appropriate bar length to not demand extra strength from the user and plier-like shape for effortlessly picking on the embedded nails as well.

If you want to cut the efforts to the minimum then go with the Air Locker AP700 pneumatic nail puller with undefinable performance under extremely conditions.